Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

I.M., Hilmar, CA

"Love your site. Easy to use."

C.B., Mequon, WI

"Wonderful Website"

B.W., Bush, LA

"I love browsing your website. Thanks"

S.B., Quebec, Canada

"Great site"

A.P., Ormand Beach, FL

Wonderful Website,Very Helpful.

B.M., British Columbia, Canada

"Hello from Canada. I wish to compliment you on your exemplary service. When our recent order arrived with a chipped water goblet, we anticipated some difficulty in obtaining a replacement. When contacted, your representative was very pleasant and indicated that a suitable replacement goblet would soon be on its way. Soon after, the replacement goblet arrived and our collection is splendid! Thank you again for your wonderful service. We will be dealing with you again and will be recommending your firm to our friends."

M.W., Kansas City, MO

"Great website."

M.L., Rochester, NY

"Tonight I received an e-mail from you to let me know that you had recently acquired several 9 oz. tumblers in the Fostoria Versailles pattern, in topaz. I have been looking for one of these glasses to replace a broken piece in my service for 6 in this pattern -- for the longest time! Needless to say, I ordered one immediately. Thank you for scouring the market for available pieces in this lovely pattern from Fostoria, and for notifying me when you found the object of my desire. Your operation is incredible - what a database you keep! Again, thanks."

D.K., Los Angeles, CA

"Very helpful website."

M.J., Pine Bush, NY

"It's a blessing to find this site."

D.W., Welshpool, United Kingdon

"Well presented site."

D.H., Brighton East, Australia

"Very good website."

D.G., Columbia, MD

"Love your site."

S.M., Racine, WI

"I was so happy to find what I was looking for and more on your site. I was missing four pieces to my wedding stemware when I found Lenox had discontinued it. I was so upset that I could never have a complete & coordinating table for 12. I whined to my sister, who then told me about your site & there they were, waiting for me! Not to mention they were at a lower price than the retail store where I had my bridal registry. They were shipped out immediately & within days I had them washed and dried and ready to use! Great products, prices and service. What more could one ask for? Thank You!"

L.W., Baden, PA

"This is a great website."

C.A., Jacksonville, FL

"Very well designed web page."

V.M., South Ayrshire, United Kingdom

"Just a short note to say how much I appreciated the quality of your service and the items. First class from initial contact to delivery. Thank you very much."

R.B., Mercer, PA

"Wonderful site!"

J.S., Palmdale, CA

"I have been a customer now for several years and I have always been pleased with your company, products, and way of handling business. Thank you for your courtesy, efficiency, and integrity. I received my replacement platter last week and it is perfect!"

C.P., Lake Charles, LA

"Very excited about your site."

A.M., Chesapeake, VA

"Thank you so much! I just wanted to write and thank you all and let you know how pleased I am with your service. I received my order so fast I was shocked. Your employees that I spoke with on the phone to place my order were awesome as well! So, I just wanted to let you know! Thanks!"

G.C., Burlington, IA

"Nice site."

P.W., Meadville, PA

"I tell everyone about your site. I love it."

J.D., Dorking, United Kingdom

"Am very impressed with your web site."

A.T., Montreal, Canada

"Excellent site! I'm looking forward to a positive search!"

V.E., Kountze, TX

"I love this site."

M.H., Ovid, NY

"Enjoy the website and newsletter!"

S.D., Little Compton, RI

"Easy to use site."

R.R., Balfour, MD

"I love your site!"

L.W., Anderson, SC

"Your website is amazing! I am trying to add to my heartland village #7774 collection and you are the only ones who have it."

L.J., Rockwall, TX

"Thank you so much for your quick, complete, and detailed answer to my question. With this type of attention, I will not be shopping at any other websites for similar products. I have another company that I order from, but do not get responses from, so I will direct that business to your company now. I have been happy with orders your company has completed for me, but this type of follow-thru is rare in companies these days. I will pass this on to others."

F.B., Parsons, PA

"Love your site, gave it to tons of people!"

C.S., Commerce TWP, MI

"I have purchased many replacement items from your website. I have always been 100% satisfied. Your packing and shipping is extraordinary. Great job!!"

C.L., Wichita, KS

This site is gold! I am looking to replace my original wedding dishes. I still have almost half of the set. Still love them! Thanks!

X. P., North Tonowanda, NY

"Great site."

W.D., Jefferson, GA

"I received my dinner plate very promptly and in perfect condition. The packing was amazing!Thanks for providing such friendly and helpful sales assistants, quick service and the ability for me to complete my dinnerware. You rock!!!!"

M.H., Slidell, LA

"Easy site."

M.D., Ontario, Canada

"My husband purchased some china for me as a Christmas gift. It was Old Leeds Spray, my Mom's pattern, which I'd always loved as a kid. She had given me what she had left - which wasn't much! We were a very large family, and my Mom's beautiful china suffered many casualties. When it arrived, I was overjoyed - and my husband realized just how much it meant to me. Now I have place settings for 6 people, which is what I wanted. I'll get some more serving pieces over the next few years. One of the luncheon plates had a tiny chip in it, and on my husband's insistence, I contacted Replacements Ltd., to tell them. The chip was about 1/4" in diameter, and was on the top edge of the plate. With the scalloped edge of the pattern, it was quite subtle, so I had initially missed it. A very wonderful lady helped me, and within a week or two (it was over the Christmas holiday), I had a replacement. I didn't even have to send the chipped plate back! I just wanted to thank you for your service. It was obvious to me that the person I dealt with had a certain passion for service, and when a company deals in heirloom china/silver/etc., it's easy to see that everyone in the company would have a joy in their work. You have the ability to make many people's cherished memories a reality. Have a wonderful year. In my view, it should be a good one for a company such as yours. People need to dig back to their roots, their past histories, and resurrect their stories and their treasures!"

D.B., Aptos, GA

"Great online store!!"

S.J., Beverly Hills, CA

"Great website."

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