Frequently Asked Questions Silver Restoration & Repair

How do I send pieces to Replacements, Ltd. to be repaired?

For shipping instructions, see Repair or Restoration Request Form

NOTE:  UPS DOES NOT DELIVER TO REPLACEMENTS, LTD. Therefore, any shipments that you send to Replacements, Ltd. via UPS will be returned to you by UPS as undeliverable. Please ship your merchandise via FedEx or US Postal Service.

How long will it take for my restoration or repair to be completed?

A typical job requires up to four weeks of time. Once we receive your piece, we will call to discuss the work with you and provide a cost estimate. Any deviation from this timeframe will be discussed as well.

Who is responsible for shipping charges?

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

How do I know my pieces got to Replacements, Ltd.?

We will call you to confirm our receipt of your pieces and to discuss the specifics of your repair/restoration with you.

How much does it cost to have flatware pieces polished?

Our polishing charges are as follows:

Stainless $6.00 per piece
Silverplate $2.00 per piece
Sterling $4.00 per piece
Pewter $2.00 per piece

What is the charge for repairing kitchen disposal damage?

The average charge for the repair of damage caused by a kitchen disposal is $40.00. Due to the expense of this service, we encourage you to check with our Sales department to see if a replacement piece may be more cost efficient for you.

What is the charge for replacing knife blades?

The charge for replacing a knife blade is $40.00. Again, please check with a Sales Representative to determine whether or not we are able to replace the knife at a lower cost to you.

What is the charge for monogram removal?

The average charge is $12.00 per flatware piece. In some cases, we will need to see the piece before being able to quote a cost. For monogram removal from hollowware, please call.

Do you re-plate silver?

We are indeed able to re-plate silver, but we will need to see the piece for evaluation prior to quoting a cost for the work. After evaluating the piece, we will call you with an estimate for your approval before the work begins.

I cleaned my sterling with baking soda, Clorox, or another cleaner and now it has a strange coloration. Is there anything I can do about this?

First try hand polishing with a product such as Hagerty Silver Foam, which we sell in 8 ounce, 18 ounce, and 32 ounce containers. If this does not work, the piece may need to be machine polished. Our specially trained polishers can buff this discoloration off sterling for you at a charge of $4.00 per piece.

My flatware or hollowware piece lost its patina when it was cleaned. Is there anything I can do?

Our skilled technicians can restore the soft sheen, color, and feel of silver – known as patina – that develops with use. We can even match it to the patina of other pieces in your set! Just provide us with a sample piece showing the patina you wish to match.

Can I wash my sterling in the dishwasher?

We do not recommend washing sterling or silverplate in the dishwasher. Some dishwasher detergents can cause staining or pitting, while the heat from the drying cycle can loosen the handles of knife blades and other hollow handled pieces.