Museum Tour II - Wedgwood Jasperware Shoes & Purse

For centuries, Wedgwood has been a leader in the porcelain industry, producing thousands of patterns. Replacements, Ltd. has acquired several unique pieces that have been crafted by this amazing company. Two such items are the jasperware purse and jasperware shoes featured here.

Jasperware is Josiah Wedgwood’s crowning achievement. Jasperware is a translucent clay that marries Wedgwood’s basalt and Queen’s Ware formulas to produce a dense, homogeneously colored stoneware. Wedgwood chose the name “Jasper” because he felt that his refined pieces resembled that of the cryptocrystalline quartz, Jasper. The successful initial production of jasperware in 1775 was the result of more than 10,000 experiments with various clays and glazes. The shoes featured here originally retailed for $150 in 1950. Each set of shoes came with special a pamphlet instructing the lucky buyer on how to walk on the toe rather than the heel of the shoe. By putting too much pressure on the heel, the wearer ran the risk of breaking it. Today, these shoes are worth $1,000.

The purse features a very distinctive jasperware medallion trimmed in gold. The jasperware shoes and purse are two of the many Wedgwood items featured in the Replacements, Ltd. museum. If you are interested in viewing other Jasperware items that are available for purchase, then click here. If you are interested in the history of the Wedgwood Company or exploring a list of Wedgwood patterns, then please start here.