Museum Tour - Spode Book

In addition to the china, crystal, and silver that the Replacements museum showcases, we also have a variety of unique items that are not designated as tableware. One such item is this album, recently acquired by the Replacements museum. This diary dates back to a time before the internet, before telephones, and before TV. Our curating staff has dated this album between the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. Each page of this book is filled with sketches, paintings, poems, and diary entries from the artists of Spode.

The people living during the Victorian period used their spare time in a variety of ways. Charles Dickens was experiencing a posthumous increase in popularity. His works, including The Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, and Nicholas Nickleby, were published in periodical form. Each month, a newspaper consisting of two to three chapters of his works was released. Most of Dickens works were printed in twenty to twenty-one installments. It was vogue throughout the Victorian period to gather as a group, chip in for a newspaper and read the latest installment of Dickens works. In addition to reading together, many groups of people maintained journals and sketchbooks. This album was maintained by a group of artists who lived near the Spode factory in England. It is said that many of the sketches that are part of this book were potential patterns for the Spode Co.

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Spode Diary