Museum Tour - Cambridge "Nude Stems"

The “Statuesque” line was released by Cambridge in 1931 and remained in production until 1958. This beautiful collection of depression-era stemware is a personal favorite of Bob’s and the company’s, alike. Replacements, Ltd. has amassed a large collection of these unique pieces. Each “Statuesque” stem features a nude woman with her head tilted slightly to the left. The stems can come either frosted or glossy. The bowls of “Statuesque” line were dyed in an array of colors. Each of Cambridge’s colors had exotic names like “Mandarin Gold,” “Tahoe Blue,” and “Crackled Carmen.”

These exceptionally beautiful pieces are very difficult to find. Replacements, Ltd. is always looking to grow its collection of “Nude Stems.” If you have pieces that you would like to sell to Replacements, Ltd., then please call and speak with one our friendly purchasing agents. Our purchasing department is open from 8 am to 9 pm ET seven days a week. Click here to view an extensive list of Cambridge’s patterns. If you are interested in learning more about the history of Cambridge Glass Co., then click here.

Nude Stems Goblet