Museum Tour - Royal Worcester Series Collectibles

For centuries, sculpture has sought to capture the triumphs and emotions of humanity. Michelangelo’s “David,” with its classic build and triumphant pose, has come to represent the pinnacle of the renaissance art movement. The seated figure of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial has come to represent the strength of a nation. Over the years, porcelain manufacturers have used the same attention to detail and artistic vision as Michelangelo to create beautiful, awe-inspiring figurines. The Replacements, Ltd. museum features one such collection, Royal Worcester’s “Military Commanders.”

The “Military Commanders” series features nine of history’s greatest military leaders – Alexander the Great, The Duke of Marlborough, The Duke of Wellington, Eugene de Beauharnais, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, Richard Coeur de Lion, Simon Bolivar, and William the Conqueror. Each figurine is amazingly life-like. Royal Worcester released the series in 1969, exactly 200 years after Napoleon Bonaparte’s birth. Napoleon was the first in the “Military Commanders” series. The artist who created the “Military Commanders” series, Bernard Winskill, spent nearly a decade studying various portrayals of the French emperor. His artistic studies were divided between England and France. Winskill’s paintings and sculptures have been showcased at the Royal Institute Gallery, the Society of Portrait Painters Gallery, the Paris Summer Salon, and the Royal Glasgow Fine Arts Society.

In addition to Royal Worcester’s “Military Commanders,” the Replacements, Ltd. museum also showcases Queen Elizabeth I and Henry VIII. Royal Worcester released these figurines in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Henry VIII was released exactly 500 years to the day of his birth. Each figurine is now worth $11,000-$13,000 each. To learn more about Royal Worcester, then please click here. If you are interested in other Royal Worcester figurines, then please click here.

William the Conqueror -- Royal Worcester Series Collectibles