Ever wondered what an epergne is? How about a bobeche or a nappy? Want to know how Noritake got started? Browse below for an extensive dictionary of terms, neat manufacturer histories, and other fun dinnerware facts and features.

  • Dictionary of Terms
    An extensive online reference of over 260 tableware terms and definitions!
  • Manufacturer Histories
    For centuries, the tableware industry has created memories and time-honored traditions for millions of households. Click this link to explore interesting histories for many of the world’s leading tableware makers.
  • Our Most Poular PatternsOur Most Popular Patterns
    Follow the link above to browse our “Top 20” most popular patterns from renowned companies like Lenox, Mikasa, Noritake, Oneida, Pfaltzgraff, and Wedgwood. These iconic tableware designs are great examples of brilliant tableware artistry – browse and enjoy!
  • Replacements History
    Founded in 1981, Replacements has become known for its customer focus, product expertise, and very large selection of product. Click above to learn fascinating facts about our founder, his vision, and a company that has grown steadily for twenty years.
  • Q & A with Replacements’ founder and CEO Bob Page Q & A with Replacements’ founder and CEO Bob Page
    Click here for an insightful question and answer session with Bob Page, founder and CEO of Replacements, Ltd.
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    Click here to explore interesting (and fun!) featured tableware and collectible subjects.
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    Start here to review recently featured weekly selections of specially-priced items, each offered for a limited time at significant discounts. Great pieces including china, crystal, silver, and collectibles, with the selection changing each week! Check back often!
  • Trudy & Toby Featured Pets Archive
    In June 2003 we began featuring a furry coworker each month. Click here to view our past featured pets.
  • Featured Museum Pieces Archive
    These pieces are from our Showroom Museum, and are so rare they are not offered for sale. However, they are so beautiful, interesting, and in some cases unusual, you’ll want to take a look!
  • Dean's Corner Archive Dean's Corner Archive
    Ever wonder how wine hocks got their name, the history of hot chocolate, or the story behind Tom and Jerry sets? Our own tableware expert Dean Six answers these and more intriguing questions in “Dean’s Corner.” Browse the archive of these fascinating articles at the link above!
  • Special Events Archive
    Read about Replacements fun and interesting events. Want to know about Replacements' contribution to movies like "The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood"? Click here to learn more.
  • Replacements, Ltd. Decorating and Entertaining Tips Replacements, Ltd. Decorating and Entertaining Tips
    Check here for seasonal decorating and entertaining tips from the tableware and collectible experts here at Replacements, Ltd.
  • Tableware Care and Storage Tips
    Click here for recommendations and tips for caring for your china, crystal and flatware!