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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

S.S., Clover, SC

"It is ALWAYS a pleasure to do business with Replacements! I only wish other businesses could measure up to your level of service! I especially appreciate your allowing me to order ONLINE and then pay with a check. I realize this must create extra work for you, but, it's a benefit I truly appreciate. Look forward to doing more business in future years!"

G.L., New York, NY

"Thank you very much for having expedited my order and handled everything so very well. You have an incredible organization."

T.B., Greenwood, LA

"Thank you. My other bowls arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much for the fantastic customer service."

P.C., Mt. Washington, KY

"Received order today. Pieces were beautiful. Thanks."

C.H., Miami, FL

"Just wanted to thank you for the prompt, perfect shipping of this wedding shower gift to my nephew and his bride! They were so thrilled with the items they received -- everything was in excellent condition upon arrival! When I saw them at the wedding on 9/8/07, they were very animated in their appreciation for the great gift. You are the best!"

D.H., Rushville, IN

"First, I wish to compliment you on your excellent service. This is the second order I have placed with you and it was fast, efficient and without hassle. I am extremely grateful and would recommend you to anyone who is looking for replacements for their china, crystal, etc. Thank you again."

J.M., Birmingham, AL

"Hi, I just received my order of Tulip Time by Johnson Brothers. Thank you so much! Everything was perfect. I love the dishes. They are even better than I imagined. I can't wait to order more."

J.N., North Chelmsford, MA

"I received the nightlights today. They are lovely! Thanks! It's great doing business with You."

F.L., New York, NY

"I have received my plates and just want to thank you for your excellent service!!!"

B.L., Little Falls, NJ

"I received the paperweight today and i am just THRILLED with it. I am very impressed with your prompt reliable service via "standard" shipping. I cannot find the minor flaws in the paperweight so they are minor indeed and this is a welcome addition to my collection. I have always had wonderful experiences with replacements and will continue to order from you. Thank you very much."

L.H., Grandbury, TX

"I received my platter in perfect condition and it is beautiful!! Thanks so much. I know where I'll be doing more shopping!"

B.B., Philadelphia, PA

"Hello, I hope this "thank you" will be received by all parties responsible for alerting me to the availability of my teapot and lid, which I ordered immediately. The teapot and lid were received in good order and within the week. It has taken its rightful place, front and center, in my china cabinet.Many thanks, this was very important to me and well worth the wait.Looking forward to my next "tea" using my new pot, I remain, Sincerely"

M.P., Apple Springs, TX

"I always enjoy the historical sketches - thanks to those who are pulling them together and sharing."

J.W., Manhattan Beach, CA

"Hi y'all, I am beyond pleased with my recent order of Corning Prego. As always, it was beautifully packed. Thanks to you, I've now replaced or added pieces to my everyday dishes, everyday cutlery, fine china and crystal. I will definitely be back for more. I couldn't be happier! Thanks"

A.C., Red Hill Canberra, Australia

"To the Staff, My parcel of replacement china arrived today and I am so thrilled. I have now completed sets that have been handed down from my grandmother which is just wonderful. I was stunned that the parcel arrived so quickly and so beautifully wrapped thank you so much. I am now looking forward to going through all my old china and contacting you again for other items. Sincere thanks from Australia"

L.M., Baton Rouge, LA

"Dear Replacements, Many, many thanks for your superb service and fabulous selection! I made an order on a Tuesday and it arrived (safely packaged) on Wednesday morning... just in time to be wrapped and presented to the bride-to-be!! I will be ordering from again and again --- and, telling friends to do the same!"

J.S., British Columbia, Canada

"Hello - I just wanted to let you know the silver arrived today! It's absolutely beautiful and I couldn't be happier!! Thank you so much for your prompt service - it has truly been a pleasure doing business with you!"

D.W., Smithfield, VA

"When we moved out of our house in Chesapeake, VA, in 2002, the new house wasn't yet completed so much of our stuff, including my china, went into storage (moved each time by my new husband). When it came out of storage 5 months later, I discovered that all 8 dinner plates were badly chipped in the same location (the box had, obviously, hit the ground at some point) and my soup tureen (which I'd brought back from Harrod's years earlier in my carry-on luggage) was destroyed. John claimed I'd packed it poorly but I wasn't buying his excuse since I'd packed and moved that china four times before this with no problems. The pattern was Wedgwood's Williamsburg Potpourri (I'd bought it in the mid-'70s), which had been discontinued a few years earlier. Fortunately, Replacements had not only the dinner plates but the tureen, also, so John was out $600 but I had my china again. I'm on the email list and we usually stop by on our several-times-a-year drive to Charlotte. The email notices also turned up two additional dinner plates in an obscure pattern (Royal Derby's Peony) that I'd discovered in the early '90s but which was discontinued within a few years. For that, also, I'd brought back two dinner/two salads in my carry-on during another visit to London in 1995, and now, courtesy of Replacements, I'm up to four. I love your store! "

D.J., Gladstone, MO

"a note to thank you all very much for my recent connection (as a new customer) and order from your company...I was truly impressed with the quality and promptness of your service...and when I needed to return an order (my mistake), it was so easy and the two people I connected with were incredibly friendly and kind, which is so rare these days...again thank you and I hope to do more business with you in the future as I am already considering expanding my dish pattern!"

S.P., Cornwell, United Kingdom

"Just a message to say this order arrived safely. We now have a full dinner service. My father bought the original 12 piece dinner service in Hong Kong in 1963 so it is wonderful to have all the missing pieces replaced."

A.S., Sanford, FL

"yesterday, I was at your location for selling some of my mom's china as she passed away 6-4. I was totally in awe of the showroom as it was quite classy ! everyone I dealt with was professional and respectful as well as pleasant particularly two of your associates. I left feeling like your organization was of high caliber and good customer service which does not happen often. I will most likely be back another time. I was not at my best as I had driven from Orlando,Florida so I was a bit weary ! thank you for the proper service ."

D.T., Torrance, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for your story on the Metlox factory. I have a few of their pieces only because I grew up not far from the Manhattan Beach Factory. I never knew the whole story but it was interesting to me! I also love your company. I made my first purchase over 20 years ago and you have never let me down. News Update: The Metlox factory site is in a very expensive real estate area and after much arguing, they finally decided on a shopping plaza, which is what sits there now. When I was growing up, just regular folks lived in Manhattan Beach but now I doubt that the factory would have survived even if the pottery stayed popular. Wealthy people don't want to look at factories. Kindest Regards"

M.J. South Australia, Australia

"hi, i have just received my parcel and i am thrilled, your service is superb and so fast. well done i'll be ordering more from you and have already passed on to friends your website. expect more orders from australia"

M.T., Waldorf, MD

" Hello Mr Page, I have been to your showroom twice and have always been impressed. I like that pets are allowed, I have 2 Doxies that I would love to bring to work with me. Your happy atmosphere shows through in your employees. I would like you to commend your associate for her helpfulness in finding my item and placing my order. My wife will be extremely happy when she gets the Cardinals that fell off the window and broke. Your associate seems like a very nice person and you are lucky to have her as an employee."

L.M., Morrison, CO

"Dear Sir/Madame: I am sending this note to let you know of the impeccable service I have continually received from one of your associates --Restoration Department. Over many years, she has always been available to oversee that the items I have sent to your company are repaired/restored to the best possible condition. She is not only polite and helpful, but also a delight to work with. I trust her recommendations completely. She is truly an asset to your company. I am a long time customer and have had nothing but wonderful words to say about your company and staff. Thank you for your excellent customer service."

K.T., Canberra, Australia

"My order for 2 Amboss teaspoons arrived today in Canberra Australia. Thank you very much. Your service is excellent and I am referring friends to you."

L.H., Kent, England

"Dear Team,many,many thanks for my J G Durand courchevel glass which I received today.It is perfect. I have to wait another 2 weeks to give it to my husband for his birthday.Please would you email if you get another 1 in stock.Kind Regards"

D.V., McPherson, KS

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my order, today, and couldn't be happier! I can't tell the difference from my new pieces and those that I received 30 years ago. I never thought I'd be able to replace my discontinued crystal. Thank you so much."

C.B., New Orleans, LA

"Thanks to you guys for allowing me to be able to find my grandmothers pattern. I thought for sure that I would never be able to replace any part of that pattern. But thanks to you, I have been able to replace, replenish and have some newer pieces created. Thanks to you and your wonderful team, feel like my family will live on and on."

C.L., Clive, IA

"I am thrilled to pieces- I just received the two dinner plates I ordered to add to the china I inherited from my grandmother, as well as three place settings of my pattern. When I saw the box, which was halfway open, badly dented, and had peanuts spilling out of it, I was extremely concerned. Despite all that damage, every item was in perfect condition. Please thank your packaging people and tell them to continue to be very generous with the bubble wrap! I'm sure that's what saved all those pieces from being shattered. It's such a pleasure to be able to add to these patterns. I only wish I had discovered your company years ago!!"

L.J., Warragul, Victoria, Australia

"Greetings from the land "Downunder" On a recent visit from Australia we stayed with a friend in Fayetteville, NC. What an experience she had in store for us. A visit to Replacements, Ltd. on Tuesday 12th June. The tour gave us a comprehensive overview and any questions we had were charmingly answered by our delightful tour guide. We were 'chuffed' to see part of the "Royal Doulton" Reynard the Fox set we have, in your museum. Next Saturday we go to the Royal Doulton Club of Victoria meeting and have prepared a short report on our wonderful visit. Also our daughter who lives in Minnesota has purchased pieces from Replacements, Ltd and has always been very satisfied with the purchase and packaging."

J.F., Mendon, VT

"I'm very happy with the fork that I ordered. It came quickly and now completes my 8 settings. I was very worried that, given that I received most of what I have as wedding gifts in 1960!! - that pieces were no longer available.... or that the pattern was still being made but - not at the quality of the 1960s. You have put my fears to rest. I hope to order more in the future. Thanks."

E.L., Greensboro, NC

"I live in Greensboro NC. Yesterday evening (07/11/07) I went to the showroom on I-40 with my parents to buy a set of china for my mom.Duirng the time I was there I did a few questions to one of the associates there and this lady was very attentive to answer them. Finally, when my mother made the final decision about the set she wanted, I contacted this lady again and she helped us through the whole process and even suggested a couple of extra pieces to make the set complete. This lady showed a professional manner all the time and I am very thankfull because my mom is very happy with the product she got from your store. With this mail I would like to show my appreciation for her attention and let the management in your company the kind of employee you have in this lady, working for your company. Thanks and have a nice day."

A.B., Gouverneur, NY

"I received my sugar spoon and it is in perfect condition. You did a great job. Thank-you very much."

A.W., Seattle, WA

"I am thrilled that you have my grandmother's crystal pattern, Cambridge/Marjorie!! Every time I entertain with the few pieces I have, I hear how beautiful and unusual this pattern is and how well it goes with my china. I now will order goblets to complete a setting of eight. You have fulfilled both mine and my late grandmother's wish! Thank you so much!"

M.K., Burnaby, Canada

"I've been meaning to write to your team to say how very impressed I was with the recent service I received in replacing some pieces in my new dinner set -- thank you!!!! What a great experience in customer service I had; I think many companies today could (and should) learn from your example!! I look forward to dealing with you again in the future"

M.Y., Drums, PA

"THANK YOU for your fine customer service. I don't find that as often as I would like when ordering over the internet. Please forward this email to your supervisor as you should be credited for your prompt & friendly customer service. I will be a returning customer because of you. Thanks."

C.B., Melbourne, Australia

"Hi, Bob and all your hardworking staff Hello from not-so-sunny Australia (Melbourne gets cold in winter which is now...brrr) I received my beautiful china absolutely perfectly wrapped. I guess your customer base must be mostly made up from people like me, trying to find discontinued pieces of treasured sets. I had tried everything to find mine, even writing to the manufacturer,and to Wedgwood who had taken over the company, but had no success until I came upon your site on the net. I couldnt believe my eyes when my pattern came up, and you had some pieces for sale. However, sending to Australia means that the postage costs such a lot, and it wasnt until your sale prices appeared that I finally decided to buy. No wonder you are so successful if your service is so good! Thank you once again from Melbourne Australia"

M.M., La Canada, Canada

"Thank you very much for your prompt and helpful response. We've had excellent luck with the selection and service at in the past, and I'm happy to see that you are continuing the tradition."

D.S., Lahinch, Ireland

"I write to confirm the safe receipt of the above order in Ireland. I would like to take this opportunity to say that it has been a pleasure doing business with you. It is a delight to find an operation that still has time to be polite to it's customers and not keep them waiting on the telephone with what we on this side of the pond call ' piped muzak'. Thanks again for the service you supply, I will shortly be in touch with a more obscure query!"

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