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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Theodore Haviland and Haviland & Co.

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements' Code
Nairobi H&Co H NAI
Nankin Floral Border & Center H NAN
Narimane H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Blue&Gold Design H NARI
Nation Les Traditionelles Sevres Shape H NATI
Norman France H NORMA
Normandy Theodore,Multicolor Floral,Scalloped H NORMAN
Nuit Bleue-Platinim Blue Band, Platinum Rings H NUBP
Nuit D'Ete Multicolor Flowers On Black Band H NUD
Opera Les Traditionelles,Sevres,Encrusted Band H OPE
Ophelia (France) France, Rim Shape H OPH
Or Et Or Gold Design H OREO
Oraison H&Co H ORAI
Orangeraie Octagonal,Oranges&Blue Leaves On Blue H ORA
Orient Sevress Shape, Gold Encrusted Edge H ORIEN
Orsay Gold Sevres Shape,White,Gold Trim&Verge H ORG
Paisley (New York) New York H PAIN
Palais Royal   H PARO
Pallas New York, Rose, Bluegold & Green H PAL
Palme Or H&Co H PAO
Pascal   H PASC
Pastorale Bleu Blue Scene Center, Gold Flowers H PAB
Pebble White France, White, Rim Shape H PEW
Peeress Blue Band, Gold Encrusted Band, Cream H PEE
Pekin Different Oriental Scenes H PEK
Persepolis Pink, Rust, Blue Floral Center, Plat H PERS
Picardy (New York) NY, Floral, Thin Yellow Inner Line H PICA
Pierrefonds Theo,Multisided,Floral Rim&Center H PIE
Pilgrin France, Yellow Beads & Laurel H PIL
Pink Fancy New York H PIF
Pink Spray (NY,Multisided) NY,Multisided,Pink Flowers H PISNM
Plumes Or (Gold) Sevres Shape, Gold Leaves&Dots H PLO
Plumes Platinum Sevres Shape, Platinum Leaves&Dots H PLP
Plymouth H&Co, Schleiger 716,Multifloral Border H PLYM
Pompadour (Yellow Scrolls) Theo, Blue Band,Pink Roses,Floral Swags H POMPA
Pompadour-Cobalt Sevres, Cobalt Rim, Gold Encrusted&Decor H POMCB
Pompadour-Red France, Red Rim, Gold Encrusted H POMR
Pompei-Lazuli Lazuli (Royal Blue) Border,Gold Verge H POML
Presentation Plates-Pink Pink, Empire Shape H PRPP
Primavera New York H PRIM
Prince Sevres Shape H PRIN
Prince De Conde H&Co, Gold&Platinum Encrusted Bands H PRDC
Printemps H&Co, Schleiger 926,Octagonal, Floral H PRINT
Priscilla Turquoise New York H PRT
Provence-Celadon All Light Green,Embossed Leaves, Berries H PROCE
Provence-Ciel All Light Blue,Embossed Leaves & Berries H PROB
Provence-Ivory All Ivory, Embossed Leaves & Berries H PROIV
Provence-Lavender All Lavender,Embossed Leaves/Berries H PROL
Queen Cobalt Band,Scallop Gold Encrusted H QUE
Ravel H&Co H RAV
Regency Rose   H RER
Repulse Bay France H REB
Resonance Blanc Francois Bauchet,White,Circles H REBL
Resonance Blanc (Matte) Francois Bauchet,Matte White,Circles H REBLM
Resonance Celedon Francois Bauchet,Celedon,Circles H REC
Resonance Etruscan Francois Bauchet, Concentric Circles H REE
Ressis H&Co H RES
Ritz Club Derby 3 Shape, Gold Decor On White H RICL
Ritz Club Chargers Various Color Charger Plates H RICC
Romance France, Pink/Rose, Gold Trim H ROMA
Rose Trellis France H ROT
Rosemont Fr, Small Rosebuds Gold Trim H ROSEMO
Rosetta France H ROSET
Royale (New York) NY, Flower Urn, Ringof Flowers In Rim H ROY
Royale Red New York, Red Band, Gold Trim, Rim Shap H ROR
Rumania Theo,Sch 864, Green Scrolls,Red Panels H RUMG
Sandra NY,Pink & White Flowers H SAND
Saumur Theodore, Floral, Multisided H SAU
Savoie (NY, Three Bands Of Gold) NY, Three Bands Of Gold, Cream Rim H SAVO
Schleiger 3 H&Co, White, Undecorated, Scalloped H SCH3
Schleiger 4B H&Co,Blank 4,No Edge Scallop H SCH4B
Schleiger 8 H&Co,All White,Embossed Scroll Edge H SCH8
Schleiger 9B H&Co,Blank 9,All White,Embossed,Smooth H SCH9B
Schleiger 11 H&Co, Embossed Dots On Rim H SCH11
Schleiger 17 H&Co, Blank 1 With Daubs & Inner Band H SCH17
Schleiger 20D H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Line H SCH20D
Schleiger 20E H&Co,Smooth Blank,1/16" Gold,Black,Cream H SCH20E
Schleiger 21 H&Co,Blanks 4 & 10,Scallop,Gold Trim H SCH21
Schleiger 23 H&Co,Blank 1, Gold Dabs On Scallops H SCH23
Schleiger 25 H&Co, Blank 1 Gold Trim H SCH25
Schleiger 26 H&Co,Blank 5,White,Gold Daubs,Scalloped H SCH26
Schleiger 27 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Dips In Trim H SCH27
Schleiger 28 H&Co,Blank 4A,Gold Design Center&Edge H SCH28
Schleiger 29Az H&Co,Blank 13,W/Wavy Gold,Blue Floral H SCH29AZ
Schleiger 29B H&Co,Blank 25,Pink/White Flowers H SCH29B
Schleiger 29Bz H&Co,Blue Floral Rim,Smooth H SCH29BZ
Schleiger 29C H&Co, Blank 5, Pink To White Flowers H SCH29C
Schleiger 29Cz H&Co,Blank 13,Blue Flowers H SCH29CZ
Schleiger 29Ez H&Co, Smooth, Gold&Green Dips,Pink H SCH29EZ
Schleiger 29F H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH29F
Schleiger 29Fz H&Co,Blank 1,Trim 423,Pink Flowers H SCH29FZ
Schleiger 29G H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH29G
Schleiger 29J H&Co,Blank 19,Pink& White Flowers H SCH29J
Schleiger 29L H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH29L
Schleiger 29P H&Co,Yellow Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH29P
Schleiger 29Q H&Co, Blank 13/Wavy Gold,Pink Flowers H SCH29Q
Schleiger 29R H&Co, Blank 424, Pink & White Flowers H SCH29R
Schleiger 29S H&Co, Blank 424, Pink/White Flowers H SCH29S
Schleiger 29T H&Co,Blank 416,Blue/Pink Floral H SCH29T
Schleiger 29V H&Co, Blank 1, Salmon Flowers H SCH29V
Schleiger 29W H&Co,Salmon Pink Flowers,Smooth H SCH29W
Schleiger 29X H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers H SCH29X
Schleiger 29Y H&Co,Blank 3,Blue&PiPink Floral H SCH29Y
Schleiger 29Z H&Co,Blank 7,Pink/White Floral,Scallop H SCH29Z
Schleiger 30A H&Co,Blank 6,Pink Roses H SCH30A
Schleiger 30D H&Co,Blank 1,Trim 426,Dubonnette,Blue H SCH30D
Schleiger 30E H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Roses,No Trim H SCH30E
Schleiger 30G H&Co,Blank 209,Lavender Flowers,No Trim H SCH30G
Schleiger 30H H&Co, Blank 24, Pink Roses H SCH30H
Schleiger 30I H&Co, Blank 23, Pink Roses H SCH30I
Schleiger 30J H&Co, Blank 5, Pink Roses H SCH30J
Schleiger 30K H&Co, Blank 16, Pink Roses H SCH30K
Schleiger 30M H&Co, Blank 425, Pink Roses H SCH30M
Schleiger 30N H&Co,Blank 6,Pink Roses,Yellow Flowers H SCH30N
Schleiger 30O H&Co,Blank 640,Aqua Roses H SCH30O
Schleiger 31C H&Co, Blank 19, Pink To White Roses H SCH31C
Schleiger 31D H&Co, Blank 3, Pink To White Roses H SCH31D
Schleiger 31E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Scalloped H SCH31E
Schleiger 31F H&Co, Blank 22, Pink To White Roses H SCH31F
Schleiger 31G H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Roses H SCH31G
Schleiger 31H H&Co,Blank 4,Trim 1122,Pink Roses H SCH31H
Schleiger 32B H&Co,Blank 5, Green Edge Brushed Gold H SCH32B
Schleiger 32C H&Co,Bl1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH32C
Schleiger 32D H&Co,Blank 219,Yellow Flowers W/Brown H SCH32D
Schleiger 32E H&Co,Pink,White&Blue Floral,Smooth H SCH32E
Schleiger 32G H&Co,Blank 204, Pink& White Flowers H SCH32G
Schleiger 32H H&Co,Blank 22, Turquoise,Pink Floral H SCH32H
Schleiger 32I H&Co,Blank 5, Pink Floral, Green Leaves H SCH32I
Schleiger 32J H&Co,Blank 17,Turquoise Flowers H SCH32J
Schleiger 32K H&Co,Blank 12,Dark Pink Flowers H SCH32K
Schleiger 32L H&Co,Smooth,Turquoise Flowers H SCH32L
Schleiger 32M H&Co,Blank 12,Turquoise Flowers H SCH32M
Schleiger 33B H&Co,Pink Roses On Green,Yellow Roses H SCH33B
Schleiger 34A H&Co,Blank 2&13,Pink To White Flowers H SCH34A
Schleiger 34B H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Flowers H SCH34B
Schleiger 34C H&Co,Blue Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH34C
Schleiger 34D H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers H SCH34D
Schleiger 34E H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers H SCH34E
Schleiger 34F H&Co,Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH34F
Schleiger 34G H&Co,Pink Rose, Circles Of Green,Smooth H SCH34G
Schleiger 34H H&Co, Blank 1, Pink/White Flowers H SCH34H
Schleiger 34I H&Co, Blank 9, Pink/White Flowers H SCH34I
Schleiger 34J H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Flowers H SCH34J
Schleiger 35 H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers H SCH35
Schleiger 35A H&Co,Blank 1,Green Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH35A
Schleiger 35B H&Co,Blue Flowers,Pink Leaves,Smooth H SCH35B
Schleiger 36 H&Co,Blank 5,Blue&Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH36

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