Museum Tour II - Imperial Glass Company Gold Bowl & Cups

One of the larger pieces showcased in our museum is this gold punch bowl and cup set. The punch bowl was designed by the Imperial Glass Company to accompany their popular “Candlewick” line.

Imperial Glass Company produced the “All Over Gold” punch bowl for one year, 1943. This set is extremely rare and valuable. Recent estimates have placed the set’s value at well over $8,000. A Gourmet Magazine ad from 1943 shows a 15-piece set retailing at $125.00. In addition to the “All Over Gold” design, the bowl also features the rare “Rose of Sharon” etching. The “Rose of Sharon” design was purchased from the Central Glass Company in 1940 and was used to decorate several pattern lines that were produced by Imperial Glass.

The release of the “All Over Gold” design was a sales success. However, the bowl was coated with gold on its inside. As a result, ladles rubbing against the bowl often scratched off the interior gilding. Imperial soon redesigned the bowl with no gilding on the interior. Replacements, Ltd. carries a number of Imperial patterns, including “ Cape Cod,” “ Old Williamsburg,” and “ Provincial - Green.” To see a list of all of the patterns Replacements, Ltd. carries that have been made by Imperial Glass, please click here.

Candlewick Gold Bowl & Cups