Museum Tour II - Ivanhoe by Wedgwood

Among the many one-of-a-kind collectibles showcased in the Replacements, Ltd. Museum is a rare collection of “flow blue” china. Included in this collection, is a dinnerware service entitled “Ivanhoe” by the Wedgwood China Company.

Over the years, “flow blue” has become immensely collectible. “Flow blue” pieces were manufactured at the height of the Victorian Period. The nondescript cobalt blue geometric, floral, and landscape designs have fascinated collectors around the world. By the time that Queen Victoria assumed the throne of England, ceramics decorated in cobalt blue had become immensely popular. During that time, several manufacturers began exploiting the unstable characteristics of cobalt blue dye. When fired, cobalt dye would often “run” or “flow” to the point that the pattern’s design was distorted. In many cases, this process was intentional. In other cases, it was not.

By the mid-twentieth century, Victorian “flow blue” became immensely collectible because of its rarity. If you are interested in viewing other “flow blue” patterns carried by Replacements, Ltd., then consider Royal Doulton’s “ Blue Willow,” Johnson Brother’s “ Blue Danube,” and Grindley’s “ Argyle.” If you are interested in learning more about the history of Wedgwood China Company, then please click here.