Fun Tableware Topics

  • Art Periods & Art Terms
    Ever wondered what it means when someone refers to the art deco or art nouveau periods? Click here to learn how the production of china, crystal, and silver has been influenced by art and history.
  • Carnival Glass
    Iridescent Glass, better known as "Carnival Glass," was first introduced in 1907. Both beautiful and fun, it reminds us of the rich glass making past of our forefathers.
  • Chintz Patterns
    The elegantly layered floral chintz designs have been popular with collectors for over two centuries. Replacements recently researched the history of this popular line of ceramics.
  • Cut Glass
    Cutting is one of the oldest forms of decorating glass. Click here to read a neat summary of the evolution of cut glass.
  • Desert Rose by Franscian  width=
    Dinnerware pieces are among some of the first entirely man-made objects created. Over the centuries patterns have developed from simple designs into ornate art forms.
  • Ma Lin by Castleton
    Discontinued China
    China, crystal or silver that is no longer produced by a manufacturer. Learn more about the designation here.
  • Paneled Grape by Kokomo Glass
    Early American Pattern Glass
    Early American Pattern Glass, commonly called EAPG by collectors and dealers, is one of the oldest fields in collecting glass and one that continues to attract a growing following.
  • Eggcup in Desert Rose by Franciscan
    Egg cups have become quite collectible over the years. Recently, our showroom staff researched the history of these unique china pieces.
  • Fiesta by Homer Laughlin
    Homer Laughlin’s Fiesta is the best selling dinnerware in American history. Well over 500 million pieces have been produced in the last 70 years. The story of the pattern’s design and manufacture is one that is very interesting.
  • Flow Blue
    Popular in the middle 1800's, this manufacturing style is ornate and durable. Rare, and now highly collectible, these pieces are highly sought after.
  • Willow-Blue by Churchill
    The Willow Pattern
    The Willow design is in fact a story of the undying love of two young people determined to share their lives together. It is a theme that is beautiful and timeless, much like the design Willow has become known for.
  • Top 20 Most Popular Silver Flatware Designs, Great Reference
    Top 20 Most Popular Silver Flatware Designs, Great Reference
    Whether you are in the market for a new set of flatware or want to know which pattern ranks first (or whether your pattern ranks first!), this top flatware patterns list is a fun place to start.