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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Charles Field Haviland .

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements Code
Abeilles Bleu Blue & Gold Border CHFABB
Abeilles Or Gold Border Design CHFABO
Abondance Gold Floral Border CHFABON
Africa Rim Shape CHFAFR
Amboise Gold Encrusted,Cream Rim,Rim,Gold Trim CHFAMB
Angela Gold Encrusted CHFANG
Angela Gold Encrusted Band,White Background CHFANGW
Anne-Marie Beretta Asymmetrically Embossed Edge, White CHFANB
Arbre De Vie Blue Border W/Flowers CHFARDV
Arc En Ciel (Empire Green) Green Band, White Center, Gold Trim CHFARECEG
Arc En Ciel (Soft Pink) Light Pink Rim,White Center,Gold Trim CHFARECP
Arc-En-Ciel (Chestnut) Brown Rim,White Center,Gold Trim CHFARECC
Arc-En-Ciel (Terra Cotta) Rust Rim,White Center,Gold Trim CHFARECTC
Arc-En-Ciel(Ambassade Blue) Blue Band,White Center,Gold Trim CHFARECAB
Arc-En-Ciel(Fushia) Bright Pink Rim,White Center,Gold Trim CHFARECF
Arc-En-Ciel(Golden Yellow) Yellow Band,White Center,Gold Trim CHFARECGY
Arc-En-Ciel(Grey) Gray Rim,White Center,Gold Trim CHFARECGR
Arc-En-Ciel(Mimosa) Light Pink Rim,White Center,Gold Trim CHFARECM
Arc-En-Ciel(Mint Green) Light Green Rim,White Center,Gold Trim CHFARECMG
Arlequin   CHFARL
Art Persan Green,Blue,Rust Flowers And Scrolls CHFARPE
Atoll-Coral Coral CHFATOCO
Atoll-Green Green CHFATOG
Aubusson Yellow Floral & Scrolls On Blue Band CHFAUB
Barbeaux Blue Flowers & Edge,Scalloped,Fluted CHFBAR
Baroness Pink Rose Swags,Blue Bows,Scalloped CHFBARO
Bel Ete   CHFBEE
Belle Ile Blue Floral Band & Bow CHFBEI
Bermeo   CHFBER
Birth Day Squiggly Verge, Floral Center CHFBID
Blois Laurel Encrusted Gold Band, Smooth CHFBLO
Borneo Floral Border White Center CHFBOR
Byzance Gray, Red & Gold Border, Gold Trim CHFBYZ
Camargue   CHFCAM
Capillaire Green Leaves Raised Border CHFCAP
Castille Red Flowers, Green, Gold Leaves CHFCAST
Catherine Gold Scrolls On Cobalt,Gold Encrusted CHFCAT
Cerisiers De Monet Blue Floral Rim And Center,Blue Trim CHFCEDM
Chainette Gold Border Design CHFCHAI
Chinese Thistle Pink/Mauve Thistle, Green Leavess CHFCHT
Chiraz   CHFCHI
Clochettes Blue/Yellow Flowers,Basketweave Edge CHFCLO
Colbert   CHFCOLB
Columbine Yellow Border, Daisies, Blue Leaves CHFCOLU
Concerto Gold Floral Border CHFCONC
Constellation Cobalt & Gold Border CHFCON
Consul Giverny Shape CHFCONS
Cygne Gold Urns, Scrolls, Geen Band, Ribbons CHFCYG
Danielle Celadon Background CHFDANCE
Danielle Gold Celadon Background CHFDANGCE
Eugenie Gris White/Gold Leaf Vine On Gray Rim CHFEUG
Eugenie Rose White/Gold Leaf Vine On Pink Rim CHFEUR
Fabrique Pour Head 147, Green Laurel Border, Floral CHFFAP
Faisanderie Gold Trim CHFFAI
Filet Large Blue,Red,Yellow Flowers,Blue Trim CHFFIL
Filet D'Or Embossed Border CHFFIDO
Filet Or Rim Shape CHFFIO
Flammes D'Or Gold Loops And Flowers, Blue Shadows CHFFLD
Floralies Blue Pastel CHFFLO
Gardenia, The   CHFGAR
Giverny-White Giverny Shape, All White CHFGIV
Gold White Background Gold Trim CHFGOL
Haute Epoque Rust, Green, & Gold Floral Plumes CHFHAE
Head 13 White Embossed CHFHEAD13
Head 15 White Undecorated CHFHEAD15
Head 20 All White Embossed Border CHFHEAD20
Head 37A Embossed, Pink Roses, Gold Daubs CHFHEAD37A
Head 38B Pink Roses, Gold Trim, Scalloped CHFHEAD38B
Head 40 Purple Violets Green Leaves & Stem CHFHEAD40
Head 41 Pinkish/Lavender Flowers,Green Stems CHFHEAD41
Head 42 Large Pink Daisies, Scalloped Edge,Gold CHFHEAD42
Head 45 Flowers On Stalks CHFHEAD45
Head 52A Blue Daisies, Brown Leaves & Stems CHFHEAD52A
Head 54 Yellow Flowers,Brown Stems,Rim Shape CHFHEAD54
Head 55 Pink Moss Rose CHFHEAD55
Head 60 Small Multicolor Flowers All Over CHFHEAD60
Head 69 Light Blue Flowers, Pink Leaves CHFHEAD69
Head 70 Pink/Lavender Flowers,Embossed Edge CHFHEAD70
Head 71 Blank 9A,Blue Flowers,Gold Daubs CHFHEAD71
Head 76 Yellow, Pink & White Flowers, Scalloped CHFHEAD76
Head 83 Floral CHFHEAD83
Head 85 Pink & Green Flowersscalloped Edge CHFHEAD85
Head 87 Pink Flowers, Green & Gray Leaves CHFHEAD87
Head 90 Blank 19 CHFHEAD90
Head 97 Pink & White Roses CHFHEAD97
Head 99 Pink Roses, Gray Trellis, Pink Flowers CHFHEAD99
Head 101 Blank 15, Embossed Rim, Pink Flowers CHFHEAD101
Head 108 Blank 35,Floral Rim,Brown Leaves CHFHEAD108
Head 111 Floral CHFHEAD111
Head 115 Blank 5-A CHFHEAD115
Head 119A Embossed,Pink Floral,Gold Daubs CHFHEAD119A
Head 120 Pink Floral Swag,Pink/Green Ribbon,Gray CHFHEAD120
Head 121 Pink Roses, Blue Bows CHFHEAD121
Head 123 Blue Lattice, Pink Roses CHFHEAD123
Head 125 Blue Flower Border Pink Rose Garland CHFHEAD125
Head 126 Blank 1,Pink Flowers W/Yellow Centers CHFHEAD126
Head 127 Pink Roses, Smooth CHFHEAD127
Head 129 Brown Border W/Blue Flowers CHFHEAD129
Head 130 Floral CHFHEAD130
Head 132 White, Pink Flowers W/Bird In Center CHFHEAD132
Head 135 Pink Roses On Rim, Flowers In Basket CHFHEAD135
Head 136 Pink Flowers Gold Inner Band CHFHEAD136
Head 142 Blue Chain W/Red,Green & Pink Roses CHFHEAD142
Head 159 Gold Encrusted Band & Gold Pin Line CHFHEAD159
Head 165 Red Band, Three Gold Rings CHFHEAD165
Head 169B Pink/Blue/Lavender, Ivory Background CHFHEAD169B
Head 170 Blue Geometric Band,Multifloral Rim CHFHEAD170
Head 171 Smooth Blank,Goldtrim,(Margaret G. Head) CHFHEAD171
Head 172 (See Sch1333) See Chfsch1333 CHFHEAD172
Head 173 Floral Center & Rim, Ivory Background CHFHEAD173
Head 175 Multicolor Floral Design CHFHEAD175
Herbier Rim Shape CHFHER
Hibiscus Blue Flowers, Brown Stems, No Trim CHFHIB
Indian Garden   CHFING
Infante Giverny, Black Bands CHFINF
Iquacu Floral W/Birds White Background CHFIQU
Isles Verge Line, 3 Leaves In Centre, CHFISL
Ivoire Biscuit Raised White Ivy On A Ivory Background CHFIVB
Jardin Ete Floral Center CHFJAE
Jardin Indes Green Trim CHFJAI
Jardins De Paradis Red Roses & Yellow Bands,Laurel CHFJADP
Khephren Gold Inner Ring White Background CHFKHE
Lafayette Blue/Red/Gold Brdr CHFLAF
Lavriers Vert Pink Flowers Green Leaves CHFLAV
Les Abeilles Gold & Black Laurel Band, Medallions CHFLEA
Les Abeilles-Blue Cobalt Blue,Gold Laurel,Insects,Smooth CHFLEAB
Les Papillons Rust, Gold & Blue Flowers On White CHFLEP
L'Herbier De Canovas Various Flowers,Smooth,No Trim CHFLHDC
Louxor Pyramide Shape, Blue & Gold Bands CHFLOU
Lucienne Gold Inner Ring White Background CHFLUC
Lucienne Mat   CHFLUM
Macao Celadon Celadon Background CHFMAC
Maidenhair Fern   CHFMAF
Marbre Or Blue & Gold Border CHFMAO
Margarita Blue,Green,Yellow & White Flowers CHFMARG
Marianne Blue Rope Design CHFMARI
Marianne Blue Laurel Swags, Dark Tan Border CHFMARIA
Marie Antoinette Pink Roses Gold Design CHFMAA
Mazarine Orange & Gold Border CHFMAZ

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