Museum Tour II - Large Hummel

Each day, Replacements, Ltd. receives thousands of phone calls, emails, and faxes from our customers. One of the most highly requested lines at Replacements, Ltd. are the Hummel figurines that are produced by Goebel. The Replacements, Ltd. museum features several oversized Hummel figurines, measuring 32 inches in height, including “Appletree Boy,” “Appletree Girl,” and the “Merry Wanderer.”

The image shown here is of the “Apple Tree Girl.” This beautiful figurine was first produced in 1940 and was modeled by Bing and Grondahl’s master sculptor, Arthur Moeller. The larger figurine shown here was produced in 1972 and is valued at over $25,000.

The Goebel Company opened in 1871 in the small town of Oeslau, Germany. In 1935, the art of Berta Hummel came to the attention of the Goebel family. They solicited the convent to which Berta Hummel belonged and requested that they be able to reproduce her art in the form of figurines. Click here for an interesting history of the Goebel Company. You can browse a large selection of Hummel figurines available for sale at this link.

Large Hummel figurine- "Apple Tree Girl"