Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

L.B., Addison, TX

"The reason I am grateful for your site is that 12 years ago a disaster happened in my dining room. The support braces to the open shelving collapsed and my china and glassware crashed to the floor. Fortunately, no one was hurt except for several pieces of china my husband had given me on our third anniversary. You can imagine how I felt. That china had made it through several children without a chip and now this. I don't remember how I found your ad, but I am so glad I did. I was able to replace most of it. Keep on rockin'!"

C.D.B., New York, NY

"Great Job -- across the board. I am always impressed, however, with the friendly staff that answers my phone calls, immediately knows my name, verifies my account and wants to know how they can help. It never fails to make me smile. This may seem a simplistic evaluation of good service but its suggests interest, care, diligence, a well run office. Integrity in a job is often taken for granted and may not be spectacular enough to write about, but I can assure you, it's a rare commodity greatly appreciated by those who depend on Internet sales and a responsive, efficient, knowledgeable person at the other end to help place or follow-up on an order."

L.W., Ontario, Canada

"I have bought from you a few years ago and was quite pleased with my items!"

M.J., Sandston, VA

"You do have a great web site, easily navigated, and your collections are second to none."

N.J., Mooresville, NC

"I've had great success replacing broken china pieces through Replacements, Ltd."

F.B., Saginaw, MI

"I do not often shop on line but the replacement item I needed was not available locally. I was happy with my experience because my order was filled and shipped quickly and received in excellent condition."

S.Y., Woodstock, NH

"I have bought numerous replacement pieces for my flatware and have always been very happy with your service. I have had an account with you for many years and I intend to purchase other items in the future."

J.C., Hermitage, PA

"Love your site"

C.M., Memphis, TN

"Previously ordered Mikasa from you and was very satisfied with the service. All items ordered were received promptly and were packaged well to ensure that all pieces arrived unbroken."

M.G., Greenlawn, NY

"Love your website and store."

D.J., Bend, OR

"I enjoy collecting china, silver and other collectibles. Over the years, I have relied upon Replacements for filling in missing and desired pieces!! It has been a very valuable service. I especially like the "let us look for this for you" feature. I have used it many times, as well!"

D.F., Airway Heights, WA

"I'm glad there is place to find those pieces that aren't available anywhere else. Each time I've called, the operators have been most wiling to lend assistance. They never rush me & always strive to assist me with making the correct choices."

M.C., Stone Mountain, GA

"You have a wonderful reputation. I personally appreciate that you are available to give such service. I have told friends about your service and will always use you when I need help."

A.M., Los Angeles, CA

"You guys are awesome!"

R.J., Ontario, Canada

"You are a wonderfully helpful company"

D.M., Columbia, SC

"I have been pleased with your business and hop to visit Greensboro one day."

J.C., Spirit Lake, IA

"A few years ago, our son asked me for three things I would like to do (bucket list), and your company was on the list. So we visited four or five years ago. Simply wonderful!"

M.C., San Rafael, CA

"In past have used your excellent service."

J.P., Plainview, TX

"I have used you before and never been displeased."

A.R, Castro Valley, CA

"I have been buying pieces from you for years-great service, fair prices. I appreciate your mailings as both of the patterns I own are no longer being manufactured and as they are in regular use, they occasionally get broken. You are my source for replacements."

B.W., Shelocta, PA

"I have had several people indicate they have broken a piece or would like to add to a collection that may have been retired or discontinued and I have suggested your company for their replacement needs. This site has been wonderful in helping me bring my collections to full serving quantities. We all have accidents and break pieces that break our hearts, and hearts have been mended from the use of this site amazing service. Keep up the great job!"

M.B., Gloucester, VA

"Pleased with your products and service."

B.Z., Virginia Beach, VA

"So glad you have what I need to supplement or replace items."

S.B., Crockett, CA

"I became infatuated with vintage dinnerware several years ago, and found to be a virtual dish encyclopedia - if a pattern existed, chances are it'll be represented on your site. I became a customer and have come to anticipate my Replacements Ltd packages with great joy - I know they'll be packed professionally and with great care. Customer service is also excellent - friendly, helpful, professional reps each time I short, this is a fabulous company, and I only regret I didn't know of you when I lived in North Carolina!"

L.W., Lansing, MI

"My mother had a precious set of china dishes which she only used for "good," and the set was one of her greatest treasures. She passed away while I was young, and my father remarried. My stepmother used Mom's good china for every day and eventually sold it without offering any of the pieces to my two sisters and me for keepsakes. After it was gone, I contacted Replacements, and your staff went into overdrive to find the pattern of my beloved mother's china. We began with what I could draw from memory, and the staff worked diligently with me, narrowing the choices. Eventually, the pattern was found which was thought to be correct. Six months later, I found an old picture of the table set with Mom's precious dishes. It was a match! My husband bought a bread and butter plate in Mom's pattern and gave it to me for Christmas. Now it is on display in my curio cabinet both as a warm remembrance of my mother, and as testimony to Replacements who never gave up looking until I had the dish in my hand. Thank you, Replacements, for your exceptional work that has touched my heart."

A.S., Erin, NY

"Have ordered from you in the past and was very, very satisfied with products and service."

C.M., New York, NY

"I love your Website and have shopped at for many bridal, engagement and housewarming gifts. The packages arrived beautifully and perfectly to my home in New York City. I've been able to find many a treasure on your website and will do so for many years to come. Your customer service is outstanding and friendly! Thank you so much again!"

N.K., Burbank, CA

"I look forward to hopefully completing my discontinued set through your services. There doesn't seem to be any company more reliable and with such expansive, available stock as you have. Representatives whom I've spoken to on the phone are polite, helpful and on task. I've looked for other sources for the same service, but none compare with yours. Thank you for your past reliable service!"

C.D., Stafford, VA

"I am so happy that I found you!!!"

J.H., Paris, TN

"I LOVE REPLACEMENTS, LTD! I have been going to this website for several years to find replacements for broken or lost crystal and china. My mother had broken some crystal glasses she had received in her wedding (1951!). I couldn't find the pattern online so I talked to someone at Replacements, Ltd and he told me to do a "rubbing" of the pattern and send it to him and he would look for it. He found it and we gave them to my mother on her anniversary. She was surprised and thrilled. Replacements, Ltd goes the extra mile to help you find what you need and their prices are reasonable and affordable. Replacements LTD has always found the pieces I need and has always been professional and timely in their service. I don't even look anywhere else. I just start and end with them! I am never disappointed."

M.H., Dover, DE

"I have visited&wonderful! A visit in person is always a treat and service by mail is superior. I just ordered a salt and pepper shaker in the Portmerion pattern that I have been looking for about EIGHT years! Keep up the good work. I've always been fascinated by the story of how Replacements got started, and grew into the business it is today!"

G.V., Abernathy, TX

"I called your 1-800 number to ask a question about my pattern photo. I found my pattern on your website. Your company is super on the phone (less than 10 seconds) and so nice and helpful!!! I love your website also! . I will surely recommend your company and website to every one of my friends that are missing pieces. Your website has already contacted me about pieces that have come in for me that I was looking for. And as they say in West Texas, "THANKS Y'ALL!"

H.D., Hendersonville, NC

"We think you are wonderful because you not only fill a need but you also do it so efficiently and so quickly. We ordered a number of items before Christmas and yours came before I had hardly shut down the computer!! What we ordered from you were several pieces of my parents' china. They were married in 1924 and the pattern apparently was discontinued in 1925. One of our daughters had inherited their china and she wished to add enough place settings to make a service for twelve. Thanks to you we were able to provide this for her-being able to find this dinnerware after so many years seemed like magic to us. We would be happy for you to use our remarks-the whole world should know about you!"

R.E., Clover, SC

"You provide a wonderful service."

M.D., Trenton, NJ

"Love your site. Amazing. Your store is like Mecca for all us tableware junkies out here. Hoping someday to visit in person. I always try to recognize good products and customer service wherever I shop. I've always had positive and helpful experiences with your company and I think it's important to acknowledge that."

S.P., Minot, ND

"Your updates are great to receive in the mail as you keep me informed on the availability of the china patterns that I'm searching for. To be able to go to, find the exact pattern I'm looking for & actually purchase these special pieces from you is totally incredible!!! I love the service you provide, thanks."

R.R., Lake in the Hills, IL

"I have had my particular dinnerware since 1968. Pieces have been lost through the years and my pattern has been discontinued. Luckily I found your web site by goggling my pattern looking for the pieces I had lost. I ordered what you had in stock and asked to be kept posted if you obtained any more. Which you did! You are wonderful to work with and make the process very easy. I have recommended to all my family and friends."

C.G., Mesquite, TX

"I am so glad you all are there. I could not find my replacements anywhere else. You have such a wonderful business. Very helpful and professional help too!"

C.B., Jacksonville, FL

"It's nice to have a company that finds replacements!"

P.S., Algodones, NM

"Your representatives are always helpful and polite.'

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