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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

We are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible) for the following patterns produced by Theodore Haviland and Haviland & Co.

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements' Code
Schleiger 1187A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH1187A
Schleiger 1188 H&Co,Smooth,Flowers & Plumes H SCH1188
Schleiger 1188A H&Co,Blank 20,Crest & Flowers H SCH1188A
Schleiger 1189 H&Co,Smooth,Brown Leaves & Scrolls H SCH1189
Schleiger 118A Theo,Undecorated,Embossed Edge,Smooth H SCH118A
Schleiger 1190 H&Co,Smooth,Cream,Yellow Flowers H SCH1190
Schleiger 1192 H&Co,Smooth,Trim 898,Green Flowers H SCH1192
Schleiger 1193 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Scroll,Gold Trim 20 H SCH1193
Schleiger 1194 H&Co,Blank 4W/Gold 1119,Greek Key,Bird H SCH1194
Schleiger 1197 H&Co, Blank 20,Yellow&Black Swags H SCH1197
Schleiger 1198 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Scrolls,Gold Trim 20 H SCH1198
Schleiger 1199 H&Co,Blank 4 W/Gold 1123,Gray Flowers H SCH1199
Schleiger 1200 H&Co,Blank 20,Turquoise Flowers H SCH1200
Schleiger 1201 H&Co, Yellow/Black Band,Blue Flowers H SCH1201
Schleiger 1203 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow/Orange Leaves H SCH1203
Schleiger 1203A H&Co,Blank 20,Blue/Green Flowers H SCH1203A
Schleiger 1204 H&Co,Smooth,Black & Pink Edge,Roses H SCH1204
Schleiger 1205 H&Co,Blank 20,Red Zigzag,Floral Swags H SCH1205
Schleiger 1206 H&Co,Blank 21,Gold Scrolls&Dots,Floral H SCH1206
Schleiger 1207 H&Co,Blank 20,Dull Green Band,Green Leaf H SCH1207
Schleiger 1207A H&Co,Blank 20,Orange Berries & Outlines H SCH1207A
Schleiger 1208 H&Co,Blank 20,Cream Rim,Green&Pink H SCH1208
Schleiger 1210 H&Co,Blank 20,Yellow Arches,Red Diamonds H SCH1210
Schleiger 1211 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Encrusted Band&Pen Line H SCH1211
Schleiger 1212 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Boxes&Asterisks H SCH1212
Schleiger 1213 H&Co,Smooth W/Trim 898,Green Leaf W/Pink H SCH1213
Schleiger 1214 H&Co,Blank 20,Green&Orange Chain H SCH1214
Schleiger 1215 H&Co,Blank 20,Pink&White Roses H SCH1215
Schleiger 1216 H&Co,Blank 20,Blue X'S & Flowers H SCH1216
Schleiger 1217 Theo,Bl 1217,White,Undecorated,12 Sided H SCH1217
Schleiger 1218 Theo,Blank 126,Gold Scrolls&Flowers H SCH1218
Schleiger 1219 Theo, White, Gold Trim H SCH1219
Schleiger 1220 Theo, Feathered Gold H SCH1220
Schleiger 1221 Theo,Smooth,Lightly Brushed Gold Trim H SCH1221
Schleiger 1222 Theo,Blank 799,Gold Trim H SCH1222
Schleiger 1225 Theo,Blank 820,Pink Flowers,Brown Leaves H SCH1225
Schleiger 1228 Theo,Blank1219,Yellow/Blue Band,Bird H SCH1228
Schleiger 1229D Theo,Blank 1219,Blue Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH1229D
Schleiger 1231 Theo,Blank 118,Pink/White Floral,No Trim H SCH1231
Schleiger 1233 Theo,Smooth,Small Pink Rose,Green Leaves H SCH1233
Schleiger 1233A Theo,Blank 118,Green Roses,Pink Daisies H SCH1233A
Schleiger 1234B Theo,Yellow Roses,Smooth,No Trim H SCH1234B
Schleiger 1235 Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Embossed H SCH1235
Schleiger 1236 Theo,Blank 801,Pink Flowers H SCH1236
Schleiger 1237 Theo,Blank 121,Pink Flowers,Daisies H SCH1237
Schleiger 1238 Theo,Blank 118,Violet/White Roses H SCH1238
Schleiger 1239 Theo,Pink&Gray Flowers,Smooth,No Trim H SCH1239
Schleiger 1241 Theo,Blank 1221,Yellow&Pink Roses H SCH1241
Schleiger 1242 Theo, Blank 123 Pink Roses,Blue Flr H SCH1242
Schleiger 1243 Theo,Blank 128,Pink Flowers,Blue Trellis H SCH1243
Schleiger 1244 Theo,Blank 118,Pink&White Roses,No Trim H SCH1244
Schleiger 1246 Theo, Blank 121, Pink & White Roses H SCH1246
Schleiger 1246A Theo,Blank 124,Pink,White,Yellow Roses H SCH1246A
Schleiger 1246B Theo, Smooth, Pink & White Roses H SCH1246B
Schleiger 1246C Theo,White/Green Roses,Smooth,No Trim H SCH1246C
Schleiger 1247 Theo, Blank 305, Pink Roses, Scrolls H SCH1247
Schleiger 1248 Theo,Blank 135,Pink Roses,Blue Daisies H SCH1248
Schleiger 1249 Theo,Blank 1221,Pink Roses,Yellow Buds H SCH1249
Schleiger 1250 Theo,Blank 801 W/Trim 1220,Yellow,Pink H SCH1250
Schleiger 1251 Theo, Blank 125, Green Scrolls/Ribbons H SCH1251
Schleiger 1252 Theo, Smooth, Yellow Arches,Floral H SCH1252
Schleiger 1254A Theo,Tan Edge,Birds Rim&Center,Gold Trim H SCH1254A
Schleiger 1255 Theo, Smooth, Gold Crosses On Green H SCH1255
Schleiger 1256 Theo, Blank 806, Pink Roses H SCH1256
Schleiger 1258 Theo,Smooth, Pink Roses, Yellow Scrolls H SCH1258
Schleiger 1259 Theo, Smooth, Pink Roses On Green Band H SCH1259
Schleiger 1260 Theo, Blank 303, Green Scrolls H SCH1260
Schleiger 1262 Theo, Smooth, Pink Rose/Blue Floral Swag H SCH1262
Schleiger 1263 Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses,Blue Flower Chain H SCH1263
Schleiger 1264 Theo, Smooth, Green Chain, Pink Roses H SCH1264
Schleiger 1267 Theo, Blank 128, Pink/White Roses H SCH1267
Schleiger 1268 Theo,Blank 1222,Green/Brown Shields H SCH1268
Schleiger 1270 Theo, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Floral Band H SCH1270
Schubert H&Co H SCHUB
Schumann H&Co, Gold Encrusted Band, Green Band H SCHU
Sea Life H&Co,Blank 211,Shells,Coral,Seaweed H SEL
Sierra H&Co, Schleiger 916,Floral & Medallions H SIE
Sophia Ny, Small Pink & Yellow Flowers H SOP
St. Cloud Theo,Geometric Edge,Pink Floral Rim H STC
Stephanie Sevres Shape H STE
Strasbourg Theo, Burgundy Flowers&Leaves, Gold Trim H STRAS
Sultana H&Co,Gold Encrusted Design,Smooth H SULT
Summer Evening Directoire Shape H SUE
Tavelle (H&C Co) Gold Lines &Embossed Band H TAV
Tcho Kiang Blue & Rust Floral, Gold Trim H TCK
Tcho Kiang France, Blue & Rust Floral, No Trim H TCKI
Thistle Platinum Sevres Shape, Platinum Encrusted H THP
Toscane   H TOS
Toscane Lazuli Blue Band, Gold Trim & Rings H TOL
Toscane-Bordeaux Maroon Rim,France,Lemovice Shape H TOSB
Toscane-Corail Coral Rim,France,Lemovice Shape H TOSC
Toscane-Emeraude (Green) Emeraude (Green) Rimgold Trim & Verge H TOSG
Toscane-Marine Blue Rim, Sevres Shape H TOSMAR
Toscane-Ruby Lemovice Shape, Ruby Border, Gold Trim H TOSRU
Toscane-Safran (Saffron) Yellow, Blue & Gold Bands On Rim H TOSS
Toscane-Veronese Green Border And Gold Bands, White H TOSV
Tournon New York, Pink & Gold Flowers H TOUR
Tree Of Life France H TRL
Trouville France H TRO
Tuileries Orange/Pink/Blue Flowers, Gray Trim H TUI
Val De Loire Or H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Blue Flowers H VADLO
Valbonne H&Co, Gold&Platinum Encrusted Band H VALB
Valence Ny,Floral Rim,Center Bowl Of Flowers H VALENCE
Valencia Gold Border Decor, Pink Rose Garland H VALENCI
Valensole H&Co H VALENS
Vega (France) 12 Sided,Scalloped, Florl Swags&Centr H VEG
Victoria (Newer) White Decor On Beige H VICTO
Villecroze H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Fruit,Flowers&Birds H VIL
Vivaldi H&Co H VIV
Votives H&Co H VOT
Wagner Les Classiques Derby Shape H WAG
Wild Fruit Open House, Green Leaves, Red Cherry H WIF
Wildflowers Pink & Red Flowers H WILD
Windsor Rose   H WIRO
Wisteria France H WIS

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