We want to hear your story

At Replacements, we believe many of the experiences that last a lifetime happen around a table, and we want to learn about yours - tell us your story.

How to Share:

  • 1.Type your story in the box under "Tell us your story below."
    Examples of what we're looking for include:

    • Your favorite dinnerware to gather with, and what setting the table with it means for you.
    • How you are currently enjoying time “around your table” whatever that might be for you.
    • Images or videos of virtual dinners you may be hosting or with which you participated.
  • 2. If you'd like, add a picture or video that relates to your story. You can send us pictures from the past or something new - it's up to you.

    It's that easy. We want to share your stories with others - because no one can tell them like you can - so please share your stories, pictures, and videos in any way you feel comfortable.