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Browse this list of interesting histories for some of the world's most innovative tableware companiesCheck back often as we will continue to add more neat information here!  Sorted alphabetically by manufacturer.

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Adams China Company Adams China Co.
Although Adams has closed its doors, its products remain highly sought-after. For more than three centuries, the Adams name has been associated with durability, value, and exceptional craftsmanship. Click here to learn more about this amazing company.

Pembroke by Anynsley China Aynsley China
Aynsley China's story is one built on dreams. Click here to learn about one of the most influential companies in the British tableware industry.

Harcourt by Baccarat Crystal Baccarat
This history of Baccarat spans two hundred years, numerous wars, and unsurpassed advancement in crystal design and manufacturing. Click here to learn more about the "Crystal of Kings."

Shamrock by Belleek Pottery Belleek Pottery (Irish)
Since its humble beginnings in the Irish Potato Famine, Belleek Pottery has become a world leader in the tableware market.  Begin here to learn more about this amazing Irish company.

Bing & Grondahl Bing and Grondahl
Bing and Grondahl’s porcelain collectibles are featured in the Buckingham Palace and the Royal Courts of Denmark, Sweden, and Great Britain. Additionally, many of Bing and Grondahl’s collectible items can be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Cambridge Glass Cambridge Glass
The Cambridge Glass Co. began producing glass in 1901. The company was started by a group of businessmen from Cambridge, OH who received financial backing from National Glass Co. of Pennsylvania.

Castleton History Castleton
The subtle beauty of Castleton patterns belies the toughness and tenacity required on the part of the founders of Castleton to create and grow a company that was to become a legend in the tableware industry.

Christian Dior History Christian Dior
In little less than a decade, Christian Dior became the most popular fashion designer in the world. Many consider him one of the great arbiter’s of fashion ever. Click here to learn more about a talented designer and his fascinating career.

Christian Dior History Coalport China
The history of Coalport China begins in 1750, when Squire Edward Brown began producing dinnerware using clay and coal found on his English estate. Today, the company continues to produce the high-quality pieces it has become known for in the more than 200 years since its inception. Read on to learn more!

Fostoria Glass Fostoria Glass
Within three months of its inception, Fostoria Glass had to move from Fostoria, Ohio (its namesake) to Moundsville, West Virginia. Click above to learn more about this icon of American crystal.

Apple by Franciscan Franciscan
Gladding, McBean & Co., began production of Franciscan dinnerware in 1934 at their plant in Glendale, California. The rest is history, which you can read here!

Georg Jensen - History Georg Jensen
Georg Jensen was a true innovator, a sculptor-turned-silversmith who chose, as French art critic Emile Sedeyn said, “to make our useful things beautiful.” Jensen’s trademarks of superb craftsmanship, interest in natural forms, and clean, sleek lines have made Jensen’s designs popular among silver and art collectors alike.

Glastonbury/Lotus Glastonbury/Lotus
The Lotus Cut Glass Company was incorporated in Barnesville, Ohio in 1912 by some local businessmen. The company began as a small cutting operation, but by the 1920's had expanded into other decorating arenas.

Umbrella Boy M.I. Hummel Figurine by Goebel Goebel
The beginnings of the Goebel Company date back to 1871. The Goebel Company remains successful and continues to produce many beautiful lines of figurines and china.

Gorham Gorham
Jabez Gorham founded Gorham Silver in 1831 in Providence, Rhode Island. Click here to read the fascinating history of one of the world's great silver companies!

Appleblossom by Haviland Haviland
D.G. & D. Haviland & Company of New York, a china importing company, was created by David and Daniel Haviland in 1838.

Hawkes Hawkes
In its day, the Hawkes Company epitomized the finest in cut glass production, creating over 300 outstandingly beautiful cut and engraved stemware patterns and other pieces.

Hazel Atlas Hazel Atlas
The story of Hazel Atlas begins in 1885, when Charles Brady and C.H. Tallman founded the Hazel Company in Wheeling, West Virginia. At its height, Hazel Atlas employed 5,000 employees, and was the largest glass-container maker in the world.

Heisey Glass Co. History Heisey Glass Co.
Heisey was founded in 1896 by A.H. Heisey, a German immigrant and veteran of the Civil War.

Herend History Herend History
Herend was founded in 1826 as a stoneware factory in Hungary, but eventually began producing high-quality porcelain that would rival fine porcelain from regions like Sevres, Meissen, Vienna, and the Far East.  Today, Herend is the biggest porcelain manufacturer in Europe.

Fiesta (various colors) by Homer Laughlin Homer Laughlin
The Laughlin Brothers, Homer and Shakespeare, began making pottery in 1871. Today, over a century later, the Wells family continues to own and operate the Homer Laughlin China Company. Click here to learn more!

Hutschenreuther Hutschenreuther
Karl M. Hutschenreuther established one of the first private porcelain decorating factories in Germany in Hohenberg, Bavaria in 1814. He was also forced to go one-on-one with the Bavarian government to simply open a porcelain factory to produce his own ceramics.

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