Replacements, Ltd.

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Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

G.S., Charleston, SC

"Been in your store. Great place."

M.S., Sylvania, OH

"This is a great service you provide"

G.D., Glenbrook, Australia

"Very helpful and user friendly site"

M.G., Fountain Inn, SC

"I have been shopping your store for years. Thanks for providing this service!"

T.M., Los Angeles, CA

"I love your store. You have found almost all the pieces to my china set. Only a few pieces left. Keep up the good work."

S.B., Ontario, Canada

"Very pretty products!"

J.R., Rocky Mount, NC

"It has been a wonderful experience shopping with Am so thankful for your unique store that fills a very necessary niche. Have been able to add to my discontinued china, my daughter's new wedding china, my mother's china and my daughter in law's inherited china. I don't know of any other company in existence that does this but My good fortune to find your advertisement in my Country Living Magazine years ago!"

L.B., San Carlos, CA

"So happy for your company!!!! Where else can one go to find your old discontinued china, crystal, whatever?? It is a godsend to have a company like this."

M.K., Brookline, MA

"Good site and easy to use"

K.B., Shirley, NY

"You have the best replacement listings on the web and your site is the easiest to navigate. This site is straight forward, organized, and very neat. There is no confusing trivia to wade through, or as my husband says, 'The facts, Ma'aam, just the facts!' I enjoy searching the patterns for items in stock and also identifying patterns I own that were a mystery to me. I wish you many years of success."

M.H., Dallas, TX

"I've had wonderful luck collecting an American crystal that is no longer being made. Thank you for your services!"

K.N., Georgetown, TX

"My replacement dish for our "good" china came yesterday. It was packaged so well and came in perfect condition. I am also registered for three other china patterns and am delighted to know that if and when I need to replace a broken or chipped piece, Replacements will be there for me! Thank you again for this service!"

M.S., Mullica Hill, NJ

"Replacements has always had a wide selection of items of interest to me, and were always exceptional in the service when I was attempting to find a certain object. The prices were fair and often below the real market places of the big urban centers. They have outstanding sales people who respect the caller. find the object(s) and help in the placement of the order. On top of this they pack the object well. I never have had anything that broke in the shipping. They show you how to return things with ease. I never have had to send anything back. GREAT WORK because REPLACEMENTS is a GREAT ENTERPRISE."

S.S., Escondido, CA

"Your site continues to be my go to place to get information on collectibles, china and flatware! It is fairly easy to "Navigate" too. I have been very happy with any purchases. I would happily share this with anyone!"

P.B., San Diego, CA

"Love your site!"

N.R., Show Low, AZ

"I was impressed by the packing of my order from you. I thank you for that. All pieces came through safely."

R.C., New Albany, MS

"I was able to complete my discontinued dinnerware through your business and chose to buy other items as well."

L.C., Champaign, IL

"Your company does a fantastic job of notifying me of the pieces for sale."

J.H., Hilton Head, SC

"Glad you exist!"

D.M., Charlotte, NC

"You are a great resource with first-rate customer service. Bravo!"

P.D., Port St. Lucie, FL

"My then-83 year old mother flew from CT to FL. We then traveled by car to Beckley, WV to spend Christmas with our grand and great-grandchildren. My mother's only request was to visit Replacements. When the GPS failed, we spent the night in Asheboro and tried again with much success the next day. All in all, it was a wonderful experience! We may be repeating the trip this year (she is now 85) and will definitely put Replacements in NC on our itinerary!!! Mom and I have used you will utter success & satisfaction. You really are THE BEST!!!!!!!"

J.C., Sequim, WA

"Keep up the good work"

K.W., Glendale, AZ

"Got my first order, everything is just great!"

C.P., Weston, FL

"Love your service!!! I've been a fan of for years. They consistently find pieces that I either have had to replace or would like to have to round out my service, be it flatware or dinnerware. It has been amazing to see how they package their breakables!!"

L.B.R., Portsmouth, UK

"Excellent site. Your site offers a valuable service for people who wish to replace a cherished piece of crockery/china/porcelain etc."

A.S., Charlotte, NC

"Love your company and it's organization. Couldn't live without you!"

S.M., Daleville, VA

"I have ordered from you and have been very pleased."

A.S., Cremorne, Australia

"Excellent information, prompt attention-thank you!"

D.J., Watertown, TN

"I have ordered from you before and have been very satisfied with all transactions."

C.L., San Marcos, CA

"Your webpage is great!"

C.H., State College, PA

"I always enjoy interacting with your order staff and look forward to visiting your business some day."

P.M., Encinitas, CA

"I have enjoyed doing business with you for many years!!!"

D.G., Panorama City, CA

"I have ordered from you many times before and like your service."

C.W., Manitoba, Canada

"Love your company!!!!"

L.N., Alberta, Canada

"I admire your pet-friendly policy."

M.G., Burlington, NC

"Great to see your success!!"

C.G., Long Beach, CA

"A belated note of thanks for the prompt processing of a recent order. I knew that standard ground shipping would be soon enough provided that the order was processed within a day or two and to my delight, my order shipped the next day! The pieces that I needed arrived with plenty of time to spare before the occasion on which I had planned to use my husband's grandmother's china (now with a complete six place settings!). Thank you so much for the excellent customer service."

E.G., Arlington, WA

"So happy to have found this!!"

N.P., Chula Vista, CA

"I certainly love this site. The ability to add and maintain my flatware is a beautiful thing!!!! Thank you!"

H.H., Ontario, Canada

"I am a customer, have purchased from you, and everything was in excellent shape."

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