Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

S.L., Minneapolis, MN

"Thank you for having such a great site that gives me the opportunity to find discontinued pieces in the pattern I love!"

J.D., Columbus, OH

"Great merchant to do business with."

J.D., Westernport, MD

"Replacements is such a unique place and offers a unique service to its customers. They are one of the few if not the only place that I have been able to find some obscure pieces to complete my sets of china and silver. If they do not have the piece you are looking for they will try to find it and then email updates to you. I have been collecting for years and their pattern identification service is great as well. If you ever get the chance to visit them in person, it is well worth the trip. The collections and displays are amazing and they have specials and other items for sale."

G.B., Burlingame, CA

"Great site, great customer service!! I needed some hard-to-find pieces for some treasured stemware. After sending pictures to, they not only identified the manufacturer, but also sent me a list of what was available and put me on a list for future pieces when available. is the FIRST place I go for missing china and stemware."

F.K., Spring Hill, FL

"I was impressed with your prices for the B & B plates and decided to order them. Even the "less than perfect" one which was a dollar less was perfect as far as I could see! The shipping box was heavy duty and the dishes were individually wrapped with foam sheets as well as tight plastic wrap. There was even a cardboard "holder" inside the box to make sure the dishes didn't shift during shipping. It is obvious that you truly care for preserving these vintage patterns which are getting more and more difficult to find. Thank you for the excellent service, and I will be back!"

S.D., Pace, FL

" is an awesome site, not just for purchasing, but it is loaded with information, you just have to look, not only that but it's a wonderful place to put a wish list."

A.S., Whitianga, New Zealand

"It is not only Replacements website that is amazing. Their 24/7 "Find This for Me" service (which I contacted on a Sunday!) reacted so promptly that makes me feel like congratulating Mr. Robert Page for creating, organizing and leading such an inspired team! I can feel the vibrations of a superbly managed company from New Zealand!"

S.K., Houston, TX

"I am a very satisfied customer. Years ago, I was thoroughly disappointed when I learned that my Michelangelo pattern had been discontinued. Purely by chance, I was thumbing through my Southern Living magazine, and I saw your ad...the rest is history. I've used you to replace my mother-in-law's china pieces that were broken in shipment. I love setting a beautiful table, and Replacements makes it safe and easy when dealing with older patterns of china or flatware that have been retired by the manufacturer. There are probably other companies out there that offer the same service, but I'm pleased with Replacements. Your true hidden talent lies with your telephone core. These people are ALWAYS helpful and pleasant...that means a great deal to me!"

J.D., Millerton, PA

" is the most helpful site I've found for pattern identification and pricing guidelines. The free pattern-finding service is excellent, fast, and truly helpful, especially for beginners who may not realize what they have. I'm having so much fun learning about vintage glassware, and I find to be an invaluable tool in my quest for knowledge!"

V.R., Reno, NV

"Very satisfied with past service!"

G.R., Walnut Creek, CA

"So glad that I have found replacements here."

G.C., Las Vegas, NV

"I have placed orders replacing some pieces to my Lenox Christmas pattern and was very satisfied with my order and shipping from your company."

S.L., Minneapolis, MN

"No need to look any farther, Replacements, Ltd. is the ONLY place I can easily find what I am looking for!! Whether I am buying or selling, or trying to identify a pattern, there is always fast, accurate, courteous service!! LOVE THIS SITE!!"

L.P., Nashville, TN

"Thrilled to find your site - also love your family atmosphere for your business-well done!"

R.K., Napa, CA

"Thanks for making it easy."

E.H., Atlanta, GA

"Love your store!"

K.S., Spotsylvania, VA

"Love you guys! The most important service you supply, in my opinion, is a resource for me to maintain and expand my treasured, inherited crystal, china, silver and flatware collections. Your services are unparalleled."

L.B., Phoenix, AZ

"You fill a need for those of us who have a pattern that we can no longer buy and wandering through antique shops is just not an option when the chances are so slim of finding something. Again, thank you for just being."

B.M., Ontario, Canada

"This is a wonderful business."

C.T., Memphis, TN

"Love your selection in my pattern, and how quickly I receive my items."

J.O., Blaine, MN

"I am so pleased with the packaging and condition of the Noritake (Vendome pattern) that I just recently received from you. It was my maternal grandmother's china and my mother's before it became mine. I have three grown daughters and all our important celebrations over the many years, almost 80 or more, took place with the presence of this china set. Many more Christmases, birthdays, and anniversaries will come and go, but these dishes will remain.

W.B., Las Vegas, NV

"When I call for information, not only does the customer service person seem knowledgeable about the merchandise in question but made me feel as if it were a family owned business and that customer service person was part of that family. I trust the service and will continue to use it exclusively to supplement my collection of fine china. Also I was very impressed with the way my plates were wrapped for shipping. So knowledgeable, caring customer service staff, prompt delivery of merchandise, expansive catalog equals a very satisfied customer."

C.S., Baltimore, MD

"Love your company! I'm really enjoying collecting additional pieces to my set."

B.P., San Marcos, TX

"I have enjoyed my association with you. I know I can depend on you for fast service along with a constant watch for my order. Thanks."

W.H., Roy, UT

"You're great!"

C.V., San Jacinto, CA

"Great site!"

D.B., Winter Haven, FL

"Finding you was great and I have completed many sets as well as replaced broken pieces. Always cooperative and businesslike, well organized."

B.K., Hernando Beach, FL

"I have used you in the past and was very happy with the results."

G.P., Linz, Austria

"Thanks for your service!!"

W.V., Scottsdale, AZ

"Enjoy the site. Very helpful."

M.T., Ontario, Canada

"I was very impressed with the fast service and the level of professionalism demonstrated by Within hours of placing my order I received confirmation of my order. A few days later, I was advised that my order was on its way to me and was given an expected arrival date. I was extremely impressed that my order did arrive on the expected arrival date! When I received my order, I was astonished at the care that had been taken to ensure that all the pieces ordered were wrapped in such a way to ensure no breakage. Unbelievable thorough wrapping!! I could not have asked for better service! I would also like to add that the quality of the goods received was exceptional. All the pieces were in perfect condition. My shopping experience with was very pleasant. I trust the service provided by and in fact I have placed another order and thus far of course the service is again amazing! Thank you so much Your establishment is A-1!!"

S.R., Thatcher, AZ

"The china I purchased from you for my set was in excellent condition, packed securely and I received it in a very timely manner. Should the need arise, I most certainly would use your firm again."

L.M., Winterville, GA

"Pleased with previous orders!"

C.S., Bloomington, IL

"Love this website!"

C.B., New York, NY

"Replacements, Ltd. is a beacon resource with quality service and a friendly, efficient, knowledgeable staff. What a pleasure. It doesn't get any better than this. Thanks for years of satisfaction."

J.H., Russellville, KY

"Replacements, Ltd. is a great business for finding old or discontinued china, silver and crystal pieces. I have been a customer for a long time and feel they offer a valuable service. I have visited their store in Greensboro, NC and spent practically the whole day. If you are in that area and love fine things, you would really enjoy spending some time there."

E.H., Ithica, NY

"I appreciate your service."

J.C., Shoreline, WA

"I've been dealing with you very happily for many years."

M.B., Carmel, IN

"I have ordered before from your company and love it."

L.G., Sherman, TX

"Love your site and visit often. You are a great help."

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