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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Charles Field Haviland .

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements Code
Schleiger 381D Smooth,Pink,Blue Flowers,Gold Daubs CHFSCH381D
Schleiger 381E Pink & Blue Flowers Blank 177 CHFSCH381E
Schleiger 382A Blue Cornflowers CHFSCH382A
Schleiger 382B Blank 177,Pink Flowers, Scalloped CHFSCH382B
Schleiger 382C Blank 361,Gold Daubs,Yellow Flowers CHFSCH382C
Schleiger 382D Blank 353,Yellow Flowers CHFSCH382D
Schleiger 383 Blank 366,Purple,White Violets CHFSCH383
Schleiger 384 Blank 352,Blue,White Forget-Me-Nots CHFSCH384
Schleiger 384B Blank 352, Lavender Flowers CHFSCH384B
Schleiger 384C Blank 178,Gold Daub,Blue,White Flowers CHFSCH384C
Schleiger 384D Blank 178,Lavender Flowers,Yellow Shrubs CHFSCH384D
Schleiger 384E Blank 363, Yellow/White Flowers CHFSCH384E
Schleiger 384G Blank 352 W/Gold Daubs, Lavender Floral CHFSCH384G
Schleiger 384H Lavender Flowers, Yellow/Gray Leaves CHFSCH384H
Schleiger 384I Blank 183, Pink & Gray Flowers CHFSCH384I
Schleiger 384J Blank 353, Lavender Flowers,Green Leaves CHFSCH384J
Schleiger 384K Blank 183,Blue & Yellow Flowers CHFSCH384K
Schleiger 385 Lavender Flowers, Green Leaves CHFSCH385
Schleiger 385A Lavender Flowers, Green Leaves, Smooth CHFSCH385A
Schleiger 385B Blank 353, Pink Flowers, Green Leaves CHFSCH385B
Schleiger 386 Pink & Lavender Flowers CHFSCH386
Schleiger 386A Pink & Lavender Flowers, No Trim CHFSCH386A
Schleiger 387 Lavender Flowers, Green Leaves, Rim CHFSCH387
Schleiger 387A Blank 178, Green Floral & Leaves CHFSCH387A
Schleiger 388 Blank 177, Pink & Yellow Flowers CHFSCH388
Schleiger 388B Blank 361, Pink & Yellow Flowers CHFSCH388B
Schleiger 388C Blank 353, Lavender & Yellow Flowers CHFSCH388C
Schleiger 389B Blank 1277,Gold Trim 365,Floral CHFSCH389B
Schleiger 390 Blank 352,Blue/White Roses CHFSCH390
Schleiger 390A Blank 1272,Pink/White Floral CHFSCH390A
Schleiger 391 Blank 174,Large Pink Roses CHFSCH391
Schleiger 391A Smooth,Large Pink Roses,Green Leaves CHFSCH391A
Schleiger 391B Blank 181,Large Pink Roses,Gold Trim CHFSCH391B
Schleiger 392 Floral CHFSCH392
Schleiger 407 Sunflowers On Edge,Smooth CHFSCH407
Schleiger 394 Blank 363,Blue Flowers,Brown Foliage CHFSCH394
Schleiger 395 Blank 355,Pink Roses,Green Baskets CHFSCH395
Schleiger 396A Yellow Edge,Gold Line,Pink Roses CHFSCH396A
Schleiger 397 Pink Flower/Green Leaf Bands CHFSCH397
Schleiger 398 Pink Rose Garland CHFSCH398
Schleiger 398A Pink Rose Swags, Green Leaf Circle CHFSCH398A
Schleiger 399 Smooth Blank,Pink Roses,Gold Trim CHFSCH399
Schleiger 400 Pink,White,Blue Flower Band, Roses CHFSCH400
Schleiger 400A Smooth Blank,Flowers,Gold Trim CHFSCH400A
Schleiger 401 Blank 366,Green & Pink Buds CHFSCH401
Schleiger 402 Smooth Blank,Pink & Blue Flowers CHFSCH402
Schleiger 402A Smooth Blank,Gold Decoration,Flowers CHFSCH402A
Schleiger 403 Gold Encrusted CHFSCH403
Schleiger 406 Smooth Blank,Green Decoration,Gold CHFSCH406
Schleiger 408 Green,Red,Gold Geometric Design CHFSCH408
Schleiger 409 Smooth Blank,Gold & Green Decoration CHFSCH409
Schleiger 1271 Embossed Scrolls & Flowers CHFSCH1271
Schleiger 1272 All White, Embossed Rim CHFSCH1272
Schleiger 1273 Embossed Line Around Center CHFSCH1273
Schleiger 1274 Embossed Lines & Arches CHFSCH1274
Schleiger 1275 Embossed Scrolls On Rim CHFSCH1275
Schleiger 1276 Embossed Panels On Rim CHFSCH1276
Schleiger 1277 Embossed Arches & Dots In Center CHFSCH1277
Schleiger 1278 Embossed Panels & Arches CHFSCH1278
Schleiger 1279 White,Undecorated,Embossed,Scalloped CHFSCH1279
Schleiger 1280 White,Undecorated,Multisided CHFSCH1280
Schleiger 1281 White,Undecorated,Ribbed Rim,Smooth Edge CHFSCH1281
Schleiger 1282 Blank 1279 W/Gold Accents&Daisy Chain CHFSCH1282
Schleiger 1283 Multisided W/Gold Trim CHFSCH1283
Schleiger 1284 Blank 173 W/Brushed Gold&Inner Band CHFSCH1284
Schleiger 1285 Blank 177,Lavender Flowers CHFSCH1285
Schleiger 1287 Blank 353,Light Rose Flowers CHFSCH1287
Schleiger 1288A Pink&White Flowers,Smooth,No Trim CHFSCH1288A
Schleiger 1289A Blank 353,Pink Flowers CHFSCH1289A
Schleiger 1289B Blank 177,Green Flowers,No Trim CHFSCH1289B
Schleiger 1290 Blank 177,Pink&White Roses,White Flowers CHFSCH1290
Schleiger 1291A Blank 361,Blue Flowers,Embossed,Daubs CHFSCH1291A
Schleiger 1292 Chf,Blank 1278,Rose&Yellow Flowers CHFSCH1292
Schleiger 1293 Chf,Blank 363,Blue Flowers CHFSCH1293
Schleiger 1293A Chf,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves CHFSCH1293A
Schleiger 1295 Chf,Blank 361,Purple Flowers CHFSCH1295
Schleiger 1296 Chf,Blank 354,Rose Flowers CHFSCH1296
Schleiger 1297 Chf,Blank 1276,Tan Leaves,Gray Flower CHFSCH1297
Schleiger 1298 Blank 363,Yellow Flowers CHFSCH1298
Schleiger 1299 Blue Flowers & Berries, Green Leaves CHFSCH1299
Schleiger 1299A Blank 354,Blue Flowers&Berries,Smooth CHFSCH1299A
Schleiger 1300A Blank 353,Blue/Yellow Flowers,Embossed CHFSCH1300A
Schleiger 1301 Blank 356,Blue/White Floral,Gray Daisies CHFSCH1301
Schleiger 1301A Yellow/White Leaves, Smooth CHFSCH1301A
Schleiger 1301B Blank 174, Blue&Gray Flowers CHFSCH1301B
Schleiger 1301C Blank 356,Blue,Gray&Yellow Flowers CHFSCH1301C
Schleiger 1301D Blank 356 W/Gold Trim,Blue&Gray Flowers CHFSCH1301D
Schleiger 1302 Blank 1272, Gray/White Floral CHFSCH1302
Schleiger 1303 Pink/Yellow Floral, Gray Leaves CHFSCH1303
Schleiger 1304 Blank 177, Pink/White Flowers CHFSCH1304
Schleiger 1305 Blank 354, Beige/Green Floral CHFSCH1305
Schleiger 1306A Yellow Flowers, Smooth Blank CHFSCH1306A
Schleiger 1309 Blank 175, Purple/White Flowers CHFSCH1309
Schleiger 1310 Smooth,Pink&White Flowers,Green Leaves CHFSCH1310
Schleiger 1311 Blue Flowers,Brown Leaves And Stems CHFSCH1311
Schleiger 1311A Smooth,Pink Flowers W/Yellow Centers CHFSCH1311A
Schleiger 1311B Blank 356,Blue Flowers W/Yellow Centers CHFSCH1311B
Schleiger 1312 Blank 360, Red/Pink Flowers CHFSCH1312
Schleiger 1313 Large Pink Roses, Gold Daubs CHFSCH1313
Schleiger 1313A Blank 365,Pink Roses Touched W/Yellow CHFSCH1313A
Schleiger 1313B Blank 178 W/Brushed Gold,Pink/Yellow CHFSCH1313B
Schleiger 1315 Blank 177, Lavender/White Flowers CHFSCH1315
Schleiger 1316 Lavender & Gray Flowers CHFSCH1316
Schleiger 1317 Blank 1275,Yellow Roses,Embossed,No Trim CHFSCH1317
Schleiger 1319 Pink Roses,Green Flowers&Leaves,Smooth CHFSCH1319
Schleiger 1319A Blank 177,Inner Pink Roses,No Edge Group CHFSCH1319A
Schleiger 1320 Blank 366,Pink Roses,Embossed,Gold Trim CHFSCH1320
Schleiger 1321 Pink Roses,Blue Ribbon&Bow,Smooth CHFSCH1321
Schleiger 1322 Blank 365,Pink Roses,Blue Daisies CHFSCH1322
Schleiger 1323 Blank 1271,Pink&Blue Flowers,Gold Daubs CHFSCH1323
Schleiger 1323A Blank 365,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers CHFSCH1323A
Schleiger 1325 Blank 360,Cranberry Flowers&Ring,No Trim CHFSCH1325
Schleiger 1326 Blank 1282,Pink&White Roses,Blue Band CHFSCH1326
Schleiger 1327 Pink&Yellow Flowers,Smooth,Gold Trim CHFSCH1327
Schleiger 1328A Blank 360,2 Birds At Edge,None In Center CHFSCH1328A
Schleiger 1329 Green Laurel Edge,Pink Flowers,Smooth CHFSCH1329
Schleiger 1330 Pink&White Flowers,Smooth,No Trim CHFSCH1330
Schleiger 1332 Blank 1271,Pink/Yellow Flowers,Gold Trim CHFSCH1332
Schleiger 1334 Floral Border Gold Trim CHFSCH1334
Schleiger 1335 Blue Angle Edge,Blue&Yellow Flowers CHFSCH1335
Schleiger 1338 Pink Roses&Ribbon,Gold Bands,Gold Trim CHFSCH1338
Schleiger 1339 Pink Rose Band & Swags CHFSCH1339
Schleiger 1340 Blank 1277,Pink Roses,Blue Floral Band CHFSCH1340
Schleiger 1342 Green Flowers,Leaf&Berry Band,Gold Trim CHFSCH1342
Schleiger 1343 Green Ribbon&Leaf Band,White Daisies CHFSCH1343
Schleiger 1347 Blank 360,Blue Line,Tan Urn,Roses CHFSCH1347
Schleiger 1349 Pink Roses,Green Leaf Band,Gold Trim CHFSCH1349
Schleiger 1352 Blank 1281,Green Floral Edge,Pink Roses CHFSCH1352
Schleiger 1353 Gold Encrusted Band On Edge CHFSCH1353
Seville Blue Flowers&Vines,Gold Buds CHFSEV
Shanghai Uni Shape,Red/Orange Floral Center CHFSHA
Sheherazade Blue Insets,Gold Scrolls,Rose In Oval CHFSHE
Springtime Large Pink & Purple Flowers CHFSPR
Stockholm   CHFSTO
Suzanne Gold Filigree Design On Edge, Coupe CHFSUZ
Tournesol Blue Border & Border Design CHFTOU
Varsouie Gold Encrusted CHFVAR
Versailles-Gray Gray Scrolls & Floral Band CHFVERGR
Versailles-Turquoise Turquoise Scrolls & Floral Band CHFVERTU
Versailles-Yellow Yellow Scrolls & Floral Band CHFVERY
Villandry Pink Trim Floral Center CHFVIL

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