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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Theodore Haviland and Haviland & Co.

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements' Code
4158 Gold Scrolls Flowers&Leaves,Gold Trim H 4158
7031 New York,Gold Encrusted Bands H 7031
8645 Bluebberries And Greenery,Gold Daubs H 8645
15881 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Flowers,Rings H 15881
15913 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Laurel H 15913
16222 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Red Roses On Gold H 16222
16238 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Checks,Floral H 16238
16400 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Red & Green Bands H 16400
34670 Yellow Scrolls On Blue, Red&Yellow Roses H 34670
36374 Red Edge,Floral Center H 36374
16353/16354 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Floral,Green Band H 16353
A La Corbeille Center Floral Basket Design, Floral Rim H ALC
Adams France H ADA
Amaryllis Alize Shape,Pink&Green Floral,Gold Trim H AMAR
Amazonie Derby Shape, Green Marble Band H AMA
Amboise (France) France, Encrusted H AMBO
Ambrosia   H AMBR
Arbre De Vie Blue,Red&Green Abstrct Rim, Tree On Cup H ARDV
Arbre Des Indies-Purple Purple Tree & Flowers, Scalloped H ARDIPU
Arbutis France H ARBU
Aristocracy Cobalt Blueband,Gold Design,Gold Trim H ARI
Ashley (Greylock Shape) New York,Greylock,Embossed Laurel,Roses H ASHL
Au Charme Du Logis This Is Not A Pattern H AUCL
Auberge Green Floral Center Swirl Edge H AUB
Aux Rubans Blue Lines,Yellow&Orange Flowers H AURU
Bach H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Filigree/Green Band H BAC
Bartlett Star Blank Gold Trim H BART
Basque Theodore, Floral Garland, Inner Gold H BAS
Beaugency H&Co H BEAUG
Beauvallon H&Co H BEAUVAL
Birchmere France,Blue Leaves & Trim, Scalloped H BIRF
Bizt H&Co H BIZ
Bleu Royal H&Co, Dark Blue Rim, White Center H BLR
Blue Luxor Blue Band With Gold Design, Rim Shape H BLL
Blue Mosaic Blue Diamonds & Trim, Multisided H BLM
Bluedale France,Blue Flowers H BLU
Bourbon Theo, Floral Rim, Vase In Center H BOUR
Brazil Peasant,Wreath, Border Of Birds/Flowers H BRAZ
Bridal Rose France H BRR
Burgoyne Theo, Green Laurel On Rim H BURGO
Burgundy (New York) New York, Gold Trim Multifloral Swags H BURG
Calanque France, Sea Creatures H CAL
Carnation France H CARN
Carolina Rose,Peach&Gold Flowers,Cream Body H CARO
Cashmere-Green (Torse Shape) Green Floral Band Torse Shape H CASHG
Casteil H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Filigree On White H CAST
Chambord-Rubis (Ruby) Rubis (Ruby) Border Sevres Shape H CHARU
Chapelle NY, Floral Rim & Center, Scalloped H CHAP
Chardonneret Bird On White Background, Swirl Edge H CHARD
Chartres Pink Border,Floral,Yellow/Green Scrolls H CHART
Chateau Grnborder,Wht Design H CHATEG
Chatelaine Blue H&Co, Blue Mosaic Band W/ Gems H CHBL
Chatelaine-Green (No Verge) No Verge,Green Band Design On Rim H CHAG1
Chatelet Serves Shape, Les Traditionelles H CHATELE
Chenoncheaux-Emeraude (Green) Emeraude (Green) Sevres Shape H CHEG
Cherverny Lazuli H&Co H CHL
Chesterfield France, Parrot Pattern H CHES
Chintz Theo,Single Red Rosebuds All Over H CHINT
Chopin Les Classiques Derby Shape H CHO
Clair De Lune (No Arches) Plain, Platinum Trim & Verge H CLDL
Clair De Lune-Arches & Leaves Platinum Leaves & Arches, Accent Plates H CLDLUA
Clematis Theo,Multifloral Rim&Center,Smooth H CLEM
Colbert Fr, Cobalt Blue Rim Gold Encrusted H COLB
Colonial New York H COL
Commodore-Orange Trim H&Co,Decal 911,Floral,Orange Trim H COMM
Concorde (Encrusted) Encrusted, "Les Traditionelles",Smooth H CONCOR
Consulat Sevres Shape H CON
Coronet France H COROF
Coronet New York H CORON
Courcelles H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Laurel On Cobalt H COURC
Czarina Theo,Blank 122,Green Roses,Blue Scroll H CZA
Debussy Les Classiques Derby Shape H DEB
Diplomat Sevres Shape H DIP
Dogwood (France) France, Pink, Rose & Lavender H DOG
Doha-Vert (Green) Vert (Green) H DOHG
Dresden Rose France, Purple, Pink/Gray, Gold Roses H DRR
Eileen Rose,Blue&Yellow Floral,Ivory,Gold Trim H EIL
Empress H&Co,Blank 429A,Cobalt Blue Band H EMPR
Ernestine Blue, Pink Flower Border H ERN
Esther-Gold Encrusted Gold Band,Gold Verge ,Smooth H ESTG
Eugenie (Green Lvs,Pink Rose) Cream, Ring Of Greenleaves, Pink Roses H EUGE
Evangeline France H EVA
Excelsior-Green Green Marble W/White & Gold Design H EXCE
Faramount Pink&Yellow Flowers Rim&Center,Green Tr. H FAR
Feu De Four (This Is Not A Pattern) (Appears On Various Patterns) H FEF
Flanders Theo,Cream Rim,Multifloral Rim&Center H FLA
Floral Pink Border,Floral Rim & Center H FLORAL1
Flore H&Co H FLORE1
Florentine Gold Gold Branch W/Leaves,Inner Ring&Trim H FLG
Florentine Lavende Lavender Rim,Gold Trim&Center Branch H FLL
Florentine Platinum Platinum Branch W/Leaves,Inner Ring&Trim H FLP
Florida H&Co,White Background, Flower Center&Rim H FLORID
Fontainbleau H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Floral On Cobalt H FONTAI
Fontainebleau H&Co,Schleiger 700A,Blue,Scrolls,Roses H FONTA
Fontvieille H&Co H FONTV
French Roses France,Swirl Rim,Floral,No Trim H FRR
Gooseberry France H GOO
Habit-Vert (Green) Vert (Green) Background & Leaves H HABG
Haddau Floral Design H HAD
Haviland'S Holly H&Co, Schleiger 514,Green Holly H HAH
Hawthorne Grayish/Off White Flower Cluster H HAW
Hollyware Holly & Berries H HOLL
Hortense Theo,Green Band,Green&Red Design H HORT
Hozu Rapids Theo,Branches,Rust Berries&Flowers H HOR
Illusion-Celadon Barbara Barry, Pale Green Panels & Bands H ILLCE
Illusion-Endive Barbara Barry,Pale Yellow Panels & Bands H ILLY
Illusion-Lavender Barbara Barry, Lavender Panels & Bands H ILLL
Imperator Bleu H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Design,Cobalt Band H IMBL
Ivory Theo, Cream Rim, Mult-Sided, Gold Trim H IVOR
Josephine H&Co,Schleiger 258A,Pink Flowers H JOS
Kairouan   H KAI
Lassiter France H LASS
Latour Floral Rim&Center,Scalloped Verge H LAT
Laurier-Black Black Band, Derby Shape H LAUBL
Laurier-Blue Blue Border, Derby Shape H LAUBLU
Laurier-Gold Gold Band, Derby Shape H LAUG
Laurier-Green Green Band, Derby Shape H LAUGR
Lausanne France,Decagon,Pink&Yellow,Gold Trim H LAUS
Les Cerisier Blue Willow-Like Design,Blue H LEC
Levigne Floral, France H LEV
Liberty Theo, Multicolor Center Flowers,Gold Tr H LIB
Limousin Theo,Multifloral Rim&Center,Scalloped H LIM
Lincoln Service, The Limited Edition,Purple Band,Gold Dots H LISE
Liszt Les Classiques Derby Shape H LISZ
Louis Xiv Undecorated All White, Scalloped H LOUISXI
Louvecienne Or H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Flowers,Laurel/Rim H LOO
Louveciennes Torse Shape, Laurel&Scroll, Floral Ctr H LOUVEC
Lucerne Tan Scrolls,Green Border,Pink Roses H LUC
Lutece Gold Gold Trim H LUGO
Mai Theodore, Pink,Blue,Yellow,Green Floral H MAI1
Manchester Pink&Gold Roses,Gold Ribbon,No Trim H MAN
Marly   H MARL
Marseille H&Co, Blank 427 Green Flowers H MARSEI
Marthe Blue&Gold Scroll Decor,Gold Trim H MART
Matrah H&Co,Gold Encrusted Bands,Green/Gold H MAT
Mayenne, The Gold Encrusted Border&Inner Band H MAYE
Medicis H&Co H MED
Mendelssohn Les Classiques Derby Shape H MEN
Mesange Various Bird Motif, Torse Shape H MES
Mezzatint-Green New York, Green H MEZG
Minuit Sevres Shape H MIN
Mir Hab Pink Floral Design Theodore,France H MIH
Monestier H&Co,Gold Scroll Encrusted Band H MONE
Mont Mery Theo,St Cloud Blank,Blue & Brown Roses H MOME
Mont Mery Theo,Smooth,Red,Gold&Green Floral,Blue H MOMER
Monte Carlo France H MOC
Monteray (France) France H MONTE
Monthalon Fr, Cobalt Rim, Golddesign & Encrusted H MONTH
Montrose H&Co,Vines&Flowers,Gold Trim H MONTROSE
Morny H&Co H MORN
Mosaic-Green NY,Green Rim,Floral Band H MOSG
Moss Rose (Peach Trim) H&Co, Moss Rose Center H MORO2
Mozart H&Co H MOZ

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