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Browse this list of interesting histories for some of the world's most innovative tableware companiesCheck back often as we will continue to add more neat information here!  Sorted alphabetically by manufacturer.

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International Silver
International Silver Company was formed in 1898 with the merger of fourteen independent silver manufacturers, principally Meriden Brittanian of Meriden, Connecticut, and Rogers Brothers of nearby Hartford.

Johann Haviland
The history of the Johann Haviland Company dates back to 1855, when David Haviland opened the Haviland and Co. porcelain factory in Limoges, France.

Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers Johnson Brothers China
The Charles Street Works factory, in the Staffordshire area of England, had already established a legacy for crafting fine dinnerware when Alfred, Fredrick, and Henry Johnson acquired it via a bankruptcy sale in 1882.

Kirk-Stieff was an exciting combination of two of America's most influential silver firms.

Rene Lalique left a lasting impression on the world of crystal and jewelry design. His unique creations are an enduring symbol of the Art Deco movement. Click here to learn more.

Holiday by Lenox Lenox
Click here to learn more about the company that is recognized as the leading producer of high quality china in the United States. Lenox was selected as the maker of patterns for Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan, among others!

Libbey/Rock Sharpe
If you had to pick two words to describe Libbey Glass Company's offerings over the years, "diverse" and "prolific" would certainly apply.

Little Riders Figurine by Lladro Lladro
Lladro Porcelain started as the dream of three brothers, Juan, Jose, and Vincente Lladro. At their mother’s urging, the three brothers left the family farm to study art and sculpture. Today, the company remains one of the world’s most successful porcelain crafters.

Denmark-Blue by Mason's Mason's Ironstone History
In 1800, Mason’s Ironstone began producing decorated earthenware in Liverpool, England. The company was founded by Miles Mason, an English “chinaman” who engaged in the production, sale, and trade of oriental porcelain.

Throughout its history, Metlox has been known as one of the great California pottery firms.  Relying on a team of skilled artists and the perseverance of two families, Metlox left a lasting mark on the tableware industry.

An organization whose name literally translates to 'the Company' is not a manufacturer at all. Interested? Click above for the full story.

Haddon Hall by Minton Minton China History
Click here to learn more about this fascinating English porcelain company whose history spans more than 200 years.

Haddon Hall by Minton Morgantown History
In 1899, Frank Bannister formed Morgantown Glass Works near the successful Seneca Glass Company in Morgantown, West Virginia. The first glassware products made by the company were clear, hand-blown glass tableware.

Nachtmann/Spiegelau Crystal Nachtmann/Spiegelau Crystal
In 1834, Michael Nachtmann opened a glass factory in Herzogau, Germany. Located in Bavaria’s Black Forest, Nachtmann focused on producing jugs, bottles, and some stemware.

A strategy of global growth makes the "casual chic" that Nikko has become known for available all over the world.

Sweet Leilani by Noritake Noritake
The origins of Noritake as a china company formally begin with the founding of a company titled Nippon Toki Kabushiki Kaisha, Ltd. in Japan in early 1904.

Oneida, Ltd.
Based on John Noyes vision of a utopian society, the "Oneida Community" spawned a wealth of utilitarian tools. Years later, Oneida, Ltd. is the industry authority on all things flatware.

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