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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Theodore Haviland and Haviland & Co.

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements' Code
Schleiger 150T Theo,Blank122,Green Roses,Brown Leaves H SCH150T
Schleiger 150U Theo, Blank 118, Pink/White Roses H SCH150U
Schleiger 150V Theo,Blank 117,Green Roses H SCH150V
Schleiger 150Y Theo,Blank 300,Greenroses,Gray Foliage H SCH150Y
Schleiger 150Z Theo,Blank 122,Gold Edge,Pink Roses H SCH150Z
Schleiger 151 (Scalloped) Theo,Blank 118,Pink Asters,Scalloped H SCH151SC
Schleiger 151A Theo, Blank 121, Pink Asters H SCH151A
Schleiger 151B Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH151B
Schleiger 151C Theo,Blank 118,Small Pink Flowers H SCH151C
Schleiger 152A Theo,Pink&Gray Roses,Red & Green Band H SCH152A
Schleiger 152B Theo,Smooth,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH152B
Schleiger 152C Theo,Blank 799,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH152C
Schleiger 153 Theo,Blank 129,Green/Pink Roses H SCH153
Schleiger 153A Theo,Blank 129,Yellow Roses,Gold Trim H SCH153A
Schleiger 153B Theo,Smooth,Pink&White Roses H SCH153B
Schleiger 154 Theo, Blank 123, Pink & White Roses H SCH154
Schleiger 154D Theo,Blank 125,Pink/Gray Rose Sprays H SCH154D
Schleiger 154E Theo,Blank 117,Gray/White &&PiPink Roses H SCH154E
Schleiger 155 Theo,Blank 124,Pink/White&Blue Floral H SCH155
Schleiger 155B Theo,Blank 122,Blue&Green Floral H SCH155B
Schleiger 155C Theo, Blank 122, Pink &Yellow Flowers H SCH155C
Schleiger 155D Theo,Blank 118, Blue Flowers H SCH155D
Schleiger 155E Theo, Smooth Blank, Blue Flowers H SCH155E
Schleiger 155F Theo, Smooth Blank, Pink Roses H SCH155F
Schleiger 155G Theo,Blank 301,Blue Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH155G
Schleiger 155H Theo,Blank 124 Pink&Yellow Floral H SCH155H
Schleiger 155I Theo,Blank 800, Pink Flowers H SCH155I
Schleiger 155J Theo,Blank 118, Pink/White Flowers H SCH155J
Schleiger 155K Theo, Blank 117, Blue Flowers H SCH155K
Schleiger 155L Theo,Blank 122,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH155L
Schleiger 155M Theo,Blue & Pink Flowers, Pink Scroll H SCH155M
Schleiger 155N Theo, Smooth, Blue & Lavender Flowers H SCH155N
Schleiger 155O Theo,Blank 303,Pink Flowers H SCH155O
Schleiger 155P Theo,Blank 591,Blue Flowers H SCH155P
Schleiger 155Q Theo,Blank 98,Pink Flowers,Yellow Daisy H SCH155Q
Schleiger 156 Theo, Blank 116, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156
Schleiger 156A Theo, Blank 122, Pink/White Roses H SCH156A
Schleiger 156B Theo,Blank 125,Pale Blue Roses H SCH156B
Schleiger 156C Theo, Blank 124, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156C
Schleiger 156D Theo, Blank 122, Blue/White Roses H SCH156D
Schleiger 156E Theo,Blank 118,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156E
Schleiger 156F Theo,Blank 133,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH156F
Schleiger 156G Theo,Blank 124,Blue & Brown Flowers H SCH156G
Schleiger 156H Theo,Blank 592,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156H
Schleiger 156I Theo, Blank 117, Pink Roses H SCH156I
Schleiger 156J Theo, Blank 124, White, Yellow & Purple H SCH156J
Schleiger 156K Theo,Blank 123,Blue & Brown Flowers H SCH156K
Schleiger 156L Theo,Blank 126,Blue&Brown Flowers H SCH156L
Schleiger 157A Theo,Blank 122,Pink Flowers H SCH157A
Schleiger 157D Theo, Blank 304,Pink Flowers, Grn Lvs H SCH157D
Schleiger 157E Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers H SCH157E
Schleiger 157F Theo,Blank 130,Tiny Pink&White Flowers H SCH157F
Schleiger 157G Theo, Blank 124, Lavender Flowers H SCH157G
Schleiger 157I Theo,Smooth,Purple Flowers H SCH157I
Schleiger 157J Theo, Blank 118, Lavender Flowers H SCH157J
Schleiger 157K Theo, Blank 300, Pink Flowers H SCH157K
Schleiger 158 Theo,Blank 125,Pink Roses, Blue Flowers H SCH158
Schleiger 159 Theo,Blank 118,Lavender Flowers H SCH159
Schleiger 159B Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Flowers H SCH159B
Schleiger 159C Theo,Blank 592,Lavender Flowers H SCH159C
Schleiger 159D Theo,Blank 122,Lavender Flowers H SCH159D
Schleiger 159E Theo,Blank 301,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159E
Schleiger 159F Theo, Blank 118, Pink Morning Glories H SCH159F
Schleiger 159G Theodore,Blank 126,Pink Morninglories H SCH159G
Schleiger 159H Theo,Blank 130,Green Flower Border H SCH159H
Schleiger 159J Theo,Blank 301,Green Flowers,Gold Brush H SCH159J
Schleiger 159K Theo,Blank 302,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159K
Schleiger 159L Theo,Smooth,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159L
Schleiger 159M Theo,Blank 301,Turquoise Flowers,Daubs H SCH159M
Schleiger 159N Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Flowers H SCH159N
Schleiger 159O Theo,Blank 126,Blue Flowers,Brownleaves H SCH159O
Schleiger 159P Theo,Blank 117,Lavender&Purple Flowers H SCH159P
Schleiger 159Q Theo,Smooth,Blue Flowers,Brown Lines H SCH159Q
Schleiger 159R Theo,Blank 812,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159R
Schleiger 159S Theo,Smooth,Border Pale Pink Flowers H SCH159S
Schleiger 159T Theo,Blank 301,Turquoise Floral H SCH159T
Schleiger 159U Theo,Blank 812,Pink Flowers H SCH159U
Schleiger 159V Theo,Blank 118,Blue/Green Flowers H SCH159V
Schleiger 159W Theo,Blank 122,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH159W
Schleiger 159X Theo,Blank 130,Turquoise Flowers H SCH159X
Schleiger 159Y Theo,Blank 116,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159Y
Schleiger 160A Theo,Blank 120,Pink,Yellow&Gray Floral H SCH160A
Schleiger 160B Theo,Blank 592,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH160B
Schleiger 160C Theo,Blank 122,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH160C
Schleiger 160E Theo,Blank 120,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH160E
Schleiger 160F Theo,Blank 118,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH160F
Schleiger 160G Theo, Blank 117, Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH160G
Schleiger 161F Theo, Blank 125 W/Gold Brush,Pink Roses H SCH161F
Schleiger 161G Theo,Blank 801 W/Gold Brush,Pink Roses H SCH161G
Schleiger 161J Theo, Blank 118, Pink Rose, Blue Ribbon H SCH161J
Schleiger 161K Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses,Blue Bow H SCH161K
Schleiger 161L Theo, Blank 802, Pink Roses,Blue Bow H SCH161L
Schleiger 161M Theo, Pink Roses, Blue Ribbon, Smooth H SCH161M
Schleiger 162 Theo,Blank 134, Deep Pink Flowers H SCH162
Schleiger 162A Theo, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH162A
Schleiger 162B Theo, Blank 123 Blue Flowers H SCH162B
Schleiger 162C Theo, Blank 116 Lavender & White H SCH162C
Schleiger 162F Theo, Blank 131, Blue Flowers H SCH162F
Schleiger 162H Theo,Blank 124,Blue & White Flowers H SCH162H
Schleiger 162I Theo, Blank 124, Lavender Flowers H SCH162I
Schleiger 162J Theo, Blank 123, Lavender Flowers H SCH162J
Schleiger 162K Theo,Lavender Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH162K
Schleiger 162L Theo, Blank 133, Deep Pink Flowers H SCH162L
Schleiger 162M Theo,Blank 122, Pale Blue Flowers H SCH162M
Schleiger 162N Theo,Smooth,Brushed Gold, Deep Pink H SCH162N
Schleiger 162O Theo,Blank 302,Pink/White Floral H SCH162O
Schleiger 162P Theo,Blank 124,Gold Edge,Blue Floral H SCH162P
Schleiger 162Q Theo,Blank 123,Lavender Floral,Daubs H SCH162Q
Schleiger 163 Theo,Blank 118,Pink/Tan Floral H SCH163
Schleiger 163A Theo,Blank 301,Pink/Tan Floral H SCH163A
Schleiger 163B Theo,Blank 117,Pink Violets,Green Stems H SCH163B
Schleiger 163C Theo,Smooth,Yellow& Lavender Floral H SCH163C
Schleiger 163D Theo,Blank 122,Yellow/Lavender Floral H SCH163D
Schleiger 164 Theo,Smooth,Green/Gray Daisies H SCH164
Schleiger 164A Theo,Blank 823,Gray/Pink Daisies H SCH164A
Schleiger 164C Theo,Blank 121,Daubs,Pink Floral H SCH164C
Schleiger 164D Theo,Smooth,Lavender & Gray Flowers H SCH164D
Schleiger 164E Theo,Blank 126,Salmon/Green Flowers H SCH164E
Schleiger 164F Theo,Blank 126,Gray/Lavender Flowers H SCH164F
Schleiger 164G Theo,Blank 116,Pink&Gray Daisies,No Trim H SCH164G
Schleiger 164H Theo,Blank 118,Green/Pink/Yellow Floral H SCH164H
Schleiger 164I Theo,Smooth Blank,Blue & White Flowers H SCH164I
Schleiger 164J Theo,Blank 126,Salmon/Green Flowers H SCH164J
Schleiger 165 Theo,Smooth Blank,Gold Encrusted Edge H SCH165
Schleiger 167A Theo,Smooth Blank,No Gold,Green/Maroon H SCH167A
Schleiger 168A Theo,Smooth Blank,Red/Green Border,Gold H SCH168A
Schleiger 169 Theo,Smooth Blank,Green/Maroon Design H SCH169
Schleiger 169B Theodore,Smooth,Green,Maroon Design H SCH169B
Schleiger 169C Theodore,Smooth,Green,Gold Design H SCH169C
Schleiger 171 Theo, Smooth, Green & Brown Design H SCH171
Schleiger 171B Theo, Blank 126,Green Scrolls H SCH171B
Schleiger 171C Theo,Smooth, Pink, Gray Scrolls H SCH171C
Schleiger 171D Theo, Blank 124, Green Scrolls H SCH171D
Schleiger 172 Theo, Green & Pink Diamonds,Pink Roses H SCH172
Schleiger 204 H&Co, All White, Embossed Scrolls H SCH204
Schleiger 206 H&Co, All White, Embossed, Scalloped H SCH206
Schleiger 207 H&Co, All White, Embossed Scrolls H SCH207
Schleiger 208 H&Co, All White, Embossed Scroll Panels H SCH208
Schleiger 209 H&Co,Raised Dots,Smooth,Undecorated H SCH209
Schleiger 210 H&Co,Embossed Scallops,Undecorated H SCH210
Schleiger 211 H&Co,Embossed Basketweave,Undecorated H SCH211
Schleiger 212 H&Co,Blank 204,Gold Brushed Trim H SCH212
Schleiger 213A H&Co,Blank 205,Green Edge H SCH213A
Schleiger 216A H&Co,Blank 5,Gold Trim W/Color Band H SCH216A
Schleiger 218 H&Co,Blank 210,Gold Daubs H SCH218
Schleiger 219 H&Co,Blank 12,Gold Daubs H SCH219
Schleiger 220 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH220
Schleiger 220A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH220A
Schleiger 220B H&Co,Blank 651,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH220B
Schleiger 221 H&Co,Blank 213,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH221

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