Museum Tour - Lenox Vases

For more than a century, the Lenox name has been synonomous with quality, tradition, and excellence. Replacements, Ltd. has several pieces in its museum that have been made by this amazing company. These three beautiful vases are unique because of their stamp, indicating that each piece was made expressly for Cowell and Hubbard Jewelry Co. of Cleveland, OH. Over the years, various china companies have offered to print the names of merchants on pieces as part of backstamps. Such services are generally offered to the manufacturer's very best customers.

The Cowell and Hubbard Jewelry store opened in 1873 in Cleveland, OH. Because the jewelry store sold a variety of luxury goods, it positioned itself on Euclid Ave. Euclid Ave. was known as "the Fifth Ave. of Cleveland." Many merchants whose goods appealed to the upper classes opened on Euclid Ave. Cowell and Hubbard marketed themselves as “jewelers for the sophisticated lady.” Our research staff has determined that these vases were made for Cowell and Hubbard in 1935.

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Lenox Vases