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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Theodore Haviland and Haviland & Co.

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements' Code
Schleiger 672A H&Co,Blank 10,Pink Flowers,Yellow Ribbon H SCH672A
Schleiger 672B H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH672B
Schleiger 672C H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow&Black Edge,Floral H SCH672C
Schleiger 672D H&Co,Blank 9, Blue Flower, Pink Ribbon H SCH672D
Schleiger 673 H&Co,Blank 19,Gray Rose W/Brown Lines H SCH673
Schleiger 673A H&Co,Pink Roses,Blue Scroll,Green Leaves H SCH673A
Schleiger 674 H&Co, Blank 1,Pink& Blue Floral,Lattice H SCH674
Schleiger 674A H&Co,Blank 217,Lavender Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH674A
Schleiger 674B H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Design,Lavender Roses H SCH674B
Schleiger 676 H&Co,Blank 3,Yellow/Green Floral H SCH676
Schleiger 676A H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Daubs,Blue Floral H SCH676A
Schleiger 676C H&Co,Blank 425,Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH676C
Schleiger 676D H&Co,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH676D
Schleiger 676E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH676E
Schleiger 676F H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH676F
Schleiger 676G H&Co,Blank 640,Green/Yellow Flowers H SCH676G
Schleiger 677 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Floral H SCH677
Schleiger 677A H&Co,Blank 209,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH677A
Schleiger 678 H&Co,Blank 7,Pink&Gray Flowers,Blue Leaf H SCH678
Schleiger 678B H&Co,Blank 7,Salmon Flowers,Tan Leaves H SCH678B
Schleiger 678C H&Co,Blank 411,Pink/Brown Flowers H SCH678C
Schleiger 678D H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&Gray Flowers,Blue Leaf H SCH678D
Schleiger 678E H&Co,Blank 9,Salmon Flowers,Tan Leaves H SCH678E
Schleiger 678F H&Co,Gold Chain,Pink&Gray Floral H SCH678F
Schleiger 679A H&Co,Blank 205,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH679A
Schleiger 679B H&Co,Blank 411,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH679B
Schleiger 679C H&Co, Pink Roses, Green Leaves H SCH679C
Schleiger 679D H&Co,Blank 421,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH679D
Schleiger 679E H&Co,Blank 422,Pink Roses H SCH679E
Schleiger 680 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Yellow&White Roses H SCH680
Schleiger 680A H&Co,Brown/Red Edge,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH680A
Schleiger 681A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&White Roses,Aqua H SCH681A
Schleiger 681B H&Co,Bl24,Decal 529 Border,Floral H SCH681B
Schleiger 682 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH682
Schleiger 682A H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH682A
Schleiger 682B H&Co,Blank 22,Pink,Blue,Yellow Flowers H SCH682B
Schleiger 682C H&Co,Blank 22,Blue Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH682C
Schleiger 682D H&Co,Blank 12,Blue Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH682D
Schleiger 682E H&Co,Blank 17,Blue Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH682E
Schleiger 683 H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow Flowers H SCH683
Schleiger 683A H&Co,Border Decal 297,Pale Green & Red H SCH683A
Schleiger 684 H&Co,Multicolor Birds&Flowers,Rust Trim H SCH684
Schleiger 684A H&Co, Smooth, Birds&Floral, Yellow Edge H SCH684A
Schleiger 684B H&Co,Smooth, Birds&Floral,No Trim H SCH684B
Schleiger 685A H&Co,Smooth,Pinkish Brown Flowers H SCH685A
Schleiger 685D H&Co,Blank 411,Grayish Blue Flowers H SCH685D
Schleiger 685E H&Co,Smooth,Yellowish Brown Flowers H SCH685E
Schleiger 685F H&Co,Blank 14,Grayish Blue Flowers H SCH685F
Schleiger 685G H&Co, Blank 420, Yellow/Brown Flowers H SCH685G
Schleiger 685I H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Blue Flowers H SCH685I
Schleiger 685K H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gray/Blue Flowers H SCH685K
Schleiger 685L H&Co,Blank 4,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH685L
Schleiger 685M H&Co,Smooth Blank,Burgundy/Pink Flowers H SCH685M
Schleiger 685N H&Co,Blank 14,Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH685N
Schleiger 68A H&Co,Blank 418,Pink/White/Yellow Roses H SCH68A
Schleiger 695 H&Co,Smooth,Brown Roses,Green Scroll H SCH695
Schleiger 696 H&Co,Blank 15,Tan Border,Pink Circles H SCH696
Schleiger 697 H&Co,Blank 24,Yellow Squares,Floral H SCH697
Schleiger 698 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Leaf Border,Pink Rose H SCH698
Schleiger 699 H&Co,Blank 650,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699
Schleiger 699A H&Co,Blank 22,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699A
Schleiger 699B H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699B
Schleiger 699C H&Co,Blank 204, Floral Vine With Drop H SCH699C
Schleiger 699D H&Co,Blank 5,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699D
Schleiger 699E H&Co,Blank 22,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699E
Schleiger 699F H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699F
Schleiger 700 H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Yellow Edge,Pink&Yellow H SCH700
Schleiger 700B H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Yellow Edge,Pink&Yellow H SCH700B
Schleiger 701 H&Co,Smooth,Floral,Blue/Brown Scroll H SCH701
Schleiger 702 H&Co,Blank 4,Turquoise Flowers & Scrolls H SCH702
Schleiger 703 H&Co, Floral, Green Scroll,Black Verge H SCH703
Schleiger 703A H&Co,Multifloral,Green Scroll On White H SCH703A
Schleiger 703B H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow,Lavender Flowers H SCH703B
Schleiger 706 H&Co,Smooth,Green & Pink Flowers/Scrolls H SCH706
Schleiger 706A H&Co, Blank 12, Pink & Green Floral H SCH706A
Schleiger 707 H&Co, Blank 19, Green/Pink Laurel & Bows H SCH707
Schleiger 707A H&Co, Smooth, Green/Pink Laurel/Bows H SCH707A
Schleiger 709 H&Co, Black Line,Yellow/Blue Cornucopia H SCH709
Schleiger 711 H&Co, Brown/Blue/Yellow Scrolls H SCH711
Schleiger 712 H&Co, Brown Floral, Black Line H SCH712
Schleiger 713 H&Co, Smooth, Blue & Brown Scrolls H SCH713
Schleiger 714 H&Co, Green & Brown Scrolls, Black Line H SCH714
Schleiger 714A H&Co, Green & Brown Scrolls, No Cream H SCH714A
Schleiger 714B H&Co, Gold & Gray/Pink Scrolls H SCH714B
Schleiger 717 H&Co,Blank 638 W/Gold,Gold Leaves&Burrs H SCH717
Schleiger 717A H&Co, Blank 424, Green Leaves & Burrs H SCH717A
Schleiger 718 H&Co, Blank 4, Gold Beads,Green Leaves H SCH718
Schleiger 718B H&Co, Blank 206, Green & Brown Design H SCH718B
Schleiger 718C H&Co,Blank 4, Green/Blue Leaves & Beads H SCH718C
Schleiger 719 H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Roses W/Green Center H SCH719
Schleiger 721 H&Co, Blank 650, Pink/Yellow Floral H SCH721
Schleiger 722 H&Co, Blank 14, Blue & Yellow Floral H SCH722
Schleiger 722A H&Co, Gray Floral W/Yellow Centers H SCH722A
Schleiger 722B H&Co, Blank 14, Blue Floral, Daubed H SCH722B
Schleiger 723 H&Co, Blank 19, Yellow Flowers H SCH723
Schleiger 727 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Scroll,Brown Roses H SCH727
Schleiger 730A H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Basket,Pink Roses H SCH730A
Schleiger 731 H&Co, Brown/Yellow/Black Band H SCH731
Schleiger 731A H&Co,Green Band,Green&Yellow Medallion H SCH731A
Schleiger 732 H&Co,Red Line,Tan Loops,Red Dots&Berries H SCH732
Schleiger 733 H&Co,Gold Band,Green Band,Yellow Leaves H SCH733
Schleiger 735 H&Co,Cream Rim,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH735
Schleiger 735A H&Co,Gold Band,No Cream,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH735A
Schleiger 738 H&Co, Smooth, Pink Roses, Green Leaves H SCH738
Schleiger 738A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH738A
Schleiger 738B H&Co, Blank 644, Pink Roses H SCH738B
Schleiger 738C H&Co,Blank 644,Yellow/Green Roses H SCH738C
Schleiger 740 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH740
Schleiger 740A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH740A
Schleiger 741 H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH741
Schleiger 741A H&Co,Blank 21,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH741A
Schleiger 741B H&Co,Blank 23,Pink&Yellow Roses,Daubs H SCH741B
Schleiger 741C H&Co,Blank 1,Scattered Pink Flowers H SCH741C
Schleiger 742 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH742
Schleiger 742A H&Co, Blank 15, Pink/White Roses H SCH742A
Schleiger 742B H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH742B
Schleiger 742C H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH742C
Schleiger 745 H&Co, Smooth, Green Floral Rim H SCH745
Schleiger 747 H&Co,Smooth,Green/Pink/Blue Vine H SCH747
Schleiger 747A H&Co,Smooth,Cream,Blue Vine H SCH747A
Schleiger 748 H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Green,White Flowers H SCH748
Schleiger 749 H&Co,Smooth,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH749
Schleiger 750 H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Roses,Ribbon H SCH750
Schleiger 751 H&Co,Blank 430,Red Berries H SCH751
Schleiger 751A H&Co,Blank 5,Laurel/Red Berries H SCH751A
Schleiger 752 H&Co,Smooth,Red Line & Dots,Green Flower H SCH752
Schleiger 753 H&Co, Red, Gold & Black Design,Smooth H SCH753
Schleiger 753A H & Co, Pink & Greendesign On Rim H SCH753A
Schleiger 753B H&Co, Smooth, Green Design W/ Pink Cross H SCH753B
Schleiger 754 H&Co,Smooth,Green & Red Scroll Design H SCH754
Schleiger 754A H&Co,Smooth,Green Decoration,No Red H SCH754A
Schleiger 756A H&Co,Smooth,Yellow/Black Decoration H SCH756A
Schleiger 756B H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Decoration H SCH756B
Schleiger 756C H&Co,Smooth,Gold Band&Plumes,Black Line H SCH756C
Schleiger 756D H&Co,Smooth,Green&Red Fleur De Lis H SCH756D
Schleiger 757 H&Co,Blank 19, Yellow & Black Loops H SCH757
Schleiger 757A H&Co,Blank 19,Green & Red Design H SCH757A
Schleiger 757B H&Co,Black&Yellow Geometric Rim,Smooth H SCH757B
Schleiger 758 H&Co,Blank 6,Gold Leaves&Medallion H SCH758
Schleiger 759 H&Co, Smooth, Green Vine, Pink Flowers H SCH759
Schleiger 759A H&Co,Smooth,Green Vines&Pink Flowers H SCH759A
Schleiger 763A H&Co,Smooth,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH763A
Schleiger 763B H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green&Purple Scrolls H SCH763B
Schleiger 764 H&Co,Smooth,Large Paisley Design H SCH764
Schleiger 764A H&Co,Smooth,Large Paisley Design H SCH764A
Schleiger 765A H&Co,Blank 424,Green Flowers,Crosses H SCH765A
Schleiger 767 H&Co, Smooth, Yellow Band W/Black Dots H SCH767
Schleiger 768 H&Co,Gold Design W/ Tiny Green Dots H SCH768
Schleiger 769 H&Co, Smooth, Yellow & Black Design H SCH769
Schleiger 772 H&Co, Gold Flowers & Leaves H SCH772

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