Museum Tour II - Noritake Azalea

For years, Noritake China has been associated with quality craftsmanship, elegant styling, durability, and value. The Replacements, Ltd. museum features a number of patterns that have been manufactured by this amazing company. By far, Noritake’s most requested pattern is “Azalea.” Amazingly, little information can be found on the origin of this luxurious design.

Our research indicates that the pattern was first produced sometime between 1904 and 1918. Noritake released several giftware pieces before it released the actual dinnerware line. The pattern was an immediate sales success in the United States. The elegantly styled pieces were decorated with delicate pink azalea blooms and accented with gold trim. In 1921, the U.S. Congress passed a law requiring all dinnerware to be stamped with its country of origin. It is at this time that Noritake’s “Azalea” began bearing the “Made in Japan” backstamp.

The “Azalea” pattern was made through 1992. An unknown manufacturer made several crystal items that bore the “Azalea” design. The Replacements, Ltd. museum features several of these rare crystal pieces. If you are interested in learning about the history of the Noritake China Company, please click here. To see a list of items for sale in the “Azalea” pattern, please click here. Our owner and founder, Bob Page, has recently written a book about Noritake dinnerware, entitled Noritake: Jewel of the Orient. If you are interested in this or other literature published by Replacements, Ltd., then please click here.

Noritake Azalea