Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

B.V., Montgomery, AL

"I received the order today. Thank you for your persistent commitment to serving me."

M.A., Bossier City, LA

"I have ordered before and loved everything I've received. Thank you so much. May God bless you as you bless others."

L.D., Cincinnati, OH

"Very helpful finding a pattern for me. You listen to a customer's needs and respond personally. Your response does not have a 'form letter/stock answer' feel."

D.A., Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"The website is easy to understand."

P.D., Jacksonville, FL

"Great work, always satisfied."

B.J., Cropwell, AL

"Great company"

J.F., Perth, Australia

"Thank you for the order, it has just arrived, I would like express my heartfelt thanks for the way they were packed and the professional manner in which you handled our order. The original dinner set belonged to our Mum, she loved it and used it all the time, she always told us that we could get the missing pieces, so imagine our delight when we did a search on the internet and found your delightful company. I ordered the missing pieces which arrived in Australia wrapped extremely well and intact. Thank you I actually ordered 2 dessert bowls with my order instead of 2 soup coupe, but have decided to go ahead and buy 6 more dessert bowls and expand the dinner set, It is truly pretty on the table when it is all laid out. Very best wishes and kind regards."

C.B., Arlington, VA

"Not only was my order filled and delivered promptly, but the packing was superb. Every company that ships fragile merchandise should pack it as well as you folks do."

D.B., Lauderhill, FL

"How many of us have been frustrated when calling to pay a bill, or reach an actually living and breathing person for assistance, only to have an automated system shuffle you around. If I could see all of you out there, I know there would be a majority of raised hands right now. In a world that seems to have forgotten the importance of people connecting with people, how wonderful it is to find a company that is a throw back to simpler times. Replacements, Ltd. has been that breath of fresh air, and all I can say is ' It was nice having an actual human to talk to when I called'. Good job guys, and your courtesy and professionalism were truly appreciated."

C.A., Liverpool, NY

"Your service is great, thank you again for the many times you have helped me through the years gone by."

M.B., Longmont, CO

"You are a wealth of knowledge"

D.B., Weatherford, TX

"I love browsing your site. I am able to look up and find many of my china and crystal patterns."

K.H., Steger, IL

"I've been very happy with your service"

B.Z., Commerce, TX

"I have purchased some Knowles items from you before, and you were a Godsend. I had inherited my mother's china but only had a set of 6. When one of the dinner plates broke after Thanksgiving, I was devastated. Then I found your company!!!! Whenever I go to a friend's house and she shows me her china, she invariably is missing a few pieces because of accidents. That's when I tell her about Replacements. Many women inherit china that is missing pieces, so your company means a lot to women who remember family holidays with their grandmother or great-aunts' china!!"

M.H., Jonesboro, AR

"Very well organized sorting/review options"

P.M., Portland, OR

"Great resource"

M.R., British Colombia, Canada

"Great site!"

N.E., Portsmouth, VA

"I am so pleased with my recent purchase!"

A.H., Raleigh, NC

"Your service is awesome! I am thrilled to obtain replacement pieces for two china patterns that have been discontinued. I also signed up for e-mail updates showing Replacements' inventory for these two patterns, and it will be a real convenience to receive these periodically. Both the telephone and e-mail service from Replacements is fast and courteous, and I plan to tell family and friends about my positive experience with your company. Thank you so much."

J.G., Stoughton, MA

"Love your site - have ordered many replacement pieces for my discontinued Lenox china patterns and have never been disappointed."

L.B., Williamsburg, MI

"We ordered the wrong replacement size, but we were really impressed by your fast and courteous action."

J.M., Edmonds, WA

"First-Class Product with very competitive pricing and what appears to be 'white-glove' treatment to your order, from the order placement to your front door"

L.B., Woodland Park, CO

"When our silver was stolen, USAA recommended your company for replacement items. Your service and quality was excellent. For replacement info, your company is without equal."

D.M., St. John's, Canada

"This is a great site which I found accidentally through a sidebar on another site. I would love to find some of these dishes to replace some pieces that got broken accidently. I even found my own discontinued pattern! Super site. I will be back!"

A.S., Hudson, OH

"Love your site, very comprehensive"

N.K., Tampa, FL

"YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I have worked with Replacements Ltd. for over ten years and have never been disappointed. Your customer service is very responsive and pleasant. Your site is easy to navigate and very clear. Most importantly, however, I believe you provide an important historical and catalog service to the world of china and the other items you stock. I would love to see you build a museum someday."

K.B., Salem, OR

"Great service!"

J.S., Pleasant Garden, NC

"I love your store!!!!! When I have had out of state friends or relatives come to visit I've brought them to the store and they've always left totally wowed. To see all the beautiful items that are displayed is a real treat. The sheer quantity of items available is phenomenal and to see how the artisans repair things is very interesting. It is a "must see" for anyone that loves china, stemware, flatware and collectibles. I never leave without purchasing something. I'm so glad to live in the area and have the ability to stop in anytime I want. I've been able to easily work towards completing and/or replacing pieces of my grandmother's china and my own china."

S.P., Galveston, TX

"I have ordered from you before-great company!"

J.L., Silverdale, WA

"Wonderful store in North Carolina and pleased that I can shop online."

C.A., Anaheim, CA

"Great website!!"

K.M., Tampa, FL

"Your customer service is wonderful"

J.G., Redding, CA

"Love what you do and are grateful you are able to locate hard to find items."

B.J.R., Blanchard, OK

"When I found that my pattern of stainless had been discontinued (which I was only able to determine by looking at the hundreds of patterns you all publish because I had forgotten the name of it), I didn't think I would be able to find the extra pieces I needed. But, I found them, plus many extra I didn't know existed, on your website! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't tell you how thrilled I am!"

D.R., Knoxville, TN

"I really appreciate the pattern listing service. My grandmother left me 4 sets of china and all of them are missing pieces. This site let me look up each pattern, and now I know the value of the various sets. I'm able to make a wish list for friends and family to get gifts I really like. "

P.K., Careywood, ID

"I was looking one day on the net and found you. It's wonderful to be able to replace some that have been lost or broken."

L.B., Mission, KS

"Glad to have found you!"

B.B., Ossining, NY

"I would like to thank Replacements Ltd. for the excellent service on my recent order. I'm not very good at washing up (my wife calls it "strategic incompetence"),and occasionally chip or break a plate. It is very helpful to know that I can easily replace individual pieces from your company. I also find that the website is well designed and makes it easy to find my pattern, identify specific pieces and order replacements. I also enjoy seeing the variety of accessories that are not carried at stores. The communication about order receipt and shipping are excellent, and finally and most important your packing is the best in the business. I bet even an airline baggage handler couldn't break a plate in your boxes! It is a pleasure to do business with you, and (CRASH) I will be back soon for more... "

E.B., Tasmania, Australia

"Parcel arrived safely today. Absolutely delighted with quality of plates, extremely fast delivery and unbelievable packing. Thank you very much."

K.M., St. Louis, MO

"I first heard about you years ago from my mother's highly competitive "ladies who lunch" social network in upstate New York. They invited each other over to their homes on a regular, rotating basis for extraordinarily elegant events during the day, while husbands were gone, usually golfing. There was great care taken to outshine one another with not only the profusion of salads and minuscule sandwiches, but also with never-ever-to-be-repeated presentations of table settings. The big "secret" among those in the know was Replacements for a source of never-ending fine china pieces. My attention was drawn back to you a few years ago when some news program or the other featured your company. I was delighted to see that not only do you provide a truly useful service for all of us (not just the competitive luncheon ladies) but you really have created a cool place to work! I remember thinking that this would be a better world if more businesses were run like yours. The employees actually were happy to go to work! That contentment is apparent when the public has any contact with your staff. Such a nice change from the usual snarky "service" that I get from other sites and businesses of late! The fact that you include doggies in your business day really seals the deal for me and my beloved terrier who has never once been able to go with me to work! BRAVO to you! Paws up to you! SO COOL!"

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