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In 1940, Westmorland Silver was created through the joint efforts of Wearever Aluminum Inc. and Wallace Silversmiths. Throughout the 1930’s, America suffered through the Great Depression. As America emerged from those difficult times, many people began to long for the luxury items that were popular during the pre-Depression era. Wanting to capitalize on this demand, Wallace Silversmiths created a partnership with Wearever Aluminum Inc. Since 1853, Wallace Silversmiths had produced sterling silver pieces of exceptional quality. While making quality products was a strong suit for Wallace, marketing was not. Wearever Aluminum Inc. presented a plan to Wallace illustrating how together the two companies could successfully market their patterns through a door-to-door sales campaign. Wallace was impressed with this plan and Wearever Aluminum Inc. was chosen as Wallace’s partner.

Throughout the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, only 5 patterns were marketed under the Westmorland name. Each of Westmorland’s designs, Enchanting Orchid , George and Martha Washington, John and Priscilla, Lady Hilton, and Milburn Rose, combine the stately elegance of Victorian and Edwardian silver craft with the form and functionality of contemporary silverware. All of Westmorland’s patterns have remained very popular. Today, Wallace Silversmiths continues to produce and market each of Westmorland’s patterns using the Westmorland name.