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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Charles Field Haviland .

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements Code
Miles Roses Floral CHFMIR
Monet Cherry Blossom   CHFMOCB
My Library Recamier Shape CHFMYL
Nall Black Floral Center,Yellow Band W/Drips CHFNAL
Napoleon-Red Red Bands, Gold Laurel & Swags CHFNAP
Nervures Black Black And White CHFNERBL
Nervures Bleues Blue And White Border CHFNERB
Nuir Ete   CHFNUE
Ophilie Light Blue Flowers,Leaves&Trim CHFOPH
Palais Royale   CHFPAR
Papillons Butterflies,Orange&Blue Flowers CHFPAP
Pascale Uni Shape, Gold Filigree On Blue Rim CHFPASC
Persepolis Red, Gold & Black Border CHFPER
Pierre De Lune Gold Border CHFPIDL
Pierres Dures Red Marble Band On Edge,Smooth CHFPIDG
Pivoines Pink Flowers, Blue All-Over Leaves CHFPIV
Prince Murat   CHFPRM
Rainbow-Almond Almond (Off White) Background CHFRAIAL
Rainbow-Blue Blue CHFRAIB
Ramage-Terra Cotta Terracotta CHFRAMTC
Rapsodie Gold Trim CHFRAP
Richelieu Gold Encrusted Border CHFRIC
Rivoli Gold Encrusted Laurel Rim, Smooth CHFRIV
Rochelle, The Yellow And Blue Border,Floralsprays CHFROC
Rome Gray & Gold Border, Gold Trim CHFROME
Rose De Tuscia-Red Burgundy Band,Large Gray Flower CHFRODTR
Roseraie Pink Flowers, Blue & Yellow Border CHFROSE
Roses Bleues   CHFROB
Ruby Mosaic Line, Marbled Red Border CHFRUBY
Saint Louis Lafayette,Gold Encrusted,Celadon Rim CHFSAL
Sapphire Mosaic Line, Marbled Blue Border CHFSAP
Scheherazade Multicolor Design Border CHFSCH
Schleger 1359 Smooth,Trim 184,Purple Line,Green Scroll CHFSCH1359
Schleiger 118 Pink Floral Rim CHFSCH118
Schleiger 1286 Purple Violets CHFSCH1286
Schleiger 1294 Purple Flowers, Green & Brown Leaves CHFSCH1294
Schleiger 1306B Purple Flowers,Brown Leaves,Smooth CHFSCH1306B
Schleiger 1307 Purple Blooms, Pink/White Floral CHFSCH1307
Schleiger 1324 Pink Roses On Blue Ribbons,Gold Daubs CHFSCH1324
Schleiger 1331 Pink Roses, Green Leaves CHFSCH1331
Schleiger 1333 Border Design, Pink & Blue Flowers CHFSCH1333
Schleiger 1336 Yellow Band W/Flowers, Gold Trim CHFSCH1336
Schleiger 1337 Scalloped Edge, Floral CHFSCH1337
Schleiger 1344 Blue & Yellow Scroll Multi Color Floral CHFSCH1344
Schleiger 1345 Pink Roses CHFSCH1345
Schleiger 1346 Pink Roses, Blue & Green Leaves CHFSCH1346
Schleiger 1357 Gold Encrusted CHFSCH1357
Schleiger 1358 Gold Encrusted Band CHFSCH1358
Schleiger 144 Pink Roses Green Leaves Gold Scroll CHFSCH144
Schleiger 185 Scallop, Pink Roses CHFSCH185
Schleiger 187 Blue Flowers, Gray/ Yellow Leaves CHFSCH187
Schleiger 188 Blue Flowers, Green Leaves CHFSCH188
Schleiger 189A Blue Forget-Me-Not'S CHFSCH189A
Schleiger 195B Pink Asters CHFSCH195B
Schleiger 195G Pink Flowers Garlands CHFSCH195G
Schleiger 195L Lavender Flowers CHFSCH195L
Schleiger 92 Green/White Daises- Chas. Field Haviland CHFSCH92
Schleiger 123A Yellow Trim&Scrolls,Pink Flowers CHFSCH123A
Schleiger 173 Undecorated,Embossed,Scalloped CHFSCH173
Schleiger 175 Undecorated,Embossed CHFSCH175
Schleiger 176 Undecorated,Embossed,Scalloped CHFSCH176
Schleiger 177 Undecorated,Embossed,Scalloped CHFSCH177
Schleiger 178 White, Embossed Lines& Scrolls CHFSCH178
Schleiger 179 White,Undecorated,Embossed Scallops CHFSCH179
Schleiger 179A Blank 179,Raised Scrolls CHFSCH179A
Schleiger 180 Blank 177, Gold Daubs CHFSCH180
Schleiger 181 Blank 174 W/Gold Trim CHFSCH181
Schleiger 183 Smooth Blank, Gold Brushed Rim CHFSCH183
Schleiger 184 Smooth, Gold Trim CHFSCH184
Schleiger 185B Blank 175,Large Pink&White Roses CHFSCH185B
Schleiger 186 Blank 181, Pink & White Flowers CHFSCH186
Schleiger 186A Smooth, Pink & White Floral,Gold Trim CHFSCH186A
Schleiger 186B Smooth, Green Leaf Border,Gold Trim CHFSCH186B
Schleiger 187A Chf,Blank 1271,Pink&White Flowers CHFSCH187A
Schleiger 187B Blank 177,Violet&White Flowers CHFSCH187B
Schleiger 189 Blank 183, White/Blue Flowers CHFSCH189
Schleiger 189B Smooth Blank, Blue Flowers CHFSCH189B
Schleiger 191 Blank 175,Pink/Yellow Floral,Blue Bow CHFSCH191
Schleiger 191A Blank 175,Pink/Yellow Floral,Gold Trim CHFSCH191A
Schleiger 192A Blank 182,Pink Flowers CHFSCH192A
Schleiger 193 Pink/White Flowers,Pink Outlines,Smooth CHFSCH193
Schleiger 195 Pink & Yellow Flowers, Smooth, No Trim CHFSCH195
Schleiger 195A Pink & Yellow Flowers, Blank 183 CHFSCH195A
Schleiger 195C Pink/Yellow Flowers, Blank 184 CHFSCH195C
Schleiger 195D Pink Flowers,Green Leaves,Blank 183 CHFSCH195D
Schleiger 195E Blue/Yellow Flowers,Gold Brushed Trim CHFSCH195E
Schleiger 195F Lavender Flowers,Blank 176,Gold Daubs CHFSCH195F
Schleiger 195H Blue&Pink/Yellow Flowers,Blank 180 CHFSCH195H
Schleiger 195I Blank 352,Blue Floral Swags,Scalloped CHFSCH195I
Schleiger 195J Blue&Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs,Blank 178 CHFSCH195J
Schleiger 195K Pink Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth Edge CHFSCH195K
Schleiger 195N Lavender Flowers,Smooth Edge,No Trim CHFSCH195N
Schleiger 195O Unlisted Blank,Pink/Yellow Flowers CHFSCH195O
Schleiger 195P Unlisted Blank,Pink/Yellow Flowers CHFSCH195P
Schleiger 196 Blank 180,Pink/White Flowers CHFSCH196
Schleiger 197 Smooth Blank,Maroon & Gold Design CHFSCH197
Schleiger 197A Smooth Blank,Green & Gold Design CHFSCH197A
Schleiger 198A Blank 181,Band Of Leves,Band Of Flowers CHFSCH198A
Schleiger 199 Blank 179,Brown Scroll,Pink/Yellow CHFSCH199
Schleiger 202 Blank 175,Pink/White Roses CHFSCH202
Schleiger 352 Blank 364,No Trim,Embossed CHFSCH352
Schleiger 353 White, Undecorated, Scrolls CHFSCH353
Schleiger 355 Similar To Blank 1277,Gold Trim CHFSCH355
Schleiger 356 Smooth,Embossed,Gold Trim CHFSCH356
Schleiger 357 Smooth,Embossed,No Trim CHFSCH357
Schleiger 358 Blank 367,Embossed,No Trim CHFSCH358
Schleiger 359 Smooth, Embossed,No Trim CHFSCH359
Schleiger 360 Scalloped, Basketweave,Gold Trim CHFSCH360
Schleiger 361 Scalloped,Embossed,No Trim CHFSCH361
Schleiger 362 Scalloped,Embossed,No Trim CHFSCH362
Schleiger 363 Blank 363,All White,Undecorated CHFSCH363
Schleiger 364 Blank 352,No Decal,Gold Daubs CHFSCH364
Schleiger 365 Blanks 177,1277 & 1281 With Gold Trim CHFSCH365
Schleiger 366 Blank 173,No Decal,Gold Trim CHFSCH366
Schleiger 367 Blank 358,No Decal,Gold Daubs CHFSCH367
Schleiger 368 Blank 174,No Decal,Gold Trim CHFSCH368
Schleiger 369 Blank 361,No Decal,Gold Trim CHFSCH369
Schleiger 370 Blank 362,No Decal,Gold Trim CHFSCH370
Schleiger 371 Blank 359,No Decoration,Gold Daubs CHFSCH371
Schleiger 372B Blank 354,Pink Flowers,Gray Leaves CHFSCH372B
Schleiger 373B Gray & Tan Flowers CHFSCH373B
Schleiger 374 Blue Floral,Gold Leaves,Smooth,Gold Trim CHFSCH374
Schleiger 375 Blank 180,Large Pink Rose,Gold Trim CHFSCH375
Schleiger 375A Large Pink Rose,Smooth,Gold Trim CHFSCH375A
Schleiger 376 Violets, Green Leaves, Gold Daubs CHFSCH376
Schleiger 376A Violets,Tiny Pink Flowers,Smooth CHFSCH376A
Schleiger 377A Blank 175,Pink Poppies,Daisies,Gold Trim CHFSCH377A
Schleiger 378 Blue Flowers CHFSCH378
Schleiger 378A Blank 371,Blue Asters,Brown/Gray Foliage CHFSCH378A
Schleiger 378C Blank 353,Gray Asters,Brown/Gray Foliage CHFSCH378C
Schleiger 378D Blank 354,Purple Asters,Smooth,Daubs CHFSCH378D
Schleiger 378E Blank 359, Blue Flowers, No Trim CHFSCH378E
Schleiger 378G Blank 353,Blue Asters,Pink/Gray Foliage CHFSCH378G
Schleiger 378H Blank 174,Blue Asters,Scalloped,No Trim CHFSCH378H
Schleiger 378I Blank 354,Lavender Flowers,Pink Foliage CHFSCH378I
Schleiger 379 Blank 357,Pink Roses And Flowers CHFSCH379
Schleiger 380 Blank 367,Pink,Blue Flowers CHFSCH380
Schleiger 381A Pink Roses, Violets, Gold Daubs CHFSCH381A
Schleiger 381B Blank 358,Pink,Blue Flowers CHFSCH381B
Schleiger 381C Smooth Blank, Pink & Blue Flowers CHFSCH381C

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