Museum Tour - British Royal Commemoratives

In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in British Royal commemoratives. However, porcelain and collectible manufacturers have been commemorating royal events for more than two centuries. Commemorative items come in a variety of physical forms. A collector of commemorative items can find tea cups, mugs, plates, boxes, calendars, post cards, tea pots, figurines, and many other items used to commemorate everything from coronations to royal births. In addition to the wide variety of items that are available in the royal commemorative motif, one can also find a wide range of prices for these items. Commemorative pieces range in price from the very inexpensive to the astronomically expensive.

The Replacements, Ltd. museum showcases a number of British Royal commemorative pieces. This white cup was made during the 1930’s by Royal Winton. The Royal Winton Porcelain Co. created a number of pieces to celebrate the June 2, 1937 coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The cup bears the title, “George VI, King and Emperor.” Today, the British monarchy rarely uses the title “Emperor” for its sovereign. George VI was crowned during the last days of the British Empire. At the time, Great Britain held so many territories across the world, it was often said that, “the sun never sets on the British Empire.”

A series of collectible items were made by the Royal Winton Co. to commemorate the King and Queen’s visit to Canada in 1939 including this cup and saucer set. Canada, once under British rule, now belongs to the Commonwealth of England. The Commonwealth replaced the British Empire and is comprised of a number of nations who, although no longer part of the Empire, continue to show their allegiance to England’s sovereign. If you are interested in additional British Royal commemoratives, then please call us at 1-800-737-5223 and speak to one of our friendly representatives

British Royal Commemoratives