Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

B.H., Mount Vernon, IN

"You are a great resource for all those missing pieces."

S.B., Victoria, Australia

"Have bought many pieces from you before and have been very pleased."

J.P., Melrose Park, IL

"You have a wonderful great website to find the lost items you think you will never find again, when all else fails Replacements prevail. Keep up with your wonderful site. Mid century addicts need you."

M.M., Charlotte, NC

"I ordered Grateful Dead Christmas ornaments that I was happy to find at Replacements Ltd. The 4 ornaments I purchased were sent quickly and were packaged impressively well!! I don't think I've ever seen anything that fragile packed that carefully. I really appreciated the time they took to individually wrap and box each ornament."

S.K., Austin, TX

"I've used you several times-wonderful!"

C.S., Elgin, OK

"Have always been happy doing business with you in the past."

R.N., Forest Hills, NY

"Bought from you in the past. Excellent service. Thank you."

C.M., Roswell, GA

"Your company is unique, and your website is amazing - I never dreamed I'd be able to rebuild my mom's old dinner set. Thanks!!"

C.R., Riverside, CA

"I have used your company more than once and have been more than satisfied with fast, courteous and informative service. That is totally the reason why I returned when I needed more. Trust and dependability is a good insurance for the consumer. Thanks again."

K.T., Andreas, PA

"I have been ordering from the company for years and depend on Replacements not only for myself but my family also. I have ordered pieces to add to collections as gifts. I would also like to say that everything I have ever ordered from Replacements has been packaged and shipped so carefully and received in excellent condition. Your customer service is also so friendly, courteous and very helpful."

C.B., Johnstown, PA

"Return customer-love working with you-my replacements have always arrived beautifully packaged and perfect! I'm looking forward to my next order!"

D.J., Brookville, OH

"Looking through you listings, I am amazed at how much stuff you have listed. My friend told me about you when I mentioned that I needed the above-listed items for my wife. Thanks much for your help."

C.G., Surprise, AZ

"Very nicely designed website!"

S.M., Miami, FL

"I have been a satisfied customer for nearly a decade."

B.P., Dalmeny, Australia

"I've dealt with your company a few times before and have had excellent service."

J.F., Conway, SC

"I get your newsletter and today read all the pet stories of your employees. I run a never kill shelter on my farm in Conway South Carolina. I see so many pets being discarded due to the economy and frankly, the unfriendly attitude toward pets in the Myrtle Beach area. It is very hard to find a place to live in apartments, condos or even housing developments that have HOA's with unreasonable rules. It was so heartwarming to see that Replacements not only allows pets to come to work, but actually features them. What a wonderful place to work! And with all that china and glassware around too! Congratulations on being one of the best companies to work for and with. As a shelter Mom, I and my fellow volunteers respect and thank you for your kindness and consideration of your employees and their pets."

M.K., Lake Forest, CA

"I have purchased from you before and was very satisfied."

S.I., Becker, MN

"It is a great service you are providing. Thank you!"

J.F., Perth Amboy, NJ

"Love the ability to replace older china that is near and dear to the heart!"

D.A., Seattle, WA

"Great resource!!!!"

K.S, Mason, WI

"Awesome inventory, keep up the good work!"

M.W., Cambridge, England

"I live in England now and my chinaware and silverware were American only styles. Although I have to consider postage charges to get it sent over to me, there has never been a problem with shipping overseas and everything has arrived very well packaged and boxed. My best friend bought me a small set of silverplate cutlery, again in 1971, as I was getting married and I always wished I could add to that set too. Lo and behold I went onto your site and there was my silverware. I couldn't believe it as I thought I would never come across it again. I was able to add at least 6 more pieces to my set and now feel it will be a set worthy of handing down to my daughters, as well as my now expanded chinaware set. I am amazed at just how many ranges you do and have recommended you to friends. Your service is swift and efficient and everything arrives in tip top condition."

H.L., Altoona, PA

"This is a priceless service. Replacements has helped me finish my original silver service (started 37 years ago). I have introduced Replacements to my sister and have been giving her birthday and Christmas gifts of replacements to our grandmother's china (which was left to her with many pieces broken over the years). I have helped my mother replace a crystal candleholder which had been a precious part of a pair given to her years before, to name a few of the things your services has been part of. My mother recently passed, and I have been given a set of her dishes (purchased in the 1940s), which is very special to me. I am now on your list to be notified when the missing pieces to this set become available. It is always a wonderful surprise to hear from you that you have found something I am looking for - like a surprise present to myself. This gave me the idea of giving pieces as gifts. Keeping my ears open when others talk about pieces they are missing and would like to have, and knowing you will most probably be able to help me find them, it has been a shear joy to see the looks on their faces when they open the boxes of these pieces that I have given them as gifts."

M.H., Aledo, TX

"Several relatives have left me their china. Some were very well-used, so I am thrilled to be able to augment their sets!"

F.F., Lynnfield, MA

"You offer a great service. Thank you."

C.D., Glenn Dale, MD

"Have been able to locate every thing I have looked for to replace. Always think to check with Replacements first. If they don't have it, then it's not to be had."

B.J., Newport, RI

"Great resource and most helpful staff. My addiction to finding china and beautiful table settings is endless, and I have no intention of finding any cure to this addiction. I have acquired some beautiful dishes and crystal from family and friends in my travels, and whenever I need that extra tea cup to fill-in grandma's tea service, I know I can find it at Replacements."

S.S., Ontario, Canada

"Your customer service is excellent!"

J.R., Saint Petersburg, FL

"I have had only happy experiences with your company. Keep up the careful thorough work that you all do."

M.G., Holiday, FL

"I love your company and have always found you most helpful."

J.A., Exmore, VA

"Great website and it's good to know there is a way to find retired patterns for affordable prices! It amazes me how I can find every pattern I have tried looking for!!!"

A.S., Macon, GA

"Great company!"

P.M., Furlong, PA

"Thanks for being there!"

C.M., Saratoga Springs, NY

"I have been ordering for years and am very happy with your service."

D.S., Cypress, TX

"My husband and I have ordered several times from you. Your customer service is excellent -- my husband was amazed that in this day and age he actually got a live person on the phone who could answer questions! Thank you for your service!"

J.H., San Leandro, CA

"Thank you for my order of Affection silverplate pieces. All arrived yesterday nicely wrapped. Your service has been very user friendly. You have my business and recommendation. Thank you very much."

L.K., Carmel, CA

"I've been very impressed by your service so far and I've been a customer for several years!"

P.K., Fairborn, OH

"Thank you so much for providing this service. So many of our family's favorite stainless flatware has been lost over the years that I have been buying newer sets or pieces. I didn't know the lost pieces could be replaced until I found your site on a web search. I will now be able to pass on a complete set of flatware to my children. Again, thank you so very much for providing this invaluable service!!"

F.B., Ontario, Canada

"I've already experienced your excellent service. I heard about your company through a friend who collects china. My wife inherited some Johnson Brothers china, Blue Nordic, from her grandmother. It was an incomplete set. You gave me the opportunity to build on what we already had and to say you were able to add to the sentimental value would be an understatement. I highly recommend to anyone wishing to complete or add to their collectibles."

K.P., Ontario, Canada

"This looks like a great site and I'm happy to know you're out there!"

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