Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

C.B., New Orleans, LA

"Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. Your employees are the best!"

T.E., Mountain View, CA

"Last month my 92-year-old mother moved to my California home from Massachusetts. I moved almost all her possessions here, including her china sets. The movers were terrible, and broke almost all the china delivered and lost the rest, (delivered someone else's box instead of hers.) This made her very heartsick, leaving her home and having her cherished possessions destroyed. Thanks to your company, I have been able to replace everything but one saucer and a few soup bowls from two of her sets, with orders arriving swiftly and nothing damaged. Thought you might like to know what a wonderful and meaningful service your company has provided for a dear and fragile elderly lady to mend her heart."

G.K., Columbia, SC

"I got my order today and I am THRILLED to have the baby fork and spoon in American Victorian - I've been trying for 9 years to get this - thank you so much for making a grandmother SO happy! Please keep me on the list for if you get any more of this silver - I have three other granddaughters!! I have always been thrilled with ALL my purchases from Replacements!"

B.R., Hockessin: DE

"Thank you. I visited your showroom last week, and I wanted to pass on that the staff was extremely kind and helpful. It was a delight to shop there. The customer service was outstanding. Congratulations!"

J.H., The Villages, FL

"Three years ago in September, my husband and I were traveling from Michigan to our home in Florida. We decided to visit a cousin in Charlotte "on the way". As we were getting near Greensboro, I either remembered the town or saw a sign that said "Replacements, Ltd." I said "oh I've always wanted to go there". And my husband said "okay". We stopped at the N.C. Welcome Center to get directions and the lady at the desk said "how did you get him to agree to stop at a china store". I said I dunno but let me call him in here to hear your directions. I went to the door and whistled and he came in and the lady at the desk said "omigosh, he even comes when you whistle!" She was funny.....We ended making a 100 mile side trip to your WONDERFUL facility. He had a good time too and now he even recommends it to people if we learn they are traveling through N.C. My husband also has an accounting background; he taught Accountancy at Miami University until he retired in 1999. Anyhow your organization and cataloging of your inventory was very intriging and impressive. Congratuations on all you have accomplished. I just opening your most recent email and got to thinking about what a good time we had and thought it was about time I told you. Keep up the good work. Please. Thanks very much."

D.B., Houston, TX

"Great website!"

S.M., Hope Mills, NC

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my recent order! My in-laws were visiting last year and while they were here I gave my mother-in-law lessons on how to surf the internet. She asked to see if I could find these particular pieces for her. I researched for hours and finally found your web site. She was so pleased with the pieces you had to offer. Well, I remembered this so for her 50th wedding anniversary her children are buying her these pieces to make up for her service of eight. I think she will be totally awestruck that we managed to find these for her. I think the world of her and she is also one of my closest friends. Thank you so much for having these and for the excellent way in which they were packed and the exceptionally fast shipping (2 days from date of order). God Bless"

S. J., Winthrop, ME

"Wow! Your shipment arrived TODAY, Great Service!!! Everything arrived in perfect order. Thanks."

B.L., Delray Beach, FL

"Thank you so much for your prompt & exemplatory service; I just click & promptly get my order."

M.H., Owensboro, KY

"I want to express my thanks for the skill you have used in the packing of my orders. I have ordered several things from differrent places (e-bay, etc. ) and the items have been broken. Each item I have ordered from you has arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for your packing department and your order department. The lady in the order department has always been most helpful. I feel people do not acknowledge when there is a job well done. Thanks again."

J.W., Huntington, NY

"I just wanted to let you know that I just received the replacement for my broken bowl. Too many times, I am sure that you hear only complaints; not this time. I must say how impressed I am with the courtesy and service I have received from Replacements and I will be sure to let my friends know how dependable you are. Thank you for all your help."

D.M., Holden, MA

"Thank you for your fast confirmation email, and invitation to browse online....I have done so extensively and thoroughly enjoy your site. Thank you so much for all of your help, I look forward to hearing from your research department, hopefully they will find something! Thanks again!"

S.U., Saskatchewan, Canada

"Thank-you, I picked up my bowls today & they are in great shape. I cannot tell which ones had a defect. I have already told one person who is looking to add to her set of dishes she got for her wedding. I am very satisfied & glad I found your web site."

M.M., Hayward, CA

"Just want to thank the person who assisted me and pulled the blue italian plates for me recently. They are beautiful and well packed. I purchased a lot of my silver, old colony thru replacements also. Nice products and excellent service."

M.M., Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I write you to say that I have received my order correctly and incredibly fast (I make my order 05/19 and the pack had arrived 05/26 in Argentina!). I am very satisfied. You have a very good service. Thanks."

S.B., Menlo Park, CA

"My plates arrived today--secure and beautiful. Thank you very much"

W.P., Sante Fe, NM

"Wonderful Replacements Inc.! I had the opportunity to order two additional place settings of my silverware pattern from you and was extremely pleased when you had what I wanted. I had placed a request for place settings and two weeks later, there they were. And a good price, too. I just wanted to add that I think your company provides a remarkable service -- I think of it as recycling, I guess. And I'm all for recycling where ever it can happen. I'm glad also that you all communicate via email -- less paper! Keep up the good work. It is appreciated. The customer service representative I spoke to when I placed my order via phone was pleasant and helpful. Again, thanks for making my wish come true."

L.C., Brooklyn, NY

"After many years of using your service, I am finally writing to tell you how much I appreciate not only the service you provide but your methodology. Firstly, you have such polite and helpful people taking your orders. Secondly, I appreciate the e-mails you send regarding our personal patterns. All too often when I get on someone's mailing list I feel bombarded (and thus turned off) by the volume of e-mails I get. I feel I receive yours with just enough frequency to keep me updated on your stock and keeping me thinking of how I enjoy my hospitality and using my china, crystal, etc., and what would I like to add to my collection. I also remember how helpful you were when I first signed up many years ago and had to have my crystal pattern identified. I simply sent in the picture, and you let me know what my pattern was. Thank you so much, and I hope your business continues to be blessed!"

T.C, Woburn, MA

"Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful monthly newsletter that you produce. It is very informative and easy to use. I recommend you quite a few of our clients and they have found it quite helpful. Being a multi pet owner, I especially love the monthly feature-Pet Owner. I love reading about the pets and haring how much your employees enjoy working there!! After being in the jewelry trade for almost 20 years, it is wonderful to hear that people actually enjoy their profession and it shows. It is a nice reflection of the company's values and a refreshing change in today's business world. I know if I ever move to North Carolina, you are my first stop to visit."

T.S., Brockton, MA

"Thank you so much for these replacement bowls which arrived yesterday afternoon. This shipment box as well as the original 3 boxes were packaged so well. You truly are a first class organization and stood by your guarantee which I so appreciate in today's business world (especially when ordering items from businesses online). I thank you so much for having and supplying me with replacement/additional service items for me and my household. I'm so glad you had my Corelle pattern in stock. As I've been searching for a few years for these items I wished I had heard about Replacement, Ltd. earlier! I just wanted to thank you again!"

L.G.. Kernersville, NC

"Very nice and easy web site."

J.H., British Columbia, Canada

"My recent order arrived today and everything was packed so well. I was surprised that it had arrived so soon. I shall certainly recommend your company to my friends and will make other purchases in the future. I was also very pleased how user friendly your website was also."

G.H., West Chester, PA

"Your web site is so easy to use!"

L.T, Woodcroft, Australia

"I would like to say thank you for a wonderful service. I live in Sydney, Australia and have received my order within ten days of ordering. I was initially surprised to find the items I needed, then I was surprised at the quite reasonable price, and now am delighted at the time it took to receive my order. Thankyou I will definitely let my friends know of your company."

D.A., Atkins, VA

"Thank you for making this an easy and enjoyable on line shopping experience - this is a second on line shoppping i've ever done. I was also afraid i would never find my pattern after 37 years!. Thank you!"

K.S-J, Newark, DE

"I wish to compliment your Repair Team on the outstanding work they did on our Sterling Flatware. It was well worth the wait, and I would highly recommend your repair service team to anyone. Our Sterling Flatware is a family heirloom no longer in production, so it is important that a repair center know what they are doing to preserve the original beauty of the pattern. Your Repair Team truly excel at their craft, and the returned items look brand new to me, even though they are over 50 years old."

M.S., Bellevue, WA

"I'm writing to thank you for the fine support offered throughout the process of my ordering plates and bowls -Spode - Summer Palace - Imperialware from Replacements, Ltd.recently. I appreciated the effort taken to confirm, through your checking the pattern number on the pieces, that those available were precisely the ones I hoped to find. Then, I ppreciated the phone calls made to establish that the pieces had been found and were being held and subsequently to reconfirm my wish to order the pieces when I was slow in getting back to you. Your associates were extremly helpful. .. The shipment arrived in good time and in perfect shape. I'll continue to hope now for the dinner and salad plates to become available. I am registered with you for these pieces. I'm pleased to have been able to begin to rebuild my set."

S.S., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

"If you have the cream soup plate, I will order the creamer. This site is fantastic, well organized and easy to find what i was looking for. Thank you."

J.A., Westampton, NJ

"Easy to deal with I have ordered previously thank you"

G.L., Victoria, Australia

"There has been great excitement in this household today!! I placed my order for the required china on 9th April and it was delivered to my door in country Victoria, Australia at lunch time today, 16th April. That has to be the best service I have encountered anywhere at any time!!! We are delighted with the china (it has been washed and put away within an hour!); please pass on my thanks to all concerned for a job well done. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to any one of my friends throughout the world and I would not hesitate to use your services again if the need arises."

J.S., Preston, MD

"Just want you to know how much I appreciate your company. I was delighted when I was able to find my Charles Ahrenfeldt Frontenac china - and then absolutely delighted and amazed that you had my grandmothers china Epiag's Bellevue. Keep in touch. Thanks"

C.B., Norfork, CT

"Easy to use site! Thank you!"

B.C., Downington, PA

"Thank you for the steady updates you email - we recently visited Replacements, Inc. in Greensboro and found the facility to be just as "user-friendly" as your website. I highly recommend your business to anyone I know who is in the market for china!"

M.S. Henderson, NV

"My husband saw a prior email from your company about my needed china and ordered me three place settings of our wedding china (Antique Lace by Mikasa) for our anniversary from you! Yay! He had it shipped to my sister's house and surprised me there! Thank you so much, Replacements!"

M.B, Haberfield, Australia

"The Order arrived today, just as promised, and in good order!! This has been a wonderful transaction, with excellent service, and fast delivery. I could recommend your business to anyone. Sincere thanks"

M.Y., Redwood Falls, MN

"I received my order on April 5, 2008. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for doing what you do!!!! My "Apple Time" dinner ware is so precious to my husband and I we love the big cups, bowls and generous sized dinner plates. My husband broke one of our plates while doing dishes one evening. He felt sooooooo bad he broke a plate. I told him, no worries, no problem, I can order a replacement, which I did. The plate came so well packaged. Thank you for that. I even gave the plate a kiss on the edge when I opened it up. I just had to send a Thank you to your company for what you do. We eat and drink from this dishware every day. Some day our two daughters will have to have a drawing as to who will inherit it. God bless all of you at your company for what service you provide. Thank you"

L.J. Windsor, CT

"I was delighted to receive my order today, earlier than I had anticipated.Of all the breakable items I have ever had shipped, I must commend your packing team for a spectacular job. Thank you and I look forward to future purchases from your site."

J.C., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

" To the dear people at Replacements, I had the honour of visiting your establishment in March and was so impressed with what I saw and the people I met. My husband and I read about Replacements in the Toronto Star (Ontario, Canada). My mom and I both had sets of dishes that were out of production and we both wanted more pieces for our sets. I looked up Replacements on the internet and was fascinated with the web site. I spent a lot of time just looking at everything you had to offer. I really had no idea what to expect when we got there or how long it would take to get the dishes but felt it was worth a try to go to Greensboro. We were looked after by an associate who was extremely helpful (the lady who took us on the tour was wonderful as well). We were able to get the dishes we wanted, plus more! I would just like to thank Bob Page for having a vision and following it through...what an amazing man he must be! If I lived in Greensboro I would love to work at Replacements! We are hoping to come and visit again next March. I am starting a list of things I want already!! Yours extremely satisfied customer!!!!"

K.K., Tumwater, WA

"I have registered other patterns with great success. I appreciate your great service."

D.S., Hollywood, FL

"I had to tell you I love you guys!! My grandmother (who has passed away now) gave me all the basics for my kitchen back in 94 as my graduation gift. I finially have moved out on my own and got to unpack all my boxes and use the dishes. Well, with in a few months already 3 glasses have been lost. On got dropped (thanks to my brother), one fell off the drying rack (thanks to mom), and one I found cracked in the sink (I guess thanks to me). It really upset me each time this happened. My grandmother didn't have much but little by little while I was in high school she bought pieces from FingerHut. She did this with most of her granddaughters and I think i'm the only one who still has my set. I have been looking for the glasses to replace them on fingerhut and I could never find them. I went on Ebay and found some one selling the canister set and thats how I got the brand name. I did a google search and found your website. I'm so happy that you guys have the glasses and more items. I will be back on to order some items from you! Thank you so much!!"

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