Phillip Rosenthal (1855-1937) began business in 1884 by purchasing white ware from Hutschenreuther and selling designs, handpainted by his wife Maria, door to door. In 1891, he established a factory in Asch, Bohemia and began production of white ware for use in his workshop. From 1897 to 1936, Rosenthal acquired factories in Kronach, Marktredwitz, Selb, Waldenburg, Sophienthal, and Waldershof. The popularity of the Maria White and Moss Rose patterns helped the business grow rapidly.

By the time of WWII, Rosenthal operated 10 companies and employed over 5,000 people. When the war ended, Rosenthal’s son, Phillip, returned to Germany where he modernized out of date factories and reestablished lost markets. Phillip quickly rebuilt the business by reaching new markets interested in the modern shapes and artistry of his dinnerware. To this day, Rosenthal continues to work with leaders in fashion and design to create unique tabletop designs.

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