Museum Tour - "Nude Stems" Goblet

The Replacements museum features a number of highly prized, one-of-a-kind collectibles. One such find is this “Statuesque” goblet. This goblet is unique for three different reasons – its size, its color, and its etching.

This rare piece from the “Nude Stems” collection is called a banquet goblet. Banquet pieces are generally oversized and produced in limited quantities. An average goblet in the “Nude Stems” collection measures 9 inches tall. This banquet goblet measures over 10 inches tall. In addition to its unique size, this piece also features a unique color. Cambridge produced the "Nude Stems" collection in a variety of colors. Some colors were used more widely than others. The bowl of this goblet was made in the “Heatherbloom” color. This light pink color is comparable to Tiffin’s “Twilight.” Few of the nude stems were produced with etched bowls. This unusual goblet features the “Apple Blossom” etching.

Pieces that are located in the Replacements, Ltd. museum are not for sale. Bob Page, our founder and CEO, recounted a story of when a recent visitor to our museum offered him $2,000 for the goblet. Bob thanked the customer for his generous offer, but elected to retain the piece for the enjoyment of our museum visitors. If you are interested in viewing an extensive list of patterns available from Cambridge, then click here. If you are interested in other patterns that feature the “Apple Blossom” etching, then try stem 3035 or 3130. If you are interested in learning more about the history of Cambridge Glass Co., then click here.