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The history of Towle Silver is rooted in the craftsmanship and artistry of the Moulton family of England. Starting with William Moulton II, a tradition of of craftsmanship and artistry would be built by six generations of Moultons including William Moulton IV, who would apprentice a young Anthony F. Towle.

After years of diligent study, Anthony decided to start his own business upon the retirement of William IV. Using the incredible Moulton family knowledge he had acquired, Anthony Towle and partner William P. Jones would buy the Moulton family stock to form Towle & Jones, Co. in 1857. The company found firm footing and a warm reception in the silver industry and market at large. The addition of Towle's son Edward saw another name change to A.F. Towle & Son in 1873.

The current and very familiar backstamp we see today, the Towle "T" enclosed by a lion, was adopted around 1890. The emblem is rumored to have been designed by Anthony himself, using the family coat of arms as inspiration. 1890 also saw the production of the first hollowware lines (tea sets and other pieces) at Towle.

Richard Dimes led the new venture, and was known for his work at Frank W. Smith, as well as his own silver business. 1882 marked the year that both Anthony, and his son Edward, retired. The event marked yet one more name change. "Towle Silversmiths" gained recognition for fine craftsmanship in the many years that followed. Patterns like Candlelight , produced since 1934, and Old Master, produced since 1942, have consistently drawn hordes of dedicated followers.

Today, Towle embodies all of the original principles set fourth by the Moulton family, and used so wisely by Anthony Towle. The company has continued to do well, producing for and acquiring many smaller rivals such as, Adams Silver, FB Rogers, Lauffer Silver, and Georg Jensen USA to name a few. Towle itself, along with Wallace Silver, was purchased by the Syratech Corporation in the early 1990s. The Towle Silver legacy of great craftsmanship, beautiful design, and quality will ensure its continued success in the silver tableware market.