Museum Tour II - Swan Bowls by Duncan

One of the most popular items carried by Replacements, Ltd. is depression-era glassware. The Replacements, Ltd. museum features a large collection of depression-era glassware, including the Duncan Swans imaged below.

George Duncan and Sons first opened in 1874 in Pittsburgh, PA. George Duncan assumed control of the Ripley Glass House and renamed it George Duncan and Sons. Unfortunately, George Duncan passed away in March of 1877. The company continued to grow under the leadership of George Duncan’s son, James Duncan. James Duncan later partnered with Ernest Miller and opened a new glass producing factory in Washington State. The Duncan Miller Glass Company continued producing high quality decorative glassware until 1955. These swans were made in variety of sizes and colors as gifts from the executive leadership of the Duncan Miller Company.

For the first half of the 20th century, Depression glass was the most popular glassware sold in the United States. By the middle of the century, increased foreign imports caused many of the famed Depression glass manufacturers to close. Beginning in the 1970’s a resurgence of interest occurred in glass made by American giants, like Heisey, Duncan, and Cambridge. Today, Depression-era glassware is highly collectible.

Swan Bowls by Duncan