Museum Tour II - Noritake 175

Another unique collection showcased in the Replacements, Ltd. Museum is Noritake’s “175” pattern. “175” was produced for over 90 years by the Noritake China Company and was the longest running pattern manufactured by Noritake. The Replacements, Ltd. Museum features a large array of pieces that were made in this intricate gold design.

Noritake first released “175” in 1902. The pattern was a sales success and was produced until the Second World War. Noritake resumed production of the pattern in 1951 and began marketing it under the name “White and Gold.” “175” is a delicate pattern that features traditional whiteware shapes and a distinctive gold scroll design. In his book, Noritake: Jewel of the Orient, Bob Page says “175 and its variations were popular for their elegant and rich look. In the homes of middle-class America and in farmhouses across the country the ornate gold china was revered. Today, it evokes images of earlier times and early 20th century elegance.”

Replacements, Ltd. carries an extensive collection of “175” pieces. If you are interested in acquiring pieces of this set, then please click here. If you would like to read a history of the Noritake China Company, then please click here. If you are interested in literature that has been written by Bob Page, then please click here.