Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

A.L., Durham, NC

"I continue to be impressed by the courteous friendliness of your employees and their willingness and knowledge to discuss your product line. Also, I continue to enjoy showing my well behaved dog all the china. He is especially interested in the selection of dog bowls."

S.T., Palmer, AK

"All good stuff and great service."

S.Y., Pittsboro, NC

"Love that you advertise as dog friendly!"

D.M., Argyle, TX

"Great site!!!"

M.M., Willington, CT

"I've shopped at Replacements for many years. Even visited the store. Love it. Thanks for being there. Since my husband loves to shop, as long as it is at a well-known 'home center,' I have been pleased to hear him brag profusely about your comfy waiting room. He got to relax and, therefore, I had a great shopping experience. So everything about Replacements is positive for this family."

R.B., Jackson, MS

"Your efficiency is amazing! I have shopped with you for years for additions to discontinued patterns and the service is always the same!"

C.S., Freehold, NJ

"Have been pleased with past service in identifying silver, china and crystal as well as locating replacements for broken items."

C.D., Spring, TX

"So glad you are here when I need you!"

E.H., Greer, SC

"Always a pleasure doing business with you! Today too many people are quick to complain and do not take the time to appreciate good customer service. More companies should imitate your quality of customer service from the efficient organization throughout the ordering process and the follow up."

T.S., Orrtanna, PA

"Love your website!"

J.P., Charleroi, PA

"I love your site and your service! Several months ago, when trying to track down the name of my grandmother's silver, I began by searching your website. I came close to finding it but not quite since I was going cross-eyed looking at so many patterns. Instead I sent a photo and an email request; by the next day, I had an answer. Grandma Palma's silver not only has a name (Garland-Rapture) it's now a complete set! I was really impressed; still I was doubtful you could help me find a replacement for a much beloved wine glass that I broke three years ago. On a whim, I typed in the name of my dinnerware, and much to my surprise and delight, there was my impossible-to-find wine glass. You had two; I bought them both. And just a couple of weeks ago, I pulled out my mother's silver which she began collecting it in 1949 well before she married. Much to my delight, I found her lovely Royal Rose pattern on Replacements. I intend to complete the set. Thank you so much!"

B.G., Athens, AL

"First time to shop with you but if pleased once I receive my purchase, I will be shopping again. Easy website to navigate."

S.V., Venice, FL

"Every piece I have ordered has been wonderful!"

P.B., Apple Valley, CA

"Love your site!"

J.G., Greensboro, NC

"You guys are great!"

M.I., Greensboro, NC

"I love Replacements!"

C.M., Anchorage, AK

"Excellent service"

J.A., Okatie, SC

"Love your store and what you do!"

K.M., Grandview, WA

"Have always been pleased with your service. Thank you."

C.S., Columbia, SC

"I enjoy working with you very much. It is always a pleasure!"

B.E., Three Springs, PA

"Love the company. You guys had dishes that no one else had."

K.H., Fremont, CA

"You're a great resource, thank you!"

S.M., Springfield, LA

"Great website. Glad that I found you."

C.M., Dallas, TX

"A great resource."

D.K., Manassas, VA

"I love your company!!!'

L.W., Moorhead, MN

"I love your company, I have enjoyed buying from you for years."

W.W., La Quinta, CA

"Excellent site!"

M.C., Ontario, Canada

"Subject to receiving our order as requested: we find you very efficient, broad inventory etc. We will be ordering more in the future."

H.G., British Columbia, Canada

"Great website: there is a very broad selection base yet I found the information I was looking for very quickly. The screen turnover was quick and it was easy to set up a product search enquiry. Your company provided a quick response and reassurance that they would assist in my request. It is refreshing to find a company that puts customer service and satisfaction at the top of their work list and not just an afterthought. Thank you."

M.S., Novi, MI

"Your telephone team are always well versed and helpful."

M.T., Manalapan, NJ

"Have ordered several times from replacements and have always had a very good experience. Will definitely order again if need anything. Thanks for a great place!!"

K.C., Punta Gorda, FL

"Sales representatives are extremely helpful and friendly."

M.N., Sheffield Lake, OH

"I am very pleased with the organization. Being able to acquire discontinued pieces of tableware to match those that I already have is like enjoying the original purchase all over again. You should be commended on your service as well. Items are packaged with care and your service representatives are very cordial. Yesterday, I needed to cancel an order that I erroneously placed for an item in the wrong color. Your representative impressed me with her cheerful manner and her expertise in cancelling the order within a minute or two. You will certainly continue to receive my business and I exuberantly recommend you to others."

B.S., Wallingford, CT

"I have always been satisfied with Replacements, Ltd. I have found exactly the items that I wanted. My phone calls have been handled by friendly, professional and efficient individuals. It is comforting to know that a company such as yours exists."

N.D., Morgantown, WV

"It was our first time there and oh my goodness, we were so impressed and amazed! We could've spent hours and hours there just trying to absorb it all. Everything is so well organized and the displays are excellent! We will definitely be returning to continue shopping."

S.M., Westminster, MD

"I have ordered from Replacements for years and have been very pleased with every transaction."

T.P., Denver, CO

"We are all so fortunate that Replacements is a company, this is so much easier than searching for pieces at estate/garage sales."

P.J., New York, NY

"Every time I have called and/or ordered from you, your salespeople have been friendly, informative, and helpful."

D.L., British Columbia, Canada

"You continue to provide prompt service both on line and by telephone. Shipping and cost of product is excellent and overall value very good."

J.C., Alberta, Canada

"Excellent resource"

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