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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Theodore Haviland and Haviland & Co.

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements' Code
Schleiger 422B H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Brush Outline H SCH422B
Schleiger 423 H&Co,Blank 1,Brushed Gold Edge H SCH423
Schleiger 424 H&Co,Blank 1,Gold Trim H SCH424
Schleiger 425 H&Co,Blank 3,Gold Daubs H SCH425
Schleiger 426 H&Co, Blank 1,Green Brush W/Gold Trim H SCH426
Schleiger 428A H&Co, Blank 1, Gold & Green Bands H SCH428A
Schleiger 429 H&Co,Blank 412,Gold Trim & Verge H SCH429
Schleiger 431 H&Co,Blank 7,Blue/Gray Flowers,Scallop H SCH431
Schleiger 431A H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Flowers H SCH431A
Schleiger 431B H&Co,Blank 9, Pale Blue,Green&Gray H SCH431B
Schleiger 431C H&Co,Blank 9A,Yellow Flowers H SCH431C
Schleiger 432A H&Co,Smooth,Blue Flowers,Black Line H SCH432A
Schleiger 432B H&Co, Smooth, Yellowflowers,Brown Stems H SCH432B
Schleiger 432C H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH432C
Schleiger 433 H&Co,Blank 213, Blue Flowers H SCH433
Schleiger 433A H&Co,Blank 7 W/Daubs,Salmon Poppy,White H SCH433A
Schleiger 433B H&Co,Blank 205,Blue Flowers,Green Stems H SCH433B
Schleiger 433C H&Co,Blank 7,Pink, White&Gray Flowers H SCH433C
Schleiger 433D H&Co,Blank 4 W/Daub,Salmon Poppy,Yellow H SCH433D
Schleiger 433E H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Poppy,Yellow Daisy H SCH433E
Schleiger 433F H&Co,Blank 213,Pale Blue Flower H SCH433F
Schleiger 433G H&Co,Blank 9 W/Daubs,Pink Flower H SCH433G
Schleiger 434 H&Co, Blank 24, Pink, Blue&White Floral H SCH434
Schleiger 434B H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH434B
Schleiger 434D H&Co,Blank 18,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH434D
Schleiger 434F H&Co,Blank 2,Gold&Maroon On Edge H SCH434F
Schleiger 434G H&Co,Blank 13,Pink,Blue&White Flowers H SCH434G
Schleiger 435 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH435
Schleiger 435A H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Blue Corn Flowers H SCH435A
Schleiger 436 H&Co,Blank 217,Blue Carnation,Pink Rose H SCH436
Schleiger 436A H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Rose,Blue Carnation H SCH436A
Schleiger 436B H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Carnations,Blue Roses H SCH436B
Schleiger 436C H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Carnation,Blue Rose H SCH436C
Schleiger 437 H&Co,Blank 13,Pink,Gray&Green Roses H SCH437
Schleiger 438 H&Co,Blank 19,Blue Morning Glories H SCH438
Schleiger 439 H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Roses&Arrows H SCH439
Schleiger 440 H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Roses,Purple Ribbon H SCH440
Schleiger 440A H&Co,Blank23,Blue&Pink Flowers, Ribbon H SCH440A
Schleiger 440B H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH440B
Schleiger 440C H&Co,Blank 21,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH440C
Schleiger 440E H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH440E
Schleiger 440F H&Co,Blank 205,Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH440F
Schleiger 440G H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH440G
Schleiger 440H H&Co,Blank 23,Blue,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH440H
Schleiger 441 H&Co, Blank 1, Green & Pink Flowers H SCH441
Schleiger 441A H&Co,Blank 424,Blue Flowers,Green Lvs H SCH441A
Schleiger 441C H&Co,Blank 2,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH441C
Schleiger 441D H&Co,Blank 418,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH441D
Schleiger 442 H&Co,Blank 6 W/Brushed Gold,Blue Flowers H SCH442
Schleiger 442A H&Co, Blank 17, Pinkflowers, Gold Trim H SCH442A
Schleiger 442B H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers H SCH442B
Schleiger 442C H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Wild Roses H SCH442C
Schleiger 442E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,Green & Gold H SCH442E
Schleiger 442F H&Co,Blank 5,Gold Daubs,Pink Flowers H SCH442F
Schleiger 442G H&Co,Blank 652,Pink Wild Roses H SCH442G
Schleiger 442H H&Co, Blank 5, Blue/White Roses H SCH442H
Schleiger 442I H&Co,Blank 207, Pink Flowers H SCH442I
Schleiger 442J H&Co, Blank 6, Pink To Lavender Flowers H SCH442J
Schleiger 442K H&Co,Blank 205,Wild Pink Roses H SCH442K
Schleiger 443 H&Co,Blank 7,Grayish Lavender Violets H SCH443
Schleiger 443A H&Co,Blank 9,Grayish/Lavender Violets H SCH443A
Schleiger 443B H&Co, Blank 7, Lavender Floral H SCH443B
Schleiger 443C H&Co, Blank 4, Gray/Lavender Floral H SCH443C
Schleiger 444 H&Co, Blank 19, Pink Flowers H SCH444
Schleiger 444B H&Co, Blank 24, Pink Flowers H SCH444B
Schleiger 444C H&Co, Smooth, Small Pink & Green Flowers H SCH444C
Schleiger 444D H&Co,Blank6,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH444D
Schleiger 444E H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Flowers H SCH444E
Schleiger 444F H&Co, Blank 3, Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH444F
Schleiger 444G H&Co, Blank 13, Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH444G
Schleiger 445 H&Co, Blank 5, Brown/Red Floral H SCH445
Schleiger 445A H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers H SCH445A
Schleiger 446 H&Co, Smooth, Green Flowers & Leaves H SCH446
Schleiger 446A H&Co, Smooth, Green Leaves,Red Berries H SCH446A
Schleiger 447 H&Co, Blank 22, Gray/Green/Pink Floral H SCH447
Schleiger 448 H&Co, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH448
Schleiger 448A H&Co,Blank 209, Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH448A
Schleiger 449 H & Co,Blank 22,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH449
Schleiger 449A H&Co, Blank 1, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH449A
Schleiger 449B H&Co, Blank 3, Pink/White/Blue Buds H SCH449B
Schleiger 450 H&Co, Blank 12, Pink/White Flowers H SCH450
Schleiger 451B H&Co,Blank 9,Gold Daubs,Blue Flowers H SCH451B
Schleiger 451C H&Co,Blank 9,Turquoise Flowers H SCH451C
Schleiger 451D H&Co, Blank 9B, Blue Floral,Green Leaves H SCH451D
Schleiger 452A H&Co,Blank 23,Purple Violets H SCH452A
Schleiger 452B H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Violets H SCH452B
Schleiger 452C H&Co,Blank 23,Gray Violets H SCH452C
Schleiger 452D H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Violets H SCH452D
Schleiger 452G H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Violets H SCH452G
Schleiger 452H H&Co,Blank 23,Floral Border,Violets H SCH452H
Schleiger 452I H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Violets H SCH452I
Schleiger 452J H&Co, Blank 208, Pink Floral, Daubs H SCH452J
Schleiger 453 H&Co, Blank 24, Purple Violets H SCH453
Schleiger 453A H&Co,Blank 7,Violetsgray/Yellow Daisies H SCH453A
Schleiger 453C H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Daubs,Violets H SCH453C
Schleiger 453D H & Co,Blank 9 W/Gold Daub,Purple Flower H SCH453D
Schleiger 453E H&Co,Blank 4,Purple Violets,White Daisy H SCH453E
Schleiger 453F H&Co,Blank 5,Violets,Gray Daisy H SCH453F
Schleiger 453G H&Co,Blank 7,Gray Violets H SCH453G
Schleiger 453H H&Co,Blank 1,Violets,Gray Daisy,No Trim H SCH453H
Schleiger 453I H & Co, Blank 9 Violets And Daisies H SCH453I
Schleiger 453J H&Co,Blank 7,Violets & Daisies H SCH453J
Schleiger 454 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/White Roses H SCH454
Schleiger 455A H & Co, Blank 5,Pale Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH455A
Schleiger 455B H&Co,Blank 1,Blue And Pink Floral H SCH455B
Schleiger 455C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Green Floral H SCH455C
Schleiger 455D H&Co,Blank 5,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH455D
Schleiger 455E H&Co,Blank 19,Pink&White Floral Rim H SCH455E
Schleiger 455F H&Co,Blank 17,Pink&Green Floral H SCH455F
Schleiger 455G H&Co,Blank 22,Lavender&Blue Flowers H SCH455G
Schleiger 455H H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH455H
Schleiger 455J H&Co,Blank 17,White&Pink Floral H SCH455J
Schleiger 455K H&Co, Blank 5, Pink/White Floral H SCH455K
Schleiger 456B H&Co,Blank 425,Blue Roses,Green Leaves H SCH456B
Schleiger 456C H&Co,Pink&Gray Roses,Smooth H SCH456C
Schleiger 456F H&Co,Blank 416,Blue/Gray Roses H SCH456F
Schleiger 456G H&Co,Blank 416,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH456G
Schleiger 456H H&Co,Smooth,Salmon Pink&White Roses H SCH456H
Schleiger 456I H&Co,Blank 208,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH456I
Schleiger 456J H&Co, Blank 7, Pink & Gray Roses H SCH456J
Schleiger 456K H&Co, Blank 13, Pink Roses H SCH456K
Schleiger 457 H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Floral,Green Leaves H SCH457
Schleiger 457A H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Floral,Green Leaves H SCH457A
Schleiger 457B H&Co, Blank 9, Turquoise Flowers H SCH457B
Schleiger 459 H&Co,Blank 23,Blue/Turquoise Roses H SCH459
Schleiger 459D H&Co,Blank 213,Turquoise Roses H SCH459D
Schleiger 459E H&Co,Blank 208 W/Gold Daubs,Pink Flowers H SCH459E
Schleiger 459F H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow Roses,Green Leaves H SCH459F
Schleiger 459G H&Co,Blank 208,Turquoise Flowers H SCH459G
Schleiger 459I H&Co,Blank 426,Green Edge,Pink Roses H SCH459I
Schleiger 459J H&Co, Blank 208, Blue Roses H SCH459J
Schleiger 459K H&Co,Blank 4, Band Of Pink Roses H SCH459K
Schleiger 460 H&Co,Pink Floral Sprays Rim&Center H SCH460
Schleiger 460A H&Co,Blank 6,Yellow/Pink Flowers H SCH460A
Schleiger 460B H&Co,Blank 424,Blue Shaggy Flowers H SCH460B
Schleiger 460C H&Co,Blank 13,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH460C
Schleiger 460D H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH460D
Schleiger 460E H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers H SCH460E
Schleiger 460G H&Co, Blank 24, Pink Flowers H SCH460G
Schleiger 460H H&Co, Blank 13, Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH460H
Schleiger 460I H&Co, Blank 19, Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH460I
Schleiger 461 H&Co,Blank 9,Green/Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH461
Schleiger 461A H&Co,Blank 4,Pink/White Flowers,Gold H SCH461A
Schleiger 461C H&Co,Blank 17,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH461C
Schleiger 461D H&Co,Blank 24,Pink Roses,Gray Flowers H SCH461D
Schleiger 462 H&Co,Blank 22,Lavender/Yellow Flowers H SCH462
Schleiger 462C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH462C
Schleiger 462E H&Co,Blank 11,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH462E
Schleiger 462F H&Co Blank 5,Lavender & Pink Floral H SCH462F
Schleiger 462H H&Co,Blank 16,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH462H

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