What Our Customers are Saying

Check out the testimonials below to see some of the many ways we've been honored to help our customers entertain, gather, and make a house a home.

S.O., Bluffton, SC

"Your honesty, competence, quality offerings and fair prices are a superb combination! I am a client for life!"

C.P., Woolwich, ME

"I truly marvel at the staggering range of china patterns listed on your site, so many with photos, from beautiful and rare Victorian era patterns to contemporary styles. A phenomenal achievement, and much appreciated."

R.R., Red Bluff, CA

"Fifty years ago, wedding guests gifted me with 14 place settings of Noritake Parkridge china which we joyously used to serve special meals, especially on holidays, to family, friends, neighbors, even a few nursing home residents who didn't have anyone else. Last Nov. 8, 2018, we lost it all, along with our home and 90% of our town when Paradise, CA burned to the ground. Finding your company, and ordering a few pieces as special reminders, brought tears of joy to me. I never expected to see my pattern again. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."

J.G., Gardnerville, NV

"You are the 'go-to' company for the hard to find. Thank goodness you are here."

A.B., Laurel, MD

"Excellent inventory, first class product, fantastic service, what else can I say? Very happy!"

K.M., Mount Vernon, WA

"I’ve purchased many sets of dinnerware from you throughout the years. Some I’ve added to, others replaced pieces, and I’ve never been disappointed! If I have more room I’d probably own more sets. I grew up appreciating my grandmother's set, the beauty, the shape, the delicacy of the pieces and the memories they bring back are as as precious as the pieces themselves. Thank you."

J.M., Southhampton, NY

"Laymen can't possibly appreciate the efforts and investments you have made to fill this critical space for humanity. You do it with speed and efficiency and quality, esp. as it applies to the packing and shipping goes. My most highest compliments."

D.S., New York, NY

"Excellent service! A*****"

B.B., Aventura, FL

"Love knowing you are there whenever something breaks or is lost, like my silver teaspoon. You never disappoint, your service is perfection, and most importantly your knowledge is beyond belief. Thank you."

A.H., Rockingham, VA

"Cupboard shelf fell on me. Three salad plates broke. OCD about my one set of dishes. Now they are complete again and I can relax."

C.P., Washington, DC

"It's a wonderful feeling to know I can count on you and your team of wonderfully helpful people to do your best to find things that I would otherwise have no hope of ever finding again."

M.L., Indianola, MS

"When I win the lottery - gonna be soon- you all will be my first stop. The silver carving set that I bought was perfection - gloriously gleaming and perfectly packaged. Thank you for your inventory of gorgeousness."

M.S., Franklin, TN

"Just told my husband as I was unpacking, 'I love Replacements!' When I die, I want all the china, crystal, and silver that my family doesn't want to go to Replacements to make someone happy! I love that when I recently broke a saucer from my wedding china, I was able to replace it!"

K.M., Fort Worth, TX

"Browsing Replacements is my FAVORITE thing to do!"

A.R., Sacramento, CA

"I’m a china nut. You always have great finds for great prices. Years ago, my sister-in-law accidentally broke a salad plate that had belonged to her great-grandmother at Thanksgiving. She cried she was so heart broken. I found her pattern here and was able to replace the broken piece for her. She was overjoyed. We love you guys."

B.R., Pasadena, CA

"I admire the company's philosophy & practices. Beyond that, you educate and even entertain me, whether I am seeking something in particular or simply browsing the specials. For example, I don't need a lettuce fork but am tickled to learn there are such things, and sometimes your listings cause me to re-examine the "old stuff" I have and understand its use. Then there are the irresistible items that fill a need I didn't know I had. And your packaging is phenomenal!"

S.F., Las Vegas, NV

"The replacement was for a Christmas gift from my daughter and her husband that fell off the shelf and broke. I found your website and thank God you had one now they will never know. Thank you so much!!!"

L.E., Ontario, Canada

"Your staff are amazing! I never dealt with a company that was so "customer service" oriented and polite. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience dealing with your company and will share with my friends."

N.E., Lexington, KY

"Love this company and the service of replacing lost or damaged items to keep things in sets that are not heirlooms but just part of my family memories that I want to pass along with the stories that go with the items."

S.W, Kihei, HI

"You brought joy back into my life when you located my favorite aunt's china, destroyed in our house fire, and I was able to purchase."

N.M, Lexington, KY

"I keep coming back!"

G.P., Casper, WY

"I cried, I was so happy to replace pieces from the collection I inherited from my grandmother. You are even looking for the gravy boat I broke from the collection. Best Christmas present ever!!!"

D.L, South Yarmouth, MA

"Always terrific customer service. I shop with the knowledge that your product is only the best."

J.R., Alexandria, VA

"Perfect pitch, perfect hit - Home Run!"

M.B., Miami, FL

"Thank you for providing vintage, one-of-a-kind, and more recent patterns to complete and add to existing family pieces. You help us keep fond memories and make new ones."

S.M., Bruce, WI

"You've taken the stress out of using my china. If something gets broken, it can be replaced. Thank you."

J.D., Leesburg, VA

"Your company keeps beauty in the world!"

R.H., Fort Wayne, IN

"Just like in the Terminator, 'I'll be back'!"

S.D., Torrington, CT

"Great selection. If you can’t find it on Replacements, it doesn’t exist. :) Super customer service, too!"

R.S., Wilkesboro, NC

"When I got the bowl, I was impressed with how well it was packaged. It’s like the Otter Box of packaging, nothing will break it."

C.E., Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Perfect in every way!"

T.C., Medford, OR

"Just love your company! Greatest business idea, well run, rapid responses. You identified a pattern I couldn’t find on my own and allowed me to complete the table service. Packing is topnotch; never any breakage 😅."

K.B., Terre Haute, IN

"Christmas is every day for me when I find the dishes that I cannot live without on your website!! I love your store!!!"

E.E., Greely, CO

"Thank you so much for this service! I LOVE being able to complete heirloom patterns."

B.H., Walkertown, NC

"I really appreciate Replacements. A few years ago when I found my mother's china pattern, I actually broke down and cried. I had a flood of old memories come back to me. My mother took great pride in setting a beautiful table. I remember her telling me she wished she had bought certain pieces. Many years later after she died you made it possible for me to buy those pieces. Now, I'm working on the silver set."

D.F., Long Beach, NY

"Amazing service with the kindest people."

C.F., Georgetown, KY

"Finding pieces to my mother's antique punch bowl will make my holiday party sparkle! I had lost all hope to completing her set she gifted to me years ago (I had actually broke some pieces moving she didn't know about). She will be ecstatic to see me using this old, wonderful, piece of our families history. Thank you so much!"

S.M., Norfolk, VA

"Replacements is the whole package! From your mission to being a great corporate citizen and an overall nice working environment."

A.L., Denver, CO

"It is always a pleasure to order from Replacements, Ltd."

G.G., Sewickley, PA

"Your website/company is always my first go to for presents for my wife. Always have top quality unique items."

A.O., Sutherlin, VA

"Everyone who helped us couldn't have been any nicer. It is an absolute joy to walk into Replacements!"

L.E., Lufkin, TX

"Shopping Replacements is a respite from other responsibilities. I look for reasons to place an order. No one at Replacements is ever rude or too busy to listen, wait and respond."

M.M., Shreveport, LA

"Your customer service is great! I feel like part of the family!"

J.C., South Sioux, IA

"I appreciate every aspect of dealing with Replacements, Ltd. The customer service is excellent, the products are superior and the packaging and shipping are second to none. What more could one ask for?"

S.L., Crumpler, NC

"Packaging was the best I have ever seen for china. The best ever. You cannot imagine how many broken dishes I have received from other stores. And in addition, the lady who chose my plates did a very good job. The plates were as if I had picked them out myself. Excellent service!"

B.T., Jacksonville, FL

"Every time I talk to your representatives, I feel as though I'm talking to a family friend. You must purposely hire the nicest people you can find. I know yours is quite a large business, but you always make me feel as though I'm your only customer. Many other businesses could learn from you. Thanks for everything and keep up the very good work!"