Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

W.M., Deridder, LA

"I enjoy your site; it is like browsing a store at a slower pace. Thank your staff for such great work."

S.B., Brevard, NC

"I can't believe that my order was shipped yesterday and arrived this morning....on a Sat. Everything was in tip top shape. Thank you. I will be recommending your business to my friends."

S.W., Alameda, CA

"thank you - the package was here waiting for me - have been out of the country for awhile. i LOVE the new packaging for plates - it is brilliant !"

G.A., Orleans, Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for your quick response to my order request. I am certainly very happy with the service I receive from Replacements. I am looking forward to continuing to find additional pieces for both my silverware and dinnerware collections - both as you might expect - are family heirlooms. All the items I have received thus far have been in tip-top condition and I will soon reach the goal of creating two 12-place settings of each, up from the original 8-place silverware and 10-place china sets. Thanks for making this task so easy."

D.G., Tinley Park, IL

"Thank you so much for your response - I will look forward to one day having my martini glass. You do a wonderful job there. I have ordered from you many times before and have always been pleased. I have recommended you to many of my friends and they were also pleased. My friends china cabinet, the glass broke crashing her waterford wine glasses to pieces. She was able to replace them from you and she thanks me every time I see her."

V.M., New Boston, MI

"Easy to use website"

G.M., Lake Norden, SD

"Thank you for your web site which is easy to look through. I have known about your company for quite a few years (before internet)."

J.S., Milford, MI

"This is a great website! I'm thrilled to find some replacement dishes and flatware after giving up years ago."

C.S., Prescott, AZ

"I really enjoy your pet stories. Replacements sounds like a wonderful place to work and one I'd love to work at just to be around all the china (I just love dishes) and pets (I love them too). Over the years you have been a great company to do business with. Keep up the good work!"

A.K., Newark, NJ

"This is just a note to let you know how pleased I was to receive this order. It made me so happy to see that my spice jars are now a complete set. I can't believe it. Not only did the order arrive within a week, they were so perfectly packaged. Your company makes treasures that seem irreplaceable happen. Thank you for being there."

J.P., Weaverville, CA

"I received my recent shipment and was so excited when the package arrived! As always, everything arrived in perfect condition. (Your packaging is unbelievable, and so appreciated.) It demonstrates your value in what you do. Thank you, once again."

E.C., Toronto, Canada

"I have received my order with everything intact! I just want to let you know that I am very impressed with the experience ordering from your company. It was so easy and very efficient. Thanks"

M.K., Atlanta, GA

"I like your new programming. It is easy to find what ever department needed. Especially the place settings designs. It is so easy to forget which wine glass goes where. When I do buffet the last thing to pick up is the napkin and cutlery. It is awkward to lug around silver and napkins while trying to serve your plate. I enjoyed the letters from very satisfied customers and from all over the globe. I shop by mail but always love stopping by the store when traveling not only to view your beautiful merchandise but because you allow me to bring my nine year old shih tzu - Katie who always travels with my husband and I. Fortunately she is well behaved and loves making new friends."

L.J., Bernice, LA

"I love your company--I am registered with you for the Mikasa crystal Titan pattern. I appreciate all the hard work and personal attention your company gives me!! It is hard to find a company this day and time that is "ALL ABOUT" the customer."

J.S., New Port Ritchey, FL

"I received my replacement plate today and it is perfect! Thank you so much for helping me completer my set of china my husband presented to me when we were married!"

A.N., Raleigh, NC

"Greetings friends at Replacements LTD, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your wonderful customer service. I recently placed two orders with you and I was extremely pleased with your service both times. My items were exactly what I ordered, in wonderful condition, extremely well packed and your communication was excellent, I knew exactly when my items shipped. It has been wonderful doing business with you and I will be back! Thank you!"

A.F., Wildwood, FL

"I wanted to let you know that my order arrived today. It is beautiful and I am so pleased with the things I ordered. I have more pieces I want to eventually get and I will definitely use your site again. Thank you."

T.T, Metairie, LA

"Great selections"

P.A., Fredericksburg, VA

"Wonderful service! We enjoyed visiting the complex! Very impressive."

J.T., Twin Falls, ID

"I've used this site before and you provide great service."

C. B., Fort Worth, TX

"Awesome site … wish I had found it sooner! Thanks!!"

B.M., Seattle, WA

"I'm excited!!! I've tried ordering this Dansk Caribe 3-section platter from three other sources, without success. I should've thought of initially -- my mother uses you all the time!"

W.W., Slidell, LA

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my order for the "Indian Summer" dishes made by Corelle, thank you so much for being there for everyone who needs a few extra things after they have been discontinued."

M.Z., Gray Court, SC

"Great web site. I didn't think I would be able to find the rest of my set."

J.B., Brighton, MI

"Called on you before to help me replace some of my Phfaltzgraph, and you were great. I recomended your company to several of my friends. One of which is a Longaberger dealer! "

L.A., Sumter, SC

"What a beautiful business."

B.B., Northfield, NH

"Great site"

M.S., Mount Pleasant, SC

"Order arrived and the dinner plates are beautiful. Thx so much for your quality and your reps.. ( your personal touch is so very welcome these days- very few and far between!!) I forgot to mention the internet serv. Assoc. That took such good care of me, on the phone too!! 3 cheers to your associate....very nice indeed, and very detailed. Thx again"

M.S., Huntley, IL

"I appreciate the heads up on my order being prepared to ship. Being able to locate and order a treasured piece of dinnerware is a wonderful service. I hope to make good use of this when I have some good art friends sit at table with me--it is nearly a forty year wait. Over the years I worked very hard to provide for my family and all my dreams were put aside until now."

M.R., Des Moines, IA

"You have a fantastic website, easy to navigate. Many thanks for checking into my pattern request."

H.B., Newport Beach, CA

"I had to take the time to send this email because the Researchers at have continually proven to me (and my doubters) that "The truth is out there," and the Researchers at your company know where to find it! Whether it be a 80 year old pattern of unknown Richard Ginori...or it be a Oneida Silver Plate flatware from the 1960's (bought at The May Company in 1994) they still find it, they verify it , and they ROCK! You all are true PROFESSIONALS. I appreciate your existence, and hope everyone at has a wonderful 4th of July"

C.B., Sun City, CA

"Great website"

C.B., New Orleans, LA

"Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. Your employees are the best!"

T.E., Mountain View, CA

"Last month my 92-year-old mother moved to my California home from Massachusetts. I moved almost all her possessions here, including her china sets. The movers were terrible, and broke almost all the china delivered and lost the rest, (delivered someone else's box instead of hers.) This made her very heartsick, leaving her home and having her cherished possessions destroyed. Thanks to your company, I have been able to replace everything but one saucer and a few soup bowls from two of her sets, with orders arriving swiftly and nothing damaged. Thought you might like to know what a wonderful and meaningful service your company has provided for a dear and fragile elderly lady to mend her heart."

G.K., Columbia, SC

"I got my order today and I am THRILLED to have the baby fork and spoon in American Victorian - I've been trying for 9 years to get this - thank you so much for making a grandmother SO happy! Please keep me on the list for if you get any more of this silver - I have three other granddaughters!! I have always been thrilled with ALL my purchases from Replacements!"

B.R., Hockessin: DE

"Thank you. I visited your showroom last week, and I wanted to pass on that the staff was extremely kind and helpful. It was a delight to shop there. The customer service was outstanding. Congratulations!"

J.H., The Villages, FL

"Three years ago in September, my husband and I were traveling from Michigan to our home in Florida. We decided to visit a cousin in Charlotte "on the way". As we were getting near Greensboro, I either remembered the town or saw a sign that said "Replacements, Ltd." I said "oh I've always wanted to go there". And my husband said "okay". We stopped at the N.C. Welcome Center to get directions and the lady at the desk said "how did you get him to agree to stop at a china store". I said I dunno but let me call him in here to hear your directions. I went to the door and whistled and he came in and the lady at the desk said "omigosh, he even comes when you whistle!" She was funny.....We ended making a 100 mile side trip to your WONDERFUL facility. He had a good time too and now he even recommends it to people if we learn they are traveling through N.C. My husband also has an accounting background; he taught Accountancy at Miami University until he retired in 1999. Anyhow your organization and cataloging of your inventory was very intriging and impressive. Congratuations on all you have accomplished. I just opening your most recent email and got to thinking about what a good time we had and thought it was about time I told you. Keep up the good work. Please. Thanks very much."

D.B., Houston, TX

"Great website!"

S.M., Hope Mills, NC

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with my recent order! My in-laws were visiting last year and while they were here I gave my mother-in-law lessons on how to surf the internet. She asked to see if I could find these particular pieces for her. I researched for hours and finally found your web site. She was so pleased with the pieces you had to offer. Well, I remembered this so for her 50th wedding anniversary her children are buying her these pieces to make up for her service of eight. I think she will be totally awestruck that we managed to find these for her. I think the world of her and she is also one of my closest friends. Thank you so much for having these and for the excellent way in which they were packed and the exceptionally fast shipping (2 days from date of order). God Bless"

S. J., Winthrop, ME

"Wow! Your shipment arrived TODAY, Great Service!!! Everything arrived in perfect order. Thanks."

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