Museum Tour - Royal Copenhagen Candleholder

The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Co. has been producing china and collectibles for more than 225 years. This candleholder, from the "Blue Fluted Full Lace" pattern, is an exceptionally rare find. The artist's attention to detail is extraordinary. This piece’s value is also increased by the rare flesh-colored cherubs that appear on the stem. Royal Copenhagen continues to produce this candleholder. The pattern was first produced in 1775. One unique characteristic of the pattern is how each brushstroke is free-handed. This means that the artist painting the piece does not use a template or outline on the piece when painting the blue lines.

Throughout its history, Royal Copenhagen has worked to preserve the tradition of hand painted craftsmanship. The company’s artists believe that hand painting, more than any other decorating technique, ensures that each porcelain piece will have a unique character. The "Flora Danica" china pattern, first produced in 1777, features more than 700 hand painted floral designs. In addition to the exceptional quality and character that hand painting adds, it also ensures the perfect balance between light and heavy brushstrokes.

The “Blue Fluted” pattern is available in three different versions – “ Blue Fluted Plain”, “ Blue Fluted – Half Lace,” and “ Blue Fluted Full Lace.” If you are interested in any one of these patterns, please click on the name to view the inventory.

Royal Copenhagen Candleholder