Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

R.F., Fairbanks, AK

"I bought this piece because of the specific e mail you sent letting me know you had it in stock. Great service on the phone, fast shipping."

C.G., Sacramento, CA

"I appreciate your existence. How would we ever replace without you?"

J.E., Hillsborough, NC

"The person who helped us was very knowledgeable and helpful in helping us in adding pieces to our china place settings. We learned more about china by the time we left! We were surprised that an additional employee went to a lot of effort to bring out a large number of pieces in our pattern from storage, for us to look at and select from. We felt it was a very customer oriented store. Even though we were there the last hour before they closed, we were never rushed. The main person helping us wrapped all of our dishes very carefully. We also observed that there was positive morale and teamwork amongst the employees, offering assistance to one another when they could and showing courtesy to one another as well."

S.S., Matlacha, FL

"You've been great! Without your help in finding broken, missing, cracked pieces in two different sets of earthenware, we would have been forced to either resort to plastic or set the table with a true hodge-podge mixture. My family truly appreciate you!"

S.D., Roanoke, VA

"I have enjoyed the help of the Replacements staff over the years. Whether it's replacing a missing piece of china or expanding my collection- the attention given by your staff is fantastic. I once visited the Replacements facility and had so much fun exploring room after room each full of gorgeous items! Thank you!"

G.K., Herndon, VA

"Your packaging is excellent. Nothing has ever been broken on arrival. I have both bought and sold fine china through Replacements, Ltd. The personal service is exceptional; everyone I've spoken to is knowledgeable and very helpful. I've been very pleased with the services and the prices. Dealing with this company has been very satisfying-- good experience in all areas."

R.H., Albuquerque, NM

"Thanks for my recent shipments. Your customer service is great! One more teaspoon and I'll be set!! Since my pattern was discontinued in1998, finding you to find what I now desire has been wonderful."

J.R., Stanwood, WA

"You perform a great service!"

D.M., Buchanan, VA

"Your staff is knowledgeable and patient. Shipping is quick and received in excellent condition. Product descriptions are exact. Thanks for your service."

D.L., Providence, RI

"I order from Replacements, Ltd. all the time. It is a fabulous company."

D.R., Fayetteville, GA

"The gal who took my order was wonderful. She helped my choose a treasure that was less than the one I had found!! I have used the covered vegetable bowl (Johnson Bros. Friendly Village) twice since it arrived !! I love the fact I can get china that was made in England !! The best quality as far as I am concerned. Replacements does a great service. I love it when I can visit in person. The museum of beautiful items is THE BEST!!"

K.D., Napa, CA

"Been buying pieces from you for years and have always been satisfied."

J.A., Dunnellon, FL

"Your packing is superb!"

J.L., E Greenbush, NY

"I love my Nikko Christmas plates! I am lucky to have found this website!"

M.W., Bedford, TX

"Love your website and what you have to offer!"

C.A., Ambler, PA

"I've been very impressed on how you kept my request in your computer and notified me when you found my pattern. When I called, your representative knew who I was and why I was calling. Also appreciated another time when I sent you a photograph of my stemware and you were able to identify the pattern so that I could order a replacement. Already gave a rave review to my sister."

M.P., Cocoa, FL

"Great place to shop"

L.C., Warren, RI

"I love your site. It is a lot of fun browsing my patterns and all of the other items you have on the site. Thank you!!"

S.L., Houston, TX

"Easy online order."

I.A., Roanoke, VA

"Very satisfied with purchases I've made before."

G.A., Norfolk, MA

"Love you guys"

L.K., Frisco, TX

"I love Replacements and have enjoyed doing business with them for many, many years."

K.C., Albuquerque, NM

"I greatly appreciate the service you provide. Everything I have purchased from you has come in exemplary condition."

B.F., Rio Verde, AZ

"Appreciate the service"

P.F., Summerville, SC

"My visit to your store was such a treat. The walk was way too short. I wanted to go up and down each aisle!"

K.K., Stanford, CA

"Been there, very impressed."

E.B., Winston Salem, NC

"Replacements is a fabulous store! Customer service is wonderful! I always get the same wonderful, courteous treatment whether I buy $200 or $10 worth of items. I also LOVE the selection! When I stop by the store I always find something unexpected to purchase."

M.M., LaFayette, LA

"Have used your service over the years and always been very pleased."

S.G., Ontario, Canada

"First order, nice to find everything in one place."

M.T., Pleasant Hill, CA

"You've always been a dependable resource to me."

L.E., Cotati, CA

"I am so very glad that I found you!"

S.A., Olympia, WA

"We have a 25-30 year relationship - have thoroughly enjoyed doing business with Replacements, Ltd."

M.M., Toledo, OH

"Love your site!"

M.V., Holmdel, NJ

"Your company is great!! You have never let me down. Your service and products are outstanding!!!"

T.W., Chevy Chase, MD

"You have been great in the past - I have used you for many, many years."

D.H., Park Ridge, IL

"Replacements, Ltd. is a marvelous institution run by smart, wise, gracious people. Customers appreciate and value everything about it and those who make such a great resource possible."

A.B., Bronx, NY

"Superb service!"

M.B., Enfield, CT

"I was literally elated when I discovered your website and found that you carried my discontinued pattern of beautiful stainless steel flatware that I had purchased back in the early '70's! I mean ELATED! Everything arrived in perfect condition. I can tell you that I've given away my good silverware to our son and his family to enjoy because I am so thrilled to have replaced my missing pieces of stainless. They just don't make pieces like this anymore. You guys are great!"

C.R., Bloomington, MN

"I love the way you ship your items - very nicely done!"

K.E., Hillsborough, NC

"I do love your store and the services that you provide. Without you I would have missing pieces, broken pieces, and be very disappointed. You provide a valuable service and I very much appreciate being able to obtain the pieces that I need."

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