Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

N.A., Ithica, NY

"I've had great success with and look forward to working with you in the near future! Great service and nice folks to work with. Thank you!"

M.Y., Wixom, MI

"Love that your help is available!"

J.G., Lafayette, CO

"You have helped me create a set for 24 of the silverware that I grew up using to continue the great memories we had growing up. If it wasn't for your website I would not be able to do that. I lost my mother some 30 years ago and this was her favorite silverware for special occasions, now I can share a part of her with our ever growing family in the many years to come. Thanks again for the great service you provide to the public. Love!"

J.K., Lititz, PA

"I just received my shipment from you today and I am absolutely thrilled! I ordered additional settings for a pattern that I had received as a wedding gift 22 years ago! I only had service for 8 and had wanted to increase that to 10, but I didn't know how to find my pattern. When I typed in the name from my set, your website came up. I chose to order the discounted dishes because I did have an older set. They are terrific. I appreciate that your website is honest in that there might be small imperfections. The dishes still look great and honestly, at this point, my original dishes are sporting a few imperfections of their own. Thank you so much. If I decide to increase my place settings again, I know just who to contact."

L.H., Kailua Kona, HI

"It is always a pleasure doing business with your company."

C.G., Easthampton, MA

"Very nicely organized site. Easy to navigate."

R.B., Paphos, Cyprus

"Wonderful service, thank you! My order came all the way to Cyprus in the Mediterranean and arrived in one piece, beautifully packed."

C.V., Rock Springs, WY

"Love your service!"

J.L., Eagan, MN

"Very smart business!"

K.B., Paducah, KY

"Received our order today. So pleased with the shipment. Everything is fine. None broken, scratched or chipped. Was pleased with how well it was packed. Thank you for being a 5 star company."

G.K., Nashville, NC

"I have been to your store many times. Love to look at the china, silverware, everything actually. Every time I go close to Greensboro I try to stop. Love your store!"

H.W., Ontario, Canada

"It's a pleasure doing business with you."

P.L., Santa Cruz, CA

"You are a great resource. I heard about you several years ago from my brother-in-law when I was looking for information about my great grandmothers china. Your people knew all about it, and every dealing I have had with you has resulted in either a wealth of knowledge or a joyful acquisition, or both."

A.F., Charlestown, MA

"Excellent info and fast"

B.S., Madison, MS

"Glad you are doing what you do."

W.B., West Branch, MI

"Love your website-searching is EASY!"

A.W., Gasden, AL

"Great business to work with."

S.O., Melbourne, Australia

"Great site"

L.T., Grimesland, NC

"I have successfully ordered replacement items from your store before. I appreciated the assistance I received with each order."

J.M., New York, NY

"Love your company! Thanks to you I'm able to keep the china set I bought twenty years ago looking brand new."

R.S., Houston, TX

"Awesome site and very informative."

D.K., Portland, OR

"I am very satisfied with your assistance in finding difficult china pieces."

T.S., Queensland, Australia

"Great site"

J.H., Victoria, Australia

"I love your wonderful service"

J.S., Long Beach, CA

"Never knew you existed. Very glad you are there."

G.R., Bloomington, MN

"I have ordered flatware and was very satisfied!!"

S.S., Naples, FL

"So happy I found your company"

C.R., Salisbury, MD

"Wonderful resource!"

L.S., Virginia Beach, VA

"You guys are great!"

M.B., Eagle Rock, CA

"It's easy doing business with you."

T.W., Fort Worth, TX

"Love your products and how quickly you handled my order! Everything arrived in great shape and is beautiful!"

C.K., Toano, VA

"I heard about Replacements from a friend almost 8 years ago. They are fabulous people! If you ever have the opportunity to stop by in person, do because the staff are as wonderful in person as on the phone and emails. I can't thank them enough for keeping me connected and allowing me to purchase additional pieces of my patterns when they break or just get worn out."

L.C., Carmichael, CA

"Wonderful resource. Thanks."

D.C., Kennewick, WA

"Have ordered from you before and been very satisfied."

N.S., Manter, KS

"I depend upon Replacements for a variety of needs. They keep me from yelling at my family when a piece of china is broken. I merely get a 'replacement' from Replacements. Then, another time a guest bent a spoon using it as a pry-bar. I kept my cool, wished them to purgatory, kept silent, but contacted Replacements. All well again. A different time, I realized all my mugs from my china set matched which is nice to look at on a table, but for casual dining where people are moving around, I thought different colors would keep people from swapping germs unknowingly. I contacted Replacements and now have mugs of different colors that still 'match' my style and dish set. I have special ordered different flatware pieces that didn't come with my set-but should have. The pieces were of very high caliber workmanship and I'm currently attempting to get some more. When I have the cash, I'm getting the knife blades on my flatware changed. I love my design but loathe the blades. For fun, I've been looking at champagne flute, there are over 10,000 listed, but since I've not found any in a store that I like, then I'm turning to my favorite go-to people-Replacements. Replacements can't be replaced in my life."

N.J., Arlington Heights, IL

"I wanted to share a story with you about your service and what it has meant to me in the last month. When my grandparent's moved out of their house and into a nursing home 3 years ago there were two things I requested, the pickle dish and their blue glasses that we used for family dinners. I had many fond memories of using both at family dinners when I was younger. I have been using the blue glasses for family functions at my house since I brought them home, but only had 10. Last year around this time I decided to do a little research on the glasses, since they had no markings at all. I was able to find them on after a while of searching. I added them on wish list e-mails that you send out when something with your requested pattern is added. I dreamed of having 18 of these blue glasses. They have been on this request list for about a year. The day my grandma died, I received an e-mail from you and decided to look and see if any Iced Teas were available. On the day my grandma went to heaven to be with Jesus and grandpa, 8 Maderia Dark Blue Iced Teas became available. I snatched them up while crying and laughing at God's timing for my little request. They arrived before we left for her funeral and they were perfect. I took one and during my eulogy told everyone the story while holding one of the replacement glasses instead of the originals."

A.R., Cheektowaga, NY

"We love visiting your showroom. The show cases are just beautifully displayed. Wish you were closer to us! Your mail order is so very easy to use! Love the fact that you can see the pieces that you wish to buy! We have never received a broken piece of china through your mail order. My husband had a great time in the show room. He always finds the neatest things in the other room to buy! (Like a little boy in the candy store! LOL)"

B.T., Buxton, ME

"I think this is a great site!"

M.E., Dellwood, MN

"I've ordered before and love your site!"

C.L., Canastota, NY

"Love to visit your store. I always buy something."

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