Museum Tour II - Sterling Silver Centerpiece

Replacements, Ltd. carries an astonishing array of silver products, including dinnerware, centerpieces, picture frames, and giftware. One of the most magnificent pieces showcased in the Replacements, Ltd. Museum is this hand-chased sterling centerpiece. This magnificent centerpiece is a prime example of the craftsmanship displayed by silversmiths at the turn of the 18th century. This piece is appraised at more than $30,000 and was produced in 1801.

Designed by Robert Gerrard, the centerpiece features the form of an eagle whose spread wings support the centerpiece’s bowl. Traversing up the stem is an elaborate grape design. All of the delicate piercing was done by hand and allows the piece to exhibit a three dimensional effect.

The extremely ornate style that is exhibited in this piece came to popularity through the work of French silver craftsmen in the late 1700’s. During the 1980’s, the world experienced a rise in the value of silver. As a result of this, many pieces of silver were melted and traded for cash. Very few large and ornate pieces of silver, reflecting this form of craftsmanship, can be found today. Replacements, Ltd. sells a vast of array of hollowware pieces, including sterling centerpieces. If you are interested in other pieces of hollowware carried by Replacements, Ltd., then start browsing here.

Sterling Silver Centerpiece