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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Theodore Haviland and Haviland & Co.

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements' Code
Schleiger 853D Theo, Blank 123, Gold, Floral H SCH853D
Schleiger 854 Theo, Smooth, Pink & White Flowers H SCH854
Schleiger 854A Theo,Blank 123,Gold Rings,Blue/Yellow H SCH854A
Schleiger 854B Theo, Blank 124, Pink Flowers H SCH854B
Schleiger 854C Theo,Blank 302,Pink & White Flowers H SCH854C
Schleiger 855 Theo,Smooth,Pink & Tan Flowers H SCH855
Schleiger 855D Theo,Blank 122,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH855D
Schleiger 855E Theo,Blank 806,Pink & Tan Flowers H SCH855E
Schleiger 855F Theo,Smooth,Pink & Tan Flowers,Gold H SCH855F
Schleiger 855G Theo,Blank 305,Pink&Tan Flowers H SCH855G
Schleiger 855H Theo,Blank 802,Pink & Tan Flowers H SCH855H
Schleiger 856 Theo,Smooth,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH856
Schleiger 856A Theo,Blank 116,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH856A
Schleiger 856B Theo,Smooth,Gold Flowers & Filigree H SCH856B
Schleiger 857 Theo,Blank 118,Pink Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH857
Schleiger 857A Theo,Blank 307,Pink Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH857A
Schleiger 858B Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses,Yellow Scroll H SCH858B
Schleiger 860A Theo,Smooth,Cream Rim,Yellow Dots,Verge H SCH860A
Schleiger 861A Theo, Pink Roses, Green Band,Brown Lines H SCH861A
Schleiger 862A Theo, Smooth,Pink Roses H SCH862A
Schleiger 862B Theo,Tan/Gray Chain,Roses,Tan Scrolls H SCH862B
Schleiger 863 Theo,Smooth,Yellow & Black Edge H SCH863
Schleiger 863A Green Flowers W/Pinksmooth Blank H SCH863A
Schleiger 864A Theo,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls,Smooth H SCH864A
Schleiger 864B Theo,Smooth,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH864B
Schleiger 865 Theo,Blank 596,Pink Roses In Ring H SCH865
Schleiger 865A Theo, Blank 596, No Inner Gold, Floral H SCH865A
Schleiger 865B Theo,Smooth,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH865B
Schleiger 865C Theo,Blank 128,Pale Pink Roses H SCH865C
Schleiger 868 Theo,Pink Rose Band,Smooth,Gold Trim H SCH868
Schleiger 869A Small Pink Roses On Edge H SCH869A
Schleiger 870A H&Co,Smooth,2 Gold Lines W/Circle,Leaves H SCH870A
Schleiger 871 Theo,Smooth,Green/Brown Band,Green Leaf H SCH871
Schleiger 872 Theo,Blank 126,Pink Floral,Green Berries H SCH872
Schleiger 873 Theo,Blank 805 (125),Pink Roses H SCH873
Schleiger 873A Theo,Blank 819,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH873A
Schleiger 874A Theo,Blank 805,Red Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH874A
Schleiger 874C Theo,Brown Flowers,Green&Brown Lines H SCH874C
Schleiger 874D Theo,Blank 305,Red/Brown Flowers H SCH874D
Schleiger 876 Theo,Blank 800,Green Swags,Yellow Scroll H SCH876
Schleiger 877B Theo,Blank 121,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH877B
Schleiger 878 Theo,Smooth,Green/Tan Band,Pink Roses H SCH878
Schleiger 885 Theo,Green&Gold Design,Scalloped H SCH885
Schleiger 888 Theo, Smooth, Pale Green & Gold Design H SCH888
Schleiger 889 Theo, Black Line, Yellow Cir W/Blk Dots H SCH889
Schleiger 890 Theo,Smooth,Gold Encrusted Band H SCH890
Schleiger 893 Theo,Green Chain,Maroon Outlines&Cross H SCH893
Schleiger 894 H&Co,Blank 894,Undecorated,Embossed Dots H SCH894
Schleiger 895 H&Co,Blank 894 W/Gold Trim H SCH895
Schleiger 896 H&Co,Blank 207,Gold Accents&Trim H SCH896
Schleiger 897 H&Co,Blank 638,Embossed Dots,Gold Trim H SCH897
Schleiger 898 H&Co,Blank 209 W/Inner Gold Band H SCH898
Schleiger 898A H&Co,Gold Band At Edge,Gold Trim H SCH898A
Schleiger 899A H&Co,Blank 25, Pink & White Roses H SCH899A
Schleiger 900 H&Co, Blank 418, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH900
Schleiger 901 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & White Flowers H SCH901
Schleiger 904 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Trim & Line,Floral H SCH904
Schleiger 904B H&Co, Blank 424, Pink Flowers H SCH904B
Schleiger 904C H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH904C
Schleiger 905 H&Co,Smooth Blank, Blue Floral & Stems H SCH905
Schleiger 905A H&Co,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves,No Trim H SCH905A
Schleiger 906 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH906
Schleiger 906A H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH906A
Schleiger 907 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers H SCH907
Schleiger 907A H&Co, Blank 217, Pink Flowers, Daubed H SCH907A
Schleiger 907B H&Co, Blank 9A, Pink Flowers H SCH907B
Schleiger 908 H&Co, Blank 204, Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH908
Schleiger 909 H&Co, Blank 19, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH909
Schleiger 910 H&Co, Blank 208, Lavender/White Flowers H SCH910
Schleiger 910A H&Co, Blank 9A, Lavender/White Flowers H SCH910A
Schleiger 910B H&Co,Smooth,Pink Floral,Green Scroll H SCH910B
Schleiger 910C H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Floral,Scrolls H SCH910C
Schleiger 910D H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Floral,Scrolls,Daubs H SCH910D
Schleiger 912 H&Co,Blank 213,Pale Gray Flowers H SCH912
Schleiger 912A H&Co,Blank 213,Pink Flowers,Blue Scrolls H SCH912A
Schleiger 915 H&Co,Blue Leaves,Yellow/Black Circles H SCH915
Schleiger 917 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Pen Line,Pink&Green H SCH917
Schleiger 918 H&Co,Smooth,Aqua Insets,Yellow Scrolls H SCH918
Schleiger 919 H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Basket Of Flowers H SCH919
Schleiger 921A H&Co,Blue&Orange Flowers,Fence,Gold Band H SCH921A
Schleiger 924 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH924
Schleiger 925 H&Co,Smooth,Black&Yellow Band,Pink Roses H SCH925
Schleiger 927 H&Co,Smooth,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH927
Schleiger 929A H&Co,Blank 429A,Orange Floral,Scrolls H SCH929A
Schleiger 930 H&Co,Blank 25,White Daisies,Green Leaves H SCH930
Schleiger 932 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Border,Enameled Flowers H SCH932
Schleiger 933 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Band W/Flowers,Scroll H SCH933
Schleiger 934 H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Scroll&Flowers H SCH934
Schleiger 935A H&Co,Smooth,Red Line,Aqua Loops,Red Dots H SCH935A
Schleiger 936 H&Co,Green&Red Geometric Band,Gold Bands H SCH936
Schleiger 941 H&Co,Smooth,Pink Background W/Flowers H SCH941
Schleiger 942 H&Co, Blank 429A, Floral Rim H SCH942
Schleiger 944 H&Co,Blue&Gray Floral,Brown Stems,Smooth H SCH944
Schleiger 945 H&Co,Yellow Decor,Blue Leaves,Gold Trim H SCH945
Schleiger 946 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Brown&Red Leaves H SCH946
Schleiger 947 H&Co,Yellow Leaves,Black Dots,Gold Trim H SCH947
Schleiger 948 H&Co,Blue&Black Geometric Edge,Gold Trim H SCH948
Schleiger 950 H&Co,Black Line,Yellow Decor,Gold Trim H SCH950
Schleiger 951 H&Co,Blank 24,Small Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH951
Schleiger 952 H&Co,Blank 653,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH952
Schleiger 953 H&Co,Blank 645,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH953
Schleiger 953A H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH953A
Schleiger 953B H&Co,Blank 213,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH953B
Schleiger 954 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH954
Schleiger 956 H&Co,Blank 427,Pink Roses,Gold Leaf Band H SCH956
Schleiger 957 H&Co,Blank 219, Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH957
Schleiger 958 H&Co,Green Leaves On Green,Pink Roses H SCH958
Schleiger 959 H&Co,Blank 15,Green Leaves, Red Berries H SCH959
Schleiger 960 H&Co, Blank 13,Green Leaf,Gold Outline H SCH960
Schleiger 961 H&Co,Smooth,Green Loop&Flower,Red Dot H SCH961
Schleiger 965 H&Co,Smooth,Red Flowers,Wide Gold Band H SCH965
Schleiger 965A H&Co, Smooth, Narrow Gold,Lavender/Blue H SCH965A
Schleiger 966 H&Co,Blank 2 W/Gold Trim,Green/Red H SCH966
Schleiger 968 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Floral Ring, Gold H SCH968
Schleiger 969 H&Co,Smooth,Green Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH969
Schleiger 96A H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band, No Line H SCH96A
Schleiger 970 H&Co,Smooth,Dark Blue Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH970
Schleiger 971 H&Co, Yellow & Black Scroll Design H SCH971
Schleiger 972 H&Co,Smooth,Green Scrolls&Medallion H SCH972
Schleiger 972A Theo,Green Scrolls&Medallions,Gold Band H SCH972A
Schleiger 973 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Zigzags,Pink Flowers H SCH973
Schleiger 974 H&Co,Yellow,Blue Laurel&Scrolls,Roses H SCH974
Schleiger 975 H&Co,Blank 24,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH975
Schleiger 975A H&Co,Blank24, Shades Og Green Rose Band H SCH975A
Schleiger 976 H&Co,Blank 24,Gray/Pink Roses H SCH976
Schleiger 977 H&Co,Smooth,Green Border,Red Flowers H SCH977
Schleiger 980 H&Co, Smooth, Pink Rose Garland, Gold H SCH980
Schleiger 981 H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Pink Border,Pink Roses H SCH981
Schleiger 981A H&Co,Smooth,Orange/Pink Dots & Roses H SCH981A
Schleiger 982 H&Co,Smooth,Gray/Brown/Blue Flowers H SCH982
Schleiger 983A H&Co,Blank 5,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH983A
Schleiger 983B H&Co,Blank 5,Green Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH983B
Schleiger 983C H&Co,Blank 18,Pink/Lavender Flowers H SCH983C
Schleiger 983D H&Co,Smooth,Gray/Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH983D
Schleiger 984 H&Co,Blank 653,Blue Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH984
Schleiger 985 H&Co,Smooth,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH985
Schleiger 987 H&Co,Smooth,Gray & Yellow Flowers H SCH987
Schleiger 988 H&Co,Blank 19,Green & Blue Leaves H SCH988
Schleiger 989 H&Co,Smooth,Green With Red Dots,Gold H SCH989
Schleiger 990 H&Co,Blank 209,Turquoise Band,Gold H SCH990
Schleiger 991 H&Co,Smooth,Black Line,Brown Edge H SCH991
Schleiger 993 H&Co,Smooth,Green Line,Blue Oval H SCH993
Schleiger 994 H&Co,Blue&Yellow Flowers,Yellow Edge H SCH994
Schleiger 995 H&Co, Smooth, Gray & Pink Scroll Design H SCH995
Schleiger 997 H&Co,Smooth,Black Lines W/ Yellow Points H SCH997
Schleiger 998 H&Co,Yellow Band,Black Leaves&Dots H SCH998
Schleiger 1000 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Band H SCH1000
Schleiger 1002 H&Co, Blank 2, Gold Scroll Band H SCH1002
Schleiger 1003 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Design H SCH1003
Schleiger 1005 H&Co,Gold Swags&Stars On Edge,Smooth H SCH1005

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