Crystal Piece Types

Register with us to receive free inventory availability/price listings with measurements. Cups are measured top to bottom and plates and serving pieces are measured by diameter. (Sizes and shapes will vary between patterns and manufacturers.)

  • Tumbler (Footed)
    Our Piece Code: TFT
    Footed tumblers feature a stem and a small foot. This piece can be used to serve fruit juices, teas, soft drinks, and other chilled beverages.

  • Low Goblet
    Our Piece Code: GL
    Low goblets resemble traditional water goblets and feature a shorter stem.

  • Low Sherbet
    Our Piece Code: SL
    Low sherbets are generally used to serve scoops of ice cream, sorbet, and sherbet. They feature a short stem and shallow bowl that resembles the sherbet/champagne glass.

  • Parfait
    Our Piece Code: PAR
    Parfaits are great for serving layered desserts, including layered ice cream sundaes and mousse. The tall bowl requires a long spoon.

  • Decanter
    Our Piece Code: CDEC
    Decanters are is used to store wines and liquors. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used as decorative accents on any table.

  • Pitcher
    Our Piece Code: CPIT
    Pitchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The pitcher is great for serving water, iced tea, and other frozen and iced beverages.

  • Fruit Bowl
    Our Piece Code: CFR
    Fruit Bowls are generally 4" to 6” in diameter and can be used to serve individual portions of fruit, nuts, and ice cream.

  • Cup & Saucer
    Our Piece Code: CCS
    Cup & saucers are are typically used for serving tea or coffee. The height and the style of the cup varies greatly from one manufacturer to another.

  • Creamer
    Our Piece Code: CCR
    Creamers are used for serving cream and flavored syrups for cups of coffee and tea. These pieces are a great addition to your tableware, dessert, or tea service.

  • Sugar Bowl
    Our Piece Code: CSUWL
    Sugar bowls are used for serving sugar and sweeteners.