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Replacements, Ltd.
Haviland Book Project

The following lists are patterns by Theodore Haviland and Haviland & Co. in which we are seeking a quality printable image representing a Dinner Plate (if possible). For some of the patterns listed, we may already have some kind of image, be it a different piece type or a lesser quality scan.

Pattern Name/Number Description Replacements' Code
4158 Gold Scrolls Flowers&Leaves,Gold Trim H 4158
7031 New York,Gold Encrusted Bands H 7031
8645 Bluebberries And Greenery,Gold Daubs H 8645
15881 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Flowers,Rings H 15881
15913 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Laurel H 15913
16222 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Red Roses On Gold H 16222
16238 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Checks,Floral H 16238
16400 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Red & Green Bands H 16400
34670 Yellow Scrolls On Blue, Red&Yellow Roses H 34670
36374 Red Edge,Floral Center H 36374
16353/16354 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Floral,Green Band H 16353
A La Corbeille Center Floral Basket Design, Floral Rim H ALC
Adams France H ADA
Amaryllis Alize Shape,Pink&Green Floral,Gold Trim H AMAR
Amazonie Derby Shape, Green Marble Band H AMA
Amboise (France) France, Encrusted H AMBO
Ambrosia   H AMBR
Arbre De Vie Blue,Red&Green Abstrct Rim, Tree On Cup H ARDV
Arbre Des Indies-Purple Purple Tree & Flowers, Scalloped H ARDIPU
Arbutis France H ARBU
Aristocracy Cobalt Blueband,Gold Design,Gold Trim H ARI
Ashley (Greylock Shape) New York,Greylock,Embossed Laurel,Roses H ASHL
Au Charme Du Logis This Is Not A Pattern H AUCL
Auberge Green Floral Center Swirl Edge H AUB
Aux Rubans Blue Lines,Yellow&Orange Flowers H AURU
Bach H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Filigree/Green Band H BAC
Bartlett Star Blank Gold Trim H BART
Basque Theodore, Floral Garland, Inner Gold H BAS
Beaugency H&Co H BEAUG
Beauvallon H&Co H BEAUVAL
Birchmere France,Blue Leaves & Trim, Scalloped H BIRF
Bizt H&Co H BIZ
Bleu Royal H&Co, Dark Blue Rim, White Center H BLR
Blue Luxor Blue Band With Gold Design, Rim Shape H BLL
Blue Mosaic Blue Diamonds & Trim, Multisided H BLM
Bluedale France,Blue Flowers H BLU
Bourbon Theo, Floral Rim, Vase In Center H BOUR
Brazil Peasant,Wreath, Border Of Birds/Flowers H BRAZ
Bridal Rose France H BRR
Burgoyne Theo, Green Laurel On Rim H BURGO
Burgundy (New York) New York, Gold Trim Multifloral Swags H BURG
Calanque France, Sea Creatures H CAL
Carnation France H CARN
Carolina Rose,Peach&Gold Flowers,Cream Body H CARO
Cashmere-Green (Torse Shape) Green Floral Band Torse Shape H CASHG
Casteil H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Filigree On White H CAST
Chambord-Rubis (Ruby) Rubis (Ruby) Border Sevres Shape H CHARU
Chapelle Ny, Floral Rim & Center, Scalloped H CHAP
Chardonneret Bird On White Background, Swirl Edge H CHARD
Chartres Pink Border,Floral,Yellow/Green Scrolls H CHART
Chateau Grnborder,Wht Design H CHATEG
Chatelaine Blue H&Co, Blue Mosaic Band W/ Gems H CHBL
Chatelaine-Green (No Verge) No Verge,Green Band Design On Rim H CHAG1
Chatelet Serves Shape, Les Traditionelles H CHATELE
Chenoncheaux-Emeraude (Green) Emeraude (Green) Sevres Shape H CHEG
Cherverny Lazuli H&Co H CHL
Chesterfield France, Parrot Pattern H CHES
Chintz Theo,Single Red Rosebuds All Over H CHINT
Chopin Les Classiques Derby Shape H CHO
Clair De Lune (No Arches) Plain, Platinum Trim & Verge H CLDL
Clair De Lune-Arches & Leaves Platinum Leaves & Arches, Accent Plates H CLDLUA
Clematis Theo,Multifloral Rim&Center,Smooth H CLEM
Colbert Fr, Cobalt Blue Rim Gold Encrusted H COLB
Colonial New York H COL
Commodore-Orange Trim H&Co,Decal 911,Floral,Orange Trim H COMM
Concorde (Encrusted) Encrusted, "Les Traditionelles",Smooth H CONCOR
Consulat Sevres Shape H CON
Coronet France H COROF
Coronet New York H CORON
Courcelles H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Laurel On Cobalt H COURC
Czarina Theo,Blank 122,Green Roses,Blue Scroll H CZA
Debussy Les Classiques Derby Shape H DEB
Diplomat Sevres Shape H DIP
Dogwood (France) France, Pink, Rose & Lavender H DOG
Doha-Vert (Green) Vert (Green) H DOHG
Dresden Rose France, Purple, Pink/Gray, Gold Roses H DRR
Eileen Rose,Blue&Yellow Floral,Ivory,Gold Trim H EIL
Empress H&Co,Blank 429A,Cobalt Blue Band H EMPR
Ernestine Blue, Pink Flower Border H ERN
Esther-Gold Encrusted Gold Band,Gold Verge ,Smooth H ESTG
Eugenie (Green Lvs,Pink Rose) Cream, Ring Of Greenleaves, Pink Roses H EUGE
Evangeline France H EVA
Excelsior-Green Green Marble W/White & Gold Design H EXCE
Faramount Pink&Yellow Flowers Rim&Center,Green Tr. H FAR
Feu De Four (This Is Not A Pattern) (Appears On Various Patterns) H FEF
Flanders Theo,Cream Rim,Multifloral Rim&Center H FLA
Floral Pink Border,Floral Rim & Center H FLORAL1
Flore H&Co H FLORE1
Florentine Gold Gold Branch W/Leaves,Inner Ring&Trim H FLG
Florentine Lavende Lavender Rim,Gold Trim&Center Branch H FLL
Florentine Platinum Platinum Branch W/Leaves,Inner Ring&Trim H FLP
Florida H&Co,White Background, Flower Center&Rim H FLORID
Fontainbleau H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Floral On Cobalt H FONTAI
Fontainebleau H&Co,Schleiger 700A,Blue,Scrolls,Roses H FONTA
Fontvieille H&Co H FONTV
French Roses France,Swirl Rim,Floral,No Trim H FRR
Gooseberry France H GOO
Habit-Vert (Green) Vert (Green) Background & Leaves H HABG
Haddau Floral Design H HAD
Haviland'S Holly H&Co, Schleiger 514,Green Holly H HAH
Hawthorne Grayish/Off White Flower Cluster H HAW
Hollyware Holly & Berries H HOLL
Hortense Theo,Green Band,Green&Red Design H HORT
Hozu Rapids Theo,Branches,Rust Berries&Flowers H HOR
Illusion-Celadon Barbara Barry, Pale Green Panels & Bands H ILLCE
Illusion-Endive Barbara Barry,Pale Yellow Panels & Bands H ILLY
Illusion-Lavender Barbara Barry, Lavender Panels & Bands H ILLL
Imperator Bleu H&Co,Gold Encrusted&Design,Cobalt Band H IMBL
Ivory Theo, Cream Rim, Mult-Sided, Gold Trim H IVOR
Josephine H&Co,Schleiger 258A,Pink Flowers H JOS
Kairouan   H KAI
Lassiter France H LASS
Latour Floral Rim&Center,Scalloped Verge H LAT
Laurier-Black Black Band, Derby Shape H LAUBL
Laurier-Blue Blue Border, Derby Shape H LAUBLU
Laurier-Gold Gold Band, Derby Shape H LAUG
Laurier-Green Green Band, Derby Shape H LAUGR
Lausanne France,Decagon,Pink&Yellow,Gold Trim H LAUS
Les Cerisier Blue Willow-Like Design,Blue H LEC
Levigne Floral, France H LEV
Liberty Theo, Multicolor Center Flowers,Gold Tr H LIB
Limousin Theo,Multifloral Rim&Center,Scalloped H LIM
Lincoln Service, The Limited Edition,Purple Band,Gold Dots H LISE
Liszt Les Classiques Derby Shape H LISZ
Louis Xiv Undecorated All White, Scalloped H LOUISXI
Louvecienne Or H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Flowers,Laurel/Rim H LOO
Louveciennes Torse Shape, Laurel&Scroll, Floral Ctr H LOUVEC
Lucerne Tan Scrolls,Green Border,Pink Roses H LUC
Lutece Gold Gold Trim H LUGO
Mai Theodore, Pink,Blue,Yellow,Green Floral H MAI1
Manchester Pink&Gold Roses,Gold Ribbon,No Trim H MAN
Marly   H MARL
Marseille H&Co, Blank 427 Green Flowers H MARSEI
Marthe Blue&Gold Scroll Decor,Gold Trim H MART
Matrah H&Co,Gold Encrusted Bands,Green/Gold H MAT
Mayenne, The Gold Encrusted Border&Inner Band H MAYE
Medicis H&Co H MED
Mendelssohn Les Classiques Derby Shape H MEN
Mesange Various Bird Motif, Torse Shape H MES
Mezzatint-Green New York, Green H MEZG
Minuit Sevres Shape H MIN
Mir Hab Pink Floral Design Theodore,France H MIH
Monestier H&Co,Gold Scroll Encrusted Band H MONE
Mont Mery Theo,St Cloud Blank,Blue & Brown Roses H MOME
Mont Mery Theo,Smooth,Red,Gold&Green Floral,Blue H MOMER
Monte Carlo France H MOC
Monteray (France) France H MONTE
Monthalon Fr, Cobalt Rim, Golddesign & Encrusted H MONTH
Montrose H&Co,Vines&Flowers,Gold Trim H MONTROSE
Morny H&Co H MORN
Mosaic-Green Ny,Green Rim,Floral Band H MOSG
Moss Rose (Peach Trim) H&Co, Moss Rose Center H MORO2
Mozart H&Co H MOZ
Nairobi H&Co H NAI
Nankin Floral Border & Ctr H NAN
Narimane H&Co,Gold Encrusted,Blue&Gold Design H NARI
Nation Les Traditionelles Sevres Shape H NATI
Norman France H NORMA
Normandy Theodore,Multicolor Floral,Scalloped H NORMAN
Nuit Bleue-Platinim Blue Band, Platinum Rings H NUBP
Nuit D'Ete Multicolor Flowers On Black Band H NUD
Opera Les Traditionelles,Sevres,Encrusted Band H OPE
Ophelia (France) France, Rim Shape H OPH
Or Et Or Gold Design H OREO
Oraison H&Co H ORAI
Orangeraie Octagonal,Oranges&Blue Leaves On Blue H ORA
Orient Sevress Shape, Gold Encrusted Edge H ORIEN
Orsay Gold Sevres Shape,White,Gold Trim&Verge H ORG
Paisley (New York) New York H PAIN
Palais Royal   H PARO
Pallas New York, Rose, Bluegold & Green H PAL
Palme Or H&Co H PAO
Pascal   H PASC
Pastorale Bleu Blue Scene Center, Gold Flowers H PAB
Pebble White France, White, Rim Shape H PEW
Peeress Blue Band, Gold Encrusted Band, Cream H PEE
Pekin Different Oriental Scenes H PEK
Persepolis Pink, Rust, Blue Floral Center, Plat H PERS
Picardy (New York) Ny, Floral, Thin Yellow Inner Line H PICA
Pierrefonds Theo,Multisided,Floral Rim&Center H PIE
Pilgrin France, Yellow Beads & Laurel H PIL
Pink Fancy New York H PIF
Pink Spray (Ny,Multisided) Ny,Multisided,Pink Flowers H PISNM
Plumes Or (Gold) Sevres Shape, Gold Leaves&Dots H PLO
Plumes Platinum Sevres Shape, Platinum Leaves&Dots H PLP
Plymouth H&Co, Schleiger 716,Multifloral Border H PLYM
Pompadour (Yellow Scrolls) Theo, Blue Band,Pink Roses,Floral Swags H POMPA
Pompadour-Cobalt Sevres, Cobalt Rim, Gold Encrusted&Decor H POMCB
Pompadour-Red France, Red Rim, Gold Encrusted H POMR
Pompei-Lazuli Lazuli (Royal Blue) Border,Gold Verge H POML
Presentation Plates-Pink Pink, Empire Shape H PRPP
Primavera New York H PRIM
Prince Sevres Shape H PRIN
Prince De Conde H&Co, Gold&Platinum Encrusted Bands H PRDC
Printemps H&Co, Schleiger 926,Octagonal, Floral H PRINT
Priscilla Turquoise New York H PRT
Provence-Celadon All Light Green,Embossed Leaves, Berries H PROCE
Provence-Ciel All Light Blue,Embossed Leaves & Berries H PROB
Provence-Ivory All Ivory, Embossed Leaves & Berries H PROIV
Provence-Lavender All Lavender,Embossed Leaves/Berries H PROL
Queen Cobalt Band,Scallop Gold Encrusted H QUE
Ravel H&Co H RAV
Regency Rose   H RER
Repulse Bay France H REB
Resonance Blanc Francois Bauchet,White,Circles H REBL
Resonance Blanc (Matte) Francois Bauchet,Matte White,Circles H REBLM
Resonance Celedon Francois Bauchet,Celedon,Circles H REC
Resonance Etruscan Francois Bauchet, Concentric Circles H REE
Ressis H&Co H RES
Ritz Club Derby 3 Shape, Gold Decor On White H RICL
Ritz Club Chargers Various Color Charger Plates H RICC
Romance France, Pink/Rose, Gold Trim H ROMA
Rose Trellis France H ROT
Rosemont Fr, Small Rosebuds Gold Trim H ROSEMO
Rosetta France H ROSET
Royale (New York) Ny, Flower Urn, Ringof Flowers In Rim H ROY
Royale Red New York, Red Band, Gold Trim, Rim Shap H ROR
Rumania Theo,Sch 864, Green Scrolls,Red Panels H RUMG
Sandra Ny,Pink & White Flowers H SAND
Saumur Theodore, Floral, Multisided H SAU
Savoie (Ny, Three Bands Of Gold) Ny, Three Bands Of Gold, Cream Rim H SAVO
Schleiger 3 H&Co, White, Undecorated, Scalloped H SCH3
Schleiger 4B H&Co,Blank 4,No Edge Scallop H SCH4B
Schleiger 8 H&Co,All White,Embossed Scroll Edge H SCH8
Schleiger 9B H&Co,Blank 9,All White,Embossed,Smooth H SCH9B
Schleiger 11 H&Co, Embossed Dots On Rim H SCH11
Schleiger 17 H&Co, Blank 1 With Daubs & Inner Band H SCH17
Schleiger 20D H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Line H SCH20D
Schleiger 20E H&Co,Smooth Blank,1/16" Gold,Black,Cream H SCH20E
Schleiger 21 H&Co,Blanks 4 & 10,Scallop,Gold Trim H SCH21
Schleiger 23 H&Co,Blank 1, Gold Dabs On Scallops H SCH23
Schleiger 25 H&Co, Blank 1 Gold Trim H SCH25
Schleiger 26 H&Co,Blank 5,White,Gold Daubs,Scalloped H SCH26
Schleiger 27 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Dips In Trim H SCH27
Schleiger 28 H&Co,Blank 4A,Gold Design Center&Edge H SCH28
Schleiger 29Az H&Co,Blank 13,W/Wavy Gold,Blue Floral H SCH29AZ
Schleiger 29B H&Co,Blank 25,Pink/White Flowers H SCH29B
Schleiger 29Bz H&Co,Blue Floral Rim,Smooth H SCH29BZ
Schleiger 29C H&Co, Blank 5, Pink To White Flowers H SCH29C
Schleiger 29Cz H&Co,Blank 13,Blue Flowers H SCH29CZ
Schleiger 29Ez H&Co, Smooth, Gold&Green Dips,Pink H SCH29EZ
Schleiger 29F H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH29F
Schleiger 29Fz H&Co,Blank 1,Trim 423,Pink Flowers H SCH29FZ
Schleiger 29G H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH29G
Schleiger 29J H&Co,Blank 19,Pink& White Flowers H SCH29J
Schleiger 29L H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH29L
Schleiger 29P H&Co,Yellow Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH29P
Schleiger 29Q H&Co, Blank 13/Wavy Gold,Pink Flowers H SCH29Q
Schleiger 29R H&Co, Blank 424, Pink & White Flowers H SCH29R
Schleiger 29S H&Co, Blank 424, Pink/White Flowers H SCH29S
Schleiger 29T H&Co,Blank 416,Blue/Pink Floral H SCH29T
Schleiger 29V H&Co, Blank 1, Salmon Flowers H SCH29V
Schleiger 29W H&Co,Salmon Pink Flowers,Smooth H SCH29W
Schleiger 29X H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers H SCH29X
Schleiger 29Y H&Co,Blank 3,Blue&Pink Floral H SCH29Y
Schleiger 29Z H&Co,Blank 7,Pink/White Floral,Scallop H SCH29Z
Schleiger 30A H&Co,Blank 6,Pink Roses H SCH30A
Schleiger 30D H&Co,Blank 1,Trim 426,Dubonnette,Blue H SCH30D
Schleiger 30E H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Roses,No Trim H SCH30E
Schleiger 30G H&Co,Blank 209,Lavender Flowers,No Trim H SCH30G
Schleiger 30H H&Co, Blank 24, Pink Roses H SCH30H
Schleiger 30I H&Co, Blank 23, Pink Roses H SCH30I
Schleiger 30J H&Co, Blank 5, Pink Roses H SCH30J
Schleiger 30K H&Co, Blank 16, Pink Roses H SCH30K
Schleiger 30M H&Co, Blank 425, Pink Roses H SCH30M
Schleiger 30N H&Co,Blank 6,Pink Roses,Yellow Flowers H SCH30N
Schleiger 30O H&Co,Blank 640,Aqua Roses H SCH30O
Schleiger 31C H&Co, Blank 19, Pink To White Roses H SCH31C
Schleiger 31D H&Co, Blank 3, Pink To White Roses H SCH31D
Schleiger 31E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Scalloped H SCH31E
Schleiger 31F H&Co, Blank 22, Pink To White Roses H SCH31F
Schleiger 31G H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Roses H SCH31G
Schleiger 31H H&Co,Blank 4,Trim 1122,Pink Roses H SCH31H
Schleiger 32B H&Co,Blank 5, Green Edge Brushed Gold H SCH32B
Schleiger 32C H&Co,Bl1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH32C
Schleiger 32D H&Co,Blank 219,Yellow Flowers W/Brown H SCH32D
Schleiger 32E H&Co,Pink,White&Blue Floral,Smooth H SCH32E
Schleiger 32G H&Co,Blank 204, Pink& White Flowers H SCH32G
Schleiger 32H H&Co,Blank 22, Turquoise,Pink Floral H SCH32H
Schleiger 32I H&Co,Blank 5, Pink Floral, Green Leaves H SCH32I
Schleiger 32J H&Co,Blank 17,Turquoise Flowers H SCH32J
Schleiger 32K H&Co,Blank 12,Dark Pink Flowers H SCH32K
Schleiger 32L H&Co,Smooth,Turquoise Flowers H SCH32L
Schleiger 32M H&Co,Blank 12,Turquoise Flowers H SCH32M
Schleiger 33B H&Co,Pink Roses On Green,Yellow Roses H SCH33B
Schleiger 34A H&Co,Blank 2&13,Pink To White Flowers H SCH34A
Schleiger 34B H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Flowers H SCH34B
Schleiger 34C H&Co,Blue Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH34C
Schleiger 34D H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers H SCH34D
Schleiger 34E H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers H SCH34E
Schleiger 34F H&Co,Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH34F
Schleiger 34G H&Co,Pink Rose, Circles Of Green,Smooth H SCH34G
Schleiger 34H H&Co, Blank 1, Pink/White Flowers H SCH34H
Schleiger 34I H&Co, Blank 9, Pink/White Flowers H SCH34I
Schleiger 34J H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Flowers H SCH34J
Schleiger 35 H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers H SCH35
Schleiger 35A H&Co,Blank 1,Green Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH35A
Schleiger 35B H&Co,Blue Flowers,Pink Leaves,Smooth H SCH35B
Schleiger 36 H&Co,Blank 5,Blue&Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH36
Schleiger 36B H&Co, Blank 219, Pink Flowers, Daubs H SCH36B
Schleiger 36C H&Co,Smooth, Lavender & Pink Clematis H SCH36C
Schleiger 36E H&Co,Blank 3,Blue&Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH36E
Schleiger 36F H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Clematis,Pink Flowers H SCH36F
Schleiger 36H H&Co,Blank 204,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH36H
Schleiger 36J H&Co,Blank 205,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH36J
Schleiger 36L H&Co,Blank654,Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH36L
Schleiger 36M H&Co,Blank 17,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH36M
Schleiger 36N H&Co,Blank 415,Pink & Lavender Flowers H SCH36N
Schleiger 37A H&Co,Blank 5,Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH37A
Schleiger 37B H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH37B
Schleiger 38 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH38
Schleiger 38A H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH38A
Schleiger 38B H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Roses,Pink Poppies H SCH38B
Schleiger 39H H&Co,Blank 5 W/Dark Green&Gold Edge,Pink H SCH39H
Schleiger 39J H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH39J
Schleiger 39K H&Co,Blank 5,Green/Gold,Pink Flowers H SCH39K
Schleiger 39L H&Co,Gold Trim & Pin,Smooth,Pink Roses H SCH39L
Schleiger 39M H&Co,Blank 5,Bluish Pink & Pink Roses H SCH39M
Schleiger 39N H&Co,Blank 643,Pink/White Roses H SCH39N
Schleiger 39O H&Co,Blank 17,Green Leaf Band,Pink Rose H SCH39O
Schleiger 39Q H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Yellow&Blue Roses H SCH39Q
Schleiger 40 H&Co,Blank 24,Pink/Brownish Floral H SCH40
Schleiger 40A H&Co,Gold Band,Pink/Brownish Floral H SCH40A
Schleiger 41A H&Co,Blank 25,Brownish/Pink Floral H SCH41A
Schleiger 41E H&Co,Blank 5,Brownish Pink Floral H SCH41E
Schleiger 41F H & Co,Blank 19,Pink Thistles & Daisies H SCH41F
Schleiger 41G H&Co, Gold Line & Band, Pink Flowers H SCH41G
Schleiger 41H H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Flowers H SCH41H
Schleiger 41I H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH41I
Schleiger 42B H&Co, Blank 4, Pink Flowers H SCH42B
Schleiger 42C H&Co,Blank 15,Pastel Flowers H SCH42C
Schleiger 42D H&Co,Blank 5,Yellow Roses,Green Leaves H SCH42D
Schleiger 42F H&Co,Blank 17,Pale Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH42F
Schleiger 42I H & Co,Blank 214,Pale Pink Roses H SCH42I
Schleiger 42K H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Roses H SCH42K
Schleiger 42L H&Co,Blank 205,Yellow Roses,Green Leaves H SCH42L
Schleiger 42O H&Co,Blank 216,Yellow Roses,Gold Trim H SCH42O
Schleiger 42P H&Co,Blank 205,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH42P
Schleiger 42Q H&Co, Blank 9, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH42Q
Schleiger 42R H&Co,Blank 22,Yellow Roses,Green Leaves H SCH42R
Schleiger 42S H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Green Ferns H SCH42S
Schleiger 42T H&Co, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH42T
Schleiger 42U H&Co, Blank 1,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH42U
Schleiger 43 H&Co,Blank 10,Lavender/Pink Floral H SCH43
Schleiger 43A H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender&Pink Floral,Daubs H SCH43A
Schleiger 43B H&Co,Blank 10, Blue Daisies,Green Leave H SCH43B
Schleiger 43C H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH43C
Schleiger 43D H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender/Pink Flowers H SCH43D
Schleiger 44A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Roses On Vine Drop Down H SCH44A
Schleiger 45 H&Co,Blank 17,Pink & Turquoise Flowers H SCH45
Schleiger 45B H&Co,Blank 19,Pink & Turquoise Flowers H SCH45B
Schleiger 45C H&Co, Blank 16 Floral H SCH45C
Schleiger 45D H&Co,Blank 22,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH45D
Schleiger 45E H&Co,Blank 22,Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH45E
Schleiger 46A H&Co,Blank 23,Turquoise&Lavender Flowers H SCH46A
Schleiger 46C H&Co,Blank 5,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH46C
Schleiger 46D H&Co,Blank 22,Bright Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH46D
Schleiger 46E H&Co,Blank 1,Pale Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH46E
Schleiger 46F H&Co,Blank 219,Blue Lavender Flowers H SCH46F
Schleiger 46G H&Co,Blank 425,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH46G
Schleiger 46I H&Co, Blank 23, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH46I
Schleiger 46J H&Co, Blank 5,Blue Bachelor Button,Pink H SCH46J
Schleiger 46K H&Co, Blank 5, Turquoise & Lavender H SCH46K
Schleiger 46L H&Co, Smooth, Bright Blue & Pink Flower H SCH46L
Schleiger 46M H&Co,Blank 17, Pale Blue & Pink Flower H SCH46M
Schleiger 47 H&Co, Blank 18, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH47
Schleiger 47A H&Co,Blank 22,Pink, White & Blue H SCH47A
Schleiger 48 H&Co, Blank 19, White & Pink Flowers H SCH48
Schleiger 48A H&Co,Smooth, Red Line, Pink & White H SCH48A
Schleiger 49B H&Co, Blank 423, Pink & Gray Roses H SCH49B
Schleiger 49C H&Co,Blank 24,Bright Pink Roses H SCH49C
Schleiger 49D H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH49D
Schleiger 49E H&Co, Smooth, Bright Pink Roses H SCH49E
Schleiger 49F H&Co, Smooth, Pink,Yellow-Green Roses H SCH49F
Schleiger 49G H&Co,Blank 26,Green/Pink Roses H SCH49G
Schleiger 49H H&Co,Blank 24,Blue/Pink Roses H SCH49H
Schleiger 50B H&Co, Blank 643,Pink/Yellow Honeysuckle H SCH50B
Schleiger 50D H&Co,Blank 5, Pink/Yellow Honeysuckle H SCH50D
Schleiger 51 H&Co,Blank 21,Pink Flowers Rim&Center H SCH51
Schleiger 51B H&Co, Blank 1, Small Pink Flowers H SCH51B
Schleiger 51C H&Co, Blank 4 W/Daubs, Yellow Flowers H SCH51C
Schleiger 51D H&Co,Blank 208 W/Daubs,Yellow Flowers H SCH51D
Schleiger 51E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Scattered Flowers H SCH51E
Schleiger 51F H&Co,Blank 653,Blue Border Flowers H SCH51F
Schleiger 52A H&Co,Blank 6,Blue&White Flowers,Ferns H SCH52A
Schleiger 52Az H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH52AZ
Schleiger 52Bz H&Co,Blank 24,Cobalt&Gold Design,Floral H SCH52BZ
Schleiger 52Cz H&Co,Blank 24,Pink Flowers,Gold Design H SCH52CZ
Schleiger 52Dz H&Co,Blank 7,Blue Flowers,Embossed H SCH52DZ
Schleiger 52E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH52E
Schleiger 52Ez H&Co,Blank 205,Blue Floral Border H SCH52EZ
Schleiger 52F H&Co,Blank 208,Pink&White Flowers,Daubs H SCH52F
Schleiger 52Fz H&Co,Blank 4,Gray Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH52FZ
Schleiger 52G H&Co, Blank 208, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH52G
Schleiger 52GZ H&Co,Blank 4,Gray Floral Border,No Trim H SCH52GZ
Schleiger 52HZ H&Co,Blank 9, Gray Floral, Green Leaves H SCH52HZ
Schleiger 52IZ H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Flowers,Green Ferns H SCH52IZ
Schleiger 52J H&Co, Smooth Blank, Blue Violets, Fern H SCH52J
Schleiger 52JZ H&Co,Blank 205,Pink/White Floral H SCH52JZ
Schleiger 52KZ H&Co,Blank 416,Blue Flowers H SCH52KZ
Schleiger 52L H&Co,Blank 1,Peach&White Floral H SCH52L
Schleiger 52LZ H&Co,Blank 23,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH52LZ
Schleiger 52M H&Co,Blank 217,Blue&White Floral H SCH52M
Schleiger 52N H&Co,Blank 1,Gray To White Floral H SCH52N
Schleiger 52O H&Co,Blank 1,Turquoise Flowers H SCH52O
Schleiger 52P H&Co,Blank 205,Greenedge,Gray Flowers H SCH52P
Schleiger 52T H&Co,Blank 1,Gray Flowers H SCH52T
Schleiger 52V H&Co,Blank 208,Gray Flowers H SCH52V
Schleiger 52W H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flower Edge & Center H SCH52W
Schleiger 52X H&Co,Blank 217,Gray Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH52X
Schleiger 52Y H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers,Scalloped H SCH52Y
Schleiger 52Z H&Co,Blank 21,Blue Floral Border H SCH52Z
Schleiger 53A H&Co, Blank 423, Pink/White Roses H SCH53A
Schleiger 53C H&Co,Blank 1, Pink & White Roses H SCH53C
Schleiger 53D H&Co,Blank 15, Pink & White Roses H SCH53D
Schleiger 53E H&Co, Blank 13, Pink & White Roses H SCH53E
Schleiger 53G H&Co, Blank 13, Pink & White Roses H SCH53G
Schleiger 53H H&Co, Blank 424,Pink& White Roses H SCH53H
Schleiger 53I H&Co,Blank 2 Or 13, Pink & White Roses H SCH53I
Schleiger 53J H&Co,Blank 19,White Roses W/Pink Centers H SCH53J
Schleiger 54 H&Co,Blank 7,Blue/Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH54
Schleiger 54B H&Co,Blank 7, Yellow/Gray Flowers H SCH54B
Schleiger 54C H&Co,Blank 215,Lavener/Gray Floral H SCH54C
Schleiger 54D H&Co,Blank 207,Blue Flowers H SCH54D
Schleiger 54E H&Co,Blank1,Blue Flowers,Brown Accents H SCH54E
Schleiger 54F H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers,Scalloped H SCH54F
Schleiger 54I H&Co,Blank 9,Pink,Yellow Flowers H SCH54I
Schleiger 54J H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow Flowers,Scalloped H SCH54J
Schleiger 54K H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Flowers,Scalloped H SCH54K
Schleiger 54L H&Co,Blank 6,Decal 82 On Border H SCH54L
Schleiger 54M H&Co,Blank 4,Lavender Flowers H SCH54M
Schleiger 54N H&Co,Blank 4,Yellow&Gray Floral H SCH54N
Schleiger 54O H&Co,Blank 23,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH54O
Schleiger 54P H&Co,Blank 9,Apricot&Yellow Floral H SCH54P
Schleiger 54Q H&Co,Blank 8,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH54Q
Schleiger 54R H&Co,Blank 205,Pink&Yellow Floral H SCH54R
Schleiger 54S H&Co, Blank 9 W/Daubs, Apricot Flowers H SCH54S
Schleiger 54T H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH54T
Schleiger 54U H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers W/Yellow,Gray H SCH54U
Schleiger 55A H&Co,Blank 1,Gray Flowers,Brushed Gold H SCH55A
Schleiger 55C H&Co,Blank 6,Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH55C
Schleiger 55E H&Co,Blank 17,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH55E
Schleiger 55I H&Co, Blank 8, Border 293, Pale Pink H SCH55I
Schleiger 55J H&Co, Blank 5, Brush Gold, Pale Pink H SCH55J
Schleiger 55K H&Co,Blank 21 W/Wide Gold,Deep Pink H SCH55K
Schleiger 55L H&Co,Blank418,Dark Pink Roses H SCH55L
Schleiger 56A H&Co, Blank 1, Yellow Forget Me Nots H SCH56A
Schleiger 56B H&Co,Blank 1,Rose Border,Yellow Floral H SCH56B
Schleiger 56C H&Co, Blank 217, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH56C
Schleiger 56D H&Co, Blank 23, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH56D
Schleiger 56E H&Co, Blank 23, Yellow Forget-Me-Nots H SCH56E
Schleiger 57D H&Co,Blank 219,Pink Roses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57D
Schleiger 57G H&Co,Blank 213, Pink Roses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57G
Schleiger 57I H&Co,Blank 207,Lavender Flowers,Scroll H SCH57I
Schleiger 57J H&Co,Blank 645, Pinkroses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57J
Schleiger 57K H&Co, Smooth, Pink Roses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57K
Schleiger 57L H&Co,Blank 215,Lavender Flowers,Scrolls H SCH57L
Schleiger 57O H&Co, Blank 23,Pink Roses, Blue Scrolls H SCH57O
Schleiger 57P H&Co,Blank 23,Yellowflowers,Blue Scroll H SCH57P
Schleiger 57Q H&Co,Blank 21,Pink Floral,Blue Scroll H SCH57Q
Schleiger 57R H&Co,Blank 8,Blue Floral,Pink Scrolls H SCH57R
Schleiger 57U H&Co,Blank 415,Blue Floral,Pink Scroll H SCH57U
Schleiger 57V H&Co, Blank 8, Lavender Roses,Blue Scrl H SCH57V
Schleiger 57W H&Co,Blank 205,Lavender Roses,Blue Scrl H SCH57W
Schleiger 57X H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Floral,Blue Scrolls H SCH57X
Schleiger 57Y H&Co,Blank 8,Gold&Pale Green Edge H SCH57Y
Schleiger 58 H&Co, Blank 23, Pink Flowers H SCH58
Schleiger 58B H&Co,Blank 12,Pink To White Floral H SCH58B
Schleiger 58C H&Co,Blank 415,Pink/White Floral H SCH58C
Schleiger 58E H&Co,Blank 12,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH58E
Schleiger 58H H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers,Embossed H SCH58H
Schleiger 58I H&Co,Blank 17,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH58I
Schleiger 58J H&Co,Blank 5,Blue Flowers,Embossed H SCH58J
Schleiger 58L H&Co,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH58L
Schleiger 58M H&Co,Blank 26,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH58M
Schleiger 58N H&Co,Blank 1,Green Flowers,Embossed H SCH58N
Schleiger 58O H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH58O
Schleiger 58P H&Co,Blank 8,Green Flowers H SCH58P
Schleiger 58Q H&Co,Blue Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH58Q
Schleiger 58R H&Co,Blank 204,Pink Flowers H SCH58R
Schleiger 58S H&Co,Blank 204,Green Flowers H SCH58S
Schleiger 59A H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers H SCH59A
Schleiger 59B H&Co,Blank 5,Large Blue Flowers H SCH59B
Schleiger 59C H&Co,Blank 5,Large Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH59C
Schleiger 59D H&Co,Blank 415,Large Pink Flowers H SCH59D
Schleiger 59E H&Co, Smooth, Pink Blossoms,Yellow Ctrs H SCH59E
Schleiger 59F H&Co,Blank 1,Large Blue Flowers H SCH59F
Schleiger 59I H&Co,Blank 12,Large Pink Flowers H SCH59I
Schleiger 59J H&Co,Large Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH59J
Schleiger 59K H&Co,Large Pink Flowers H SCH59K
Schleiger 59L H&Co,Blank 6,Large Pink Flowers H SCH59L
Schleiger 60E H&Co,Blank 19,Autumn Leaves H SCH60E
Schleiger 61C H&Co, Blank 425, Pink Flowers H SCH61C
Schleiger 61E H&Co, Blank 15,Pink/White/Blue Floral H SCH61E
Schleiger 61F H&Co, Blank 5, Pink/White/Blue Floral H SCH61F
Schleiger 61H H&Co,Blank 218, Pink/White/Blue Floral H SCH61H
Schleiger 61I H&Co,Smooth Blank, Green Flowers H SCH61I
Schleiger 61J H&Co, Blank 23, Pink & Green Floral H SCH61J
Schleiger 61K H&Co,Blank 418, Green Flowers H SCH61K
Schleiger 61M H&Co,Blank 427, Green Flowers H SCH61M
Schleiger 61N H&Co,Smooth Blank, Pink/White Floral H SCH61N
Schleiger 61O H&Co,Blank 5, Small Green Flowers H SCH61O
Schleiger 61Q H&Co,Blank 27,Border Yellow/Green Roses H SCH61Q
Schleiger 62B H&Co,Blank 4,Pink/Gray Flowers H SCH62B
Schleiger 62C H&Co,Blank 424,Pink/Gray Flowers H SCH62C
Schleiger 62D H&Co,Blank 5,Pink/Gray Flowers H SCH62D
Schleiger 62E H&Co,Blank 424,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH62E
Schleiger 62F H&Co,Blank 5 W/Gold &Green,Pink & Blue H SCH62F
Schleiger 62H H&Co,Blank 18,Pink &Blue/Green Flowers H SCH62H
Schleiger 62I H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH62I
Schleiger 62J H&Co,Blank 22,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH62J
Schleiger 63A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Green Scrolls H SCH63A
Schleiger 63C H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Roses,Blue Scroll H SCH63C
Schleiger 63D H&Co,Blank 1,Green Roses,Pink Scrolls H SCH63D
Schleiger 63E H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers,Pink Scroll H SCH63E
Schleiger 63F H&Co,Blank 217,Purple Flower,Blue Scroll H SCH63F
Schleiger 63G H&Co,Blank 207,Yellow Roses,Blue Scroll H SCH63G
Schleiger 63H H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses Encircling Rim H SCH63H
Schleiger 63I H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH63I
Schleiger 63J H&Co,Blank 21,Blue Floral Greek Key Rim H SCH63J
Schleiger 63K H&Co,Blank 8,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH63K
Schleiger 63M H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Roses,Greek Key H SCH63M
Schleiger 63N H&Co,Blank 217,Blue Scroll,Pink Roses H SCH63N
Schleiger 63O H&Co,Blank 209,Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH63O
Schleiger 63P H&Co,Blank 640,Lavender Floral H SCH63P
Schleiger 63Q H&Co,Blank 645,Yellow Roses,Blue Scroll H SCH63Q
Schleiger 64A H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender Floral H SCH64A
Schleiger 64B H&Co,Blank219, Pink Poppies,Green Leave H SCH64B
Schleiger 64C H&Co,Blank 9,Pink/White Floral H SCH64C
Schleiger 64E H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Flowers H SCH64E
Schleiger 64F H&Co,Blank 6,Lavender Flowers H SCH64F
Schleiger 64G H&Co,Blank 209,Pink/White Floral H SCH64G
Schleiger 64H H&Co,Blank 15,Pink/White Floral H SCH64H
Schleiger 64I H&Co, Blank 12,Pink Flowers H SCH64I
Schleiger 64J H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers H SCH64J
Schleiger 65 H&Co,Blank 25,Large Roses,Gold Chain H SCH65
Schleiger 65B H&Co,Pink Flowers, Gold Trim H SCH65B
Schleiger 65C H&Co,Blank 12,Gold Band,Pink Roses H SCH65C
Schleiger 65D H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Green & Gold H SCH65D
Schleiger 65E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Floral,Green Band H SCH65E
Schleiger 65F H&Co,Blank 21,Burnt Orange Roses H SCH65F
Schleiger 66A H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers,No Green Edge H SCH66A
Schleiger 66E H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers H SCH66E
Schleiger 66F H&Co, Blank 23, Pink Flowers H SCH66F
Schleiger 66H H&Co,Blank 1,Purple Flowers H SCH66H
Schleiger 66I H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,No Green Edge H SCH66I
Schleiger 66J H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers,No Green Edge H SCH66J
Schleiger 66K H&Co, Blank 22, Pink Flowers H SCH66K
Schleiger 66L H&Co,Blank 17,Decal 104,Pink Flowers H SCH66L
Schleiger 66M H&Co,Blank 425,Pink Flowers H SCH66M
Schleiger 66N H&Co, Blank 638, Pink Flowers H SCH66N
Schleiger 66O H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers H SCH66O
Schleiger 66P H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Flowers H SCH66P
Schleiger 66Q H&Co,Blank 6,No Border,Pink Flowers H SCH66Q
Schleiger 67A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH67A
Schleiger 67H H&Co,Blank 209,Pink Flowers H SCH67H
Schleiger 67I H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH67I
Schleiger 67K H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH67K
Schleiger 67M H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH67M
Schleiger 67N H&Co,Blank 898,Pink Flowers H SCH67N
Schleiger 67O H&Co, Blank 17, Pink Flowers H SCH67O
Schleiger 67R H&Co,Blank 216,Border 288,Pink Flowers H SCH67R
Schleiger 67S H&Co, Blank 27, Border Dark Pink Roses H SCH67S
Schleiger 67T H&Co,Smooth,Red Daubs,Green Rose Border H SCH67T
Schleiger 67U H&Co,Smooth,Red Daubs,Green Rose Border H SCH67U
Schleiger 67W H&Co,Blank 1128,Pink Flowers H SCH67W
Schleiger 68 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/White/Yellow Roses H SCH68
Schleiger 69A H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Floral W/Blue&Yellow H SCH69A
Schleiger 69B H&Co,Smooth,Pink Floral W/ Blue&Yellow H SCH69B
Schleiger 69C H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Floral W/Blue&Yellow H SCH69C
Schleiger 69D H&Co,Blank 12,Blue Band Brushed Gold H SCH69D
Schleiger 69E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH69E
Schleiger 69G H&Co,Blank 17,Dark Pink Flowers H SCH69G
Schleiger 70B H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH70B
Schleiger 70D H&Co,Blank 23,Rose Border,Blue Flowers H SCH70D
Schleiger 70E H&C0,Blank 217,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH70E
Schleiger 70G H&Co,Blank 14,Brownish/Pink Flowers H SCH70G
Schleiger 70H H&Co,Blank 4,Blue/Pink Flowers H SCH70H
Schleiger 71 H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH71
Schleiger 71B H&Co,Blank 1 ,Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH71B
Schleiger 71C H&Co, Blank 1,Pink/Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH71C
Schleiger 71D H&Co,Blank 7,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH71D
Schleiger 71E H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow&Blue Floral H SCH71E
Schleiger 71F H&Co, Blank 1,Border 82, No Trim H SCH71F
Schleiger 72A H&Co, Blank 5, Greenband, Floral H SCH72A
Schleiger 72B H&Co,Blank 213,Floral Rim,Rose Center H SCH72B
Schleiger 72C H&Co,Blank 17,Floral Rim,Rose Center H SCH72C
Schleiger 73C H&Co, Blank 411,Gray Floral,Yellow Wheat H SCH73C
Schleiger 73D H&Co, Blank 420, Blue Floral,Gray Leaves H SCH73D
Schleiger 73G H&Co, Blank 4, Blue Cornflowers, Wheat H SCH73G
Schleiger 73H H&Co,Blue Flowers,Maroon Outlines H SCH73H
Schleiger 74B H&Co,Blank 204,Yellow&Green Floral H SCH74B
Schleiger 74C H&Co, Blank 5, Pink & White Flowers H SCH74C
Schleiger 74D H&Co,Blank 12,Pink,Blue&White Floral H SCH74D
Schleiger 74E H&Co, Blank 1, Pink , Yellow & Green H SCH74E
Schleiger 74F H&Co,Blank 26,Pink Floral,No Yellow H SCH74F
Schleiger 74G H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Blue&White Flowers H SCH74G
Schleiger 75 H&Co,Blank 16, Multifloral,Gold Trim H SCH75
Schleiger 75A H&Co,Blank 5,Multifloral,Embossed H SCH75A
Schleiger 75B H&Co,Blank 16,Pale Multicolor Floral H SCH75B
Schleiger 75C H&Co,Blank 19,Pale Pink/Lavender Floral H SCH75C
Schleiger 75D H&Co,Blank 3,Blue,White & Pink Flowers H SCH75D
Schleiger 75E H&Co,Blank 5,Blue,Pink & White Flowers H SCH75E
Schleiger 75F H&Co,Blank 17,Blue,Pink & White Flowers H SCH75F
Schleiger 75G H&Co,Blank 19,Lavender Flowers H SCH75G
Schleiger 75H H&Co,Blank 210,Lavender Flowers H SCH75H
Schleiger 75I H&Co,Blank 3,Pink&White Daisies H SCH75I
Schleiger 75J H&Co,Blank 17,Lavender,Pink,Blue Floral H SCH75J
Schleiger 75L H&Co, Blank 204, Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH75L
Schleiger 75M H&Co,Blank 11,Pink&White Daisies H SCH75M
Schleiger 75N H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH75N
Schleiger 75O H&Co,Blank 19,Lavender,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH75O
Schleiger 76 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Blue Leaves&Thistles H SCH76
Schleiger 76A H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Leaves,Yellow Thistle H SCH76A
Schleiger 76B H&Co,Smooth,Blue Border,Yellow Flower H SCH76B
Schleiger 76C H&Co,Blank 14,Gray/Maroon Border,Blue H SCH76C
Schleiger 76D H&Co,Smooth,Maroon Border,Turquoise H SCH76D
Schleiger 77 H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Gr Ay Flowers H SCH77
Schleiger 77A H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Flowers,Brown Leaves H SCH77A
Schleiger 77B H&Co,Pink Flowers,Smooth H SCH77B
Schleiger 77C H&Co,Blank 641,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH77C
Schleiger 77D H&Co,Purple & Yellow Flowers H SCH77D
Schleiger 77E H&Co,Blank 641,Lavender & Brown Flowers H SCH77E
Schleiger 78A H&Co,Blank 5,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH78A
Schleiger 78E H&Co,Blank 6,Pink & Blue Floral H SCH78E
Schleiger 78F H&Co,Blank 208,Blue Ribbon,Pink Flowers H SCH78F
Schleiger 78G H&Co,Yellow Flowers Pink Roses,Blank 1 H SCH78G
Schleiger 78H H&Co,Blank 217,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH78H
Schleiger 78I H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH78I
Schleiger 78J H&Co,Yellow&Blue Flowers,Smooth,No Trim H SCH78J
Schleiger 78M H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH78M
Schleiger 78N H&Co,Blank 22,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH78N
Schleiger 78O H&Co,Blank 23,Pink&Blue Flowers,Border H SCH78O
Schleiger 78P H&Co,Blank 4,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH78P
Schleiger 78Q H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH78Q
Schleiger 78R H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH78R
Schleiger 78S H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH78S
Schleiger 78T H&Co,Blank 9A,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH78T
Schleiger 78U H&Co,Blank 208,Pink&Blue Floral,Daubs H SCH78U
Schleiger 79B H&Co,Smooth,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH79B
Schleiger 79C H&Co, Blank 424, Pink/Gray Flowers H SCH79C
Schleiger 79E H&Co, Blank 1, Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH79E
Schleiger 79J H&Co,Blank 24,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH79J
Schleiger 79K H&Co, Blank 24, Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH79K
Schleiger 79L H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH79L
Schleiger 80C H&Co,Smooth,Pink & White Flowers H SCH80C
Schleiger 80E H&Co,Blank 418,Green Flowers,Scallop H SCH80E
Schleiger 80F H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Flowers,Gold Edge H SCH80F
Schleiger 80G H&Co,Blank 27,Green Roses,Gold Trim H SCH80G
Schleiger 80H H&Co,Blank 416,Pink & Green Flowers H SCH80H
Schleiger 80I H&Co,Blank 13,Pink&White Floral,Embossed H SCH80I
Schleiger 81 H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH81
Schleiger 81B H&Co,Blank 4,Pink & Lavender Flowers H SCH81B
Schleiger 81D H&Co,Blank 10,Pink,Gray Flowers H SCH81D
Schleiger 82B H&Co,Smooth,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH82B
Schleiger 82C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH82C
Schleiger 82D H&Co,Blank 21,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH82D
Schleiger 82E H&Co,Blank 213,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH82E
Schleiger 82F H&Co,Blank 4,Small Blue Flowers H SCH82F
Schleiger 83A H&Co, Blank 7, Blue Flowers H SCH83A
Schleiger 83B H&Co,Blank 4,Pale Blue Flowers,Scallop H SCH83B
Schleiger 83C H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH83C
Schleiger 83D H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Flowers H SCH83D
Schleiger 83E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Floral,Scalloped H SCH83E
Schleiger 83F H&Co,Blank 9,Salmon Pink Floral,Daubs H SCH83F
Schleiger 83G H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Floral,Gold Trim H SCH83G
Schleiger 83H H & Co, Blank 4,Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH83H
Schleiger 83I H&Co,Blank 208,Pink Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH83I
Schleiger 83J H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH83J
Schleiger 83K H&Co,Blank 1126,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH83K
Schleiger 83L H&Co,Blank 205,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH83L
Schleiger 83M H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers,Smooth H SCH83M
Schleiger 84 H&Co,Blank 14,Gray/Yellow Flowers H SCH84
Schleiger 84A H&Co,Orange&Tan Floral,Gold Ring,Smooth H SCH84A
Schleiger 85 H&Co,Blank 24,Floral,Gold Trim H SCH85
Schleiger 86B H&Co, Blank 7, Pink Flowers, Gold Daubs H SCH86B
Schleiger 86C H&Co,Blank 7,Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH86C
Schleiger 86D H&Co,Blank 4 W/Gold Daubs,Floral H SCH86D
Schleiger 86F H&Co,Blank 1,Gray/Pink Floral H SCH86F
Schleiger 86G H&Co,Pink,Lavender&Yellow Floral H SCH86G
Schleiger 86H H&Co,Blank 1,Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH86H
Schleiger 87A H&Co,Pink/White Roses,Lavender Violets H SCH87A
Schleiger 87E H&Co,Blank 208,Gold Edge,Yellow Roses H SCH87E
Schleiger 87G H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses H SCH87G
Schleiger 87I H&Co,Blank 22,Intertwined Floral H SCH87I
Schleiger 87J H&Co,Blank 1,Gold Band,Yellow Floral H SCH87J
Schleiger 87L H&Co,Gold Design,Pink,Lavender Floral H SCH87L
Schleiger 87M H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow/Green Roses H SCH87M
Schleiger 87N H&Co,Smooth Blank, Lavender & Yellow H SCH87N
Schleiger 87O H&Co,Blank 424, Pink & White Roses H SCH87O
Schleiger 87P H&Co,Blank 22,Deep Pink Roses H SCH87P
Schleiger 88 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Diamonds, Pink H SCH88
Schleiger 88A H&Co,Blank 5, Pink & White Roses H SCH88A
Schleiger 88B H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink & White Roses H SCH88B
Schleiger 88C H&Co,Blank 22, Pink & White Roses H SCH88C
Schleiger 88D H&Co,Blank 22, Pink & White Roses H SCH88D
Schleiger 88E H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink & White Roses H SCH88E
Schleiger 89 H&Co,Blank2, Pink/White/Blue Flowers H SCH89
Schleiger 89A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH89A
Schleiger 89B H&Co,Blank 12,Pink/White/Blue Flowers H SCH89B
Schleiger 89C H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/White/Blue Flowers H SCH89C
Schleiger 89D H&Co,Blank 17,Pink/White/Blue Flowers H SCH89D
Schleiger 89E H&Co,Blank 5, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH89E
Schleiger 89F H&Co,Blank 6, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH89F
Schleiger 89G H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Blue Floral,No Trim H SCH89G
Schleiger 90 H&Co,Blank 416,Pink & White Roses H SCH90
Schleiger 90A H&Co,Smooth Blank, Pink & White Floral H SCH90A
Schleiger 90B H&Co,Blank 3, Pink & White Roses H SCH90B
Schleiger 90C H&Co,Blank 23, Pink & White Roses H SCH90C
Schleiger 90E H&Co,Blank 1,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH90E
Schleiger 90F H&Co,Blank 24,Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH90F
Schleiger 90G H&Co,Blank 424,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH90G
Schleiger 90I H&Co,Smooth,Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH90I
Schleiger 91D H&Co,Blank 1,Gray/Yellow/Pink Roses H SCH91D
Schleiger 91E H&Co,Blank 12,Gray/Yellow/Pink Roses H SCH91E
Schleiger 91G H&Co,Blank 22,Gray/Yellow/Pink/Blue H SCH91G
Schleiger 91H H&Co, Blank 5, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH91H
Schleiger 91I H&Co,Blank 12,Gray/Yellow,Pink Flowers H SCH91I
Schleiger 91J H&Co,Blank 5,Red Edge,Gray/Yellow/Pink H SCH91J
Schleiger 91K H&Co,Blank 643,Gray/Yellow/Pink/Blue H SCH91K
Schleiger 91L H&Co,Blank 5,Red Edge,Gray/Yellow/Pink H SCH91L
Schleiger 91M H&Co,Blank 22,Blue,Gray/Yellow/Pink H SCH91M
Schleiger 91N H&Co,Blank 643,Pale Pastel Flowers H SCH91N
Schleiger 91O H&Co,Smooth,Lavender&Gray Floral H SCH91O
Schleiger 92 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green/Pink Flowers H SCH92
Schleiger 92A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink Flowers,Gray H SCH92A
Schleiger 92B H&Co,Blank 1,Green/Pink Flowers H SCH92B
Schleiger 92C H&Co,Smooth, Pink Roses W/Brown Cast H SCH92C
Schleiger 92D H&Co,Blank 423,Pink Flowers H SCH92D
Schleiger 93 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Design On Green H SCH93
Schleiger 93A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gold Design On Blue H SCH93A
Schleiger 94 H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow Band W/Points H SCH94
Schleiger 95 H&Co,Blank 24,Green Leaves,Red Flowers H SCH95
Schleiger 96 H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band,Gold Verge H SCH96
Schleiger 97 H&Co, Smooth, Green & Gold Leaves H SCH97
Schleiger 97A H&Co,Blank 19,B/Ue/Green Leaves,Red H SCH97A
Schleiger 98A H&Co,Blank 18,Red Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH98A
Schleiger 98B H&Co,Blank 424,Gold Leaves,Black Flowers H SCH98B
Schleiger 98D H&Co,Green Clover,Red Bloom,Gold Desgn H SCH98D
Schleiger 99 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Design,Brownish H SCH99
Schleiger 99A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Design,Black H SCH99A
Schleiger 100 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Dots/Lines H SCH100
Schleiger 103A H&Co,Smooth,No Gold,No Black,No Cream H SCH103A
Schleiger 103C H&Co,Smooth,Black Line,Pink Floral,Gold H SCH103C
Schleiger 104A H&Co,Blank 19,Dark Pink Design H SCH104A
Schleiger 105A H&Co, Smooth, Cream, Green,Black&Orange H SCH105A
Schleiger 113B H&Co,2Gold Lines,Green Leaves,Red Center H SCH113B
Schleiger 113C H&Co,Blank 416,Red Flowers&Green Clover H SCH113C
Schleiger 114C H&Co, Blue Scrolls, Blue/Yellow Flowers H SCH114C
Schleiger 115 H&Co,Blank 25,Green Flowers,Gold Center H SCH115
Schleiger 115A H&Co,Smooth,Red Line,Green Leaves,Gold H SCH115A
Schleiger 115C H&Co,Blank 216 W/Gold 647,Blue Flowers H SCH115C
Schleiger 110 H&Co,Smooth,Black Cross,Pink Roses H SCH110
Schleiger 116A Theo,Undecorated,Embossed Rays,Smooth H SCH116A
Schleiger 120 Theo,All White,Raised Scrolls On Rim H SCH120
Schleiger 122A Theo,White,Undecorated,Smooth H SCH122A
Schleiger 124A Theo,White,Undecorated,Scalloped H SCH124A
Schleiger 126 Theo, All White H SCH126
Schleiger 127 Theo,White,Undecorated,Raised Bumps H SCH127
Schleiger 130 Theo,Blank 117,Embossed,Gold Daubs H SCH130
Schleiger 131 Theo, Blank 118, Gold Daubs H SCH131
Schleiger 132 Theo,Blank 118 W/Gold Trim H SCH132
Schleiger 134 Theo,Blank 123,Embossed,Gold Accents H SCH134
Schleiger 135 Theo,Blank 117,Embossed,Gold Trim H SCH135
Schleiger 137A Theo,Blank 133,Pink Roses H SCH137A
Schleiger 137B Theo,Blank122,Pink& Gray/Green Roses H SCH137B
Schleiger 137C Theo,Blank 123,Pink/White Roses H SCH137C
Schleiger 137D Theo, Blank 307,Pink & Tan Roses H SCH137D
Schleiger 137G Theo,Blank 117,Pink Roses,Scalloped H SCH137G
Schleiger 137H Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses,Embossed H SCH137H
Schleiger 137I Theo,Blank 300, Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH137I
Schleiger 137J Theo,Blank 123,Pink&Lavender Roses H SCH137J
Schleiger 137K Theo,Blank 591,Pink/White Roses,No Trim H SCH137K
Schleiger 137L Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses H SCH137L
Schleiger 137M Theodore,Blank 799,Pink,Lavender Flower H SCH137M
Schleiger 137N Theo,Blank 130,Pink Roses H SCH137N
Schleiger 137O Theo,Blank 304,Pink & Green Roses H SCH137O
Schleiger 137P Theo,Blank 118,Pink Roses H SCH137P
Schleiger 137Q Theo, Blank 805, Pink & Lavender Floral H SCH137Q
Schleiger 137R Theo,Smooth,Lavender&Pink Flowers H SCH137R
Schleiger 137S Theo,Blank 125,Lavender&Pink Flowers H SCH137S
Schleiger 138 Theo, Blank 126, Pink/White Carnations H SCH138
Schleiger 138A Theo, Blank 122, Pink/White Carnations H SCH138A
Schleiger 138B Theo,Blank 592,Blue Flowers H SCH138B
Schleiger 138C Theodore,Smooth,Lavender Flowers H SCH138C
Schleiger 138D Theodore,Blank 122,Lavender Flowers H SCH138D
Schleiger 138E Theo,Blank 120,Green Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH138E
Schleiger 139 Theodore,Blank 122,Multicolor Roses H SCH139
Schleiger 139A Theodore,Blank 124,Multicolor Roses H SCH139A
Schleiger 139B Theo, Blank 300/303, Wild Roses &Violets H SCH139B
Schleiger 140 Theo,Blank135,Pink& Blue Floral Swags H SCH140
Schleiger 140A Theo, Blank 135, Pink & Red Flowers H SCH140A
Schleiger 140B Theodore,Blank 116,Filigree,Green Roses H SCH140B
Schleiger 140C Theo,Blank 823,Green&Yellow Floral H SCH140C
Schleiger 141C Theodore,Blank 300,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH141C
Schleiger 141D Theo, Blank 133, Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH141D
Schleiger 141G Theodore,Blank 118,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH141G
Schleiger 141H Theodore,Blank 595,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH141H
Schleiger 142B Theo, Blank 119 W/Gold Trim,Pink Floral H SCH142B
Schleiger 142C Theo, Blank 300, Pink Flowers H SCH142C
Schleiger 142D Theo, Blank 125, Pink Floral,Blue Ribbon H SCH142D
Schleiger 142E Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers H SCH142E
Schleiger 142F Theo, Blank 125 W/Gold Trim 822, Pink H SCH142F
Schleiger 142G Theo,Smooth,Pink Daisies,Blue Ribbon H SCH142G
Schleiger 143B Theo,Blank 122,Green Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH143B
Schleiger 143C Theo, Blank 122,Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH143C
Schleiger 143D Theo, Blank 122, Yellow & Gray Flowers H SCH143D
Schleiger 143E Theo,Blank 126,Purple Flowers H SCH143E
Schleiger 143F Theo,Smooth,Green Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH143F
Schleiger 143G Theo, Blank 120,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH143G
Schleiger 143H Theo, Blank 300 W/Brushed Gold, Green H SCH143H
Schleiger 143J Theo,Smooth,Yellow&Gray Flowers H SCH143J
Schleiger 143K Theo, Blank 116,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH143K
Schleiger 143L Theo,Blank 116,Gray/Green Flowers&Scroll H SCH143L
Schleiger 144B Theo,Blank 116,Pink Floral,Green Scrolls H SCH144B
Schleiger 144C Theo, Blank 592,Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH144C
Schleiger 144E Theo,Blank 118,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH144E
Schleiger 144G Theo, Blank 123,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH144G
Schleiger 144H Theo,Blank 301,Blue Floral,Brown Scrolls H SCH144H
Schleiger 144K Theo,Smooth,Blue Roses,Brown Scroll H SCH144K
Schleiger 144L Theo,Blank 804, Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH144L
Schleiger 144M Theo,Blank119,Green Scroll, Pink Floral H SCH144M
Schleiger 144N Theo, Blank 122 W/ Brushed Gold, Blue H SCH144N
Schleiger 144O Theo, Blank 124 W/Gold Daubs, Blue H SCH144O
Schleiger 144P Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Bow Loops,Blue H SCH144P
Schleiger 144Q Theo,Blank 117,Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH144Q
Schleiger 145C Theo, Blank 131,Pink Roses H SCH145C
Schleiger 145D Theo, Blank 825, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH145D
Schleiger 145F Theo,Blank 116 W/Blank 825 Gold Design H SCH145F
Schleiger 145G Theo,Blank 829A,Pink& Yellow Floral H SCH145G
Schleiger 145H Theo,Blank 116 W/Blank 827 Gold Design H SCH145H
Schleiger 146A Theo, Blank 122, Pink Flowers H SCH146A
Schleiger 146B Theo, Blank 118, Apple Blossoms H SCH146B
Schleiger 146C Theo,Blank 301 W/Daubs,Lavender Flowers H SCH146C
Schleiger 146F Theo,Blank 122 W/ Daubs,Pink Floral H SCH146F
Schleiger 146G Theo, Blank 301 W/Gold Daubs, Pink H SCH146G
Schleiger 146H Theo,Blank 812,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH146H
Schleiger 146I Theo, Blank 592, Pink Flowers H SCH146I
Schleiger 146J Theo,Pink&White Flowers,Smooth Blank H SCH146J
Schleiger 146L Theo, Blank 124, Pink Blossoms H SCH146L
Schleiger 146Q Theo, Smooth, Gold Daubs, Pink Flowers H SCH146Q
Schleiger 146S Theo,Blank 301 W/Gold Daubs, Lavender H SCH146S
Schleiger 146T Theo,Blank 829A,Pink&White Floral,Ferns H SCH146T
Schleiger 146U Theo,Blank 118,Pink&White Floral,Ferns H SCH146U
Schleiger 147 Theo,Blank 116,Lavender Flowers H SCH147
Schleiger 147A Theo,Blank 133,Lavender Poppies H SCH147A
Schleiger 147B Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Poppies H SCH147B
Schleiger 147C Theo,Blank 131,Lavender Flowers H SCH147C
Schleiger 147E Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers H SCH147E
Schleiger 147F Theo,Blank 134,Lavender Poppies H SCH147F
Schleiger 147G Theo,Blank 126,Blue,White&Pink Flowers H SCH147G
Schleiger 147H Theo,Blank 812,Lavender Floral,Daubs H SCH147H
Schleiger 147I Theo,Blank 124,Lavender Flowers H SCH147I
Schleiger 147J Theo,Smooth,Lavender Poppies H SCH147J
Schleiger 147K Theo,Blank 126,Pink Flowers H SCH147K
Schleiger 147L Theo,Blank 302,Pink Flowers H SCH147L
Schleiger 147M Theo,Blank 124,Pink Flowers H SCH147M
Schleiger 147O Theo,Salmon Pink Flowers H SCH147O
Schleiger 147P Theo,Blank 592,Lavender Flowers H SCH147P
Schleiger 147R Theo,Blank 301,Lavender Poppies H SCH147R
Schleiger 148 Theo, Blank 116, Purple Violets H SCH148
Schleiger 148B Theo, Blank 133,Violets H SCH148B
Schleiger 148C Theo,Blank 122,Pink Violets H SCH148C
Schleiger 148D Theo,Blank 301,Violets H SCH148D
Schleiger 148F Theo,Blue To Purple Violets H SCH148F
Schleiger 148H Theo,Blank 301,Violets,Gold Daubs H SCH148H
Schleiger 148I Theo, Blank 123, Violets, Scalloped H SCH148I
Schleiger 148J Theo, Blank 126, Purple Violets H SCH148J
Schleiger 148K Theo,Smooth,Violet Flowers,No Trim H SCH148K
Schleiger 148M Theo, Pink Flowers, Green Leaves, H SCH148M
Schleiger 148N Theo, Blank 592, Purple Violets H SCH148N
Schleiger 148P Theo,Blank 117,Pink Violets H SCH148P
Schleiger 149A Theo,Blank 132,Pink,White,Yellow Roses H SCH149A
Schleiger 149D Theo,Blank 301,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH149D
Schleiger 149E Theo, Blank 117, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH149E
Schleiger 149G Theo, Blank 301, Pink Roses, Gold Daubs H SC149G
Schleiger 149H Theo,Blank 126, Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH149H
Schleiger 149I Theo,Blank 821, Pink Flowers, Gold H SCH149I
Schleiger 149J Theo, Pink & Yellow Roses, Smooth Blank H SCH149J
Schleiger 149K Theo,Blank 304,Pink,Yellow Roses H SCH149K
Schleiger 149L Theo, Blank 123,Pinkyellow&White Roses H SCH149L
Schleiger 150A Theo,Blank 22,Green Roses,Brown Leaves H SCH150A
Schleiger 150AZ Theo,Blank 126,Green/White Roses H SCH150AZ
Schleiger 150BZ Theo,Blank 122,Blue Roses,Green Leaves H SCH150BZ
Schleiger 150C Theo,Blank 118,Green Roses,Brown Leaves H SCH150C
Schleiger 150CZ Theo,Blank 126,Pink Roses H SCH150CZ
Schleiger 150DZ Theo,Blank 131,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH150DZ
Schleiger 150E Theo, Green Flowers, Smooth, Gold Trim H SCH150E
Schleiger 150F Theo,Blank124,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH150F
Schleiger 150GZ Theo,Blank 117,Pink Roses H SCH150GZ
Schleiger 150H Theo, Pink/Yellow Roses, Smooth H SCH150H
Schleiger 150HZ Theo,Blank 124,Green Roses H SCH150HZ
Schleiger 150K Theo,Blank 126,Pink Roses H SCH150K
Schleiger 150L Theo,Blank 117,Green Band,Floral Sprays H SCH150L
Schleiger 150M Theo,Blank 116,Green Roses,Green Leaves H SCH150M
Schleiger 150O Theo, Blank 812 Blue Flowers H SCH150O
Schleiger 150Q Theo,Blank 132,Green Roses, Gold Trim H SCH150Q
Schleiger 150R Theo, Blank 814 Green Roses H SCH150R
Schleiger 150S Theo,Blank 301,Green Roses, Gray Foliage H SCH150S
Schleiger 150T Theo,Blank122,Green Roses,Brown Leaves H SCH150T
Schleiger 150U Theo, Blank 118, Pink/White Roses H SCH150U
Schleiger 150V Theo,Blank 117,Green Roses H SCH150V
Schleiger 150Y Theo,Blank 300,Greenroses,Gray Foliage H SCH150Y
Schleiger 150Z Theo,Blank 122,Gold Edge,Pink Roses H SCH150Z
Schleiger 151 (Scalloped) Theo,Blank 118,Pink Asters,Scalloped H SCH151SC
Schleiger 151A Theo, Blank 121, Pink Asters H SCH151A
Schleiger 151B Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH151B
Schleiger 151C Theo,Blank 118,Small Pink Flowers H SCH151C
Schleiger 152A Theo,Pink&Gray Roses,Red & Green Band H SCH152A
Schleiger 152B Theo,Smooth,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH152B
Schleiger 152C Theo,Blank 799,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH152C
Schleiger 153 Theo,Blank 129,Green/Pink Roses H SCH153
Schleiger 153A Theo,Blank 129,Yellow Roses,Gold Trim H SCH153A
Schleiger 153B Theo,Smooth,Pink&White Roses H SCH153B
Schleiger 154 Theo, Blank 123, Pink & White Roses H SCH154
Schleiger 154D Theo,Blank 125,Pink/Gray Rose Sprays H SCH154D
Schleiger 154E Theo,Blank 117,Gray/White&Pink Roses H SCH154E
Schleiger 155 Theo,Blank 124,Pink/White&Blue Floral H SCH155
Schleiger 155B Theo,Blank 122,Blue&Green Floral H SCH155B
Schleiger 155C Theo, Blank 122, Pink &Yellow Flowers H SCH155C
Schleiger 155D Theo,Blank 118, Blue Flowers H SCH155D
Schleiger 155E Theo, Smooth Blank, Blue Flowers H SCH155E
Schleiger 155F Theo, Smooth Blank, Pink Roses H SCH155F
Schleiger 155G Theo,Blank 301,Blue Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH155G
Schleiger 155H Theo,Blank 124 Pink&Yellow Floral H SCH155H
Schleiger 155I Theo,Blank 800, Pink Flowers H SCH155I
Schleiger 155J Theo,Blank 118, Pink/White Flowers H SCH155J
Schleiger 155K Theo, Blank 117, Blue Flowers H SCH155K
Schleiger 155L Theo,Blank 122,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH155L
Schleiger 155M Theo,Blue & Pink Flowers, Pink Scroll H SCH155M
Schleiger 155N Theo, Smooth, Blue & Lavender Flowers H SCH155N
Schleiger 155O Theo,Blank 303,Pink Flowers H SCH155O
Schleiger 155P Theo,Blank 591,Blue Flowers H SCH155P
Schleiger 155Q Theo,Blank 98,Pink Flowers,Yellow Daisy H SCH155Q
Schleiger 156 Theo, Blank 116, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156
Schleiger 156A Theo, Blank 122, Pink/White Roses H SCH156A
Schleiger 156B Theo,Blank 125,Pale Blue Roses H SCH156B
Schleiger 156C Theo, Blank 124, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156C
Schleiger 156D Theo, Blank 122, Blue/White Roses H SCH156D
Schleiger 156E Theo,Blank 118,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156E
Schleiger 156F Theo,Blank 133,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH156F
Schleiger 156G Theo,Blank 124,Blue & Brown Flowers H SCH156G
Schleiger 156H Theo,Blank 592,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH156H
Schleiger 156I Theo, Blank 117, Pink Roses H SCH156I
Schleiger 156J Theo, Blank 124, White, Yellow & Purple H SCH156J
Schleiger 156K Theo,Blank 123,Blue & Brown Flowers H SCH156K
Schleiger 156L Theo,Blank 126,Blue&Brown Flowers H SCH156L
Schleiger 157A Theo,Blank 122,Pink Flowers H SCH157A
Schleiger 157D Theo, Blank 304,Pink Flowers, Grn Lvs H SCH157D
Schleiger 157E Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers H SCH157E
Schleiger 157F Theo,Blank 130,Tiny Pink&White Flowers H SCH157F
Schleiger 157G Theo, Blank 124, Lavender Flowers H SCH157G
Schleiger 157I Theo,Smooth,Purple Flowers H SCH157I
Schleiger 157J Theo, Blank 118, Lavender Flowers H SCH157J
Schleiger 157K Theo, Blank 300, Pink Flowers H SCH157K
Schleiger 158 Theo,Blank 125,Pink Roses, Blue Flowers H SCH158
Schleiger 159 Theo,Blank 118,Lavender Flowers H SCH159
Schleiger 159B Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Flowers H SCH159B
Schleiger 159C Theo,Blank 592,Lavender Flowers H SCH159C
Schleiger 159D Theo,Blank 122,Lavender Flowers H SCH159D
Schleiger 159E Theo,Blank 301,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159E
Schleiger 159F Theo, Blank 118, Pink Morning Glories H SCH159F
Schleiger 159G Theodore,Blank 126,Pink Morninglories H SCH159G
Schleiger 159H Theo,Blank 130,Green Flower Border H SCH159H
Schleiger 159J Theo,Blank 301,Green Flowers,Gold Brush H SCH159J
Schleiger 159K Theo,Blank 302,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159K
Schleiger 159L Theo,Smooth,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159L
Schleiger 159M Theo,Blank 301,Turquoise Flowers,Daubs H SCH159M
Schleiger 159N Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Flowers H SCH159N
Schleiger 159O Theo,Blank 126,Blue Flowers,Brownleaves H SCH159O
Schleiger 159P Theo,Blank 117,Lavender&Purple Flowers H SCH159P
Schleiger 159Q Theo,Smooth,Blue Flowers,Brown Lines H SCH159Q
Schleiger 159R Theo,Blank 812,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159R
Schleiger 159S Theo,Smooth,Border Pale Pink Flowers H SCH159S
Schleiger 159T Theo,Blank 301,Turquoise Floral H SCH159T
Schleiger 159U Theo,Blank 812,Pink Flowers H SCH159U
Schleiger 159V Theo,Blank 118,Blue/Green Flowers H SCH159V
Schleiger 159W Theo,Blank 122,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH159W
Schleiger 159X Theo,Blank 130,Turquoise Flowers H SCH159X
Schleiger 159Y Theo,Blank 116,Pink Morning Glories H SCH159Y
Schleiger 160A Theo,Blank 120,Pink,Yellow&Gray Floral H SCH160A
Schleiger 160B Theo,Blank 592,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH160B
Schleiger 160C Theo,Blank 122,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH160C
Schleiger 160E Theo,Blank 120,Yellow&Lavender Floral H SCH160E
Schleiger 160F Theo,Blank 118,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH160F
Schleiger 160G Theo, Blank 117, Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH160G
Schleiger 161F Theo, Blank 125 W/Gold Brush,Pink Roses H SCH161F
Schleiger 161G Theo,Blank 801 W/Gold Brush,Pink Roses H SCH161G
Schleiger 161J Theo, Blank 118, Pink Rose, Blue Ribbon H SCH161J
Schleiger 161K Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses,Blue Bow H SCH161K
Schleiger 161L Theo, Blank 802, Pink Roses,Blue Bow H SCH161L
Schleiger 161M Theo, Pink Roses, Blue Ribbon, Smooth H SCH161M
Schleiger 162 Theo,Blank 134, Deep Pink Flowers H SCH162
Schleiger 162A Theo, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH162A
Schleiger 162B Theo, Blank 123 Blue Flowers H SCH162B
Schleiger 162C Theo, Blank 116 Lavender & White H SCH162C
Schleiger 162F Theo, Blank 131, Blue Flowers H SCH162F
Schleiger 162H Theo,Blank 124,Blue & White Flowers H SCH162H
Schleiger 162I Theo, Blank 124, Lavender Flowers H SCH162I
Schleiger 162J Theo, Blank 123, Lavender Flowers H SCH162J
Schleiger 162K Theo,Lavender Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH162K
Schleiger 162L Theo, Blank 133, Deep Pink Flowers H SCH162L
Schleiger 162M Theo,Blank 122, Pale Blue Flowers H SCH162M
Schleiger 162N Theo,Smooth,Brushed Gold, Deep Pink H SCH162N
Schleiger 162O Theo,Blank 302,Pink/White Floral H SCH162O
Schleiger 162P Theo,Blank 124,Gold Edge,Blue Floral H SCH162P
Schleiger 162Q Theo,Blank 123,Lavender Floral,Daubs H SCH162Q
Schleiger 163 Theo,Blank 118,Pink/Tan Floral H SCH163
Schleiger 163A Theo,Blank 301,Pink/Tan Floral H SCH163A
Schleiger 163B Theo,Blank 117,Pink Violets,Green Stems H SCH163B
Schleiger 163C Theo,Smooth,Yellow& Lavender Floral H SCH163C
Schleiger 163D Theo,Blank 122,Yellow/Lavender Floral H SCH163D
Schleiger 164 Theo,Smooth,Green/Gray Daisies H SCH164
Schleiger 164A Theo,Blank 823,Gray/Pink Daisies H SCH164A
Schleiger 164C Theo,Blank 121,Daubs,Pink Floral H SCH164C
Schleiger 164D Theo,Smooth,Lavender & Gray Flowers H SCH164D
Schleiger 164E Theo,Blank 126,Salmon/Green Flowers H SCH164E
Schleiger 164F Theo,Blank 126,Gray/Lavender Flowers H SCH164F
Schleiger 164G Theo,Blank 116,Pink&Gray Daisies,No Trim H SCH164G
Schleiger 164H Theo,Blank 118,Green/Pink/Yellow Floral H SCH164H
Schleiger 164I Theo,Smooth Blank,Blue & White Flowers H SCH164I
Schleiger 164J Theo,Blank 126,Salmon/Green Flowers H SCH164J
Schleiger 165 Theo,Smooth Blank,Gold Encrusted Edge H SCH165
Schleiger 167A Theo,Smooth Blank,No Gold,Green/Maroon H SCH167A
Schleiger 168A Theo,Smooth Blank,Red/Green Border,Gold H SCH168A
Schleiger 169 Theo,Smooth Blank,Green/Maroon Design H SCH169
Schleiger 169B Theodore,Smooth,Green,Maroon Design H SCH169B
Schleiger 169C Theodore,Smooth,Green,Gold Design H SCH169C
Schleiger 171 Theo, Smooth, Green & Brown Design H SCH171
Schleiger 171B Theo, Blank 126,Green Scrolls H SCH171B
Schleiger 171C Theo,Smooth, Pink, Gray Scrolls H SCH171C
Schleiger 171D Theo, Blank 124, Green Scrolls H SCH171D
Schleiger 172 Theo, Green & Pink Diamonds,Pink Roses H SCH172
Schleiger 204 H&Co, All White, Embossed Scrolls H SCH204
Schleiger 206 H&Co, All White, Embossed, Scalloped H SCH206
Schleiger 207 H&Co, All White, Embossed Scrolls H SCH207
Schleiger 208 H&Co, All White, Embossed Scroll Panels H SCH208
Schleiger 209 H&Co,Raised Dots,Smooth,Undecorated H SCH209
Schleiger 210 H&Co,Embossed Scallops,Undecorated H SCH210
Schleiger 211 H&Co,Embossed Basketweave,Undecorated H SCH211
Schleiger 212 H&Co,Blank 204,Gold Brushed Trim H SCH212
Schleiger 213A H&Co,Blank 205,Green Edge H SCH213A
Schleiger 216A H&Co,Blank 5,Gold Trim W/Color Band H SCH216A
Schleiger 218 H&Co,Blank 210,Gold Daubs H SCH218
Schleiger 219 H&Co,Blank 12,Gold Daubs H SCH219
Schleiger 220 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH220
Schleiger 220A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH220A
Schleiger 220B H&Co,Blank 651,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH220B
Schleiger 221 H&Co,Blank 213,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH221
Schleiger 221A H&Co,Blank 217,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH221A
Schleiger 221D H&Co,Blank 214, Lilac & Yellow Flowers H SCH221D
Schleiger 221G H&Co,Blank 23,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH221G
Schleiger 221H H&Co,Smooth, Lg Pink & Sm Yellow Roses H SCH221H
Schleiger 221I H&Co,Blank 214,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH221I
Schleiger 221J H&Co,Blank 23,Lavender&Yellow Flowers H SCH221J
Schleiger 221K H&Co, Blank 205 W/Gold Trim, Pink Roses H SCH221K
Schleiger 222 H&Co, Blank 14, Blue Flowers H SCH222
Schleiger 222A H&Co, Blank 14, Pink Flowers H SCH222A
Schleiger 222C H&Co,Smooth Blank, Pink Flowers H SCH222C
Schleiger 222D H&Co, Smooth Blank, Yellow Flowers H SCH222D
Schleiger 222E H&Co, Blank 10, Pink Flowers H SCH222E
Schleiger 222G H&Co, Blank 3, Yellow Flowers H SCH222G
Schleiger 222H H&Co,Blank 9,Blue/White Flowers H SCH222H
Schleiger 222I H&Co,Smooth Blank,Blue/White Flowers H SCH222I
Schleiger 223C H&Co, Blank 19, Brownish Pink Roses H SCH223C
Schleiger 223D H&Co, Blank 6, Pink & White Roses H SCH223D
Schleiger 223E H&Co, Blank 6 W/Gold Trim & Line H SCH223E
Schleiger 224 H&Co, Blank 204, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH224
Schleiger 224A H&Co,Blank 23, Pale Pink, White & Green H SCH224A
Schleiger 224F H&Co,Pale Brown & White Flowers, Smooth H SCH224F
Schleiger 224G H&Co, Blank 219,Pink&Gray Flowers H SCH224G
Schleiger 224H H&Co,Blank 3,Gold Design,Pink&Blue H SCH224H
Schleiger 224I H&Co,Blank 654,Lavender&Blue Floral H SCH224I
Schleiger 224J H&Co,Blank 23,Lavender&Blue Floral H SCH224J
Schleiger 224K H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender&Blue Floral,Daubs H SCH224K
Schleiger 224L H&Co,Blank 204,Lavender&Blue Floral H SCH224L
Schleiger 224M H&Co,Blank 646,Lavender Flowers H SCH224M
Schleiger 224O H&Co,Blank 219,Lavender&Pink Floral H SCH224O
Schleiger 224P H&Co,Blank 3,Lavender&Blue Floral H SCH224P
Schleiger 225 H&Co,Blank 212,Pink&White Roses H SCH225
Schleiger 225A H&Co,Blank 417,Pink&White Roses H SCH225A
Schleiger 225B H&Co,Blank 218,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH225B
Schleiger 225C H&Co,Blank 216,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH225C
Schleiger 225D H&Co,Blank 24,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH225D
Schleiger 226 H&Co,Blank 4,Blue Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH226
Schleiger 226A H&Co, Blank 205, Gray & Pink Flowers H SCH226A
Schleiger 226D H&Co, Blank 1 W/Gold Daubs,Blue/Gray H SCH226D
Schleiger 226F H&Co,Blank 1, Blue Poppy,Green Leaves H SCH226F
Schleiger 226G H&Co,Blank 649,Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH226G
Schleiger 226H H&Co,Blank 7,Blue/Gray Flowers,Daubs H SCH226H
Schleiger 226I H&Co, Blank 411, Yellow & Blue Flowers H SCH226I
Schleiger 226J H&Co,Blank 214,Yellow&Pink Flowers H SCH226J
Schleiger 226K H&Co,Blank 10,Blue/Gray Flowers,Daubs H SCH226K
Schleiger 226L H&Co,Blank 8,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH226L
Schleiger 226M H&Co,Blank 4,Gray/Pink Flowers,Daubs H SCH226M
Schleiger 226N H&Co,Blank 23,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH226N
Schleiger 226O H&Co,Blank 205,Pink,Lavender & Yellow H SCH226O
Schleiger 226Q H&Co,Blank 4,Blue/Gray/Brown Flowers H SCH226Q
Schleiger 226R H&Co, Blank 9, Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH226R
Schleiger 227 H&Co,Blank 5,Green Edge,Gold Line,Pink H SCH227
Schleiger 227B H&Co,Blank 9,Pink/Lavender Flowers H SCH227B
Schleiger 227C H&Co,Blank 9,Green Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH227C
Schleiger 227D H&Co,Blank 209,2 Gold Lines,Green&White H SCH227D
Schleiger 227E H&Co,Blank 425,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH227E
Schleiger 227F H&Co,Blank 2,Green Edge,Gold Line,Pink H SCH227F
Schleiger 227G H&Co,Blank 1,Green&Gold Band,Pink&White H SCH227G
Schleiger 227H H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH227H
Schleiger 227I H&Co,Blank 16,Pink Flowers H SCH227I
Schleiger 228 H&Co,Blank 218,Pink Roses,Gray Scroll H SCH228
Schleiger 228A H&Co, Blank 24 Pink Roses H SCH228A
Schleiger 228B H&Co,Smooth,Pink Roses,Gray Scroll H SCH228B
Schleiger 228C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH228C
Schleiger 228D H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Flowers H SCH228D
Schleiger 228E H&Co, Blank 18, Blue Flowers H SCH228E
Schleiger 228F H&Co,Smooth,Green Flowers,Pink Scrolls H SCH228F
Schleiger 228G H&Co,Blank 13,Green Floral,Pink Foliage H SCH228G
Schleiger 228H H&Co,Blank 13 W/Even Gold,Pink Roses H SCH228H
Schleiger 228I H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses,Gray Scrolls H SCH228I
Schleiger 228K H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH228K
Schleiger 228L H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH228L
Schleiger 228M H&Co,Blank 27,Green Rose Border,Floral H SCH228M
Schleiger 228N H&Co,Blank 425,Pink & White Roses H SCH228N
Schleiger 228O H&Co,Blue/White Flowers,Smooth H SCH228O
Schleiger 229A H&Co,Gold Trim 217, Blue Lilies H SCH229A
Schleiger 229B H&Co, Blank 23, Blue Lilies,Pink Flowers H SCH229B
Schleiger 229C H&Co, Blank 1,Blue Lilies,Pink Flowers H SCH229C
Schleiger 229D H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Lilies H SCH229D
Schleiger 230 H&Co,Brownish Pink Flowers,Smooth H SCH230
Schleiger 230B H&Co,Pale Blue Flowers, Smooth,Blank 1 H SCH230B
Schleiger 231A H&Co,Blank 23,Lavender Flowers,Goldtrim H SCH231A
Schleiger 231B H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH231B
Schleiger 231C H&Co,Blank 24,Gray Flowers, Gold Trim H SCH231C
Schleiger 231D H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH231D
Schleiger 231E H&Co,Blank 416, Pinkflowers H SCH231E
Schleiger 231F H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH231F
Schleiger 232 H&Co, Blank 5,Blue, Pink & White Flowers H SCH232
Schleiger 232 H&Co, Blank 5,Blue, Pink & White Flowers H SCH232
Schleiger 232B H&Co, Blank 219, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH232B
Schleiger 232D H&Co, Blank 1, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH232D
Schleiger 232F H&Co, Blank 5, Pink/White/Blue Floral H SCH232F
Schleiger 232G H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink/White,Blue H SCH232G
Schleiger 233B H&Co, Blank 208, Pink & Yellow Floral H SCH233B
Schleiger 233C H&Co, Blank 208, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH233C
Schleiger 233E H&Co, Blank 1, Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH233E
Schleiger 233F H&Co, Blank 419, Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH233F
Schleiger 233G H&Co, Blank 23, Blue & Yellow Floral H SCH233G
Schleiger 233H H&Co, Smooth Blank, Brown/Pink Floral H SCH233H
Schleiger 233I H&Co, Blank 419 W/Daubs,Pink & Yellow H SCH233I
Schleiger 233J H&Co,Blank 4,Blue&Yellow Flowers,Daubs H SCH233J
Schleiger 233K H&Co,Blank 217,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH233K
Schleiger 233L H&Co,Blank 419,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH233L
Schleiger 233M H&Co,Blank 9,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH233M
Schleiger 233N H&Co, Blank 419, Pink & Yellow Floral H SCH233N
Schleiger 234 H&Co,Blank 204,Green/Lavender Flowers H SCH234
Schleiger 234B H&Co, Blank 420, Pink & Brown Floral H SCH234B
Schleiger 234C H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Blue&Brown Flowers H SCH234C
Schleiger 234D H&Co,Blank 411,Yellow/Brown Flowers H SCH234D
Schleiger 234E H&Co,Blank 10,Yellow/Brown Flowers H SCH234E
Schleiger 234F H&Co,Blank 10,Blue & Rust Flowers H SCH234F
Schleiger 234G H&Co,Blank 411,Pink/Brown Flowers H SCH234G
Schleiger 234H H&Co,Blank 9,Blue/Brown Floral H SCH234H
Schleiger 234I H&Co,Blank 19,Pink/Lavender Flowers H SCH234I
Schleiger 235A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Green Leaves,Floral H SCH235A
Schleiger 235C H&Co, Blank 214, Pink Flowers H SCH235C
Schleiger 235D H&Co,Blank 205,Gray/Pink/Yellow Floral H SCH235D
Schleiger 235F H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/Green Leaves,Floral H SCH235F
Schleiger 235G H&Co, Blank 205,Pink& Green Flowers H SCH235G
Schleiger 235H H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Floral,Gold Trim H SCH235H
Schleiger 235I H&Co,Blank 1,Pink/Green Floral H SCH235I
Schleiger 235K H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Floral,Green Leaves H SCH235K
Schleiger 235L H&Co,Blank 206,Pink&Green Leaves,Floral H SCH235L
Schleiger 235M H&Co,Blank 24,Pink&Green Leaves,Floral H SCH235M
Schleiger 236A H&Co,Double Gold Line,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH236A
Schleiger 236B H&Co,Blank 17,Bright Blue Flowers W/Pink H SCH236B
Schleiger 236C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH236C
Schleiger 236D H&Co,Blank 415,Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH236D
Schleiger 236E H&Co,Blank 12,Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH236E
Schleiger 237A H&Co, Smooth, Lavender & White Daisies H SCH237A
Schleiger 237B H&Co, Blank 7, Pale Pink Daisies H SCH237B
Schleiger 237D H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&White Daisies H SCH237D
Schleiger 237H H&Co,Blank 10,Pink&White Daisies H SCH237H
Schleiger 237I H&Co, Blank 7 W/Daub Pink Daisies H SCH237I
Schleiger 237J H&Co, Smooth, Pink Daisies H SCH237J
Schleiger 237K H&Co,Blank 642,White,Pink Flowers H SCH237K
Schleiger 238 H&Co,Blank 22,Orange&Yellow Floral H SCH238
Schleiger 238B H&Co,Blank 22,Pink&White Floral H SCH238B
Schleiger 238C H&Co,Blank 12,Orange&White Floral H SCH238C
Schleiger 239 H&Co, Blank 209,Pink&White Floral H SCH239
Schleiger 239A H&Co,Blank 3,Pink&White Floral H SCH239A
Schleiger 239B H&Co,Blank 209,Pink&White Floral H SCH239B
Schleiger 240 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH240
Schleiger 240B H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH240B
Schleiger 240C H&Co,Blank 215,Pink/Yellow Flowers,Gold H SCH240C
Schleiger 240E H&Co,Blank 219,Pink/Yellow Flowers,Gold H SCH240E
Schleiger 241D H&Co,Blank 204,Pink/White Roses H SCH241D
Schleiger 241E H&Co,Blank 6,Pink/White Roses H SCH241E
Schleiger 241F H&Co,Blank 219,Pink/White Roses,Daubs H SCH241F
Schleiger 241G H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink/White Roses H SCH241G
Schleiger 241H H&Co,Blank 643,Pink/White Flowers,Gold H SCH241H
Schleiger 241I H&Co,Blank 16,Pink/Yellow Roses,Gold H SCH241I
Schleiger 242 H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Flowers H SCH242
Schleiger 242A H&Co,Blank 25,Pink Flowers H SCH242A
Schleiger 242B H&Co,Blank 15,Pink Flowers H SCH242B
Schleiger 242G H&Co,Blank 423,Pink Flowers H SCH242G
Schleiger 242I H&Co,Green Border Design,Pink Flowers H SCH242I
Schleiger 242J H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers H SCH242J
Schleiger 242L H&Co,Green Leaf & Bead Border,Red Line H SCH242L
Schleiger 243 H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Roses On Branch H SCH243
Schleiger 243A H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH243A
Schleiger 243B H&Co, Blank 9,Yellow Flowers, Brown Stem H SCH243B
Schleiger 244 H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Flowers H SCH244
Schleiger 244A H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH244A
Schleiger 244B H&Co,Blank 418,Pink Flower,Blue Foliage H SCH244B
Schleiger 244C H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH244C
Schleiger 244D H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH244D
Schleiger 244E H&Co,Blank 425,G Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH244E
Schleiger 245A H&Co, Blank 9, Blue Flowers/Brown H SCH245A
Schleiger 245B H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Flowers, Gold Daubs H SCH245B
Schleiger 245C H&Co,Blank 416,Yellow Flowers H SCH245C
Schleiger 245D H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers H SCH245D
Schleiger 245E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH245E
Schleiger 245F H&Co,Blank 7,Yellow Flowers H SCH245F
Schleiger 246 H&Co,Blank 24 W/Heavy Gold,Multifloral H SCH246
Schleiger 247A H&Co,Blank 23,Pink,Yellow Flowers H SCH247A
Schleiger 247C H&Co,Blank 4,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH247C
Schleiger 247D H&Co,Blank 217,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH247D
Schleiger 247E H&Co,Blank 208,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH247E
Schleiger 247F H&Co,Blank 13,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH247F
Schleiger 247G H & Co Blank 1,Pink Flowers Green Lvs H SCH247G
Schleiger 247H H&Co,Blank 24,Blue Flowers H SCH247H
Schleiger 248AZ H&Co,Blank 205,Salmon Pink Flowers H SCH248AZ
Schleiger 248BZ H&Co,Blank 207,Daubs,Blue &White Flower H SCH248BZ
Schleiger 248CZ H&Co,Blank 4,Blue Flowers H SCH248CZ
Schleiger 248D H&Co, Blank 4, Blue & White Flowers H SCH248D
Schleiger 248DZ H&Co,Blank 1, Pink Roses,Green & White H SCH248DZ
Schleiger 248E H&Co, Blank 1, Lavender Flowers H SCH248E
Schleiger 248EZ H&Co,Blank 5, Pink Roses,Green & White H SCH248EZ
Schleiger 248GZ H&Co,Blank 23, Blue Flowers H SCH248GZ
Schleiger 248H H&Co,Blank 213, Blue Flowers H SCH248H
Schleiger 248I H&Co, Blank 205,Blue Border,Pink Floral H SCH248I
Schleiger 248IZ H&Co,Blank 8,Pink Roses, Blue Flowers H SCH248IZ
Schleiger 248J H&Co, Blank 207, Pink Flowers,Green Rim H SCH248J
Schleiger 248JZ H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & White Flowers H SCH248JZ
Schleiger 248K H&Co, Blank 1, Pale Lavender Flowers H SCH248K
Schleiger 248LZ H & Co, Blank 4, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH248LZ
Schleiger 248M H&Co,Blank 4,Green Rose Border,Pink H SCH248M
Schleiger 248MZ H & Co, Blank 1, Pink & White Flowers H SCH248MZ
Schleiger 248N H&Co, Blank 5, Blue & White Flowers H SCH248N
Schleiger 248NZ H&Co,Blank 215,Green Flowers H SCH248NZ
Schleiger 248O H&Co, Yellow/Brown Flowers, Rim, Gold H SCH248O
Schleiger 248P H&Co, Blank 22, Blue Flowers H SCH248P
Schleiger 248PZ H & Co, Blank 1, Pink & White Flowers H SCH248PZ
Schleiger 248Q H&Co, Blank 213, Pink Flowers H SCH248Q
Schleiger 248R H&Co,Blank 215, Pink Flowers H SCH248R
Schleiger 248U H&Co, Blank 23, Lavender Floral, Daubs H SCH248U
Schleiger 248V H&Co, Blank 5, Pink Flowers H SCH248V
Schleiger 248X H&Co, Blank 8, Pink Flowers, Gold H SCH248X
Schleiger 248Y H&Co,Blank 215, Green Flowers, Gold H SCH248Y
Schleiger 248Z H&Co, Blank 207, Pink Flowers H SCH248Z
Schleiger 249A H & Co, Blank 204, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH249A
Schleiger 249E H & Co, Blank 12, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH249E
Schleiger 250 H&Co,Blank 216,Pink Rose,Blue Violets H SCH250
Schleiger 250A H & Co, Blank 1, Pink & White Flowers H SCH250A
Schleiger 251B H & Co, Blank 640, Pink Roses H SCH251B
Schleiger 251C H & Co, Pink Roses, Smooth, No Trim H SCH251C
Schleiger 251D H&Co,Blank 208 W/Gold Daubs,Pink Roses H SCH251D
Schleiger 252 H&Co, Blank 24, Pink/Peach Roses H SCH252
Schleiger 253 H&Co, Blank 7, Purple Violets H SCH253
Schleiger 253A H&Co,Blank 1,Gray Violets,Brown Lines H SCH253A
Schleiger 253B H&Co,Blank 1,Purple Violets H SCH253B
Schleiger 253C H&Co,Blank 9B,Purple Violets H SCH253C
Schleiger 254B H & Co, Blank 1,Pinkflowers, Gray Shaft H SCH254B
Schleiger 254C H&Co,Blank 23,Apricot Flowers H SCH254C
Schleiger 254D H&Co,Blank 208,Gold Daubs,Green Flowers H SCH254D
Schleiger 254E H&Co, Blank 24,Green Floral,Blue Leaves H SCH254E
Schleiger 254F H&Co, Blank 23, Pink& Yellow Floral H SCH254F
Schleiger 254G H&Co, Blank 4, Pink Floral,Green Leaves H SCH254G
Schleiger 254I H&Co, Blank 1, Orange Floral H SCH254I
Schleiger 254J H&Co, Blank 640, Gray Floral H SCH254J
Schleiger 254K H&Co, Blank 7, Apricot Flowers H SCH254K
Schleiger 254M H&Co, Blank 416,Pink/White Floral H SCH254M
Schleiger 255 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Roses H SCH255
Schleiger 255A H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink/White Floral H SCH255A
Schleiger 255B H&Co, Blank 6, Pink/White Floral H SCH255B
Schleiger 256 H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink/Green Floral H SCH256
Schleiger 256A H&Co, Smooth Blank, Blue/Green Floral H SCH256A
Schleiger 257 H&Co, Blank 216 Amer. Beauty Roses H SCH257
Schleiger 257A H&Co, Blank 24, Pink/White Roses H SCH257A
Schleiger 257B H&Co,Blank 423,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH257B
Schleiger 257D H&Co,Blank 423,Blue Flowers,Pink Roses H SCH257D
Schleiger 257E H&Co,Blank 216,Gray/Pink&Yellow Floral H SCH257E
Schleiger 257F H&Co,Blank 418,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH257F
Schleiger 257G H&Co,Blank 17,Bright Pink Roses H SCH257G
Schleiger 258 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/White Floral H SCH258
Schleiger 258B H&Co,Blank 22,Dark Green Edge,Floral H SCH258B
Schleiger 258C H&Co,Blank 6,Gold Brushed Edge,Floral H SCH258C
Schleiger 258D H&Co,Blank 215,Pink/White Floral H SCH258D
Schleiger 259 (See Sch440) H &Co,Blk217, Pink Roses,Purple Ribbon H SCH259
Schleiger 259A H&Co,Blank 208,Pink&Blue Floral,Daubs H SCH259A
Schleiger 260 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink & Lavender Flowers H SCH260
Schleiger 260A H&Co,Blank 8,Blue,Pink Flowers H SCH260A
Schleiger 260B H&Co,Blank 5,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH260B
Schleiger 260C H&Co,Blank 204,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH260C
Schleiger 260D H&Co,Blank 12,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH260D
Schleiger 261A H&Co,Pink Roses,Yellow Trim H SCH261A
Schleiger 261B H&Co,Blank 16,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH261B
Schleiger 261D H&Co,Blank 204,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH261D
Schleiger 261E H&Co, Blank 19, Pink Roses,White Flowers H SCH261E
Schleiger 261F H&Co,Blank 17,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH261F
Schleiger 261H H&Co, Blank 19, Green & Pink Roses H SCH261H
Schleiger 261J H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH261J
Schleiger 261K H&Co,Blank 17,Two Gold Lines,Green Roses H SCH261K
Schleiger 261L H&Co,Blank 5,Yellow Roses,Gray Flowers H SCH261L
Schleiger 261M H&Co,Blank 3,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH261M
Schleiger 261N H&Co,Blank 643,Yellow & Pink Roses H SCH261N
Schleiger 261O H&Co,Blank 204,Yellow & Pink Roses H SCH261O
Schleiger 261Q H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink/Blue/White Roses H SCH261Q
Schleiger 262 H&Co, Blank 17, Pink Asters H SCH262
Schleiger 262A H&Co,Blank 8, Pink Flowers H SCH262A
Schleiger 262B H&Co, Blank 12, Pink Asters H SCH262B
Schleiger 262C H&Co, Blank 6, Blue Flowers H SCH262C
Schleiger 262D H&Co.,Blank 8,Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH262D
Schleiger 262F H&Co, Blank 4,Gold Trim 21,Blue Flowers H SCH262F
Schleiger 263B H&Co, Blank 4, Lavender Flowers H SCH263B
Schleiger 263C H&Co, Blank 217, Lavender Flowers H SCH263C
Schleiger 263D H&Co, Blank 17,Lavender&Yellow Flowers H SCH263D
Schleiger 264 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Gray & White Roses H SCH264
Schleiger 264A H&Co, Blank 6,Pink,Lavender, Gray H SCH264A
Schleiger 264B H&Co, Blank 425, Pink/Brown/Green Floral H SCH264B
Schleiger 264C H&Co,Blank 24,Lime Green&Pink Flowers H SCH264C
Schleiger 264D H&Co, Blank 418, Green & Pink Flowers H SCH264D
Schleiger 265B H&Co, Blank 4, Pink/Yellow/White Roses H SCH265B
Schleiger 266A H&Co,Blank14,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH266A
Schleiger 266C H&Co,Blank 411,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH266C
Schleiger 266D H&Co, Blank 9, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH266D
Schleiger 266E H&Co, Blank 9, Yellow Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH266E
Schleiger 266F H&Co,Blank 10 W/Gold Daubs,Yellow Roses H SCH266F
Schleiger 266G H&Co,Smooth, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH266G
Schleiger 266J H&Co,Blank 422,Yellow Roses,Blue Flower H SCH266J
Schleiger 266K H&Co,Blank 9,Maroon Roses H SCH266K
Schleiger 267 H&Co, Smooth, Pink To White Roses H SCH267
Schleiger 267A H&Co,Blank 898,Pink To White Roses H SCH267A
Schleiger 267B H&Co,Blank 898,Green & White Roses H SCH267B
Schleiger 267C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink To White Roses H SCH267C
Schleiger 267D H&Co,Smooth,Gold Trim & Band,Green Rose H SCH267D
Schleiger 267E H&Co, Blank 13, Pink/White Roses H SCH267E
Schleiger 267F H&Co, Blank 22, Pink & White Roses H SCH267F
Schleiger 267G H&Co,Blank 2, Pink Roses, Scallop,Gold H SCH267G
Schleiger 269 H & Co, Blank 24, Pink & Green Flowers H SCH269
Schleiger 270B H&Co,Blank 213,Pink Roses H SCH270B
Schleiger 270C H&Co,Blank 4, Pink Roses, Scallop, Gold H SCH270C
Schleiger 270D H&Co, Pink Flowers, Smooth, Gold Trim H SCH270D
Schleiger 270E H&Co,Pink Roses, Smooth, Gold Trim H SCH270E
Schleiger 270F H&Co, Pink Roses, Green, Leaves, Gold H SCH270F
Schleiger 270G H&Co,Blank 5,Pale Pink Roses H SCH270G
Schleiger 270H H&Co,Blank 3,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH270H
Schleiger 270I H&Co,Blank 4, Pink Roses,Scallop, Gold H SCH270I
Schleiger 271D H&Co,Blank 205,Blue Flower,Scallop,Gold H SCH271D
Schleiger 271E H&Co, Blank 18,Blue Flowers H SCH271E
Schleiger 271F H&Co, Blank 22, Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH271F
Schleiger 271G H&Co,Blank 206,Blue Ring,Pink Roses H SCH271G
Schleiger 271H H&Co,Blank 213,Blue Ring,Pink Roses H SCH271H
Schleiger 271I H&Co,Blank 214,Pale Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH271I
Schleiger 271J H&Co,Blank 214,Yellow Roses H SCH271J
Schleiger 271K H&Co,Blank 21,Dk Pink Roses,Dk Blue Ring H SCH271K
Schleiger 271L H&Co,Blank 205,Blue&Lavender Flowers H SCH271L
Schleiger 272B H&Co, Blank 898, Pink & White Roses H SCH272B
Schleiger 273 H&Co,Blank 24,Pink Flowers,Enameling H SCH273
Schleiger 273A H&Co,Smooth,Pink&White Flowers H SCH273A
Schleiger 273B H&Co, Blank 24, Pink/Green Roses H SCH273B
Schleiger 274 H&Co,Smooth,Salmon Body,Blue Flowers H SCH274
Schleiger 275 H&Co,Smooth,Red Berries,Turquoise Band H SCH275
Schleiger 276B H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band&Flower Decor H SCH276B
Schleiger 279A H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band, Gold Design H SCH279A
Schleiger 279B H&Co,Smooth,Two Gold Edge,Maroon Arches H SCH279B
Schleiger 282 H&Co, Blank 19, Green & Gold Scrolls H SCH282
Schleiger 282A H&Co, Smooth, Green & Gold Scrolls H SCH282A
Schleiger 283 H&Co, Smooth, Black & Gold Design H SCH283
Schleiger 285 H&Co, Smooth, Blue Leaves On Yellow H SCH285
Schleiger 285A H&Co,Smooth,Green Flowers,Medallion H SCH285A
Schleiger 286 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Cream Rim,Black Verge H SCH286
Schleiger 286A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Flowers H SCH286A
Schleiger 286B H&Co,Blue Flowers,Yellow Border Design H SCH286B
Schleiger 287A H&Co,Red Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH287A
Schleiger 288A H&Co, Gold & Green Design On Edge H SCH288A
Schleiger 289 H&Co,Blank 216,Brownish Red Flowers H SCH289
Schleiger 290A H&Co,Blank 19,Green Chain,Berries H SCH290A
Schleiger 290B H&Co,Blue Chain,Berries, Red Line H SCH290B
Schleiger 290C H&Co,Green Chain,Berries,Turquoise Leaf H SCH290C
Schleiger 291 H&Co,Blank 216,Gray/Pink Rose H SCH291
Schleiger 292 H&Co,Pink Roses,Gold Design Below Roses H SCH292
Schleiger 292A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH292A
Schleiger 292B H&Co,Blank 644,Pink Roses,Blue Accent H SCH292B
Schleiger 292C H&Co,Blank 216,Pink Rose Band,Embossed H SCH292C
Schleiger 292D H&Co,Blank 644,Rose Band,Green Accent H SCH292D
Schleiger 293 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH293
Schleiger 295A H&Co,Green/Pink Scrolls,Smooth,No Trim H SCH295A
Schleiger 295B H&Co,Black/Yellow Scrolls,Smooth H SCH295B
Schleiger 296A H&Co,Smooth,Red Flowers,Gold Leaves&Trim H SCH296A
Schleiger 297 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow & Black Key H SCH297
Schleiger 299 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Band,Brown Swags H SCH299
Schleiger 299A H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Band,Green Leaves H SCH299A
Schleiger 301 Theo, White, Undecorated, Scalloped H SCH301
Schleiger 302 Theo,Undecorated,Saucers Are Ribbed H SCH302
Schleiger 305 Theo,Blank 121 W/Gold Trim & Line H SCH305
Schleiger 306 Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Trim H SCH306
Schleiger 307 Theo,Blank 303,Gold Trim H SCH307
Schleiger 308 Theo,Blank 302,Lavender/White Flowers H SCH308
Schleiger 308A Theo,Blank 117,Lavender/White Flowers H SCH308A
Schleiger 309A Theo,Blank 307,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH309A
Schleiger 309B Theo,Blank 116,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH309B
Schleiger 309C Theo,Blank 124, Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH309C
Schleiger 309D Theo,Gold Brushed Edge,Pink Flowers H SCH309D
Schleiger 309E Theo,Blank 301,Gold Brush,Pink Flowers H SCH309E
Schleiger 309F Theo,Bl 802,Pink Roses&Yellow Flowers H SCH309F
Schleiger 309G Theo,Blank 302,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH309G
Schleiger 309H Theo,Blank 802,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309H
Schleiger 309I Theo,Blank 116,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309I
Schleiger 309J Theo,Blank 800,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309J
Schleiger 309K Theo,Blank 800,Pink&White Roses H SCH309K
Schleiger 309L Theo,Blank 124,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH309L
Schleiger 309M Theo,Blank 301,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309M
Schleiger 309N Theo,Blank 592,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH309N
Schleiger 309O Theo,Gold Brushed Edge,Pink Roses H SCH309O
Schleiger 309P Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses H SCH309P
Schleiger 309Q Theo,Blank 117,Roses,Lavender Flowers H SCH309Q
Schleiger 310 Theo,Blank 122,Pink /White Roses,Rim H SCH310
Schleiger 310B Theo,Blank 304,Pink Roses H SCH310B
Schleiger 310E Theo,Blank 119,Roses,Blue Leaves H SCH310E
Schleiger 310F Theo,Blank 130,Pink/White Roses,Daubs H SCH310F
Schleiger 311 (Blank 802) Theo,Blank 802,Pink&White Roses H SCH311J
Schleiger 311 (Blank 304) Theo, Blank 304, Pink Flowers H SCH311
Schleiger 311A Theo,Blank 118,Lavender Roses H SCH311A
Schleiger 311B Theo,Blank122, Green Roses, Gray Leaves H SCH311B
Schleiger 311C Theo,Blank 800,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH311C
Schleiger 311D Theo,Smooth Blank,Pink Roses H SCH311D
Schleiger 311E Theo, Blank 124, Purple Roses H SCH311E
Schleiger 311F Theo, Blank 300, Pink/White Roses H SCH311F
Schleiger 311G Theo, Blank 802, Lavender Roses H SCH311G
Schleiger 311H Theo,Blank 123, Lavender Roses H SCH311H
Schleiger 311I H&Co, Blank 802, Pink/White Roses H SCH311I
Schleiger 312 Theo,Blank 118,Pink Roses,Gray Scrolls H SCH312
Schleiger 312A Theo, Blank 301 W/ Gold Daubs,Pink H SCH312A
Schleiger 312B H&Co, Smooth Blank, Pink To White Roses H SCH312B
Schleiger 312C H&Co, Blank 122, Pink To White Roses H SCH312C
Schleiger 312D Theo,Blank 123 W/Gold Daubs,Pink Flowers H SCH312D
Schleiger 312F Theo, Blank 124, Pink To White Roses H SCH312F
Schleiger 313 Theo, Smooth, Pink & White Poppies H SCH313
Schleiger 313A Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers H SCH313A
Schleiger 313B H&Co, Blank 122, Pink & White Flowers H SCH313B
Schleiger 313D H&Co, Blank 300, Pink & White Flowers H SCH313D
Schleiger 313E H&Co, Blank 300, Pink & White Flowers H SCH313E
Schleiger 313F Theo,Gold Brushed Pink&Gray Floral H SCH313F
Schleiger 313G Theo, Blank 800, Pink/White Flowers H SCH313G
Schleiger 314 Theo, Blank 124, Lavender/White Floral H SCH314
Schleiger 314A Theo, Blank 126, Pink Flowers H SCH314A
Schleiger 314B Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers H SCH314B
Schleiger 314C Theo, Blank 122, Lavender/White Floral H SCH314C
Schleiger 314E Theo, Blank 122, Pink Flowers H SCH314E
Schleiger 315 Theo,Smooth,Grayish Green Flowers H SCH315
Schleiger 315B Theo,Blank 124,Pink /White Floral H SCH315B
Schleiger 315C Theo,Blank 126,Gold Brushed Edge,Floral H SCH315C
Schleiger 315D Theo,Pink Floral,Smooth H SCH315D
Schleiger 316A Theo,Blank 118,Gray/Green/Pink Daisies H SCH316A
Schleiger 316B Theo,Blank 116,Pink/Gray Daisies H SCH316B
Schleiger 316C Theo,Blank 116,Blue Daisies,Green Stems H SCH316C
Schleiger 316D Theo,Blank 121,Green/Pink Daisies H SCH316D
Schleiger 316E Theo,Gold Brushededge,Pink/Gray Daisies H SCH316E
Schleiger 316F Theo,Blank 126,Pink/Gray Daisies H SCH316F
Schleiger 317 Theo,Blank 800,White/Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH317
Schleiger 317C Theo, Blank 123,Pink& White Flowers H SCH317C
Schleiger 317D Theo, Blank 303,Pink & White Flowers H SCH317D
Schleiger 317E Theo,Blank 800,White/Green Flowers,Gold H SCH317E
Schleiger 318 Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses, Green Scrolls H SCH318
Schleiger 318C Theo, Blank 119 Pink Roses H SCH318C
Schleiger 318D Theo,Blank 132,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH318D
Schleiger 320 Theo,Smooth,Pink & White Roses H SCH320
Schleiger 320A Theo,Blank 132,Pink/White Roses,Gold H SCH320A
Schleiger 320B Theo,Blank 117,Pink/White Roses H SCH320B
Schleiger 320E (Scalloped) Scalloped,Theo,Bl 122,Pink&White Roses H SCH320ES
Schleiger 320F Theo,Blank 136,Pink/White Roses,Gold H SCH320F
Schleiger 320G Theo,Blank 124,Pink/White Roses H SCH320G
Schleiger 320H Theo,Blank 130,Pink/Gray Roses,Daubs H SCH320H
Schleiger 320I Theo,Blank 123,Pink/White Roses H SCH320I
Schleiger 320J Theo, Blank 133, Pink & White Roses H SCH320J
Schleiger 320K Theo,Blank 301,Pink/Gray Roses H SCH320K
Schleiger 320L Theo,Smooth,Lavender,White&Green H SCH320L
Schleiger 320M Theo, Blank 124, Pink & White Flowers H SCH320M
Schleiger 320N Theo,Smooth,Gold Daubs,Pink&White H SCH320N
Schleiger 320O Theo,Blank 833 W/Green,Lavender Floral H SCH320O
Schleiger 320P Theo,Smooth,Pink/White Encircle Plate H SCH320P
Schleiger 320Q Theo,Smooth,Brushed&Gold Daubs,Pink H SCH320Q
Schleiger 320R Theo,Blank300,Pink To White Roses H SCH320R
Schleiger 322B Theo,Blank 801, Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH322B
Schleiger 322C Theo, Blank 128, Lavender Roses H SCH322C
Schleiger 323A Theo, Blank 128, Pink/White Roses H SCH323A
Schleiger 324 Theo,Blank121,Pink Roses H SCH324
Schleiger 324A Theo,Blank 117,Decal 324,Pink Roses H SCH324A
Schleiger 324B Theo, Smooth, Pink Roses H SCH324B
Schleiger 324C Theo,Blank 118,Pink/White Roses H SCH324C
Schleiger 324D Theo,Blank 119,Pink Roses H SCH324D
Schleiger 324E Theo,Blank 125,Pink Roses H SCH324E
Schleiger 324F Theo,Blank 800 W/Gold Daubs,Pink H SCH324F
Schleiger 324G Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses,White Flowers H SCH324G
Schleiger 324H Theo,Blank 117,Gold Edge,Pink Roses H SCH324H
Schleiger 325 Theo,Blank 304,Blue&Pink Floral H SCH325
Schleiger 325A Theo,Blank 806,Blue&Pink Floral H SCH325A
Schleiger 326 Theo,Blank 134,Pink Roses H SCH326
Schleiger 327 Theo,Smooth,Multicolor Flowers H SCH327
Schleiger 327A Theo, Blank 134, Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH327A
Schleiger 327B Theo,Blank 134,Multicolor Flowers H SCH327B
Schleiger 327C Theo,Pink&Blue Floral,Blank 122 H SCH327C
Schleiger 327D Theo,Blank 134,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH327D
Schleiger 328 Theo,Blank 118,Pink,White&Green Flowers H SCH328
Schleiger 328A Theo,Blank 118,Pink Flowers/Green Center H SCH328A
Schleiger 328B Theo,Blank 122,Pink&Green Flowers H SCH328B
Schleiger 328C Theo,Smooth,Pink&Green Floral H SCH328C
Schleiger 328D Theo,Smooth,Pink&Green Floral H SCH328D
Schleiger 328E Theo,Blank 122,Pink&Green Floral H SCH328E
Schleiger 329 Theo,Blank 119,Pink Roses,Daisies H SCH329
Schleiger 329A Theo,Blank 121,Pink Roses,Daisies H SCH329A
Schleiger 330A Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses,Lavender Bow H SCH330A
Schleiger 330B Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses,Lavender Bow H SCH330B
Schleiger 330C Theo,Blank 123,Pink Roses H SCH330C
Schleiger 330D Theo,Blank 118,Green Roses,Gray Bow H SCH330D
Schleiger 331 Theo,Blank 124,Pink&White Flowers H SCH331
Schleiger 331A Theo,Blank 122,White Daisies,Pink Floral H SCH331A
Schleiger 331B Theo,Blank 124,Lavender Flowers H SCH331B
Schleiger 331C Theo,Blank 118,White Daisies,Pink Flower H SCH331C
Schleiger 331D Theo,Blank 302,White Daises,Pink Floral H SCH331D
Schleiger 331E Theo,Blank 303,White Daisies,Pink Floral H SCH331E
Schleiger 331F Theo,Blank 122,Lavender Floral,Daisies H SCH331F
Schleiger 331G Theo,Blank 116,Daisies,Lavender Flowers H SCH331G
Schleiger 331H Theo,Blank 126,Daisies,Lavender Flowers H SCH331H
Schleiger 331I Theo,Blank133, Lavender Flowers H SCH331I
Schleiger 331J Theo,Smooth W/Brushed Gold,Blue Violets H SCH331J
Schleiger 331K Theo,Blank 126,Daisies,Blue Flowers H SCH331K
Schleiger 331M Theo,Blank 816 Without Gold Band,Daisies H SCH331M
Schleiger 331N Theo, Blank 116, Pink & White Floral H SCH331N
Schleiger 331O Theo,Blank 301,Daisies,Lavender Flowers H SCH331O
Schleiger 331P Theo,Blank 123,Lavender Flowers H SCH331P
Schleiger 331Q Theo,Blank 800,Gray Daisies,Violets H SCH331Q
Schleiger 331S Theo,Daisies,Gold Design Band,Smooth H SCH331S
Schleiger 331T Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Trim 832,Lavender H SCH331T
Schleiger 332 Theo,Blank 124,White&Pink Flowers H SCH332
Schleiger 332A Theodore,Blank 122,Blue Flowers H SCH332A
Schleiger 332B Theodore,Smooth,Pink,White Flowers H SCH332B
Schleiger 332C Theo,Blank 124,Green&White Flowers H SCH332C
Schleiger 332D Theodore,Blank 300,Pink Flowers H SCH332D
Schleiger 332E Theodore,Blank 123,Green Flowers H SCH332E
Schleiger 332F Theo, Blank 116A, Lavender Flowers H SCH332F
Schleiger 332G Theo, Blank 126, Green Flowers H SCH332G
Schleiger 333 Theo, Pink,Purple & Green Morning Glory H SCH333
Schleiger 333B Theodore,Blank 122,Blue,Gray Flowers H SCH333B
Schleiger 333C Theo,Blank 117,Pink& Blue Flowers H SCH333C
Schleiger 333D Theo, Blank 118, Morning Glories H SCH333D
Schleiger 333E Theodore,Blank 123,Blue/Pink Flowers H SCH333E
Schleiger 333F Theodore,Smooth,Brush Gold,Floral H SCH333F
Schleiger 333H Theodore,Blank 124,Blue Flowers H SCH333H
Schleiger 333K Theo, Blank 302, Pink&Purple Flowers H SCH333K
Schleiger 333L Theo,Pink&Blue Poppies,Smooth Blank H SCH333L
Schleiger 333M Theo,Blank 301, Lavender, Gold H SCH333M
Schleiger 333N Theo,Lavender Flowers, Smooth H SCH333N
Schleiger 333O Theo,Blank 118, Lavender, Scalloped H SCH333O
Schleiger 333P Theo,Blank 591, Lavender, Scalloped H SCH333P
Schleiger 333Q Theo,Blank 301,Lavender,Scalloped H SCH333Q
Schleiger 333R Theo,Blank 301,Lavender Flowers,Gold H SCH333R
Schleiger 333S Theo,Blank 300, Lavender, Gold Daubs H SCH333S
Schleiger 335A Theo,Blank 116,Deep Pink Roses H SCH335A
Schleiger 335B Theo,Blank 124,Deep Pink Roses H SCH335B
Schleiger 335C Theo,Blank 126, Roses, Scalloped H SCH335C
Schleiger 335D Theo,Blank 302, Pink Roses, Smooth H SCH335D
Schleiger 335E Theo, Pink Roses, Smooth,Rim H SCH335E
Schleiger 335F Theo,Blank 133,Deep Pink Roses H SCH335F
Schleiger 336 Theodore,Blank 118,Blue,Pink Flowers H SCH336
Schleiger 336A Theo,Blank116,Blue Lily Of Valley H SCH336A
Schleiger 336B Theodore,Blank 122,Blue,Pink Flowers H SCH336B
Schleiger 336B Theodore,Blank 116,Blue,Pink Flowers H SCH336C
Schleiger 336D Theodore,Blank 118,Blue,Gray Flowers H SCH336D
Schleiger 337 Theo,Blank 135,Pink/Yellow/White Roses H SCH337
Schleiger 338 Theo, Smooth, Pink To White Roses H SCH338
Schleiger 338A Theo, Blank 305, Pink To White Roses H SCH338A
Schleiger 339 Theo,Blank 124,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH339
Schleiger 339A Theo, Blank 302, Pink To Lavender Roses H SCH339A
Schleiger 339D Theo, Blank 122,Yellow,Green &Pink Roses H SCH339D
Schleiger 339E Theo,Blank 592,Yellow,Green,Pink Roses H SCH339E
Schleiger 339F Theo,Blank 120,Embossed,Roses H SCH339F
Schleiger 339G Theo,Blank 125,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH339G
Schleiger 339I Theo,Blank 126,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH339I
Schleiger 339K Theo,Blank 126,Pink,Yellow&Green Floral H SCH339K
Schleiger 339L Theo,Smooth,Lavender/Yellow Roses H SCH339L
Schleiger 339M Theo, Blank 1217 W/ Gold Daubs, Roses H SCH339M
Schleiger 340B Theo, Blank 305, Pink To White Roses H SCH340B
Schleiger 340D Theo,Blank 304,Tan Flowers,Blue Scroll H SCH340D
Schleiger 340E Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH340E
Schleiger 340F Theo, Blank 301 W/Gold, Pink Roses H SCH340F
Schleiger 340G Theo, Blank 118, Pink To White Roses H SCH340G
Schleiger 341B Theo,Blank 833 W/Green Band,Pink Flowers H SCH341B
Schleiger 341C Theo,Blank 592,Green & White Flowers H SCH341C
Schleiger 341D Theo,Blank 130 Pink Flowers H SCH341D
Schleiger 341E Theo, Blank 117, Pink Flowers H SCH341E
Schleiger 342A Theo, Blank 306, Small Lavender Roses H SCH342A
Schleiger 342C Theo,Blank 301,Border Of Green Roses H SCH342C
Schleiger 342D Theo,Blank 306,Border Of Pink Roses H SCH342D
Schleiger 342E Theo,Blank 124,Border Of Daisies H SCH342E
Schleiger 342F Theo, Blank 122, Pink Roses, Blue Ribbon H SCH342F
Schleiger 342H Theo, Blank 301,Pinkroses,Blue Ribbons H SCH342H
Schleiger 342I Theo,Smooth,Pale Green Roses H SCH342I
Schleiger 342K Theo,Blank 807, Pink Roses H SCH342K
Schleiger 342L Theo,Smooth,Pink Rose,Blue Ribbon H SCH342L
Schleiger 342M Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flower Border H SCH342M
Schleiger 342N Theo,Blank 126,Pink Roses,Blue Ribbon H SCH342N
Schleiger 342O Theo,Blank 300,Pink Roses,Blue Ribbon H SCH342O
Schleiger 342P Theo,Smooth,Gold Daubs,Pink Roses H SCH342P
Schleiger 342Q Theo, Blank 122, Green Roses, Ribbon H SCH342Q
Schleiger 342R Theo, Blank 592, Pink/White Roses H SCH342R
Schleiger 343 Theo, Blank 116, Pink, Yellow Flowers H SCH343
Schleiger 343A Theo,Blank 301,Multicolor Roses H SCH343A
Schleiger 344A Theo,Smooth,Cream Rim W/Band Of Roses H SCH344A
Schleiger 345B Theo,Pink Roses,Yellow Scroll,Cream Body H SCH345B
Schleiger 345C Theo,Pink Roses,Gray Band&Scrolls H SCH345C
Schleiger 348 Theo,Blank 302, Pink,Blue,Yellow Floral H SCH348
Schleiger 348C Theo,Blank 122,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH348C
Schleiger 348D Theo,Blank 116,Blue,Yellow&Pink Floral H SCH348D
Schleiger 348E Theo,Blank 124,Blue,Yellow&Pink Floral H SCH348E
Schleiger 349B Theo,Blank 305,Pink Roses,Yellow Flowers H SCH349B
Schleiger 349C Theo,Blank 121,Pale Pink Roses H SCH349C
Schleiger 350 Theo, Smooth, Pink Roses H SCH350
Schleiger 350A Theo,Blank 126,Pink/White Roses H SCH350A
Schleiger 350B Theo,Blank 303,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH350B
Schleiger 350C Theo,Blank 304,Pink Rose Vine,Gold Ring H SCH350C
Schleiger 350D Theo,Blank 126,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH350D
Schleiger 350F Theo, Blank 829A, Pink/White Roses H SCH350F
Schleiger 350G Theo,Blank 301,Green Edge,Pink Roses H SCH350G
Schleiger 350H Theo,Blank 304,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH350H
Schleiger 350I Theo,Blank 124,Pink Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH350I
Schleiger 350J Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses H SCH350J
Schleiger 350K Theo,Blank 301 Pale Green&Gold H SCH350K
Schleiger 350L Theo,Blank 302,Pink Roses H SCH350L
Schleiger 351 Theo,Blank 305,Pink Rose Swags,Gold Trim H SCH351
Schleiger 412 H&Co,White,Undecorated H SCH412
Schleiger 413A H&Co,Undecorated,Curved Radial Lines H SCH413A
Schleiger 414 H&Co,Undecorated,Raised Laurel & Dots H SCH414
Schleiger 415 H&Co,Undecorated,Panels,Smooth Edge H SCH415
Schleiger 416 H&Co,Smooth,Undecorated, Embossed Scroll H SCH416
Schleiger 417 H&Co,Blank 11,Gold Brush Bands H SCH417
Schleiger 418 H&Co,Blank 13 Or 2,Gold Trim & Brush H SCH418
Schleiger 419 H&Co,Blank 208,Gold Dots/Outline H SCH419
Schleiger 422A H&Co,Blank 9,Gold Brush & Trim H SCH422A
Schleiger 422B H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Brush Outline H SCH422B
Schleiger 423 H&Co,Blank 1,Brushed Gold Edge H SCH423
Schleiger 424 H&Co,Blank 1,Gold Trim H SCH424
Schleiger 425 H&Co,Blank 3,Gold Daubs H SCH425
Schleiger 426 H&Co, Blank 1,Green Brush W/Gold Trim H SCH426
Schleiger 428A H&Co, Blank 1, Gold & Green Bands H SCH428A
Schleiger 429 H&Co,Blank 412,Gold Trim & Verge H SCH429
Schleiger 431 H&Co,Blank 7,Blue/Gray Flowers,Scallop H SCH431
Schleiger 431A H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Flowers H SCH431A
Schleiger 431B H&Co,Blank 9, Pale Blue,Green&Gray H SCH431B
Schleiger 431C H&Co,Blank 9A,Yellow Flowers H SCH431C
Schleiger 432A H&Co,Smooth,Blue Flowers,Black Line H SCH432A
Schleiger 432B H&Co, Smooth, Yellowflowers,Brown Stems H SCH432B
Schleiger 432C H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH432C
Schleiger 433 H&Co,Blank 213, Blue Flowers H SCH433
Schleiger 433A H&Co,Blank 7 W/Daubs,Salmon Poppy,White H SCH433A
Schleiger 433B H&Co,Blank 205,Blue Flowers,Green Stems H SCH433B
Schleiger 433C H&Co,Blank 7,Pink, White&Gray Flowers H SCH433C
Schleiger 433D H&Co,Blank 4 W/Daub,Salmon Poppy,Yellow H SCH433D
Schleiger 433E H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Poppy,Yellow Daisy H SCH433E
Schleiger 433F H&Co,Blank 213,Pale Blue Flower H SCH433F
Schleiger 433G H&Co,Blank 9 W/Daubs,Pink Flower H SCH433G
Schleiger 434 H&Co, Blank 24, Pink, Blue&White Floral H SCH434
Schleiger 434B H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH434B
Schleiger 434D H&Co,Blank 18,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH434D
Schleiger 434F H&Co,Blank 2,Gold&Maroon On Edge H SCH434F
Schleiger 434G H&Co,Blank 13,Pink,Blue&White Flowers H SCH434G
Schleiger 435 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH435
Schleiger 435A H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Blue Corn Flowers H SCH435A
Schleiger 436 H&Co,Blank 217,Blue Carnation,Pink Rose H SCH436
Schleiger 436A H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Rose,Blue Carnation H SCH436A
Schleiger 436B H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Carnations,Blue Roses H SCH436B
Schleiger 436C H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Carnation,Blue Rose H SCH436C
Schleiger 437 H&Co,Blank 13,Pink,Gray&Green Roses H SCH437
Schleiger 438 H&Co,Blank 19,Blue Morning Glories H SCH438
Schleiger 439 H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Roses&Arrows H SCH439
Schleiger 440 H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Roses,Purple Ribbon H SCH440
Schleiger 440A H&Co,Blank23,Blue&Pink Flowers, Ribbon H SCH440A
Schleiger 440B H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH440B
Schleiger 440C H&Co,Blank 21,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH440C
Schleiger 440E H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH440E
Schleiger 440F H&Co,Blank 205,Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH440F
Schleiger 440G H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH440G
Schleiger 440H H&Co,Blank 23,Blue,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH440H
Schleiger 441 H&Co, Blank 1, Green & Pink Flowers H SCH441
Schleiger 441A H&Co,Blank 424,Blue Flowers,Green Lvs H SCH441A
Schleiger 441C H&Co,Blank 2,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH441C
Schleiger 441D H&Co,Blank 418,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH441D
Schleiger 442 H&Co,Blank 6 W/Brushed Gold,Blue Flowers H SCH442
Schleiger 442A H&Co, Blank 17, Pinkflowers, Gold Trim H SCH442A
Schleiger 442B H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers H SCH442B
Schleiger 442C H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Wild Roses H SCH442C
Schleiger 442E H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,Green & Gold H SCH442E
Schleiger 442F H&Co,Blank 5,Gold Daubs,Pink Flowers H SCH442F
Schleiger 442G H&Co,Blank 652,Pink Wild Roses H SCH442G
Schleiger 442H H&Co, Blank 5, Blue/White Roses H SCH442H
Schleiger 442I H&Co,Blank 207, Pink Flowers H SCH442I
Schleiger 442J H&Co, Blank 6, Pink To Lavender Flowers H SCH442J
Schleiger 442K H&Co,Blank 205,Wild Pink Roses H SCH442K
Schleiger 443 H&Co,Blank 7,Grayish Lavender Violets H SCH443
Schleiger 443A H&Co,Blank 9,Grayish/Lavender Violets H SCH443A
Schleiger 443B H&Co, Blank 7, Lavender Floral H SCH443B
Schleiger 443C H&Co, Blank 4, Gray/Lavender Floral H SCH443C
Schleiger 444 H&Co, Blank 19, Pink Flowers H SCH444
Schleiger 444B H&Co, Blank 24, Pink Flowers H SCH444B
Schleiger 444C H&Co, Smooth, Small Pink & Green Flowers H SCH444C
Schleiger 444D H&Co,Blank6,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH444D
Schleiger 444E H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Flowers H SCH444E
Schleiger 444F H&Co, Blank 3, Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH444F
Schleiger 444G H&Co, Blank 13, Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH444G
Schleiger 445 H&Co, Blank 5, Brown/Red Floral H SCH445
Schleiger 445A H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers H SCH445A
Schleiger 446 H&Co, Smooth, Green Flowers & Leaves H SCH446
Schleiger 446A H&Co, Smooth, Green Leaves,Red Berries H SCH446A
Schleiger 447 H&Co, Blank 22, Gray/Green/Pink Floral H SCH447
Schleiger 448 H&Co, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH448
Schleiger 448A H&Co,Blank 209, Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH448A
Schleiger 449 H & Co,Blank 22,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH449
Schleiger 449A H&Co, Blank 1, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH449A
Schleiger 449B H&Co, Blank 3, Pink/White/Blue Buds H SCH449B
Schleiger 450 H&Co, Blank 12, Pink/White Flowers H SCH450
Schleiger 451B H&Co,Blank 9,Gold Daubs,Blue Flowers H SCH451B
Schleiger 451C H&Co,Blank 9,Turquoise Flowers H SCH451C
Schleiger 451D H&Co, Blank 9B, Blue Floral,Green Leaves H SCH451D
Schleiger 452A H&Co,Blank 23,Purple Violets H SCH452A
Schleiger 452B H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Violets H SCH452B
Schleiger 452C H&Co,Blank 23,Gray Violets H SCH452C
Schleiger 452D H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Violets H SCH452D
Schleiger 452G H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Violets H SCH452G
Schleiger 452H H&Co,Blank 23,Floral Border,Violets H SCH452H
Schleiger 452I H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Violets H SCH452I
Schleiger 452J H&Co, Blank 208, Pink Floral, Daubs H SCH452J
Schleiger 453 H&Co, Blank 24, Purple Violets H SCH453
Schleiger 453A H&Co,Blank 7,Violetsgray/Yellow Daisies H SCH453A
Schleiger 453C H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Daubs,Violets H SCH453C
Schleiger 453D H & Co,Blank 9 W/Gold Daub,Purple Flower H SCH453D
Schleiger 453E H&Co,Blank 4,Purple Violets,White Daisy H SCH453E
Schleiger 453F H&Co,Blank 5,Violets,Gray Daisy H SCH453F
Schleiger 453G H&Co,Blank 7,Gray Violets H SCH453G
Schleiger 453H H&Co,Blank 1,Violets,Gray Daisy,No Trim H SCH453H
Schleiger 453I H & Co, Blank 9 Violets And Daisies H SCH453I
Schleiger 453J H&Co,Blank 7,Violets & Daisies H SCH453J
Schleiger 454 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink/White Roses H SCH454
Schleiger 455A H & Co, Blank 5,Pale Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH455A
Schleiger 455B H&Co,Blank 1,Blue And Pink Floral H SCH455B
Schleiger 455C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Green Floral H SCH455C
Schleiger 455D H&Co,Blank 5,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH455D
Schleiger 455E H&Co,Blank 19,Pink&White Floral Rim H SCH455E
Schleiger 455F H&Co,Blank 17,Pink&Green Floral H SCH455F
Schleiger 455G H&Co,Blank 22,Lavender&Blue Flowers H SCH455G
Schleiger 455H H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH455H
Schleiger 455J H&Co,Blank 17,White&Pink Floral H SCH455J
Schleiger 455K H&Co, Blank 5, Pink/White Floral H SCH455K
Schleiger 456B H&Co,Blank 425,Blue Roses,Green Leaves H SCH456B
Schleiger 456C H&Co,Pink&Gray Roses,Smooth H SCH456C
Schleiger 456F H&Co,Blank 416,Blue/Gray Roses H SCH456F
Schleiger 456G H&Co,Blank 416,Pink&Gray Roses H SCH456G
Schleiger 456H H&Co,Smooth,Salmon Pink&White Roses H SCH456H
Schleiger 456I H&Co,Blank 208,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH456I
Schleiger 456J H&Co, Blank 7, Pink & Gray Roses H SCH456J
Schleiger 456K H&Co, Blank 13, Pink Roses H SCH456K
Schleiger 457 H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Floral,Green Leaves H SCH457
Schleiger 457A H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Floral,Green Leaves H SCH457A
Schleiger 457B H&Co, Blank 9, Turquoise Flowers H SCH457B
Schleiger 459 H&Co,Blank 23,Blue/Turquoise Roses H SCH459
Schleiger 459D H&Co,Blank 213,Turquoise Roses H SCH459D
Schleiger 459E H&Co,Blank 208 W/Gold Daubs,Pink Flowers H SCH459E
Schleiger 459F H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow Roses,Green Leaves H SCH459F
Schleiger 459G H&Co,Blank 208,Turquoise Flowers H SCH459G
Schleiger 459I H&Co,Blank 426,Green Edge,Pink Roses H SCH459I
Schleiger 459J H&Co, Blank 208, Blue Roses H SCH459J
Schleiger 459K H&Co,Blank 4, Band Of Pink Roses H SCH459K
Schleiger 460 H&Co,Pink Floral Sprays Rim&Center H SCH460
Schleiger 460A H&Co,Blank 6,Yellow/Pink Flowers H SCH460A
Schleiger 460B H&Co,Blank 424,Blue Shaggy Flowers H SCH460B
Schleiger 460C H&Co,Blank 13,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH460C
Schleiger 460D H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers,Pink Leaves H SCH460D
Schleiger 460E H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers H SCH460E
Schleiger 460G H&Co, Blank 24, Pink Flowers H SCH460G
Schleiger 460H H&Co, Blank 13, Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH460H
Schleiger 460I H&Co, Blank 19, Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH460I
Schleiger 461 H&Co,Blank 9,Green/Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH461
Schleiger 461A H&Co,Blank 4,Pink/White Flowers,Gold H SCH461A
Schleiger 461C H&Co,Blank 17,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH461C
Schleiger 461D H&Co,Blank 24,Pink Roses,Gray Flowers H SCH461D
Schleiger 462 H&Co,Blank 22,Lavender/Yellow Flowers H SCH462
Schleiger 462C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH462C
Schleiger 462E H&Co,Blank 11,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH462E
Schleiger 462F H&Co Blank 5,Lavender & Pink Floral H SCH462F
Schleiger 462H H&Co,Blank 16,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH462H
Schleiger 463 H&Co,Blank 23,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH463
Schleiger 463A H&Co,Blank 204,Small Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH463A
Schleiger 464C H&Co,Blank 4,Yellow Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH464C
Schleiger 464E H&Co, Blank 10, Blue Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH464E
Schleiger 464G H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH464G
Schleiger 464H H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH464H
Schleiger 464J H&Co,Blank 421,Yellow Flowers,Gray Leaf H SCH464J
Schleiger 464K H&Co,Torse(Bl413),Pink Flowers H SCH464K
Schleiger 464L H&Co,Blank 10,Blue Flowers H SCH464L
Schleiger 464M H&Co,Blank 411,Pink&White Floral H SCH464M
Schleiger 464N H&Co,Blank 9,Orange&White Flowers H SCH464N
Schleiger 464O H&Co, Blank 10, Pink/White Flowers H SCH464O
Schleiger 465 H&Co,Blank 415,Pink&White Floral H SCH465
Schleiger 465A H&Co, Blank 9, Pink Flowers H SCH465A
Schleiger 465B H&Co,Blank 9,Lavender&White Floral H SCH465B
Schleiger 465C H&Co,Blank 4,Border Green Roses H SCH465C
Schleiger 465D H&Co,Blank 213,Border Pink Flowers H SCH465D
Schleiger 465E H&Co,Blank 9,Green Flowers&Leaves H SCH465E
Schleiger 466 H&Co,Blank 9,Grayish Pink Flowers H SCH466
Schleiger 466A H&Co, Blank 6,Green/Pink/White Flowers H SCH466A
Schleiger 466B H&Co,Blank 23,Grayish Pink Flowers H SCH466B
Schleiger 466C H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Flowers&Daisy H SCH466C
Schleiger 466G H&Co,Blank 423,Green&White Flowers H SCH466G
Schleiger 466H H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Flowers,Daisies H SCH466H
Schleiger 466I H&Co,Gray/Pink Flowers,Daisies,Smooth H SCH466I
Schleiger 466J H&Co,Blank 7,Pink&White Flowers,Daisies H SCH466J
Schleiger 466K H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers,Daisies H SCH466K
Schleiger 466L H&Co,Blank 5,Gray/Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH466L
Schleiger 467 H&Co,Gray/Pink Roses,Blue Flowers,Smooth H SCH467
Schleiger 467A H&Co,Blank 1,Gray/Pink Roses,No Trim H SCH467A
Schleiger 467C H&Co, Smooth, Yellow Flowers H SCH467C
Schleiger 469 H & Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH469
Schleiger 469A H & Co,Blank 4,Blue Flowers H SCH469A
Schleiger 469B H & Co,Blank 10,Yellow Flowers H SCH469B
Schleiger 470 H & Co,Blank 1,Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH470
Schleiger 470A H & Co,Blank 7,Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH470A
Schleiger 471 H & Co,Gold Band,Green Flowers H SCH471
Schleiger 471A H & Co,Pink Flowers W/Gray H SCH471A
Schleiger 472 H & Co,Blank 7,Pink Carnations & Ribbon H SCH472
Schleiger 472A H&Co,Blank 208,Pink Carnations & Lilies H SCH472A
Schleiger 472B H & Co,Blank 426,Green Band,Pink Flowers H SCH472B
Schleiger 472I H & Co,Blank 23,Blue Flowers H SCH472I
Schleiger 472J H & Co,Blank 5,Blue Flowers H SCH472J
Schleiger 472K H & Co,Blank 9,Blue Flower,Gold Trim H SCH472K
Schleiger 472M H&Co, Blank 7, Pink Flowers H SCH472M
Schleiger 472N H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Carnations&Ribbon H SCH472N
Schleiger 472O H&Co, Blank 9 With Daubs, Bluish Green H SCH472O
Schleiger 473 H & Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers H SCH473
Schleiger 473A H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Violets H SCH473A
Schleiger 473B H&Co,Bl7,Go Daubs,Pink Violets H SCH473B
Schleiger 473C H&Co,Smooth,Pink Violets H SCH473C
Schleiger 473D H&Co,Blank 23, Purple Flowers H SCH473D
Schleiger 473E H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Violets H SCH473E
Schleiger 473F H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Violets H SCH473F
Schleiger 473G H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Violets H SCH473G
Schleiger 473H H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Violets H SCH473H
Schleiger 473I H&Co,Lavender Floral,Smooth H SCH473I
Schleiger 473J H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Violets,Gold Trim H SCH473J
Schleiger 474A H&Co,Smooth,Brown Trim,Multicolor Flower H SCH474A
Schleiger 475 H&Co,Blank 1,Yellow&Pink Roses H SCH475
Schleiger 475A H&Co,Blank 214,Yellow Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH475A
Schleiger 475C H&Co,Blank 213,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH475C
Schleiger 475D H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Roses,Brown Scroll H SCH475D
Schleiger 475E H & Co,Blank 215,Pink &Yellow Roses H SCH475E
Schleiger 475F H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH475F
Schleiger 475H H&Co,Blank 208 W/Daubs,Yellow&Pink Roses H SCH475H
Schleiger 475I H&Co,Blank 205 W/Gold Trim,Yellow&Pink H SCH475I
Schleiger 475J H&Co,Blank 1,Gray/Pale Blue Roses H SCH475J
Schleiger 475K H&Co,Blank 23,Pink&Grayish Yellow Roses H SCH475K
Schleiger 475L H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Roses,Maroon Scrolls H SCH475L
Schleiger 476 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH476
Schleiger 477 H & Co,Blank 9,Bright Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH477
Schleiger 477A H&Co,Blank 10,Bright Blue Flowers H SCH477A
Schleiger 477B H&Co,Blank 213,Bright Blue Flowers H SCH477B
Schleiger 477C H&Co,Smooth,Gold Trim,Blue&Gray Flowers H SCH477C
Schleiger 478 H&Co,Blank 10 W/Gold Daubs,Blue Flowers H SCH478
Schleiger 478A H&Co,Blank 9 W/Daubs,Blue Flowers H SCH478A
Schleiger 478B H&Co,Blank 10,Blue Flowers&Berries H SCH478B
Schleiger 479 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Pen Line,Roses&Ribbon H SCH479
Schleiger 479F Pink&Yellow Roses, Gold Trim H SCH479F
Schleiger 480 H&Co,Blank 10,Yellow Bow,Pink&Yellow H SCH480
Schleiger 481A H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Floral, Pink Ribbon H SCH481A
Schleiger 481B H&Co, Blank 1,Pink Floral,Blue Ribbon H SCH481B
Schleiger 481D H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Floral, Pink Ribbon H SCH481D
Schleiger 481G H&Co, Blank 215, Blue Floral,Pink Ribbon H SCH481G
Schleiger 481H H&Co, Blank 4, Pink Floral, Blue Ribbons H SCH481H
Schleiger 481I H&Co,Blank 21,Border Of Flowers&Leaves H SCH481I
Schleiger 482 H&Co,Blank 1,Gold Daubs,Lavender Iris H SCH482
Schleiger 482A H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Iris,Gray Ribbon H SCH482A
Schleiger 484 H&Co,Blank 216,Green Roses On Pink H SCH484
Schleiger 484A H&Co,Blank 216,Pink Roses On White H SCH484A
Schleiger 485 H&Co, Smooth, Pink/White Roses H SCH485
Schleiger 485A H&Co, Blank 21, Pink Roses On Green H SCH485A
Schleiger 486 H&Co, Blank 208, Blue/White/Gray Floral H SCH486
Schleiger 486A H&Co,Torse(Bl 413),Yellow/Blue Flowers H SCH486A
Schleiger 486B H&Co,Blank 10,Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH486B
Schleiger 486C H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Blue,Yellow Flowers H SCH486C
Schleiger 486D H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Yellow Flowers H SCH486D
Schleiger 486E H&Co,Blank 14,Blue,Rust Flowers H SCH486E
Schleiger 486G H&Co,Torse (Bl 413),Yellow/Red Flowers H SCH486G
Schleiger 486H H&Co,Blank 14,Yellow Flowers,Red Centers H SCH486H
Schleiger 487 H&Co,Blank 17,Green Flowers H SCH487
Schleiger 487A H&Co,Blank 205,Brown,Blue Roses H SCH487A
Schleiger 487B H&Co,Blank 17,Brown,Blue Roses H SCH487B
Schleiger 489 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Flowers,Green Scroll H SCH489
Schleiger 489A H&Co, Blank 22, Pink Flowers, Lattice H SCH489A
Schleiger 489B H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Flowers,Green Scrolls H SCH489B
Schleiger 489C H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Brushed Gold H SCH489C
Schleiger 489D H&Co,Blank 22,Blue Flowers,Green Lattice H SCH489D
Schleiger 489F H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH489F
Schleiger 489G H&Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers,Green Scrolls H SCH489G
Schleiger 489H H&Co,Blank 216A W/Green,Pink Flowers H SCH489H
Schleiger 490 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH490
Schleiger 490A H&Co,Blank 217,Pink Flowers,Green Scroll H SCH490A
Schleiger 490B H&Co,Blank 23,Border Green Scrolls H SCH490B
Schleiger 491A H&Co,Blank 17,Blue&Pink Morning Glory H SCH491A
Schleiger 491B H&Co,Blank 1,Blue&Pink Scattered Flowers H SCH491B
Schleiger 492A H&Co, Blank 204, Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH492A
Schleiger 492B H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow/Pink Flowers,Daubs H SCH492B
Schleiger 492C H&Co,Blank 26,Pink Flowers H SCH492C
Schleiger 492D H&Co,Blank5,Pink Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH492D
Schleiger 492E H&Co,Blank 646,Green,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH492E
Schleiger 492F H&Co,Blank 204,Pink/Green Flowers H SCH492F
Schleiger 492H H&Co,Smooth Blank, Yellow/Green Floral H SCH492H
Schleiger 493 H&Co,Blank 22,Lavender/Pink Flowers H SCH493
Schleiger 493A H&Co,Blank 646,Green,Pink/Green Flowers H SCH493A
Schleiger 494A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green/Red Flowers H SCH494A
Schleiger 497B H&Co,Roses,Green Band,Smooth,Gold Trim H SCH497B
Schleiger 497C H&Co, Blank 22 Pink Roses H SCH497C
Schleiger 497E H&Co,Blank 646,Pink Rose Band,Green Edge H SCH497E
Schleiger 497F H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH497F
Schleiger 497G H&Co,Pink Rose Band,Smooth,Gold Trim H SCH497G
Schleiger 498A H&Co,Blank 424,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH498A
Schleiger 499 H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Blue,Green,Orange H SCH499
Schleiger 501A H&Co,Blank 16,Pink&Gray/Green Flowers H SCH501A
Schleiger 501B H&Co,Blank 5,Floral,Green&Gold Edge H SCH501B
Schleiger 502 H&Co,Blank 23,Blue Floral Band,Gold Trim H SCH502
Schleiger 502A H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH502A
Schleiger 502B H&Co,Blank 23,Turquoise Floral H SCH502B
Schleiger 502C H & Co,Blank 4,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH502C
Schleiger 503 H&Co,Smooth,Greek Key,Basket,Flowers H SCH503
Schleiger 508A H&Co,Smooth,Blue Hanging Basket H SCH508A
Schleiger 510E H&Co,Green Design,Red Outline,Black Ln, H SCH510E
Schleiger 510H H&Co,Smooth,Gray Design Outlined Red H SCH510H
Schleiger 511A H&Co,Smooth,Black Lines,Flowers H SCH511A
Schleiger 513A H&Co,Gold Band,Brown Ribbon&Flowers H SCH513A
Schleiger 515 H&Co,Smooth Blank,Blue Band,Medallion H SCH515
Schleiger 517 H&Co,Brown Geometric Chain,Gold Leaves H SCH517
Schleiger 518 H&Co,Blank 15,Pink Roses H SCH518
Schleiger 519 H&Co,Blank 19, Yellow Leaves H SCH519
Schleiger 519A H&Co,Blank 19,Turquoise Leaves H SCH519A
Schleiger 519B H&Co,Blank 5,Gold Leaves,Gold Trim H SCH519B
Schleiger 519C H&Co,Blank 19,Dark Green Leaves H SCH519C
Schleiger 522 H&Co,Blank 216,Green Leaves&Scrolls H SCH522
Schleiger 524B H&Co,Smooth,Wide Gold Band,Floral H SCH524B
Schleiger 524C H&Co,Blank 12,Floral,Gold Design Ring H SCH524C
Schleiger 524D H&Co,Blank 12,Yellow,Pink&Purple Floral H SCH524D
Schleiger 524E H & Co,Blank 24, Pink,Blue,White Flowers H SCH524E
Schleiger 524F H&Co,Gold Band,Pink,Yellow&Blue Flowers H SCH524F
Schleiger 524G H&Co,Cobalt Design Band,Floral H SCH524G
Schleiger 524H H&Co, Smooth, Floral Ring, Gold Design H SCH524H
Schleiger 524I H&Co,Floral,Enamel,Decal 780 Below H SCH524I
Schleiger 524J H&Co, Blank 645, Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH524J
Schleiger 525A H&Co,Blank 5,Blue&White Floral H SCH525A
Schleiger 525C H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Morning Glories H SCH525C
Schleiger 527 H&Co,Blank 16,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH527
Schleiger 527A H&Co,Flowers Connecting Gold Lines H SCH527A
Schleiger 528 H&Co,Blank 7 W/Gold Trim,Pink Roses H SCH528
Schleiger 528A H&Co,Blank 426 W/Green,Pink/White Roses H SCH528A
Schleiger 528B H&Co,Blank 645 W/Pale Green,Pink/White H SCH528B
Schleiger 528C H&Co,Blank 426 W/Green Band,Pink Roses H SCH528C
Schleiger 528D H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Daubs,Floral Sprays H SCH528D
Schleiger 528E H&Co,Blank 21,Pink Roses,Gray Leaves H SCH528E
Schleiger 529 H&Co,Blank 216,Red Berries,Dark Green H SCH529
Schleiger 530 H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses On Tan H SCH530
Schleiger 531 H&Co,Pink,Yellow&Lavender,Gold Pin Line H SCH531
Schleiger 532 H&Co,Pink&White Flowers,Gold Pen Line H SCH532
Schleiger 532A H&Co,Green Background,Pink&White Flowers H SCH532A
Schleiger 534 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Lavender Floral H SCH534
Schleiger 534A H&Co, Blank 21, Pink & Lavender Floral H SCH534A
Schleiger 534B H&Co,Smooth,Black Line,Floral H SCH534B
Schleiger 534C H&Co,Black Ring,Yellow Roses On Cream H SCH534C
Schleiger 534D H&Co,Blank 20E,Blue,Pink,&Yellow Floral H SCH534D
Schleiger 535 H&Co,Black & Yellow Flowers,Smooth H SCH535
Schleiger 536 H&Co,Laurel,Yellow Leaves,Black Berries H SCH536
Schleiger 538A H & Co, Blue Flowers&Green Leaves,White H SCH538A
Schleiger 538B H&Co,Smooth,Blue Flowers On White,Gold H SCH538B
Schleiger 540A H&Co,Greek Key,Yellow Flowers H SCH540A
Schleiger 541 H&Co,Blue Flowers On Yellow,Smooth H SCH541
Schleiger 542A H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow Roses H SCH542A
Schleiger 544A H&Co,Pink Flower Swags,Green Vine H SCH544A
Schleiger 544B H&Co,Green Leaves,Blue Bells,Floral H SCH544B
Schleiger 545A H&Co,Red Line,Red & White Flowers H SCH545A
Schleiger 546 H&Co,Blank 423,Pink Roses H SCH546
Schleiger 546B H&Co,Blank 24,Yellow Roses H SCH546B
Schleiger 547A H&Co,Rose Band W/Green Berries,Gold Trim H SCH547A
Schleiger 548A H&Co,Blue Flowers On Yellow Vine H SCH548A
Schleiger 548B H&Co,Blue Flowers On Blue Vine H SCH548B
Schleiger 550 H&Co,Blank 6,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH550
Schleiger 551 H&Co,White Flowers On Turquoise Band H SCH551
Schleiger 552 H&Co,Green Laurel Swags,Gold Band H SCH552
Schleiger 553 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Yellow Leaves H SCH553
Schleiger 554 H&Co,Yellow Laurel Leaf Band H SCH554
Schleiger 554A H&Co,Yellow Laurel,Black & Gold Band H SCH554A
Schleiger 555 H&Co,Red Berries,Green Leaves H SCH555
Schleiger 555B H&Co,Red Line,Red Berries H SCH555B
Schleiger 555C H&Co,Red Line,Red Berries H SCH555C
Schleiger 556 H&Co, Blank 219,Green Floral,Brown Lines H SCH556
Schleiger 557 H&Co,Black Flowers,Tan Laurel,Gold H SCH557
Schleiger 557A H&Co,Red Flower,Green Leaves H SCH557A
Schleiger 558 H&Co,Blank 6,Red Berries,Green Leaves H SCH558
Schleiger 559 H & Co, Blank 19, Yellow Flowers H SCH559
Schleiger 561B H&Co,Smooth,White,Pale Blue Flowers H SCH561B
Schleiger 566 H & Co,Blank 24, Dark Green Leaves H SCH566
Schleiger 566A H&Co,Blank 424, Gold Leaves H SCH566A
Schleiger 568 H&Co,Smooth,Green Loop Design,Red Berry H SCH568
Schleiger 568A H&Co, Red Berries & Bows, Gold Trim H SCH568A
Schleiger 569A H&Co, Blue Leaves,Red Berries, Gold H SCH569A
Schleiger 569B H&Co,Gray Leaves,Rim, Gold H SCH569B
Schleiger 570A H&Co,Blank 19,Green Flowers,Red Outline H SCH570A
Schleiger 570C H&Co,Yellow Flowers,Green Decor,Gold Tr H SCH570C
Schleiger 570E H&Co,Dark Yellow Flowers,Black Decor H SCH570E
Schleiger 570F H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH570F
Schleiger 571 H&Co,Yellow Band,Green Diamonds,Smooth H SCH571
Schleiger 572 H&Co,Smooth,Cream,Brown/Black Scrolls H SCH572
Schleiger 574A H&Co, Gold/Black Flowers, Rim, Gold H SCH574A
Schleiger 577B H&Co,Band/Lavender Flowers,Gold H SCH577B
Schleiger 578 H&Co,Green Band,Pink Design,Smooth,Gold H SCH578
Schleiger 580A H & Co,Red Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH580A
Schleiger 580B H&Co,Blank 19,Green Leaves,Floral H SCH580B
Schleiger 581 H&Co,Black Dots,Yellow Pointed Design H SCH581
Schleiger 581A H&Co,Smooth,Turquoise&Gold Design H SCH581A
Schleiger 582A H & Co, Green, Red & Blue Border H SCH582A
Schleiger 584 H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band,Inner Rings H SCH584
Schleiger 585A H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band W/Design Below H SCH585A
Schleiger 586A H&Co,Gold Encrusted W/Decal 279 Below H SCH586A
Schleiger 589 H&Co, Green Leaves Outlined W/Red,Gold H SCH589
Schleiger 589A H&Co,Green & Red Swag Design, No Trim H SCH589A
Schleiger 590 H&Co, Smooth, Brown/Orange Petals H SCH590
Schleiger 590A H&Co, Smooth, Grayish Pink Petals H SCH590A
Schleiger 591 Theo, Scalloped, Undecorated H SCH591
Schleiger 592 Theo, Scalloped, Undecorated H SCH592
Schleiger 593 Theo, Blank 117, Leaves/Scrolls H SCH593
Schleiger 594 Theo, Blank 125, Scrolls/Lattice H SCH594
Schleiger 594A Theo, Blank 303, Scrolls/Lattice H SCH594A
Schleiger 597 Theo,Blank 133,Pink&Blue Flower Swags H SCH597
Schleiger 597A Theo, Blank 817, Pink & Blue Garland H SCH597A
Schleiger 597B Theo, Blank 828, Pink/White Roses H SCH597B
Schleiger 597C Theo, Blank 816, Pink/White Roses H SCH597C
Schleiger 597D Theo,Blank 828,Pink Roses,Green Band H SCH597D
Schleiger 598A Theo,Blank 305,Pink,White&Blue Flowers, H SCH598A
Schleiger 599B Theo, Blank 125, Pink Floral H SCH599B
Schleiger 599C Theo,Blank 116,Dark Pink Flowers H SCH599C
Schleiger 599D Theo,Blank 126,Dark Pink Flowers H SCH599D
Schleiger 599F Theo, Smooth, Blue Flowers H SCH599F
Schleiger 599G Theo,Blank 592,Pale Green Flowers W/Tan H SCH599G
Schleiger 599I Theo,Smooth,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH599I
Schleiger 599J Theo,Blank 126,Waterfalls,Blue Flowers H SCH599J
Schleiger 599L Theo,Blank 301,Gold Design,Blue Floral H SCH599L
Schleiger 599M Theo,Smooth,Blue Floral,Gold Trim H SCH599M
Schleiger 600 Theo,Blank 593,Yellow Scrolls,Floral H SCH600
Schleiger 601 Theo, Blank 303, Pink Flowers H SCH601
Schleiger 601A Theo,White/Yellow&Pale Green Floral H SCH601A
Schleiger 601B Theo,Blank 131,Pale Green/White Floral H SCH601B
Schleiger 601D Theo,Blank 124,Pink/White Floral H SCH601D
Schleiger 601F Theo,Blank 118,Pink Floral,Yellow Leaves H SCH601F
Schleiger 601G Theo,Blank 131,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH601G
Schleiger 601H Theo,Blank 130,Pink/White Flowers H SCH601H
Schleiger 601I Theo,Blank 303,Gold&Pink/White Floral H SCH601I
Schleiger 601J Theo,Blank 300,Pink/White Floral H SCH601J
Schleiger 601K Theo,Blank 592,White & Green Flowers H SCH601K
Schleiger 601L Theo,Blank 302,White & Green Flowers H SCH601L
Schleiger 601M Theo,Blank 594,Blue,White,Yellow Flowers H SCH601M
Schleiger 601N Theo,Blank 118,No Ring Of Leaves H SCH601N
Schleiger 602 Theo,Blank 134,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH602
Schleiger 602A Theo,Blank 134,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH602A
Schleiger 603 Theo,Blank 136,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH603
Schleiger 603B Theo,Blank 124,Blue/White Flowers H SCH603B
Schleiger 603C Theo,Blank 125,Lavender/Yellow Flowers H SCH603C
Schleiger 603D Theo,Blank 307,Lavender/Yellow Flowers H SCH603D
Schleiger 603E Theo,Blank 116,Pink/Yellow Flowers H SCH603E
Schleiger 603F Theo,Smooth Blank,Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH603F
Schleiger 603H Theo,Lavender/Yellow Floral,Smooth H SCH603H
Schleiger 604 Theo,Blank 124,Pink Daisies H SCH604
Schleiger 604A Theo,Blank 302,Pink,Yellow&White Daisies H SCH604A
Schleiger 604B Theo,Blank 122,Blue,Pink&White Daisies H SCH604B
Schleiger 604C Theo,Blank 122,Pink Daisies H SCH604C
Schleiger 604D Theo,Blank 591,Pink Daisies H SCH604D
Schleiger 604E Theo,Blank 118,Pink Daisies H SCH604E
Schleiger 604F Theo,Blank 122 W/Brush Gold,Yellow&Pink H SCH604F
Schleiger 604G Theo,Smooth,Pink&White Daisies H SCH604G
Schleiger 605 Theo,Smooth,Pink,Yellow&Gray Flowers H SCH605
Schleiger 605A Theo,Smooth W/Brushed Gold,Floral H SCH605A
Schleiger 605B Theo,Blank592,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH605B
Schleiger 606 Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers H SCH606
Schleiger 606A Theo,Blank 122,Large Pink Flowers H SCH606A
Schleiger 607 Theo, Blank 301, Blue Flowers H SCH607
Schleiger 607A Theo,Smooth,Pink Flowers H SCH607A
Schleiger 607B Theo,Blank 124,Pink/Blue/Yellow Poppies H SCH607B
Schleiger 607C Theo,Smooth,Pink,Yellow&White Flowers H SCH607C
Schleiger 607D Theo,Smooth,Large Blue Flowers H SCH607D
Schleiger 607E Theo,Blank 116,Blue Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH607E
Schleiger 607G Theo,Blank 812,Blue Poppies,Daubs H SCH607G
Schleiger 607H Theo,Blank 829,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH607H
Schleiger 607I Theo,Blank 124,Large Pink Floral H SCH607I
Schleiger 607J Theo,Blank 126,Large Pink Flowers H SCH607J
Schleiger 607K Theo,Blank 122,White/Blue/Pink Floral H SCH607K
Schleiger 608 Theo,Blank 122,Blue Roses H SCH608
Schleiger 608A Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH608A
Schleiger 608B Theo,Blank 122,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH608B
Schleiger 608C Theo,Blank 300,Green&Gold Border H SCH608C
Schleiger 609 Theo,Blank 117,Green Flowers,Blue Leaves H SCH609
Schleiger 609A Theo,Smooth Blank,Green Flowers H SCH609A
Schleiger 609B Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH609B
Schleiger 609C Theo,Blank 592,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH609C
Schleiger 609D Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Flowers H SCH609D
Schleiger 609E Theo, Blank 130, Pink Flowers H SCH609E
Schleiger 609F Theo,Blank 122,Pink&White Flowers H SCH609F
Schleiger 609G Theo, Blank 122, Lavender Flowers H SCH609G
Schleiger 610 Theo,Blank 126,Blue Flowers,Pink Roses H SCH610
Schleiger 610A Theo,Blank 122,Small Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH610A
Schleiger 610B Theo,Blank 827,Pink &Blue Flowers H SCH610B
Schleiger 611 Theo,Blank 124,Pink Daisies,No Trim H SCH611
Schleiger 611A Theo,Blank 124,Blue&White Daisies H SCH611A
Schleiger 611B Theo,Blank 814,Green&White Daisies H SCH611B
Schleiger 611C Theo,Green&White Daisies,Brushed Gold H SCH611C
Schleiger 611D Theo, Blank 814 Pink Roses H SCH611D
Schleiger 611E Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Lacy Edge,Blue H SCH611E
Schleiger 612 Theo,Pink Roses,Gray Rings,Gold Leaves H SCH612
Schleiger 614C Theo,Green&Black Border,Cream Background H SCH614C
Schleiger 61B H&Co, Blank 424, Pink Blossoms H SCH61B
Schleiger 621 Theo,Green Band W/Diamonds,Red Cross H SCH621
Schleiger 621A Theo,Smooth,Gold Band W/Green Diamonds H SCH621A
Schleiger 622A Theo,Gray&Gold Checked Band,Gold Trim H SCH622A
Schleiger 622B Theo,Blank 799,Green&Gold Checked Band H SCH622B
Schleiger 624A Theo,Pink Roses,Cream Rim,Green Leaves H SCH624A
Schleiger 626A Theo,Blank 132 Smooth,Pink,Purple&White H SCH626A
Schleiger 627 Theo,Smooth,Green&Red Design H SCH627
Schleiger 628 Theo,Smooth,Green Scroll,Brown Flowers H SCH628
Schleiger 630B Theo,Blank 305,Green Rope,Floral Swags H SCH630B
Schleiger 630C Theo,Blank 594,Green Chain,Floral Swags H SCH630C
Schleiger 630E Theo,Blank 594A,Green Band, Swags H SCH630E
Schleiger 630F Theo, Smooth,Gold Trim,Pink/Blue/Yellow H SCH630F
Schleiger 630G Theo,Blank 594,Yellow Band,Swags H SCH630G
Schleiger 630H Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Bow&Gold Flowers H SCH630H
Schleiger 630I Theo,Blank594A,Gold Band,Blue&Yellow H SCH630I
Schleiger 632 Theo,Blank 304,Green Grapes & Vine H SCH632
Schleiger 632A Theo,Green Grapes & Vine,Smooth H SCH632A
Schleiger 633 Theo,Floral On Gold Dots H SCH633
Schleiger 634 Theo,Roses On Black Check Band H SCH634
Schleiger 635A Theo,Roses On Yellow Chain H SCH635A
Schleiger 636B Theo,No Cream,Yellow Band,Pink Roses H SCH636B
Schleiger 637 H&Co,Basketweave,Undecorated H SCH637
Schleiger 638 H&Co,Raised Dots On Edge,Undecorated H SCH638
Schleiger 639 H&Co,Embossed Lines,Scales,Dots H SCH639
Schleiger 640 H&Co,Wavy Lines,Undecorated H SCH640
Schleiger 641 H&Co,Blank 637,Gold Dots,Scalloped H SCH641
Schleiger 643 H&Co,Blank 12,Gold Trim,Scalloped H SCH643
Schleiger 644 H&Co,Blank 3,Gold/Various Color Trims H SCH644
Schleiger 645 H&Co, Gold Brushed Trim&Inner Band H SCH645
Schleiger 646 H&Co,Blank 204,Gold Trim,Colored Scallop H SCH646
Schleiger 647 H & Co, Blank 1, Gold Trim & Filigree H SCH647
Schleiger 648 H&Co,Blank 1 W/Brushed Gold H SCH648
Schleiger 649 H&Co,Blank 205,Cream Band H SCH649
Schleiger 650 H&Co,Blank 204,Gold Trim & Scrolls H SCH650
Schleiger 651 H&Co,Blank 1,Gold Trim & Filigree H SCH651
Schleiger 652 H & Co, Blank 8 Or 207, Gold Daubs H SCH652
Schleiger 652A H&Co,Blank 8 W/Uneven Gold,No Daubs H SCH652A
Schleiger 653 H & Co, Blank 205, Gold Trim & Verge H SCH653
Schleiger 654 H & Co, Blank 204, Gold Trim & Scrolls H SCH654
Schleiger 655A H&Co, Blank 1, White Roses W/Pink&Brown H SCH655A
Schleiger 655B H&Co, Blank 214, White/Pink Roses H SCH655B
Schleiger 655C H&Co, Blank 205, White/Pink Roses H SCH655C
Schleiger 655D H&Co,Blank 215,Brown&Yellow Roses,Daubs H SCH655D
Schleiger 655E H&Co, Blank 1, Rose Border, Pink Floral H SCH655E
Schleiger 655F H&Co,Blank 213,White Roses,W/Pink&Brown H SCH655F
Schleiger 655G H&Co,Blank 213,Brown & Yellow Roses H SCH655G
Schleiger 655H H&Co,Blank 213,White/Lavender Roses H SCH655H
Schleiger 656B H&Co, Blank 1, Lavender Floral, Brushed H SCH656B
Schleiger 656E H&Co, Blank 17,Pink,Yellow & Gray Floral H SCH656E
Schleiger 656F H&Co, Blank 207,Yellow/Pink/White Floral H SCH656F
Schleiger 656G H&Co, Blank 22, Pink/Green/White Floral H SCH656G
Schleiger 656H H&Co, Blank 652,Yellow/Pink/White Floral H SCH656H
Schleiger 657 H&Co,Blank 9,Reddish Brown Flowers H SCH657
Schleiger 658 H&Co,Blank 9, Pink &Blue Flowers/Branch H SCH658
Schleiger 658B H&Co,Smooth,Dark Yellow/Orange Flowers H SCH658B
Schleiger 658C H&Co,Blank 10,Border Of Gold Leaves H SCH658C
Schleiger 658D H&Co, Blank 8, Lavender Floral, Daubs H SCH658D
Schleiger 659A H&Co,Blank 22,Blue And Pink Flowers H SCH659A
Schleiger 659B H&Co,Blank 12,Brown/Red Daisy W/Blue H SCH659B
Schleiger 659E H&Co,Blank 638 With Gold Trim,Pink&Blue H SCH659E
Schleiger 659F H&Co,Blank 22,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH659F
Schleiger 660 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Green Flowers H SCH660
Schleiger 660A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Poppies&Roses H SCH660A
Schleiger 660B H&Co,Blank 5,Pink To Lavender Flowers H SCH660B
Schleiger 660D H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Flowers H SCH660D
Schleiger 660E H&Co,Blank 416,Pink Flowers H SCH660E
Schleiger 660G H&Co,Smooth,Pale Green Flowers H SCH660G
Schleiger 660H H&Co,Blank 1,Blue/Pink Flowers H SCH660H
Schleiger 660J H&Co,Blank 19,Floral Border H SCH660J
Schleiger 660K H&Co, Blank 19, Pink Flowers H SCH660K
Schleiger 661 H&Co,Blank 424,Pink & Green Flowers H SCH661
Schleiger 661A H&Co,Blank 6,Blue & Pink Flowers,Gold H SCH661A
Schleiger 661B H&Co,Blank 6,Blue & Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH661B
Schleiger 661C H&Co,Pink&Green Flowers,Smooth,No Trim H SCH661C
Schleiger 662 H&Co,Blank 5,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH662
Schleiger 662A H&Co,Blank 23,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH662A
Schleiger 662B H&Co,Blank 425,Gray/Yellow Flowers H SCH662B
Schleiger 662C H&Co,Blank19,Dark Green,Gray/Pink Floral H SCH662C
Schleiger 663 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink/Blue Flower H SCH663
Schleiger 663A H&Co,Blank 213,Blue/Pink Flowers H SCH663A
Schleiger 663B H&Co,Blank 205,Pink & Blue Flowers,Gold H SCH663B
Schleiger 663C H&Co,Blank 6,Pink&Blue Flowers,Embossed H SCH663C
Schleiger 663D H&Co,Blank 214,Pink& Blue Flowers H SCH663D
Schleiger 663F H&Co,Blank 213,Pale Blue & Pink H SCH663F
Schleiger 663G H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH663G
Schleiger 664 H&Co,Blank 205,Pink&Blue Pom-Poms H SCH664
Schleiger 664A H&Co,Blank 206,Pink&Blue Flowers H SCH664A
Schleiger 664B H&Co, Blank 205, Pink & Yellow Floral H SCH664B
Schleiger 664C H&Co, Blank 1, Yellow & Pink Flowers H SCH664C
Schleiger 664D H&Co, Blank 213,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH664D
Schleiger 664E H&Co, Blank 9, Blue & Yellow Floral H SCH664E
Schleiger 666A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&Green Roses H SCH666A
Schleiger 666B H&Co,Blank 424,Yellow Roses H SCH666B
Schleiger 666C H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green Flowers H SCH666C
Schleiger 667A H&Co,Blank 1,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH667A
Schleiger 667D H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH667D
Schleiger 667F H&Co,Blank 9,Blue Flowers H SCH667F
Schleiger 668A H&Co, Blank 7, Pink Flowers H SCH668A
Schleiger 668B H&Co, Blank 9, Pale Blue Flowers H SCH668B
Schleiger 668C H&Co,Blank 416,Brownish Pink Flowers H SCH668C
Schleiger 668D H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers,Purple Leaves H SCH668D
Schleiger 668E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH668E
Schleiger 668F H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH668F
Schleiger 668G H&Co,Blank 416,Blue Flowers,Embossed H SCH668G
Schleiger 668H H&Co, Blank 9, Yellow Flowers H SCH668H
Schleiger 668I H&Co,Blank 7,Blue Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH668I
Schleiger 669A H&Co,Blank 208,Pink Flowers,Beaded Edge H SCH669A
Schleiger 669B H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow Flowers,No Trim H SCH669B
Schleiger 670 H&Co,Blank 7,Yellow Flowers,Brown Stems H SCH670
Schleiger 670B H&Co,Blank 7,Pale Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH670B
Schleiger 670C H&Co,Blank 23,Yellow Flowers,Daub H SCH670C
Schleiger 670D H&Co,Blank 23,Green Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH670D
Schleiger 670E H&Co,Blank 1,Pale Yellow Roses,No Trim H SCH670E
Schleiger 670F H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH670F
Schleiger 670G H&Co,Blank 1,Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH670G
Schleiger 670H H&Co,Blank 7,Blue/White Flowers H SCH670H
Schleiger 671 H&Co,Brown Line,Yellow Leaves,Gold Trim H SCH671
Schleiger 671A H&Co,Black Line,Red/Brown&Yellow Leaves H SCH671A
Schleiger 672 H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH672
Schleiger 672A H&Co,Blank 10,Pink Flowers,Yellow Ribbon H SCH672A
Schleiger 672B H&Co,Blank 9,Yellow Flowers,Blue Ribbon H SCH672B
Schleiger 672C H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow&Black Edge,Floral H SCH672C
Schleiger 672D H&Co,Blank 9, Blue Flower, Pink Ribbon H SCH672D
Schleiger 673 H&Co,Blank 19,Gray Rose W/Brown Lines H SCH673
Schleiger 673A H&Co,Pink Roses,Blue Scroll,Green Leaves H SCH673A
Schleiger 674 H&Co, Blank 1,Pink& Blue Floral,Lattice H SCH674
Schleiger 674A H&Co,Blank 217,Lavender Roses,Gold Daubs H SCH674A
Schleiger 674B H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Design,Lavender Roses H SCH674B
Schleiger 676 H&Co,Blank 3,Yellow/Green Floral H SCH676
Schleiger 676A H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Daubs,Blue Floral H SCH676A
Schleiger 676C H&Co,Blank 425,Yellow/Green Flowers H SCH676C
Schleiger 676D H&Co,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH676D
Schleiger 676E H&Co,Blank 1,Pink Flowers,Gray Foliage H SCH676E
Schleiger 676F H&Co,Blank 7,Pink Flowers,Gray Leaves H SCH676F
Schleiger 676G H&Co,Blank 640,Green/Yellow Flowers H SCH676G
Schleiger 677 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Floral H SCH677
Schleiger 677A H&Co,Blank 209,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH677A
Schleiger 678 H&Co,Blank 7,Pink&Gray Flowers,Blue Leaf H SCH678
Schleiger 678B H&Co,Blank 7,Salmon Flowers,Tan Leaves H SCH678B
Schleiger 678C H&Co,Blank 411,Pink/Brown Flowers H SCH678C
Schleiger 678D H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&Gray Flowers,Blue Leaf H SCH678D
Schleiger 678E H&Co,Blank 9,Salmon Flowers,Tan Leaves H SCH678E
Schleiger 678F H&Co,Gold Chain,Pink&Gray Floral H SCH678F
Schleiger 679A H&Co,Blank 205,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH679A
Schleiger 679B H&Co,Blank 411,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH679B
Schleiger 679C H&Co, Pink Roses, Green Leaves H SCH679C
Schleiger 679D H&Co,Blank 421,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH679D
Schleiger 679E H&Co,Blank 422,Pink Roses H SCH679E
Schleiger 680 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Yellow&White Roses H SCH680
Schleiger 680A H&Co,Brown/Red Edge,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH680A
Schleiger 681A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink&White Roses,Aqua H SCH681A
Schleiger 681B H&Co,Bl24,Decal 529 Border,Floral H SCH681B
Schleiger 682 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH682
Schleiger 682A H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH682A
Schleiger 682B H&Co,Blank 22,Pink,Blue,Yellow Flowers H SCH682B
Schleiger 682C H&Co,Blank 22,Blue Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH682C
Schleiger 682D H&Co,Blank 12,Blue Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH682D
Schleiger 682E H&Co,Blank 17,Blue Roses,Pink Flowers H SCH682E
Schleiger 683 H&Co,Blank 19,Yellow Flowers H SCH683
Schleiger 683A H&Co,Border Decal 297,Pale Green & Red H SCH683A
Schleiger 684 H&Co,Multicolor Birds&Flowers,Rust Trim H SCH684
Schleiger 684A H&Co, Smooth, Birds&Floral, Yellow Edge H SCH684A
Schleiger 684B H&Co,Smooth, Birds&Floral,No Trim H SCH684B
Schleiger 685A H&Co,Smooth,Pinkish Brown Flowers H SCH685A
Schleiger 685D H&Co,Blank 411,Grayish Blue Flowers H SCH685D
Schleiger 685E H&Co,Smooth,Yellowish Brown Flowers H SCH685E
Schleiger 685F H&Co,Blank 14,Grayish Blue Flowers H SCH685F
Schleiger 685G H&Co, Blank 420, Yellow/Brown Flowers H SCH685G
Schleiger 685I H&Co,Torse (Bl413),Blue Flowers H SCH685I
Schleiger 685K H&Co,Smooth Blank,Gray/Blue Flowers H SCH685K
Schleiger 685L H&Co,Blank 4,Gray/Pink Flowers H SCH685L
Schleiger 685M H&Co,Smooth Blank,Burgundy/Pink Flowers H SCH685M
Schleiger 685N H&Co,Blank 14,Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH685N
Schleiger 68A H&Co,Blank 418,Pink/White/Yellow Roses H SCH68A
Schleiger 695 H&Co,Smooth,Brown Roses,Green Scroll H SCH695
Schleiger 696 H&Co,Blank 15,Tan Border,Pink Circles H SCH696
Schleiger 697 H&Co,Blank 24,Yellow Squares,Floral H SCH697
Schleiger 698 H&Co,Blank 1,Green Leaf Border,Pink Rose H SCH698
Schleiger 699 H&Co,Blank 650,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699
Schleiger 699A H&Co,Blank 22,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699A
Schleiger 699B H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699B
Schleiger 699C H&Co,Blank 204, Floral Vine With Drop H SCH699C
Schleiger 699D H&Co,Blank 5,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699D
Schleiger 699E H&Co,Blank 22,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699E
Schleiger 699F H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow,Blue Flowers H SCH699F
Schleiger 700 H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Yellow Edge,Pink&Yellow H SCH700
Schleiger 700B H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Yellow Edge,Pink&Yellow H SCH700B
Schleiger 701 H&Co,Smooth,Floral,Blue/Brown Scroll H SCH701
Schleiger 702 H&Co,Blank 4,Turquoise Flowers & Scrolls H SCH702
Schleiger 703 H&Co, Floral, Green Scroll,Black Verge H SCH703
Schleiger 703A H&Co,Multifloral,Green Scroll On White H SCH703A
Schleiger 703B H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Yellow,Lavender Flowers H SCH703B
Schleiger 706 H&Co,Smooth,Green & Pink Flowers/Scrolls H SCH706
Schleiger 706A H&Co, Blank 12, Pink & Green Floral H SCH706A
Schleiger 707 H&Co, Blank 19, Green/Pink Laurel & Bows H SCH707
Schleiger 707A H&Co, Smooth, Green/Pink Laurel/Bows H SCH707A
Schleiger 709 H&Co, Black Line,Yellow/Blue Cornucopia H SCH709
Schleiger 711 H&Co, Brown/Blue/Yellow Scrolls H SCH711
Schleiger 712 H&Co, Brown Floral, Black Line H SCH712
Schleiger 713 H&Co, Smooth, Blue & Brown Scrolls H SCH713
Schleiger 714 H&Co, Green & Brown Scrolls, Black Line H SCH714
Schleiger 714A H&Co, Green & Brown Scrolls, No Cream H SCH714A
Schleiger 714B H&Co, Gold & Gray/Pink Scrolls H SCH714B
Schleiger 717 H&Co,Blank 638 W/Gold,Gold Leaves&Burrs H SCH717
Schleiger 717A H&Co, Blank 424, Green Leaves & Burrs H SCH717A
Schleiger 718 H&Co, Blank 4, Gold Beads,Green Leaves H SCH718
Schleiger 718B H&Co, Blank 206, Green & Brown Design H SCH718B
Schleiger 718C H&Co,Blank 4, Green/Blue Leaves & Beads H SCH718C
Schleiger 719 H&Co, Blank 1, Blue Roses W/Green Center H SCH719
Schleiger 721 H&Co, Blank 650, Pink/Yellow Floral H SCH721
Schleiger 722 H&Co, Blank 14, Blue & Yellow Floral H SCH722
Schleiger 722A H&Co, Gray Floral W/Yellow Centers H SCH722A
Schleiger 722B H&Co, Blank 14, Blue Floral, Daubed H SCH722B
Schleiger 723 H&Co, Blank 19, Yellow Flowers H SCH723
Schleiger 727 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Scroll,Brown Roses H SCH727
Schleiger 730A H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Basket,Pink Roses H SCH730A
Schleiger 731 H&Co, Brown/Yellow/Black Band H SCH731
Schleiger 731A H&Co,Green Band,Green&Yellow Medallion H SCH731A
Schleiger 732 H&Co,Red Line,Tan Loops,Red Dots&Berries H SCH732
Schleiger 733 H&Co,Gold Band,Green Band,Yellow Leaves H SCH733
Schleiger 735 H&Co,Cream Rim,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH735
Schleiger 735A H&Co,Gold Band,No Cream,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH735A
Schleiger 738 H&Co, Smooth, Pink Roses, Green Leaves H SCH738
Schleiger 738A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH738A
Schleiger 738B H&Co, Blank 644, Pink Roses H SCH738B
Schleiger 738C H&Co,Blank 644,Yellow/Green Roses H SCH738C
Schleiger 740 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH740
Schleiger 740A H&Co,Blank 19,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH740A
Schleiger 741 H&Co,Blank 4,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH741
Schleiger 741A H&Co,Blank 21,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH741A
Schleiger 741B H&Co,Blank 23,Pink&Yellow Roses,Daubs H SCH741B
Schleiger 741C H&Co,Blank 1,Scattered Pink Flowers H SCH741C
Schleiger 742 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH742
Schleiger 742A H&Co, Blank 15, Pink/White Roses H SCH742A
Schleiger 742B H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH742B
Schleiger 742C H&Co,Smooth Blank,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH742C
Schleiger 745 H&Co, Smooth, Green Floral Rim H SCH745
Schleiger 747 H&Co,Smooth,Green/Pink/Blue Vine H SCH747
Schleiger 747A H&Co,Smooth,Cream,Blue Vine H SCH747A
Schleiger 748 H&Co,Smooth,Pink,Green,White Flowers H SCH748
Schleiger 749 H&Co,Smooth,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH749
Schleiger 750 H&Co,Blank 2,Pink Roses,Ribbon H SCH750
Schleiger 751 H&Co,Blank 430,Red Berries H SCH751
Schleiger 751A H&Co,Blank 5,Laurel/Red Berries H SCH751A
Schleiger 752 H&Co,Smooth,Red Line & Dots,Green Flower H SCH752
Schleiger 753 H&Co, Red, Gold & Black Design,Smooth H SCH753
Schleiger 753A H & Co, Pink & Greendesign On Rim H SCH753A
Schleiger 753B H&Co, Smooth, Green Design W/ Pink Cross H SCH753B
Schleiger 754 H&Co,Smooth,Green & Red Scroll Design H SCH754
Schleiger 754A H&Co,Smooth,Green Decoration,No Red H SCH754A
Schleiger 756A H&Co,Smooth,Yellow/Black Decoration H SCH756A
Schleiger 756B H&Co,Smooth,Lavender Decoration H SCH756B
Schleiger 756C H&Co,Smooth,Gold Band&Plumes,Black Line H SCH756C
Schleiger 756D H&Co,Smooth,Green&Red Fleur De Lis H SCH756D
Schleiger 757 H&Co,Blank 19, Yellow & Black Loops H SCH757
Schleiger 757A H&Co,Blank 19,Green & Red Design H SCH757A
Schleiger 757B H&Co,Black&Yellow Geometric Rim,Smooth H SCH757B
Schleiger 758 H&Co,Blank 6,Gold Leaves&Medallion H SCH758
Schleiger 759 H&Co, Smooth, Green Vine, Pink Flowers H SCH759
Schleiger 759A H&Co,Smooth,Green Vines&Pink Flowers H SCH759A
Schleiger 763A H&Co,Smooth,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH763A
Schleiger 763B H&Co,Smooth Blank,Green&Purple Scrolls H SCH763B
Schleiger 764 H&Co,Smooth,Large Paisley Design H SCH764
Schleiger 764A H&Co,Smooth,Large Paisley Design H SCH764A
Schleiger 765A H&Co,Blank 424,Green Flowers,Crosses H SCH765A
Schleiger 767 H&Co, Smooth, Yellow Band W/Black Dots H SCH767
Schleiger 768 H&Co,Gold Design W/ Tiny Green Dots H SCH768
Schleiger 769 H&Co, Smooth, Yellow & Black Design H SCH769
Schleiger 772 H&Co, Gold Flowers & Leaves H SCH772
Schleiger 773 H&Co,Smooth,Green Band,Gold Swags H SCH773
Schleiger 775 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Laurel H SCH775
Schleiger 777B H&Co,Gold Encrusted Diamond Band,Smooth H SCH777B
Schleiger 778 H&Co, Smooth,Gold Encrusted Fleur De Lis H SCH778
Schleiger 779A H&Co,Brown&Gold Scroll Bands,Smooth H SCH779A
Schleiger 781 H&Co, Gold Fleur De Lis Border H SCH781
Schleiger 781A H&Co,Smooth Blank,Inner Gold Medallion H SCH781A
Schleiger 782 H&Co,Blank 4,Gold Leaves&Swags,Scalloped H SCH782
Schleiger 784A H&Co, Smooth, Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH784A
Schleiger 785 H&Co,Green Design,Gold Lines&Dots,Smooth H SCH785
Schleiger 786 H&Co, Smooth, Green & Gold Design H SCH786
Schleiger 786A H&Co,Gold Design,Blue Scrolls,Smooth H SCH786A
Schleiger 786B H&Co, Smooth, Gold Scrolls H SCH786B
Schleiger 789A H&Co,Blank 24,Green Ribbon,Red Flowers H SCH789A
Schleiger 789B H&Co,Blank 24,Yellow Ribbon,Red Flowers H SCH789B
Schleiger 790 H&Co,Blue&Brown Flowers,Smooth,Gold Trim H SCH790
Schleiger 793 H&Co,Red&Gold Geometric Band,No Trim H SCH793
Schleiger 793A H&Co,Black&Gold Geometric Band,Smooth H SCH793A
Schleiger 794 H&Co,Red&Gold Triangle&Dot Edge,Smooth H SCH794
Schleiger 795A H&Co,Apricot Flowers,Wide Gold Trim H SCH795A
Schleiger 797 H&Co,Smooth,Gold/Black Box Design H SCH797
Schleiger 797A H&Co,Smooth,Gold/Blue Box Design H SCH797A
Schleiger 798 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Leaves,Black Line H SCH798
Schleiger 799 Theo,White,Undecorated,Embossed H SCH799
Schleiger 801 Theo,Bl 801,White,Undecorated,Scalloped H SCH801
Schleiger 802 Theo,All White,Dot Border,Scalloped, H SCH802
Schleiger 803 Theo,Blank 300,Green Band Between Gold H SCH803
Schleiger 804 Theo,Blank 118,Squiggle Band,Gold Trim H SCH804
Schleiger 806A Theo,Blank 802,Turquoise Dots,Gold Trim H SCH806A
Schleiger 807 Theo,Smooth,Scallops Of Brushed Gold H SCH807
Schleiger 808 Theo,Blank 122,Gold Scallops H SCH808
Schleiger 809 Theo,Blank 120 W/Gold Accents H SCH809
Schleiger 811 Theo,Blank 118,Gold Embossed Design H SCH811
Schleiger 811A Theo,Blank 301,Embossed Gold Design H SCH811A
Schleiger 811B Theo,Blank 117,Embossed Gold Design H SCH811B
Schleiger 812 Theo,Blank 301,Gold Embossed Sections H SCH812
Schleiger 813 Theo,Blank 800,Gold Design On Edge H SCH813
Schleiger 814 Theo,Blank 124,Gold Ribbon&Trim H SCH814
Schleiger 815 Theo,Blank 303,Embossed Gold Sections H SCH815
Schleiger 817 Theo,Blank 124 W/Gold Trim, Bow H SCH817
Schleiger 819 Theo,Blank 119 W/Gold Trim & Daubs H SCH819
Schleiger 821 Theo,Blank 118,Gold Trim&Band H SCH821
Schleiger 822 Theo,Gold Dips And Trim,Smooth H SCH822
Schleiger 822B Theo,Blank 125,Gold Band Halfway Down H SCH822B
Schleiger 823 Theo, Blank 126, White W/Gold Daubs H SCH823
Schleiger 824 Theo,Blank 123,Gold Line,Gold Trim H SCH824
Schleiger 825 Theo,Blank 126,Gold Design,Scalloped H SCH825
Schleiger 825A Theo,Blank 116,Gold Design,Scalloped H SCH825A
Schleiger 826 Theo, Smooth, Leaves & Scrolls H SCH826
Schleiger 827 Theo,Blank122, Gold Edge Design H SCH827
Schleiger 827A Theo, Blank 117, Scrolls & Dots H SCH827A
Schleiger 827B Theo, Blank 116, Scrolls & Dots H SCH827B
Schleiger 828 Theo,Blank 117 W/Gold Edge Design H SCH828
Schleiger 829 Theo,Blank 300 W/Gold Dot & Loop Band H SCH829
Schleiger 829A Theo, Blank 303, Scroll/Dot Band H SCH829A
Schleiger 830 Theo, Blank 800, 2 Laurel Bands On Rim H SCH830
Schleiger 831 Theo, Blank 126, Arrows & Lines H SCH831
Schleiger 832 Theo, Blank 303, Diamonds/Lines On Rim H SCH832
Schleiger 832A Theo, Smooth, Diamonds/Lines On Rim H SCH832A
Schleiger 832B Theo, Blank 124, Diamonds/Lines On Rim H SCH832B
Schleiger 833 Theo, Blank 123, White Circles On Green H SCH833
Schleiger 833A Theo, Blank 130, White Circles On Green H SCH833A
Schleiger 833B Theo, Blank 800, White Circles On Green H SCH833B
Schleiger 833C Theo, Blank 816, White Circles On Green H SCH833C
Schleiger 834 Theo,Blank 301 W/Gold Daubs,Blue Flowers H SCH834
Schleiger 834B Theo,Blank 592,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH834B
Schleiger 834C Theo, Smooth, Blue Flowers H SCH834C
Schleiger 834D Theo,Blank 116,Green Flowers&Leaves H SCH834D
Schleiger 834F Theo,Blank 122,Blue Flowers H SCH834F
Schleiger 835 Theo,Blank 823,Lavender/Yellow Floral H SCH835
Schleiger 835A Theo,Blank 116,Lavender/Yellow Flowers H SCH835A
Schleiger 835C Theo,Blank 116,Lavender/Yellow Floral H SCH835C
Schleiger 835D Theo,Smooth Blank,Light Blue Flowers H SCH835D
Schleiger 835E Theo,Blank 126,Brown Flowers H SCH835E
Schleiger 836 Theo, Blank 126 Pink Flowers H SCH836
Schleiger 836A Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH836A
Schleiger 836B Theo,Blank 301,Pink Floral,Daubs H SCH836B
Schleiger 836C Theo,Blank 124,Pink Floral H SCH836C
Schleiger 836D Theo, Blank 131, Pink Flowers H SCH836D
Schleiger 836F Theo, Blank 133, Green Flowers H SCH836F
Schleiger 836G Theo,Blank 117,Blue Flowers H SCH836G
Schleiger 836H Theo,Blank 130,Green Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH836H
Schleiger 836I Theo,Lavender Floral,Smooth H SCH836I
Schleiger 836J Theo,Green Flowers,Smooth H SCH836J
Schleiger 836K Theo,Blank 118,Lavender Flowers H SCH836K
Schleiger 836L Theo,Pink Floral,Smooth H SCH836L
Schleiger 836M Theo,Blank 131,Blue Floral,Gold Daubs H SCH836M
Schleiger 836N Theo,Blank 124,Blue Flowers,Tan Foliage H SCH836N
Schleiger 837 Theo,Blank 136,Green&Lavender Floral H SCH837
Schleiger 837B Theo,Blank 124,Green&Pink Floral H SCH837B
Schleiger 837E Theo,Blank 122,Pink,Yellow&Purple Roses H SCH837E
Schleiger 837F Theo,Blank118,Pink,Yellow,Lavender H SCH837F
Schleiger 837H Theo, Blank 117,Pink & Green Roses H SCH837H
Schleiger 837J Theo,Pink,Yellow&Green Roses,Gold Trim H SCH837J
Schleiger 837K Theo, Blank 121, Pink & Green Roses H SCH837K
Schleiger 837L Theo, Blank 118,Pink & Green Roses H SCH837L
Schleiger 837M Theo,Blank 118,Green&Pink Floral H SCH837M
Schleiger 838A Theo,Blank 126,Pink&Yellow Floral H SCH838A
Schleiger 838B Theo, Blank 116, Pink/White Roses H SCH838B
Schleiger 838D Theo,Yellow/Lavender Floral,Smooth H SCH838D
Schleiger 838E Theo,Blank 118,Yellow/Lavender Floral H SCH838E
Schleiger 838F Theo,Blank 133,Yellow & Lavender Floral H SCH838F
Schleiger 838G Theo,Blank 126,Pink,Yellow&Blue Floral H SCH838G
Schleiger 838H Theo,Blank 126,Yellow/Lavender Floral H SCH838H
Schleiger 838I Theo,Blank 126,Pink&Blue Floral H SCH838I
Schleiger 838J Theo,Blank 124,Yellow & Gray Flowers H SCH838J
Schleiger 839A Theo,Blank 132,Pale Pink Daisies H SCH839A
Schleiger 839C Theo,Blank 822,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH839C
Schleiger 839D Theo,Blank 124,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH839D
Schleiger 839E Theo,Blank 124A,Pale Pink Flowers H SCH839E
Schleiger 840A Theo, Blank 118 Pink Flowers H SCH840A
Schleiger 840C Theo,Blank 124,Lavender Roses H SCH840C
Schleiger 840D Theo,Blank 591,Pale Pink Roses H SCH840D
Schleiger 840F Theo, Blank 122, Pink Roses, Daisies H SCH840F
Schleiger 840H Theo,Blank 130,Pink Roses,White Daisies H SCH840H
Schleiger 840I Theo,Blank 118,Turquoise Roses&Daisies H SCH840I
Schleiger 840J Theo,Smooth,Pale Pink Roses H SCH840J
Schleiger 840K Theo,Smooth,Turquoise Roses&Daisies H SCH840K
Schleiger 840L Theo,Blank 122,Turquoise Roses&Daisies H SCH840L
Schleiger 840M Theo,Blank 136,Pink&White Floral H SCH840M
Schleiger 840N Theo,Blank 119,Pale Pink Roses H SCH840N
Schleiger 840O Theo,Smooth Blank,Pale Green Roses H SCH840O
Schleiger 841 Theo, Rim, Pink Flowers, Green Leaves H SCH841
Schleiger 841A Theo,Blank 813,Pink Flowers H SCH841A
Schleiger 842A Theo,Blank 305,Teal Roses,Green Leaves H SCH842A
Schleiger 842B Theo,Blank 304,Pale Pink Roses H SCH842B
Schleiger 843A Theo,Blank 594A,Tan Band,Blue Ribbon H SCH843A
Schleiger 843B Theo,Blank 117,Trim 594A,Blue & Pink H SCH843B
Schleiger 844A Theo,Blank 118,Pale Pink&White Roses H SCH844A
Schleiger 844B Theo,Blank 806A,Pale Pink&White Roses H SCH844B
Schleiger 844C Theo,Blank 301W/Brushed Gold,Pink&White H SCH844C
Schleiger 845 Theo,Blank 832,Pink Roses,Large Leaves H SCH845
Schleiger 846 Theo, Blank 806, Pink Flowers H SCH846
Schleiger 847 Theo,Blank 124 W/Brushed Gold,Pink Roses H SCH847
Schleiger 847A Theo,Blank 123 W/Brushed Gold,Pink Roses H SCH847A
Schleiger 847B Theo,Blank 800 W/Brushed Gold,Pink Roses H SCH847B
Schleiger 847D Theo,Blank 814,Cobalt Band,Pink Roses H SCH847D
Schleiger 848 Theo,Blank 303,Green Edge And Scroll H SCH848
Schleiger 850 Theo, Blank 300, Pink Rose Swags H SCH850
Schleiger 851 Theo, Blank 117, Blue, Yellow Flowers H SCH851
Schleiger 851A Theo,Blank 829,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH851A
Schleiger 851B Theo,Blank 130,Pink,Blue Flowers H SCH851B
Schleiger 851C Theo, Blank 130, Blue, Yellow Flowers H SCH851C
Schleiger 852A Theo,Blank 134,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls H SCH852A
Schleiger 852B Theo,Blank 124,Pink Flowers,Blue Scrolls H SCH852B
Schleiger 852C Theo, Blank 300, Green/Gold Design H SCH852C
Schleiger 853 Theo, Blank 123, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH853
Schleiger 853A Theo, Blank 301, Gold Trim 595, Floral H SCH853A
Schleiger 853B Theo, Blank 126, Gold 595, Floral H SCH853B
Schleiger 853C Theo,Blank 123 W/Gold 595, Pink Roses H SCH853C
Schleiger 853D Theo, Blank 123, Gold, Floral H SCH853D
Schleiger 854 Theo, Smooth, Pink & White Flowers H SCH854
Schleiger 854A Theo,Blank 123,Gold Rings,Blue/Yellow H SCH854A
Schleiger 854B Theo, Blank 124, Pink Flowers H SCH854B
Schleiger 854C Theo,Blank 302,Pink & White Flowers H SCH854C
Schleiger 855 Theo,Smooth,Pink & Tan Flowers H SCH855
Schleiger 855D Theo,Blank 122,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH855D
Schleiger 855E Theo,Blank 806,Pink & Tan Flowers H SCH855E
Schleiger 855F Theo,Smooth,Pink & Tan Flowers,Gold H SCH855F
Schleiger 855G Theo,Blank 305,Pink&Tan Flowers H SCH855G
Schleiger 855H Theo,Blank 802,Pink & Tan Flowers H SCH855H
Schleiger 856 Theo,Smooth,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH856
Schleiger 856A Theo,Blank 116,Pink & Yellow Roses H SCH856A
Schleiger 856B Theo,Smooth,Gold Flowers & Filigree H SCH856B
Schleiger 857 Theo,Blank 118,Pink Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH857
Schleiger 857A Theo,Blank 307,Pink Flowers,Gray Scroll H SCH857A
Schleiger 858B Theo,Smooth,Pink Roses,Yellow Scroll H SCH858B
Schleiger 860A Theo,Smooth,Cream Rim,Yellow Dots,Verge H SCH860A
Schleiger 861A Theo, Pink Roses, Green Band,Brown Lines H SCH861A
Schleiger 862A Theo, Smooth,Pink Roses H SCH862A
Schleiger 862B Theo,Tan/Gray Chain,Roses,Tan Scrolls H SCH862B
Schleiger 863 Theo,Smooth,Yellow & Black Edge H SCH863
Schleiger 863A Green Flowers W/Pinksmooth Blank H SCH863A
Schleiger 864A Theo,Pink Roses,Blue Scrolls,Smooth H SCH864A
Schleiger 864B Theo,Smooth,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH864B
Schleiger 865 Theo,Blank 596,Pink Roses In Ring H SCH865
Schleiger 865A Theo, Blank 596, No Inner Gold, Floral H SCH865A
Schleiger 865B Theo,Smooth,Gold Brushed,Pink Roses H SCH865B
Schleiger 865C Theo,Blank 128,Pale Pink Roses H SCH865C
Schleiger 868 Theo,Pink Rose Band,Smooth,Gold Trim H SCH868
Schleiger 869A Small Pink Roses On Edge H SCH869A
Schleiger 870A H&Co,Smooth,2 Gold Lines W/Circle,Leaves H SCH870A
Schleiger 871 Theo,Smooth,Green/Brown Band,Green Leaf H SCH871
Schleiger 872 Theo,Blank 126,Pink Floral,Green Berries H SCH872
Schleiger 873 Theo,Blank 805 (125),Pink Roses H SCH873
Schleiger 873A Theo,Blank 819,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH873A
Schleiger 874A Theo,Blank 805,Red Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH874A
Schleiger 874C Theo,Brown Flowers,Green&Brown Lines H SCH874C
Schleiger 874D Theo,Blank 305,Red/Brown Flowers H SCH874D
Schleiger 876 Theo,Blank 800,Green Swags,Yellow Scroll H SCH876
Schleiger 877B Theo,Blank 121,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH877B
Schleiger 878 Theo,Smooth,Green/Tan Band,Pink Roses H SCH878
Schleiger 885 Theo,Green&Gold Design,Scalloped H SCH885
Schleiger 888 Theo, Smooth, Pale Green & Gold Design H SCH888
Schleiger 889 Theo, Black Line, Yellow Cir W/Blk Dots H SCH889
Schleiger 890 Theo,Smooth,Gold Encrusted Band H SCH890
Schleiger 893 Theo,Green Chain,Maroon Outlines&Cross H SCH893
Schleiger 894 H&Co,Blank 894,Undecorated,Embossed Dots H SCH894
Schleiger 895 H&Co,Blank 894 W/Gold Trim H SCH895
Schleiger 896 H&Co,Blank 207,Gold Accents&Trim H SCH896
Schleiger 897 H&Co,Blank 638,Embossed Dots,Gold Trim H SCH897
Schleiger 898 H&Co,Blank 209 W/Inner Gold Band H SCH898
Schleiger 898A H&Co,Gold Band At Edge,Gold Trim H SCH898A
Schleiger 899A H&Co,Blank 25, Pink & White Roses H SCH899A
Schleiger 900 H&Co, Blank 418, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH900
Schleiger 901 H&Co, Smooth, Pink & White Flowers H SCH901
Schleiger 904 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Trim & Line,Floral H SCH904
Schleiger 904B H&Co, Blank 424, Pink Flowers H SCH904B
Schleiger 904C H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH904C
Schleiger 905 H&Co,Smooth Blank, Blue Floral & Stems H SCH905
Schleiger 905A H&Co,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves,No Trim H SCH905A
Schleiger 906 H&Co,Blank 1,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH906
Schleiger 906A H&Co, Smooth, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH906A
Schleiger 907 H&Co, Blank 1, Pink Flowers H SCH907
Schleiger 907A H&Co, Blank 217, Pink Flowers, Daubed H SCH907A
Schleiger 907B H&Co, Blank 9A, Pink Flowers H SCH907B
Schleiger 908 H&Co, Blank 204, Blue & Yellow Flowers H SCH908
Schleiger 909 H&Co, Blank 19, Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH909
Schleiger 910 H&Co, Blank 208, Lavender/White Flowers H SCH910
Schleiger 910A H&Co, Blank 9A, Lavender/White Flowers H SCH910A
Schleiger 910B H&Co,Smooth,Pink Floral,Green Scroll H SCH910B
Schleiger 910C H&Co,Blank 1,Lavender Floral,Scrolls H SCH910C
Schleiger 910D H&Co,Blank 23,Pink Floral,Scrolls,Daubs H SCH910D
Schleiger 912 H&Co,Blank 213,Pale Gray Flowers H SCH912
Schleiger 912A H&Co,Blank 213,Pink Flowers,Blue Scrolls H SCH912A
Schleiger 915 H&Co,Blue Leaves,Yellow/Black Circles H SCH915
Schleiger 917 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Pen Line,Pink&Green H SCH917
Schleiger 918 H&Co,Smooth,Aqua Insets,Yellow Scrolls H SCH918
Schleiger 919 H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Basket Of Flowers H SCH919
Schleiger 921A H&Co,Blue&Orange Flowers,Fence,Gold Band H SCH921A
Schleiger 924 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH924
Schleiger 925 H&Co,Smooth,Black&Yellow Band,Pink Roses H SCH925
Schleiger 927 H&Co,Smooth,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH927
Schleiger 929A H&Co,Blank 429A,Orange Floral,Scrolls H SCH929A
Schleiger 930 H&Co,Blank 25,White Daisies,Green Leaves H SCH930
Schleiger 932 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Border,Enameled Flowers H SCH932
Schleiger 933 H&Co,Smooth,Yellow Band W/Flowers,Scroll H SCH933
Schleiger 934 H&Co,Smooth,Cream Rim,Scroll&Flowers H SCH934
Schleiger 935A H&Co,Smooth,Red Line,Aqua Loops,Red Dots H SCH935A
Schleiger 936 H&Co,Green&Red Geometric Band,Gold Bands H SCH936
Schleiger 941 H&Co,Smooth,Pink Background W/Flowers H SCH941
Schleiger 942 H&Co, Blank 429A, Floral Rim H SCH942
Schleiger 944 H&Co,Blue&Gray Floral,Brown Stems,Smooth H SCH944
Schleiger 945 H&Co,Yellow Decor,Blue Leaves,Gold Trim H SCH945
Schleiger 946 H&Co,Blue Flowers,Brown&Red Leaves H SCH946
Schleiger 947 H&Co,Yellow Leaves,Black Dots,Gold Trim H SCH947
Schleiger 948 H&Co,Blue&Black Geometric Edge,Gold Trim H SCH948
Schleiger 950 H&Co,Black Line,Yellow Decor,Gold Trim H SCH950
Schleiger 951 H&Co,Blank 24,Small Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH951
Schleiger 952 H&Co,Blank 653,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH952
Schleiger 953 H&Co,Blank 645,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH953
Schleiger 953A H&Co,Blank 12,Pink Rose Band,Gold Trim H SCH953A
Schleiger 953B H&Co,Blank 213,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH953B
Schleiger 954 H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH954
Schleiger 956 H&Co,Blank 427,Pink Roses,Gold Leaf Band H SCH956
Schleiger 957 H&Co,Blank 219, Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH957
Schleiger 958 H&Co,Green Leaves On Green,Pink Roses H SCH958
Schleiger 959 H&Co,Blank 15,Green Leaves, Red Berries H SCH959
Schleiger 960 H&Co, Blank 13,Green Leaf,Gold Outline H SCH960
Schleiger 961 H&Co,Smooth,Green Loop&Flower,Red Dot H SCH961
Schleiger 965 H&Co,Smooth,Red Flowers,Wide Gold Band H SCH965
Schleiger 965A H&Co, Smooth, Narrow Gold,Lavender/Blue H SCH965A
Schleiger 966 H&Co,Blank 2 W/Gold Trim,Green/Red H SCH966
Schleiger 968 H&Co,Smooth,Blue Floral Ring, Gold H SCH968
Schleiger 969 H&Co,Smooth,Green Scrolls,Pink Flowers H SCH969
Schleiger 96A H&Co,Gold Encrusted Band, No Line H SCH96A
Schleiger 970 H&Co,Smooth,Dark Blue Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH970
Schleiger 971 H&Co, Yellow & Black Scroll Design H SCH971
Schleiger 972 H&Co,Smooth,Green Scrolls&Medallion H SCH972
Schleiger 972A Theo,Green Scrolls&Medallions,Gold Band H SCH972A
Schleiger 973 H&Co,Smooth,Gold Zigzags,Pink Flowers H SCH973
Schleiger 974 H&Co,Yellow,Blue Laurel&Scrolls,Roses H SCH974
Schleiger 975 H&Co,Blank 24,Green Scrolls,Pink Roses H SCH975
Schleiger 975A H&Co,Blank24, Shades Og Green Rose Band H SCH975A
Schleiger 976 H&Co,Blank 24,Gray/Pink Roses H SCH976
Schleiger 977 H&Co,Smooth,Green Border,Red Flowers H SCH977
Schleiger 980 H&Co, Smooth, Pink Rose Garland, Gold H SCH980
Schleiger 981 H&Co,Smooth,Blue&Pink Border,Pink Roses H SCH981
Schleiger 981A H&Co,Smooth,Orange/Pink Dots & Roses H SCH981A
Schleiger 982 H&Co,Smooth,Gray/Brown/Blue Flowers H SCH982
Schleiger 983A H&Co,Blank 5,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH983A
Schleiger 983B H&Co,Blank 5,Green Flowers,Gold Daubs H SCH983B
Schleiger 983C H&Co,Blank 18,Pink/Lavender Flowers H SCH983C
Schleiger 983D H&Co,Smooth,Gray/Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH983D
Schleiger 984 H&Co,Blank 653,Blue Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH984
Schleiger 985 H&Co,Smooth,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH985
Schleiger 987 H&Co,Smooth,Gray & Yellow Flowers H SCH987
Schleiger 988 H&Co,Blank 19,Green & Blue Leaves H SCH988
Schleiger 989 H&Co,Smooth,Green With Red Dots,Gold H SCH989
Schleiger 990 H&Co,Blank 209,Turquoise Band,Gold H SCH990
Schleiger 991 H&Co,Smooth,Black Line,Brown Edge H SCH991
Schleiger 993 H&Co,Smooth,Green Line,Blue Oval H SCH993
Schleiger 994 H&Co,Blue&Yellow Flowers,Yellow Edge H SCH994
Schleiger 995 H&Co, Smooth, Gray & Pink Scroll Design H SCH995
Schleiger 997 H&Co,Smooth,Black Lines W/ Yellow Points H SCH997
Schleiger 998 H&Co,Yellow Band,Black Leaves&Dots H SCH998
Schleiger 1000 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Band H SCH1000
Schleiger 1002 H&Co, Blank 2, Gold Scroll Band H SCH1002
Schleiger 1003 H&Co, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Design H SCH1003
Schleiger 1005 H&Co,Gold Swags&Stars On Edge,Smooth H SCH1005
Schleiger 1006 H&Co,Blank 14, Gold Leaves & Lines H SCH1006
Schleiger 1007 Theo,All White,Embossed Flowers&Scrolls H SCH1007
Schleiger 1008 Theo, Blank 118, Lattice/Scrolls On Rim H SCH1008
Schleiger 1009 Theo,Blank 301, Brushed Gold Rim H SCH1009
Schleiger 1010 Theo, Blank 118, Brushed Gold Rim H SCH1010
Schleiger 1011 Theo, Blank 124, Gold Brushed Rim H SCH1011
Schleiger 1012 Theo, Blank 303, Green Scrolls H SCH1012
Schleiger 1013 Theo, Blank 116, Blue To Purple Violets H SCH1013
Schleiger 1013A Theo,Blank 801,Violets&Gray Flowers H SCH1013A
Schleiger 1013B Theo,Violets,Gray Floral,Smooth H SCH1013B
Schleiger 1013C Theo,Blank 120,Violets,Gray Floral H SCH1013C
Schleiger 1014 Theo,Blank 302,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1014
Schleiger 1015 Theo, Smooth, Pink Flowers H SCH1015
Schleiger 1016A Theo,Blank 122,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1016A
Schleiger 1016B Theo,Blank 300,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1016B
Schleiger 1017 Theo,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH1017
Schleiger 1017A Theo, Blank 118, Pink Flowers, Green Lv H SCH1017A
Schleiger 1017B Theo,Blank 801,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH1017B
Schleiger 1018 Theo,Smooth,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH1018
Schleiger 1018A Theo,Blank 120,Pink,Blue,Yellow Flowers H SCH1018A
Schleiger 1018B Theo,Blank 122,Blue Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH1018B
Schleiger 1018C Theo,Smooth,Blue,Brown&Gray Flowers H SCH1018C
Schleiger 1018D Theo,Blank 301,Blue,Brown,Gray Flowers H SCH1018D
Schleiger 1019A Theo,Blank 592,Blue Flowers H SCH1019A
Schleiger 1019B Theo,Blank 1011,Pink Flower Border H SCH1019B
Schleiger 1020 Theo,Pink Roses,Green Leaves,Smooth H SCH1020
Schleiger 1020B Theo,Blank 1222,Pink Roses H SCH1020B
Schleiger 1021 Theo,Blank 122,Turquoise Flowers,No Trim H SCH1021
Schleiger 1021A Theo,Blank 124,Turquoise Flowers,No Trim H SCH1021A
Schleiger 1022 Theo,Blank 122,Blue&White Flowers H SCH1022
Schleiger 1022A Theo,Pink&White Flowers,Smooth,No Trim H SCH1022A
Schleiger 1023 Theo,Blank 120,Green Floral,Brown Leaves H SCH1023
Schleiger 1023A Theo,Lavender Flowers,Gray Leaves,Smooth H SCH1023A
Schleiger 1023B Theo,Blank 301,Lavender Flowers,No Trim H SCH1023B
Schleiger 1023C Theo,Blank 126,Blue Flowers,Brown Leaves H SCH1023C
Schleiger 1023D Theo,Blank 122,Blue Flowers,Brown Leaves H SCH1023D
Schleiger 1023E Theo,Blank 117,Lavender Flowers,No Trim H SCH1023E
Schleiger 1023F Theo,Blank 307,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH1023F
Schleiger 1024A Theo,Small Pink Flowers,Green Foliage H SCH1024A
Schleiger 1024B Theo,Pink/White Floral,Blank 300 H SCH1024B
Schleiger 1025 Theo,Blank 126,Lavender Ribbon,Roses H SCH1025
Schleiger 1025A Theo,Blank 831,Gray&Green Roses H SCH1025A
Schleiger 1025B Theo,Blank 130,Gray&Green Roses H SCH1025B
Schleiger 1025C Theo,Smooth,Lavender Roses,Pink Ribbon H SCH1025C
Schleiger 1025D Theo,Blank118,Pink Roses,Green Ribbon H SCH1025D
Schleiger 1025E Theo,Blank 122,Pink Roses,Green Ribbon H SCH1025E
Schleiger 1026 Theo,Blank 117,Yellow Flowers H SCH1026
Schleiger 1026A Theo,Blank 130,Pink Flowers, Green Ferns H SCH1026A
Schleiger 1026B Theo, Blank 301,Lavender Flowers H SCH1026B
Schleiger 1026C Theo,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Lavender Leaves H SCH1026C
Schleiger 1026D Theo,Blank 135,Lavender Flowers H SCH1026D
Schleiger 1027 Theo,Blank 130, Pastel Flowers, Foliage H SCH1027
Schleiger 1027A Theo,Blank 811,Lavender Flowers H SCH1027A
Schleiger 1027B Theo,Blank 811A,White&Green Flowers H SCH1027B
Schleiger 1027C Theo,Blank 117,Lavender Flowers H SCH1027C
Schleiger 1028 Theo,Blank 1011,Blue Flowers H SCH1028
Schleiger 1028A Theo,Blank 126,Blue Flowers H SCH1028A
Schleiger 1028B Theo,Smooth,Lavender Flowers H SCH1028B
Schleiger 1028C Theo,Smooth,Blue Floral H SCH1028C
Schleiger 1028D Theo,Blank 119,Pink Floral,Brown Stems H SCH1028D
Schleiger 1029 Theo,Smooth,Pink Flowers,No Trim H SCH1029
Schleiger 1030 Theo,Blank 307,Green/White Flowers H SCH1030
Schleiger 1031A Theo,Blank 301,Blue&Brown Floral H SCH1031A
Schleiger 1032 Theo,Blank 800,Pink/White Roses H SCH1032
Schleiger 1032A Theo,Blank 122,Pink/White Roses H SCH1032A
Schleiger 1032B Theo,Blank 122,Green Flowers&Cage H SCH1032B
Schleiger 1032C Theo,Blank 126,Pink Roses & Cage H SCH1032C
Schleiger 1032D Theo,Blank 122,Blue Roses,Green Cage H SCH1032D
Schleiger 1032E Theo,Blank 122,Green Roses,Yellow Cage H SCH1032E
Schleiger 1032F Theo,Blank 116,Blue Roses,Green Cage H SCH1032F
Schleiger 1032G Theo,Blank 1221,Blue Roses,Green Cage H SCH1032G
Schleiger 1033 Theo,Blank 126,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1033
Schleiger 1033A Theo,Blank 117,Pink & Blue Flowers H SCH1033A
Schleiger 1034A Theo, Blank 122, Lavender & Gray Floral H SCH1034A
Schleiger 1034B Theo, Blank 120, Lavender & Gray Floral H SCH1034B
Schleiger 1035 Theo,Blank 116, Lavender Floral H SCH1035
Schleiger 1035A Theo, Blank 126, Pale Lavender Flowers H SCH1035A
Schleiger 1036 Theo,Blank 801,Blue&Pink Flowers H SCH1036
Schleiger 1037 Theo, Smooth, Lavender & White Floral H SCH1037
Schleiger 1038 Theo,Smooth,Lavender Flowers H SCH1038
Schleiger 1038A Theo, Blank 122, Pink/White/Brown Floral H SCH1038A
Schleiger 1038B Theo,Blank 124,Lavender Flowers H SCH1038B
Schleiger 1039 Theo, Blank 820, Pink/White/Brown Floral H SCH1039
Schleiger 1039A Theo, Blank 120, Pink/White/Brown Floral H SCH1039A
Schleiger 1040 Theo, Blank 116, Pink Flowers H SCH1040
Schleiger 1041 Theo, Blank 815,Pink& Blue Flowers H SCH1041
Schleiger 1042 Theo,Blank 116,Blue & Pink Flowers H SCH1042
Schleiger 1042A Theo,Blank 117,Gold 130,Lavender Flowers H SCH1042A
Schleiger 1043 Theo, Smooth, Pink & White Flowers H SCH1043
Schleiger 1044 Theo, Blank 820,Blue Floral,Brown Leaves H SCH1044
Schleiger 1045 Theo,Blank 121,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH1045
Schleiger 1045A Theo,Blank 305, Pink Roses,Green Scroll H SCH1045A
Schleiger 1046 Theo, Blank 304, Pink To White Roses H SCH1046
Schleiger 1047 Theo,Blank 133, Pinkroses, Blue Floral H SCH1047
Schleiger 1048 Theo, Smooth, Yellow Flowers H SCH1048
Schleiger 1049 Theo,Blank 125 W/Gold Streaks,Pink Roses H SCH1049
Schleiger 1050 Theo,Blank 130,Yellow/Green Roses H SCH1050
Schleiger 1050A Theo,Blank 800 W/Daubs,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH1050A
Schleiger 1050B Theo,Smooth,Green&Blue Border Roses H SCH1050B
Schleiger 1051 Theo,Blank 829,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH1051
Schleiger 1051A Theo,Blank 117,Pink Roses,Blue Flowers H SCH1051A
Schleiger 1051B Theo,Blank 804 Without Inner Chain H SCH1051B
Schleiger 1052 Theo,Smooth,Gold Border Design,Floral H SCH1052
Schleiger 1053A Theo,Blank 133,Yellow&Pink Floral H SCH1053A
Schleiger 1054 Theo,Blank 830,Multicolor Floral H SCH1054
Schleiger 1055 Theo,Blank 134,Pink,White&Blue Flowers H SCH1055
Schleiger 1056 Theo,Blank 816 W/Gold 833 Green Band H SCH1056
Schleiger 1056A Theo,Blank 816 W/Green 833,Pink Roses H SCH1056A
Schleiger 1057 Theo,Blank 117,Pink Flowers,Gold Trim H SCH1057
Schleiger 1058 Theo,Blank 1011,Pink,Blue&Yellow Flowers H SCH1058
Schleiger 1058A Theo,Blank814,Pink,Blue&Yellow Floral H SCH1058A
Schleiger 1059 Theo,Blank 307,Lavender&Yellow Flowers H SCH1059
Schleiger 105B H&Co,Smooth,Yellow/Blue/Red Flowers H SCH105B
Schleiger 1060 Theo,Blank 304,Pink & Yellow Flowers H SCH1060
Schleiger 1060A Theo,Blank 803,Pink Flowers,Green Edge H SCH1060A
Schleiger 1062 Theo,Blank 592,Green Scrolls,Lattice&Dot H SCH1062
Schleiger 1062A Theo,Blank 122,Green Flowers H SCH1062A
Schleiger 1062B Theo,Blank 300,Blue Flowers H SCH1062B
Schleiger 1063 Theo,Smooth,Gray/Blue Border,Pink Roses H SCH1063
Schleiger 1063A Theo,Smooth,Band Of Blue/Gray Flowers H SCH1063A
Schleiger 1064 Theo,Blank 123,Floral Edge,Pink Roses H SCH1064
Schleiger 1065A Theo,Blank 803,Pink Roses H SCH1065A
Schleiger 1066 Theo,Blank 123,Pink&Lavender Flowers H SCH1066
Schleiger 1066A Theo,Blank 123,Pink&Blue Flowers,No Trim H SCH1066A
Schleiger 1066B Theo,Blank 123,Floral,Gold&Blue Trim H SCH1066B
Schleiger 1067 Theo, Blank 1007, Brush Gold,Pink Flora H SCH1067
Schleiger 1067A Theo, Blank 303, Pink Flowers H SCH1067A
Schleiger 1067B Theo, Blank 133, Pale Pink Roses H SCH1067B
Schleiger 1068 Theo,Blank 800,Floral,Brown&White Band H SCH1068
Schleiger 1070 Theo,Smooth,Grid Border,Pink Roses H SCH1070
Schleiger 1071 Theo,Smooth,Pink & Green Edge,Pink Roses H SCH1071
Schleiger 1073B Theo,Smooth,Cream,Green & Red,Roses H SCH1073B
Schleiger 1075A Theo,Smooth,Oval Border W/Rose,No Swags H SCH1075A
Schleiger 1076 Theo,Blank 119,Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH1076
Schleiger 1077 Theo,Blank 126,Gold Edge & Scrolls H SCH1077
Schleiger 1077A Theo,Blank 303,Gold Scrolls&Medallion H SCH1077A
Schleiger 1078 Theo,Smooth,Gold Filigree On Rim,Verge H SCH1078
Schleiger 1079 Theo, Green Clover, Pink Flowers H SCH1079
Schleiger 1079A Theo,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves On Gold H SCH1079A
Schleiger 1080 Theo,Smooth,Pink Rosesgold Trim H SCH1080
Schleiger 1081 Theo,Smooth,Green & Red Swags & Dots H SCH1081
Schleiger 1085 Theo,Blank 125 W/Gold Trim,Green Flowers H SCH1085
Schleiger 1086 Theop,Blank 121,Pink Floral,Green Leaves H SCH1086
Schleiger 1087 Theo,Blank 119,Gold & Green Flowers H SCH1087
Schleiger 1088 Theo, Blank 125, Green & Gold Design H SCH1088
Schleiger 1089A Theo,Smooth,Gold Pen Line & Verge H SCH1089A
Schleiger 1092 Theo,Black&Yellow Scrolls,Cream Rim H SCH1092
Schleiger 1094 Theo,Smooth,Green Chain,Pink Roses H SCH1094
Schleiger 1097 Theo, Band Of Pink Roses On Rim H SCH1097
Schleiger 1098A Theo,Blank 122A, Pink Roses H SCH1098A
Schleiger 1099 Theo,Blank 833,Green,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH1099
Schleiger 1100 Theo, Blank 819,Red Berries,Green Leaves H SCH1100
Schleiger 1104 Theo, Green Hanging Balls On Chain H SCH1104
Schleiger 1105 Theo, Smooth, Gold Encrusted Scrolls H SCH1105
Schleiger 1105A Theo,Smooth,Gold Band Towards Center H SCH1105A
Schleiger 1107 Theo, Smooth, Green W/Gold Dots/Lines H SCH1107
Schleiger 1108 Theo,Smooth,Green,Red Dots H SCH1108
Schleiger 1109 Theo,Smooth,Green & Red Band H SCH1109
Schleiger 1110 Theo, Smooth, Pink Floral Garland H SCH1110
Schleiger 1110A Theo,Smooth,Gold Band W/Pink Roses H SCH1110A
Schleiger 1111 Theo,Blank 805,Pink Roses,Red Berries H SCH1111
Schleiger 1112 Theo,Blank 307,Pink&Yellow Roses,Ribbon H SCH1112
Schleiger 1113 Theo,Blank 132,Lavender Dots H SCH1113
Schleiger 1116 Theo,Pink Roses,Green Diamonds&Red Dots H SCH1116
Schleiger 1117 H&Co, Embossed Lattice & Swags H SCH1117
Schleiger 1118 H&Co,"Folded Napkin",Undecorated H SCH1118
Schleiger 111A H&Co, Smooth, Pink Rose Garland H SCH111A
Schleiger 111B H&Co, Green & Pink Floral, Smooth H SCH111B
Schleiger 111C H&Co,Smooth,Gold Edge&Gold Design,Floral H SCH111C
Schleiger 1120 H&Co, Blank 5, Gold Trim Only H SCH1120
Schleiger 1121 H&Co, Blank 1 & 4, Embossed Dots H SCH1121
Schleiger 1122 H&Co, Blank 1 & 4, Thin Gold Band H SCH1122
Schleiger 1123 H&Co, Blank 8, Laurel & Floral Bands H SCH1123
Schleiger 1124 H&Co, Blank 4, Floral & Swags H SCH1124
Schleiger 1126 H&Co, Blank 1117, Gold Daubs, Lattice H SCH1126
Schleiger 1127 H&Co, Smooth, Diamonds & Scrolls H SCH1127
Schleiger 1128 H&Co, Smooth, Scrolls On Rim H SCH1128
Schleiger 1129 H&Co, Blank 2, Gold Trim Only H SCH1129
Schleiger 1130 H&Co, Blank 211, Gold Accented Lines H SCH1130
Schleiger 1131A Blank 23,Pink Floweres,Gold Daubs H SCH1131A
Schleiger 1131B H&Co,Blank 1,Gold 17,Pink,White Roses H SCH1131B
Schleiger 1131C H&Co,Smooth,Gold 20,Pink,White Roses H SCH1131C
Schleiger 1131D H&Co,Blank 22,Pink Flowers H SCH1131D
Schleiger 1132 H&Co, Smooth,Pink Flowers,Green Leaves H SCH1132
Schleiger 1132A H&Co,Smooth,Pink Flowers,Gold&Red Line H SCH1132A
Schleiger 1133 H&Co, Smooth, Rust Band, Floral H SCH1133
Schleiger 1134 H&Co, Blank 19, Pink/Yellow/White Roses H SCH1134
Schleiger 1136A H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,White Roses,No Enamel H SCH1136A
Schleiger 1137 H&Co,Blank 1125,Pink Roses W/Yellow H SCH1137
Schleiger 1138 H&Co,Blank 1129,Pale Pink & White Roses H SCH1138
Schleiger 1139 H&Co,Blank 19,White,Pink&Yellow Flowers H SCH1139
Schleiger 1140 H&Co,Blank 216,Pink Roses,Green Vines H SCH1140
Schleiger 1140A H&Co,Blank 216,Pale Dull Pink Roses H SCH1140A
Schleiger 1140B H&Co,Blank 15,Pink Roses H SCH1140B
Schleiger 1141 H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Garland&Center Flower H SCH1141
Schleiger 1141A H&Co,Blank 20,1/16 Gt,Red Band H SCH1141A
Schleiger 1142 H&Co,Blank 428,Pink Roses,Green Leaves H SCH1142
Schleiger 1144 H&Co,Blank 216A W/Dark Green,Pink Roses H SCH1144
Schleiger 1145 H&Co,Blank 19,Deep Pink Roses H SCH1145
Schleiger 1145A H&Co,Blank 5,Pink Roses,No Enamel H SCH1145A
Schleiger 1145B H&Co,Blank 3,Pink Roses,No Enamel H SCH1145B
Schleiger 1145C H&Co,Blank 1,Pink,Yellow Roses H SCH1145C
Schleiger 1146 H&Co,Blank 15,Pale Green Roses H SCH1146
Schleiger 1146A H&Co,Blank 24,Green/Pink Rose Band H SCH1146A
Schleiger 1148 H&Co,Blank 6 W/Gold Trim,Green Band H SCH1148
Schleiger 1149 H&Co,Blank 216,Pink,Violet&White Floral H SCH1149
Schleiger 1150A H&Co,Blank 25,Pink/White Flowers H SCH1150A
Schleiger 1151A H&Co,Blank 652A,"Baltimore Rose" H SCH1151A
Schleiger 1151BZ H&Co,Blank 10,Green/Pink Roses H SCH1151BZ
Schleiger 1151C H&Co,Blank 648,Pink&Yellow Roses H SCH1151C
Schleiger 1151CZ H&Co,Blank 205,Lavender Roses,Gold H SCH1151CZ
Schleiger 1151D H&Co,Blank13,Large Pink Roses On Stems H SCH1151D
Schleiger 1151DZ H&Co,Blank 13,Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH1151DZ
Schleiger 1151E H&Co,Blank 205,Large Pink Roses,No Trim H SCH1151E
Schleiger 1151EZ H&Co,Blank 8,Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH1151EZ
Schleiger 1151F H&Co,Blank 26,Pink Roses H SCH1151F
Schleiger 1151FZ H&Co,Blank 8 W/Gold 652,Yellow/Pink Rose H SCH1151FZ
Schleiger 1151GZ H&Co,Blank 205,Yellow Roses,Gold Trim H SCH1151GZ
Schleiger 1151H H&Co,Blank 648,Pink Roses H SCH1151H
Schleiger 1151I H&Co,Blank 4 W/Gold 1122,Yellow Roses H SCH1151I
Schleiger 1151J H&Co,Blank 422,Orange Roses H SCH1151J
Schleiger 1151K H&Co,Blank 1125,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH1151K
Schleiger 1151L H&Co,Blank 4,Green/White Roses,No Trim H SCH1151L
Schleiger 1151M H&Co,Roses,Smooth,Gold Trim,Black Line H SCH1151M
Schleiger 1151N H&Co,Blank 1123,Roses,Blue Daisy Ring H SCH1151N
Schleiger 1151O H&Co,Blank 216,Pink/Yellow Roses H SCH1151O
Schleiger 1151P H&Co,Blank 19,Pink/Green Roses H SCH1151P
Schleiger 1151Q H&Co,Blank 15,Large Pink Roses,Gold Trim H SCH1151Q
Schleiger 1151R H&Co,Blank 2 W/Gold 652, Pink Roses H SCH1151R
Schleiger 1151S H&Co,Blank 9,Pink Roses,Brushed Gold H SCH1151S
Schleiger 1151T H&Co,Blank 4,Yellow Roses,Gold Trim H SCH1151T
Schleiger 1151V H&Co,Blank 216,Off White Roses H SCH1151V
Schleiger 1151W H&Co,Blank 1 W/Gold 1122,Yellow Roses H SCH1151W
Schleiger 1151X H&Co,Blank 206 W/Gold 1123,Green Daisies H SCH1151X
Schleiger 1151Z H&Co,Blank 216A,Green Roses,Cranberry H SCH1151Z
Schleiger 1152 H&Co,Smooth,Pink & Gray Flowers H SCH1152
Schleiger 1153 H&Co,Smooth,White,Green & Pink Flowers H SCH1153
Schleiger 1154B H&Co,Smooth,Dull Reddish Flowers H SCH1154B
Schleiger 1154C H&Co,Blank 639,Green/Gray Flowers H SCH1154C
Schleiger 1154D H&Co,Smooth,Blue Flowers H SCH1154D
Schleiger 1154F H&Co, Blank 4A, Tan Flowers H SCH1154F
Schleiger 1154H H&Co,Blank 14,Brown/Green Flowers H SCH1154H
Schleiger 1154I H&Co,Blank 211,Brown/Blue Flowers H SCH1154I
Schleiger 1154J H&Co,Blank 639,Brown Flowers,No Trim H SCH1154J