Museum Tour II - Stangl Birds

Our founder and CEO, Bob Page, has acquired many interesting bird figurines produced by the Stangl Pottery Company. These lovely figurines range in height from 2” to 12” and were produced by Stangl Pottery between 1939 and 1978. The Replacements, Ltd. Museum features a large collection of these unique hand-painted collectors items, including the “Double Audobon Warblers” and “Goldfinches Group,” imaged below.

Although Stangl produced their hand painted pottery birds for most of the 20th century, the most collectible figurines were produced during the 1940’s. It was during this time that Stangl began working with the famed American designer Russell Wright and his program, “American Way.” The “American Way” program was a national campaign that promoted the production and sale of items that were designed by American artists and reflected the American way of life. Wright felt that Stangl’s birds were well suited for the campaign because they were handcrafted at Stangl’s California pottery factory. Russell Wright solicited Stangl to produce a series of bird figurines that were to bear the “American Way” stamp.

Within one year of its initiation, the campaign ended. Stangl continued producing the six figurines that were made for Russell Wright. Although Wright’s campaign was not a success, the Stangl bird figurines were. Replacements, Ltd. carries many of the birds that have been produced by the Stangl Pottery Co. If you are interested in seeing a list of bird figurines that Replacements, Ltd. currently offers for sale, then please click here.

Stangl Birds